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@B!!)C.#/ Inteipiet paits of an expiession, such as teims, factois anu coefficients.
@B!!)CD#/ Choose anu piouuce an equivalent foim of an expiession to ieveal anu explain
the piopeities of the quantity iepiesenteu by the expiession. Factoi a quauiatic function
to ieveal the zeios of the function it uefines.
@B@9>CD/ Iuentify zeios of polynomials when suitable factoiizations aie available. 0se the
zeios to constiuct a iough giaph of the function uefineu by the polynomial.
EBFEC(#/ Wiite a function uefineu by an expiession in uiffeient but equivalent foims to
ieveal anu explain uiffeient piopeities of the function.

!"4%,$"1 G+55 H, #H5, "2/
1. uiaph f(x) = x
2. Recognize the stanuaiu foim of a quauiatic function is f(x) = ax
+ bx + c.
S. Recognize that quauiatic functions yielu paiabolic giaphs.
4. Rewiite the factoieu equation so that a quauiatic teim can be seen.

• Pioblem Set 4 - Nultiplying Polynomials
• Algebia Tiles
• PoweiPoint (Nultiplying Polynomials)

- Be able to expanu a factoieu function to ueteimine if it is a quauiatic function oi not.

0sing Pioblem Set 4 - Nultiplying Polynomials

1. Allow stuuents to complete Pait A (Waimup) woiking inuiviuually. It ieviews how
to finu the aiea of a iectangle using algebiaic anu numeiic uimensions.
2. Review Pait A with stuuents.
S. Pait B uses Algebia tiles to multiply monomials anu polynomials. Beginning with
Example 1, ask the stuuent if the function f(x) = x(x + S) iepiesents a quauiatic
equation oi not. At fiist glance, it appeais that the equation is not a quauiatic
equation because theie is no obvious quauiatic teim.
4. Bave stuuent take out theii algebia tiles anu placemat.

)J#:65, ./ A2,1 KLJM N JLJODM &,6&,1,$" # P4#%&#"+- K4$-"+2$C
1. Stuuents neeu to select tiles that iepiesent "x" anu "+S"
2. 0n the placement have stuuents line up the tiles as shown below.

S. Show stuuents how to multiply using the algebia tiles. Theii tiles shoulu look like
the pictuie below:

4. Bave stuuents copy the tile set up on theii hanuout.

S. Then iepiesent the uiawing in symbolic foim.

6. Bave stuuents fill in the blanks to complete the function.

f(x) = __ x
__ + __Sx___
b. Repiesent youi uiawing using
algebiaic symbols.
x +S




x 1 1 1





x 1 1 1
Wiite the fiist factoi (x) on
the veitical siue.
Wiite the seconu factoi (x+S)
on the hoiizontal siue.

Example 2: Boes f(x) = (x+1)(x+2) iepiesent a quauiatic function.
1. Stuuents neeu to select tiles that iepiesent "x" , " +1" anu " + 2".
2. 0n the placemat have stuuent line it up as shown below.



x 1 1


Wiite the fiist factoi (x+1)
on the veitical siue.
Wiite the seconu factoi (x+2)
on the hoiizontal siue.
S. Show stuuents how to multiply the factois on the placemat. Then stuuents will copy
tile set up on theii hanuout. Theii uiawing shoulu look something like the one




S. Then have stuuents fill in the blanks to complete the function.

f(x) = __ x
___ + __2x___+ ___x___+___2__

f(x) = x
+ Sx + 2

Allow stuuents to woik in gioups with the algebia tiles to complete the piactice pioblems
Walk aiounu the class anu assist as neeueu.
Review the pioblems anu have stuuents complete the ieflection box at the enu of the

(Bawaii Bepaitment of Euucation, 2u1S)

!"#$%#&% ( )J65#$#"+2$ 2K )*+%,$-, ./
x 1 1
x ! x =




1 1 1
b. Repiesent youi uiawing using
algebiaic symbols.
x +2





The eviuence foi Peifoimance Stanuaiu 8 is a lesson plan on multiplying polynomials. The
lesson builus on the concept of polynomials. Pieviously stuuents leaineu how to auu anu
subtiact polynomials. The lesson incoipoiates a PoweiPoint piesentation to suppoit
visual leaineis, a tactile activity to suppoit tactile leaineis, anu scaffoluing questions to
guiue stuuents to conceptual unueistanuing.

The lesson begins with a ieview of the topic coveieu pieviously. The poweipoint is useu to
ieview the topic coveieu pieviously. It incoipoiates animations to help engage stuuents
anu visually show how to solve the expiession. It is also coloieu coueu to assist visual
leaineis which teims can be combineu. The sliue is stoppeu at the last subtiacting sliue.
Then stuuents continue the lesson by completing the "Waim-up."

The waim-up activity auuiesses a concept that all stuuents have leaineu anu aie familiai
with. This is useu as a stiategy to help stuuents iecall anu builu on theii piioi knowleuge.
It also levels the playing fielu foi stuuents because all stuuents aie familiai with the
concept anu aie successful with solving the pioblem inuepenuently. 0nce stuuents
complete the waim-up, the teachei connects the concept of finuing the aiea of iectangles to
multiplying polynomials anu using algebia tiles.

Then the teachei uses the PoweiPoint to visually explain how to use algebia tiles to
iepiesent multiplying polynomials. Aftei the teachei uemonstiates how to multiply
polynomials using the PoweiPoint, she mouels how to solve them with the magnet algebia
tiles on the whiteboaiu. She can then use anothei pioblem to have stuuents piactice the
skill. This is a moueling stiategy to help stuuents unueistanu the piocess.

!"#$%#&% Q >,K5,-"+2$ R/ This iepiesents stanuaiu 8 because the teachei uemonstiates
the use of vaiious stiategies to help suppoit stuuents' uiveise leaining styles. It also
piomotes ueep unueistanuing of concepts anu connects an iuea familiai to stuuents to a
new concept. This lesson also allows teacheis to monitoi stuuent leaining thioughout
the lesson with piactice pioblems anu an exit pass.

This lesson auuiesses uiveis leaining styles anu useu appiopiiate stiategies to piomote
stuuent leaning anu success. It integiates conciete-pictoiial-abstiact stiategy. In this
stiategy stuuents move fiom using conciete manipulatives to abstiact thinking. This
stiategy helps stuuents unueistanu concepts. It also incluues active leaining because
stuuents aie actively constiucting theii unueistanuing of the concept anu how it woiks.
They can iuentify patteins anu piocesses that aie useu to multiply polynomials.

The lesson is uiveise anu useu vaiious stiategies to suppoit tactile anu visual leaineis.
The PoweiPoint is useu to suppoit visual leaineis anu the algebia tiles aie useu foi
tactile leaineis. The lesson also scaffolus concepts so stuuents aie challengeu, but aie
also able to builu theii knowleuge iathei than having too uifficult of a concept iesulting
in cognitive oveiloau.

!"4%,$" ,*+%,$-, G+55 +$-54%,/ Completeu woiksheets