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Kathy Everett, Host Teacher, Rebecca Stalder, Student Teacher Grade Level:!Intermediate, 5th Grade

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Objectives: ! Students will use word sorts to assist with learning how to spell grade appropriate words. Standards: ! CCSS Language Standards K–5 Conventions of Standard English 2. Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization and spelling when writing. e. Spell grade-appropriate words correctly. Assessment Plan: Students will complete their words sorts and write them in their reading vocabulary book. Anticipatory Set: Ask students if they are ready to step it up a notch. Tell them that we have been practicing word sorts, but now we are going to try blind sorting. Teaching Input: Ask students to get out their words. Tell them they will be working in partner pairs, one calling, one writing. The goal is to get the most cards. With your partner(s) take turns being the Caller and the Writer. The Caller says each word aloud without letting the other person see the word. The Writer writes the word in his/her reading comp book. The Writer keeps the card of any word he/she spells correctly. If the spelling is not correct the Caller keeps the card. The person with the most cards at the end of the round wins. If three people are playing there are two Writers and one Caller for each round. The Writer who is first to correctly write the word neatly gets the card.


Modeling: Have a student sit with me at the front of the class. The student will be the caller, I will be the writer. The student will have three word cards, and I will write in my reading comp book. Check for Understanding: Ask students to raise a silent hand if they can say how many people in a sort group (two, three if necessary.) Ask if they can silently raise a hand to name the jobs in the blind sort (caller and writer.)

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Guided Practice: Walk around the room to observe, assist, redirect, and encourage students. Closure: Ask students to put away their words. Ask students what they liked about this, what they might change.

Independent Practice: Ask students to tell someone at home what they did today for spelling. Students they may share what happened with Mrs. Everett or myself the next day.


Materials: ! Words Their Way Spelling Sorts ! ! Pencils ! ! Reading Comp Books

! Duration: ! !

About 30 minutes

References: CCSS_LanguageArts.pdf

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Invernizzi, M. Words their way: Word study for phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction. (4th Edition ed.).