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by the same author AMAZON ADVENTURE

Gorilla Adventure
by Willard Price






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r969 , 1974, 1977, 1983 Y Willard Price ry6g bY Jonathan CaPe Ltd
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The characters in this story are fictional' The
descriptions of the habits of animals and the customs of the PeoPle are factual.

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Printed in Great Britain bY St Edmundsbury Press, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk


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New York. Their earliest memories were of wild beasts.0ne Congo Jungle Her. For all of Hal's nineteen years and his brother's kangaroos. famous animal collector. The farm was on Long Island. There the snimals were kept until they could be sold to zoos or circuses. . John Hunt. opards and small that r rorm€d the animat farm of their father.and Roger had grown uP with animals.

" A half hour later the big Belglan walked in. GABOON VIPER. "If he had enough courage to stay. Doesn't he know the country?" "More or less. I can't. The commandant introduced him as Xndr6 Tieg." he said' "Those are bad snakes' And th6re's only one place to find that giant gorilla"' "Where is that?" "Congo jungle. Between Congo River and Virunga volcano6s. "You'll need a / IO II . "Ve?v difficult. white men die' Perhaps you tell your father no. So their reply was an enthusiastic yes. RINGLING CIRCUS WANTS GIANT GORILLA' BIG CHIMPS. and a chance to learn more about Africa and its wildIife. We did have some good white hunters." "Can you recommend one?" "No. they went back to Belgium.GORILLA ADVENTURE coNco J UNGLE crossed from the lion country into the jungle home of the gorillas. AND OTHER TYPICAT WILDLIFE FOR JUNGLE EXIIIBIT. perhaps he's just the man we need. But when the Congo boi{ed over. He was broke still is. SPITTING COBRA. "The Virunga volcano territory is pretty wild. Then you can judge for yourself. the commandant warned them. adventure. Their enth-usiasm simmered down a bit when they It guide. He just didn't have the cash to go. "I think I've said enough. The Congo was not at Thev had iust completed a job in the African lion .o. PYTHON. One of them st"ayed ." But the boys were not in the habit of saying no when their faiher asked them to do a job. Joro had told the truth." "Why not?" Hal asked." "Then perhaps he'd be willing to take on this job. "I'm afraid it wasn't courage that kept him here." The commandant smiled. chief of his thirty-man black crew.titry." was a thrilling and challenging assignment' IIal talked it over witL Joro. WHAT CAN YOU DO? The Hunts got their permit from the black commandant at Rumangabo." "Then what's the matter?" The commandant pursed his lips. A cable from their father gave them a nelv project. especially when it was one that offered excitement.'Wild country and wild people' Tribes fight. Suppose I send a boy to fetch him.but f don't recommend him. Toro shook his head.

r3 .... "You see." Hal d.. It jawed. But you must not expect too much. wet The lowland gorilla along the West Coast." said. "there are two kinds of . There aren't many mountain gorillas left... Tieg swelled visibly. I home. th" mouth suggesled that-the *d ne of a leoparo' r r ol A had heen soused by bv the claw been gouged cheek ^haple tne"tefifidebf the face into a perpetu warPed the scar 3il """."eath it running 1u ltrg y. not quite the sort of fellow one would feel safe with in the woods. "But you haven't gone. I'm not ajraid of the natives." Hal said...but doein't lbok it.e th.a And I'm not afraid of gorillas. His high brush of hair nearly touched the ceiling.t." Hal said." "I realize that. "I'm hard to scare."".GORILLA ADVENTURE i I CONGO J UNGLE cruel man. The mountain gorilla appears almost "I T2 know.the mountain gorilla and the lowland lives in the hot. *.." said Tieg importantly with the sort of voice an encyclopaedia would have if it could speak.avaown-tg ev.'". It's about the same is short-haired and height and weight as the mountain gorilla .

they look pretty much like men. "You'll see them soon enough. He's faster . His good eye dropped. If his wives r5 r4 . his enormous arms buried in hair eight inches long." Tieg cocked his movable eye at the raftered roof. it's such a surprise to see a creature that looks like a man behaving as no man could ever behave that the chills run up and down your spine and you are so scared you stand rooted to the spot." Tieg said. than five thousand doUars tor I pay more urarr won't circus won crrcus they really want is the rare go-rilla. Night had come on and animals were creeping out of the forest to drink' Roger peered tlirough a small window. with his huge hairy chest blown up like a balloon." they seldom come so near camp. Now the two boys and Tieg sat about a rough table. Beginners Iike you find them the most terrifying animals on earth." shivered Roger. it's your fuieral. Bui no gorillas. "I see bush pigs ind-wildebqept and waterbucks and there are iu'o bufialoes.the fourteen Land-Rovers. and chewed on the dried meat called jerky.. sipped tea. or you nrn like mad. And he may not. ' Tire crew had made themselves a camp-fire outside near a sheet of water too large to be called a pool and too small to be called a lake. and you realize that here is a monster with the strength of ten men ." The next evening they found themselves in a rough cabin ten thousand feet up the slope of Mount Mikeno. Your only chance is to stahd and face him. No. open wide enough to take in your head. What a lowland mountain iariety and they'll put up ten thousand dollars to get one. "Well.GORILLA ADVENTURE Tieg's glass eye stared coldly. Powerwagons. young man. catching cars and jeeps beloneine to the expedition had needed every ounce of polwei they could get out of their four-wheel drive. But when one comes at you with a scream that can be heard ten miles away. but his artificial or$/continued to stare. "Then aren't you prettt foolish to go after the ones that are harder to CONGO J UNGLE don't drink HaI said. Then he may . "They look so much like men that you expect them to act like men. hands as big as footballs slapping his stomach. It had been a stiff climb . his jaws bigger than any man's. you hay'e to stand your ground.if you run hdll catch you. "That would be the worst thing you could do. and once those arms go around you you'Il quit breathing." "Why terrifying? " Hal asked." "Indeedl" Tieg said. "After all. poh-poh-pok. his five hundred pounds against your hundred and fifty.well. his six.he iust tnay stop and think it over.loud as an African drum. his face twisted into a horrible glare." "I'd run. I hope you're prepared for a shock.or seven-foot body looking like ten feet." "That's just it.

" Tieg reminded him." "So that makes you an authority. 16 17 . But to take one alive ." "There's another m. "Nonsense." Tieg looked at Roger so hard his glare seemed to pierce the boy's hide." "Then he must have been hunted. "You wouldn't know about him." Hd said." Hat said.a." Tieg went on." them in the Akeley African his family." I could teach you better manners. Perhaps you ought to be the guide and teach me. We've seen them dozens of times. "I know nothing about the mountain gorilla except what I've read." "I've read his books. His name was Schaller. "They're great. Never could get one. He settled down here a few years ago and lived among the gorillas for more than a year." "And there's no guarantee that you'll be more successful.that's really something. "Did you say carry no gun? sees one. "You could shoot one easily enough. "It's my goriJla bible. "So I suppose you know more about all this than I do.l. I suppose." was Tieg's caustic fatler never had on the farm." Roger spoke up. He made the first detailed study of the gorilla's habits.rn more important in a way than all these. He opened hjs pack and drew out George Schallet's Tfu Year of the Goril." Hal tiitted his brows. That's one animal.IT GORILLA ADVENTURE coNGo J UNGLE in New York you'll see HaI. Roger thought.

"You're talking nonsense. looking at the luscious y.'llow mountain. "What's for breakfast?" he inquired sleepily. "We're going to have one egg for breakfast. Andr6 Tieg had a room to Everyone was up now ." Tieg looked at Hal with an expression that would turn milk sour. you mean. "Breakfast's ready. "Anyhow." "An egg for each man. Yawning. " "One egg for thirty-three men?" himself ." Hal said. In due time Tieg came out. but he took a large lrclping. Just cofiee and toast. "It took at least three dozen eggs bearing the words: CARL AKELEY November 17 ' tgz6 red-hot "iit" lava. just one. "How rrould you like three per cent of an egg?" Tieg glared. He was having his beauty sleep." " No." Hal said. I want no egg.r' 'I'hc cook brought the shell. "Exactly. "Cook." he snarled. It was unbroken except r9 .FOOTPRINTS Two Footprints sheds. "Funny and true." he said. He stitl pretended to be indifferent. Then he rapped on Tieg's-door.except Tieg." Ilut he changed his mind when the mountain of sr:rambled egg came on the outdoor picnic table. bring the shell." Hal said. The cook tells me he's scrambled an egg. "Is that supposed to be funny?" "Yes. " he called. Learn to speak precisely. ""ti"'fttd tr-"#]ii'"""tistea"ot r8 a rough unpainted board walls and two tiree large rooms and lo rrrake that. "One egg indeed. " "I'm being precise. the boys shared a room.the crew slept in one room and the sheds. Hal talked with the cook. young fellow.

"I'1I be with y Tieg vided he keeps d. It was the one 2t . o- nt their clothes." 'l'hey came out into the clearing. Too many me After we locate a familY smiled. Tieg led the way.FOOTPRINTS "Of course. Mr Tieg. Their feet sank in moss so deep that It was hard to pull them out again. What do you say.shall we -scout around first before we actually try to capture a gorilla? Just the three of chief tracker. He had said he knew this country ttrr in hour tLey pushed and scrambled and call me Mr Tieg"' flnd them there.

...t"v compass.i..lopped and looked about.out i P"t###BOT_TEXT###quot;j our dlrectrons ar teasl' cabin them help' "'il. "You can't keep a. and the result would be a trail.." he said' " Waterbuck. "Watch both sides . and followed sulkilY as rail' a book.. "All that slogging through tralrs ihorns for nothing Aren't there any "rrd throush these woods?" "NJ trails. the bamboo.i1.'of elephants. Ti6g "anie lrl lnti {ound.rncl.o"-""ions *" n'. ! "ii. m"ttst p""tt and pulled .ix t"et ttlgh.i-#iiU"t was tired.straight tftio"glt the woods iI there's no sun'" ""fi" "o". mo. A leopard has been here within the last half Irour. But the thick shrubbery that grew up along the forest's edge might hide the entrance to the trail' So he kept p*ttft aside the curtain of follage.hj'""". he said.:.It :'itfi. m here and there a trail' Fumbling one' such-heavY and beasts io"i f""t Pressing th all soar over bushes. They would plough through th9ry or around them. there it was' Concealed behind the fast-srowing screen was the beginning of a path. and those that came after would follow those that had gone before. Topi." 'lhey went on." he shouted.a smile that wai aII the mrre brilliant because of the in a very black face' ed." Hal said and Joro gave him. "Warthog.. the blackberry bushes."You^can lrrl<t: il easy now. il. It told him what :d this waY."i-als that come to this waterhole Strely they must make a path"' "' r#g'-in"i't"a' "AnimaG don't need do it without Tieg's '"d. No more leopard prints' OnIy lr ytnas and jackals. the strange wild celery . until Joro qaid.the tro'ad padt.. Tieg had ma se ror Tieg did his noble best blunder' this "':'N. and many other imprints unfamiliar to Roger' "I found a trail.\ GORILLA ADVENTURE thev had left an hour be FOOTPRINTS fitii"-ftte and the ""ith" back so soon.-the voung tree-{erns. 23 . deepiy stamlped with the sharp hooves of buffalo.lrtiJe. And at"last.t" began to realize that i{ they were -.-t"-r'i." Tieg said' t'h"..and . warily. . "Now we'll know he said.. . and the others came to ioin the voung explorer' 'lGood for yoi. Kongoni... Buffalo' Bush pig'" He r. He wandered awaY from e of the meadow." llc stopped again and bent down to study the up beside him and looked at what pi..

" Joro whispered.rit" these?" Roger said. "He went 6n up this path." on any twig that Thev-went -crack on.a sound t!\e the drippin-g -of water from leaves after a storm. Then ihere was another sound - a voice - a deep. "Let's follow him. six --." four --. the Giant was carefully examining the ground. pointing out a row of far awav. I'd hate to be-swatted by one of those"' rnd peered through the bushes' 25 24 . "He tett th6 lrail here. But be ver5. He stood still and listened. He evidently heard something.quiet. After about a quarter of a might mile.'g""t" exclaimed Roger. began and stoPPed. careftrl not to step underfoot. inches." he said.-These prints are fresh he can't be very f ono knuckles. Joro stopped. The boys heard it too . "He must have hands like-ha'ms.GORILLA ADVENTURE Tltree Gog. But there had been no - iT:-JJJ:T: It came and went.

. like the purr of a big heard.GORILLA ADVENTURE continued..... Then he talked again to himself' .i'Must be a Watutsi.ti"d *t'ut he's saYing?" Hal ruhis- d' "It isn't Swahili' Must be done with drinking' stood uP' towered almost seven feet tall' He . ""irtiv f*-a the voice again..." Tieg guessed' 26 ..

how the eirls would scream. TIIE GIANT these giants. B. Hal mentally pinned the name Gog on the giant that stood before them. there would be no more man-like giants on earth. his stu"clies.i"ti lirriog ever" since.. They must move fast their prize might wander away before they could bring the crew. The land of the Watutsi' not far away' the -.*'l.'shaft of brought out the monster in sharp relieJ' For the frrst time they could see that he was not all black. Down the middle of his back ran a strea. Except for these almost white hairs. It was a job for the whole crew.." Hal whisPered' tu*1.he profile' ift" ttio". all the hair on his body was black and stood out as if electrified' ced his audience Why pou the San Diego zoo tiPPed ght-five. stood some five re hundred to six h'rldred tall GOG. the the huge Projecting There was no do at a gorilla. montter they were now looking at -was -the on two legs that they had gr." if . and a great one or six feet k".world's tallest humans. He started back towards the trail lnd the others followed.GORILLA ADVENTURE Hal was half convinced. d in a French scientitlc lourfour inches' But it was a it had ever been heard of man's.d. 29 28 . and another at six hundred *-e-*"" "Looks like Gog. was in Watutsi country' animals But Hal had collected "The Watutsi "He can't b must be frve are skinnY. "sun " broke through the clouds and . this giant lelt man far behind. And th now looked like the one of the last of his tain gorillas were wiped out. How would they capture him? Four men certainly could not do it. s seven hundred Pounds teet around weiehs an ounce. Hewould into the full thousand he easo. Io the Guildhall in wooden statue of used to be a race supposed to be the last of But in size and strength. peering would-h averag-e -animal or smelled them. ---ih" tttat had been killed in the Forest of near the Congo River in rgzo and^ whose and eighteen. "t"it.k of silver.. thought HaI.t"t turned so they could see his of that size the of Now they could get a Ll idea tremendous head.

the mountain gorilla would join the gone and forgotten. they broke into a dog-trot' Roger was so busy glancing I'eft ana right that he almost stumbled. "I was wbnderinf where his family is. 3r 3o . TIIE GIANT GORILLA ADVENTURE Once on the trail." Roger said' disappeared from the lace of the earth because they haclbien hunted to the death by man.GOG. If this sort of murder went on." Tieg said. "Watch vour step.

He shook them as if trying to bring them back to consciousness.. cured of his diseases if he has any.*ig wounds. He looked all about him and one could guess the thought in his mind. Then his voice changed to an agonized &oo. and entertained by wdtching the funny humans who come to look at him.:dxtffi ii-e"'." -irt"t's Iike.the animal is not at all unhappy to be safe and well-fed." "Listen.i. aoo. He stopped short when he saw what had happened to his like to have b:*. and a iittf" " .but generally it's the other way round . moaning pitifully. There was a crackling in the bushes. probably his son. you are doing the gorillas a favour .oar TIIE BULLET world. He ran forward and stooped over the body of the young male. He let out a blood-curdling scream that echoed back from the crags of Karisimbi. But if you take a live gorilla and put it in a zoo you haven't reduced the number of gorillas. drew them close to him and rocked back and forth. He was still talking to himself in a low. Then he put one great hairy arm around each.1 cian1 q1{9lo.itrr why they're worth the same Y99t-s?-:: lii.:bi. contented voice. Suddenly there was a change. With his great hands he tried to stop the blood that still trickled from their full life-sPan of thirtY i" *t'aJ. 32 . "Who did this?" His eyes came to rest on the men not too well concealed in the bushes. That's true in some cases ."a ftipr"-8"ia on" that would live a long trme' ir-r. The giant dropped the two warm dead bodies and leaped to his feet.because The Ballet they live better and live longer in a well-kept zoo than they would in the jungle where they have so many enemies. aoo." Roger said. Then he dropped between his two wives. In fact. Some people say that animals pine away in a zoo.9ks o'ul"o"iri"t -. then out stepped the giant they had seen beside the stream.

true gorilla fashion he would T.'h" behaved in t"tt *ii" *ltffip"trttpt t"Jt of them' then stop' and turn aside' ick to the rules of the was wiPed out bY his 34 .GORILLA ADVENTURE the next volcano' It was s numbed the nerves and the at drum of his chest' ' Their first imPulse knew very well that Their onlY chance w beast.

you see.. I thought it was just an extra precaution. io'i['' e stght bie6ze brought the #.-^ t^^L '^"irr?*oritt" did not stop at ten feet nor at five feet stotiet about the great Gog durling rocks at his enemies' ' ri"tg in the stomach and doubled it up and threw it back' That again Jit'" . then turned and disappeared into the woods. A sideways slap of his left arm laid Roger and Joro flat on the ground and his right arm did the same for Hal..t*rtt." he said and.tru?k the monster full in the chest but h"l lo ulon nim an if he had been struck by thing' .'. 36 t picked r. I'nltira* mo"ct"s heaved and it was clear iili]ii" that head off' if.and r"rd*'" hair on his own neck do threw He bent down. "I thought you said not to carry a gun. He reserved special treatment for Tieg..riri""a?["in" i." him up. il. "Oh.y odour to Roger's nostrils "He smells like burnin -ole Coe ipteta his huge ha ight TIIE AULLET nor at one. t- *Ti""iar" one of those enormous hands could twist a man's d". sure enough. E.itf"t . made sure the boy was breathing." "llut I thought you said you weren't afraid of Sorlllus.J. The men picked themselves up and stumbled in a rort ol daze along the path towards the cabin. after u few minutes Roger opened his eyes and inquired weakly "What happened to me?" His tough young body survived a blow that would have killed someone who had not been hardened as Itoger had been by marry adventures in the African bush. He picked up the big fellow and flung him into a tree where he landed on a branch twelve feet up. He felt his pulse.' on the ape's forehead twitched up. grabbed a rock' and his strength." "Afraid? Who's afraid? I just thought I ought to be rendy to protect you in case of trouble. manl have a face that can €xDress their emotions' "^6il matter how angry' does not smell "" "." 37 .GORILLA ADVENTURE until vou cJm" to the great apes' They.'.iJ a feather."i-al. "tilii "J""o"*rti*. You were vety lucky that I did bring it along... "i"sht . I saved your llver nnd I expect a little gratitude for that.31$ truly tft"f . then fell to the ground. Hal looked curiously at Tieg.. Hal bent over the unconscious body of Roger.fti u" the wrong it with all -. that. "He'lI come round." Tieg was embarrassed. Tieg drew a revolver and fired. He clutched his shoulder.. * "WeII.v *tt" "'Thffi.'-.." he said. The bullet found its mark but did not fell the beast.afone'.. il"v.

" " l )r rfortunately.i.a--h"cing back' After he had done ." "J. like Roger to plan how to help an animal rather I lrrr n cscape from it." It was not the reply Hal had expected. Every time he began to doze off he saw an angry black face in the bushes and a llairy arm five hundred feet long reaching all the way across the clearing to knock him senseless. sornehow. He woke and worried. Half crazy with pain.. he was raging through the forest ready to kill the first human he saw. Now Gog. . But also because he was sorry for Gog. Then Tieg lrad made matters worse. We've got to do something." Hal said. "What's the matter' Fiae Pytltons are Lihe Tltat not seen the last of Gog' Rocen was restless.LA ADVENTURE Hil smiled and let the big coward enjoy his feeling of sel{-imPortance.""u. had become a deadly enemy.." admitted asked. "But we've got to rLr ll. " l)on't talk nonsense. HaI. But it was lrrnl.GORIJ." "l-isten.. He's under 39 38 . "How can you ttrnkc friends with a beast that is bent on murdering yrrrrl" " l r lon't know." "Go to sleep. wounded and srrffering... Not just because he was tfraid of Gog.ii ti-i. "Hal." Roger said.Jis brotf.ike what?" "(ict that bullet out of him. And you've got to fire Tieg. we can't do that. 'l'he great beast had lost his loved ones. * this R. "Wake up.

" "No." "What do you mean? Do you think you can argue with a python?" the lake' "'^ii"lr"ioor.." Hal said. We had to g PYTHONS ARE LIKE THAT .. We won't have much luck using force.-o* tttittg r oui "t" until But of his Toro burst " "Pythott. into the room' bwana'" "Where?" ready to leap out and grab any animal that might come to drink."" with iil""iJ'. "How do we get it out of there?" Roger wondered.a.G ORII-LA ADVENTURE contract.. "How couid it go down? It has to stay up to breathe. "Lasso it? Use a net?" "It would go down before we could get a rope or a net on it.. In the meantime it could swim lway under water and we would have no idea where 1o find it. llut perhaps we can give it a good reason to come out."a in vain for the python' Joro pointed' 40 4r . It can stay under and hold its breath for a good twenty minutes.

GORILLA ADVENTURE "Yes... but there is some t.rr )r nrous python coiled around the globe. The two bumps are the remains of llr:l ." shouted Mali hauled the tremb safetv of the bushes an cendid uPon the great slithered through their The men were disaPPointed' get it {9t I. -'llhe snJke has two small bumps underneath and is srrl4rosed to press these into its victim's nostrils so l lrti it cannot breathe.l later it wru come or t urr" it. If we have another PYTIIONS ARE LIKE THAT #*ttT"L"tPewithout difficu]tv.. This is not the case. Many tribes worship it as a sort of god. ( )nc more popular idea is that no snake dies before . Some millions of years ago snakes walked. rnost powerful witch doctors can keep it from 43 42 .'-i"a. Thev iust can't stay the garlic at the edge of g him out'" Hal was too wise to laugh at such notions. Another was that the python is sacred. Naturalists know that this is not so . it over here-close to the water"' Hal Mali dragged the bucking' P until it stood on the shore close Mali himself disaPPeared into ing the end of the line' as the snake There was a suclden surge of water its prey *iifr'tt"^a itit"a u"a 1 s Jpen shot towards "Haul in. Actually the lrrngue is too small for such a job.ti.. Another notion is that a python must have its tail locked around a tree before it throws its coils about you. stood and w-ait"d . This is not true. nest down there' Sooner uguit. Another common idea is that the snake uses its tongue as a paintbrush and covers its victim with saliva so it will slip down more easily.ten' twenty' thirty "::N""i. Be readY to grab it'" oltt '-ffi.lrson for such a superstition as the boys were soon lo lirrtl out. said. "theY used to . If you kill a python there will be no rain and your crops will die. Irt would be like I rying to paint a barn with a toothbrush. in the traditions of some tribes. and only llrr. is an r. but the truth is rrrore strange. This was only one of many native superstitions.-riit tuia "we'tl -Tl minutes' an idea' He went to the ack with a sPrig of garlic' man said.many pythons have attacked men and animals on the plains where there were no ttees..rrrrrlown. '"1". 'l lrc rainbow.

was subject earthouakes. it must release its grip on the sides of the hole. To do so. escape. of snake. *e'-.itaa"" to violent Six Wrestling Matclt upheaval made him stagger ofi to more and nowhere else. 45 44 .GORILLA ADVENTURE peppered with volcanoes.

the coils tightened. beating down several men. but merely squeezes more and more tightly so that the victim cannot breathe.lrrrls of proven cases of the swallowing of humans l. That is the constrictor's favourite method of killing. one of Hal's best. A python r rr. The men forgot the tail and tried to rescue their companion from the snake's jaws. But it is not impos'l '. Every time he breathed out. cannot do it. which grows only to a length soure twelve feet. At once the neglected tail swung round.GORILLA ADVENTURE WRESTLING MATCH powerful teeth can inflict a serious wound. A circus lrcrlormer was killed by a seventeen-foot snake and was {ound afterwards to have bones broken in eightyli rur places. The man was Toto. He fought bravely but could do little since his arms were pinioned to his sides.rlrk: for the great alaconda or the python. They are curved in like fish-hooks so that once they have taken hold they do not let go.y rnembers of the boa family. Its long teeth are as sharp as needles. 'I lre boa constrictor. Wlrcther it could do so would depend upon the size ol lhe snake and the size of the man. Often it does not break any bones. rlr: than thirty feet in length swallowed a grown 47 46 . When breathing has stopped the heart also will soon stop. But don't believe it if someone tells you that a constrictor cannot break bones if it wants to. There are hun. lI the snake succeeded in squeezing all the life out of 'loto it would then proceed to swallow him. then coiled about the body of the man who had been bitten.

49 it "nJfti" 48 ." The men obeyed." Hal said.'ffi:?l tH:l'. would surely try to escape by this exit. Heaven knows how long it'll stay down. Like a thunderbolt it struck Tieg in the chest with its nose.GORILLA ADVENTURE East Indian woman.ii" in th"e house to rid the ptace of rats and WRESTLING MATCH "You've made said. get some brush and put seizing the bar and forcing it between the great teeth. Tieg in a panic drew his revolver and fired into the creature's open"oti ti*"t "iJkes many an African keeps a pet python tu*"a "rrd "".. "I'I take that gun. A boy fourteen years -old was . a pretty botch of it.e uncoiled serpent fell away' But ii the men thought "i"#r"##i ..'t crowbar did the trick' The jaws separated and tf. haven't you.. "No snake can stand that. AII of you. It will come out the other hole. "Naturally." he "You could have done better?" Hal inquired.*rffo*. "Men. Hal faced Tieg." The fire was soon blazing fiercely. He stood at a safe distance by the other hole where the fire burned.:. No one happened to notice that Tieg did not join the men around the hole where the snake was expected to emerge. The bullet passed up through tho head.*t opei and free the bloody shoulder'. --ii.a by a snake eighteen feet long-' for JVttgl " him' searched ii"*""" dis"appeared his-friends gor-ged a Uut his slippers." he said." Tieg gliss "fixed Hal' upon iiself scornfully ottt"i eye down that hole. And vet a python is not a vicious creature' It trouble unless it is attacked' It is . You seem to forget that I am the guide of this expedition. tough as a battering ram. Toto knew nothing of all this' He had fainted.:il::Tffi*:: ed iirto one of the holes. Two men helped him pry ttt" i. and near by f"t"J ""tfti"g t*""iv-five feet iong' Upon opening it they ""tno" idund the body of their companion'." The men closed in around the hole.. dreading the fire." "Simple. s. or even for daYs. stand close around that hole and grab it when it comes out. The python. He was taken completely by surprise when straight up through the flames shot a great yellow head drawing after it a writhing black-and-brown body with two lumps. f. "Nbw set fire to the brush." "If you have any plan let's hear it. and threw its coils around him. whipped about rhJad His great yellor moustache at the men' coldly stared eye i" ttt" tt""r". "The snake is frightened now.. The snake fell away and the thirty-foot body twisted into knots in the death agony.Others had ieized ihe tail and were uncoiling the sna!9 trom ioio. go to it. Perhaps Tieg was right. toay. who stood no higher than his . If you know how to get it up. Bis Tiee had been standing safely in the background' Niv nisaw ttis chance to be a hero' He came stndtng the men. This is no job for boys.

" he said. poor sight. Serpent superstition goes back a long way. The joints of the backbone could be used by village women as a necklace to strengthen the throat-or as a belt to cure stomach-ache.pilepsy. Moses sct up an image of a Brazen Serpent that was supposed to have healing power. toothache. Asklepios. carried a carved serpent wound irround a staff. It is still the symbol of the medical Jono steam. Viper flesh was used as a medicine in France until I 52 53 . arthritis and rheumatism. They coufd grind the skull into a powder and sell the powder to the medicine men. colds. Irr (luatemala hot snake fat is used as a poultice for loltls. Snake oil is well known in Puerto Rico. Tieg's adventure in water and fire had taken HJ puled him out of the hole and removed the gun "Better Tieg got u es"' HaI said' the cabin' profession. malaria. The Greek god of healing. tto-m-tit holster. earrr r: rr:. Hal was quite willing to let the men use the dead snake as they pleased.GORILLA ADVENTURE Seaen Another Battle Lost slashed off the head of the dead snake with one stroke of his bush knife. r. deafness. convulsions. sore throat. In some African countries a string of python bones was supposed to protect the wearer against snakebite. For five centuries it was worshipped as a sort of god. Ilven today 'snake medicine' is sold in China. It is nr1>posed to be a cure for insanity. "We make medicine out of that.

Listen. since they have legs to keep them up off the grrnrnd." Hal heard it. here was something he couldn't explain. I don't want it. came to Hal. "No. Hear it? You're so good at explaining . It does not crack. wear-resistant. "Now you're the one who is crazy. It was better than cowhide or goatskin' These anirrriLls. do not need such tough skins' A python wlrich must drag its two-hundred-pound body over 54 J5 ." Hal said. his shoulder bandaged. He had made a kind gift to his crew. Even with all his training from childhood up as a practising naturalist. somefelt one of them." HaI laughed." he Snakes don't tinkle. r la. HaI was a good boss.explain that. and before that in London as a cure for the ANOTIIER BATTLE LOST that is used to record earthquakes. "You've got me there. chip or peel. "You want?" he said. The men slit the underside of the body and began Io strip off the skin." Roger said. Every snake is a wriggling seismograph. You remember in how many earthed in a day." "speaking of hearing. "You and the men can do what you like rrith it.GORILLA ADVENTURE 1884. "do you hear a bell? Every time that snake twists I hear a tinkle. It was worth good money' l'ython hide makes excellent leather' It is waterproof. Toto." Toto grinned his appreciation and went back to the men." "This one does. pointing at the snake.

"Dig that hole larger. A man is about sixty per cent water. Toto took off the bell. " The big snake was cut into thick slices. just for that very reason-it's not so dry." "You don't need to feel that way about it. Out came the sk-eleton of a cat with a small bell on its neck. "What good are theY?" Roger asked. A littie more cutting. "I uaderstand the cannibals like it even better than man-meat. It is still r:aten to some extent in France-but for the benefit of persons who don't like the idea of eating snake. its httle forked tongue darting in and out." Hal said." Roger said. But a snake is seventy-five per cent water'" "I feel like a savage. "Your ancestors il Europe ate snake. "Perhaps you'll find the nest." Hal said. the meat is sold in the market as'eel'. The Pilgrims wlro came over in the M ayflower ate snake when they r':rn out of other food. cut open and out tumbled a fine pork dinner-two fat pigs who must have been swallowed recently and weri little affected by the snake's digestive juices. But stili the tinkle was not explained. "sitting here and e ating snake meat." HaI said." Hal advised the men. "Notice the horny They were surprised to find it so good. washed it in the lake. Coiled inside te snake." Sir feet down they came uPon a large chamber containing a great number of leathery white eggs about foui inChes in diameter. When the hide had been peeled free. the body was made nelr the cabin and not only the pigs but baby snakei about a foot long." Roger said. The snake had evidently been guilty of raiding some native village. They carefully put every one of the ninety snakelets into a deeP Pan. "You'Il see at dinner-time. "Wonder what broke them. and the mystery was cleared up. They use that to other eggs. "it'. Iik" chicken. and hung it on his neck-cord where it tinkled merrily as he rvorked. The pioneers who went West 57 . "only not so dry. pointing out two 56 it. fhe Africaos seemed as delighted as if they had discovered gold. A fire was covers were made from But the skin would spoil unless it was stripped from the dead snake without delay So HaI understood the haste of the crew. There were ninety unopened eggs and two that had been broken. They counted them." Roger said' "There's your answet.GORILLA ADVENTURE the ground and through brush must be protected by ANOTIIER BATTLE LOST tooth on the end of their snouts.

slit him uP.GORILLA ADVENTURE in covered wagons ate rattlers when they were short of other provisions." He read the clipping: is "I it. ThiJ was just a little bit more than Roger could take. The thing to do is to lie flat on the ground on your back with your feet together. experimenting at every possible point. It's "Remember not to run away-the python can move faster. But his men were watching him. wrap his coils around you. ANOTIIER BATTLE LOST "After a time the snake will get tired of this Then carefully take out your knife and insert it into the distended side of his mouth. Glad Tidings. He announced that he was not hungry any more. yellow with age. With a smile on the outside and a sickish feeling inside he downed one of the little wrigglers. and with a quick rip. Here in Africa where there are so memy snakes the people would be foolish if they didn't eat them. published fifty years ago. and crush you. 58 59 . It's not savage. I'd slit him up before he Roger grinned.ah-this a clipping from a missionary magazine. Rattlesnake meat is still canned in Florida. arms to the sides and head well down. Keep calm. It's just common sense. The python will then try to push its head under you. "I don't think I could be that saw something here about pythons . Back in the cabin HaI went to an old rolltop desk and began fishing through some Papers. Even HaI would gladly have skipped this dessert. One wriggle and he will get under you. The men popped the small snakes into their mouths and chewed up the soft bones and delicate flesh with much pleasure. It gives some curious advice on what to do if you are attacked by a python." patient-tb keep calm and let him sruallow me up to ihe knee before I stt him up." For dessert the grilled baby snakes were served.

then. Tell the he said. earnestly discussing something between themselves. A whilte nose was emerging. growling softly. He tried to keep still in spite of the mosquitoes that found his blood refreshing. if back into the woods. Something was happening at one of the python holes. was the next visitor. Roger let ten thousand dollars walk bY. I wanted to". A giraffe. It could not reach the water with its long neck because its legs were longer. Then came two bushbuck and a topi. get down there in a hurry. drank. The lion shook its head as if to say. stepping could arrive-. still arguing. "You know I could. but there was no sigrr of a python. it would be gone before tlle Aching with frustration. When it came back it stopped again. then plodded men. Not all the creatures were forest animals. Roger hid in the bushes. He looked down the hole that had been enlarged to get at the eggs. When you hear it. Or it might be out looking for food.[' GORILLA ADVENTURE ROGER. An impala." Roger scanned the lake. disappeared into the forest. 6z sense than the python . was first. He could not see very far down-the snake might or might not be at home. so The forest dwellers began to come out for their evening drink. It looked at him long and hard. But when Roger did not move it decided to let weII enough alone and went on to the water's edge. or prowling in search of those who had tal<en its mate. He examined the other hole. Roger did ndt move a finger. probably from the open valley between Mounts Mikeno and Karisimbi. It couldn't be the could it be? 6s . Two gorgeous rrhite-and-black colobus monkeys came out. A lion passing close by caught Roger's scent and stopped. It had to spread its feet far apart in order to bring its body low enough so that its muzzle could touch the water.S LUCK "If he sees it he will blow his whistle.

was a sort of miniature radar outfit. white snake gleaming Another foot or two of the emerged. But as 64 . startled by his It noose.GORILLA ADVENTURE Now the whole head was up and out' Roger could f the head lhat il uas a th blue eYes. It was necessary to steP out of the bushes to get room to swing his rope. But no. instead of being a stinger as many people supposed. Then he would blow for all he was worth. Now was the time to blow that whistle. sonous. Roger knew not help being a bit darting tongue. Roger put the whistle to his mouth. he must not blow it yet. the snake would feel the sound and escape. Every snake was so equipped. was time to act. The snake. A red tongue ngue. Roger must first get the lasso over the head.

'l lrr:re was no room for more than ten men. five on r':ufi sidellal. for both animals began to . Other men.GORILLA ADVENTURE nocrn's LUc x step." Toto said. hesitantly stepped forward and slipped lhcir fingers through the stout meshes of the net. go get a net. Hal guessed the reason. That rlrorrltln't be too much for alyone." Hal said. The snake 67 wraooed in pvthon and rope. The goriila must weigh five lrrrrrrlrcd pounds or more. or seventy for each of ten men. Anrl yet it r.vas not easy. single -- arms might easily have broken the snake's baikbone if they had been free' But they too fhe miehtv I'd say you couldn't have done it better if you had had them gift-wrapped. There is a tradition that the goddess HaIi returns as a white snake every thousand would be cnough. "Any man who harms her will be punished. then we'll have trouble with both of them." Hal assured him.1 r rrllglc when they were tipped to a horizontal posiIrorr a.. If we separate them." Roger said.rrrrrrls. Mali. stricting now' Every time the tightened' No ordinary animal breath would be squeezed out "She will bring us disaster if we don't treat her kindly. We'll take them just as they are.nd carried towards the camp. and the snake added {urollre r two hundred. The very rare white python is especialiy sacred. "We'll treat her very kindly. encouraged by his example." When the net came it was wrapped quickly around both figures then tied fast." '"f{"i yoo't" not going to pull them apatl?-". estimated that this number of lr. whose scientific mind reduced facts to figures wlrt:ncver possible.rrr. You've made a very neat Package oI tnem' 66 . "Lay hold." Hal himself gripped the net near the upper end of llrr: two-headed monster. That made seven hundred 1.. Corne. "Vtu'a r6t'ter uhtwist them. but the men stood back. take hold. "before bv anv ovthon. "No.

either one of which was quite capable of hugging him to death. They must have something to interest them. my eye! What do a snake and an ape have in common?" "Companionship. The python's coils that could squeeze 69 68 . The snake was not afraid of the gorilla. There w. but withrl l. The best thing would be another gorilla. " It will take them a little time to get used to being I oorn-mates. and the snake was super-perfect.Iized they were no longer lrrrLrnd. They're both ladies. He took out his bush knife and slit the heavy slrands of the net from top to bottom and got out rrg. The first thing is to get them out of that net. That's why there are only thirteen mountain gorillas in all the zoos of the world. bark. A white python was as rare as a snow- "Need each other." He climbed into the cage and let down the nothing to excite or disturb them.rin before the animals rea. The gorilla was not afraid r. The gorilla rr:lrcated to one corner and the snake to another and r. the python may be enough to keep her interested." Hal said.l llrc snake.rurl)oo shoots and herbs. And we'll have to treat them as ladies should be treated. They disentangled themselves slowly. "A solitary gorilla is apt to die of lonesomeness. ltct'.orillirs do not eat snakes but dine on fruit.GORILLA ADVENTURE ROGER.S L UCK were both perfect specimens.irr:h pretended to be completely uninterested in the r rrrl fcar. shutting himself in with his two visitors." "Her? " "Yes. and perhaps we'll get one. 'l'lrc two watched each other suspiciously." Hal said. But until we do. l. except that llrt:y were in unfamiliar surroundings.

why they should not get along together. An albino usually isn't pure white. an lnimal collector called Ryhiner went about the rrrrrntry exhibiting a white python he called Seratail 's a Sanskrit word that means 'beauty'.ereat aoe's chest. Something com-. They just captured each other' It was pure timine. That's tn added attraction. an albino has pink eyes.ere *a's tto reason. But this one is beautiful. Often a sport is ugly. a horse with two heads. pletely different from the usual. Do you realize that yrxrr Snow White is worth at least twenty thousand rrrrd your ape another ten thousand? A pretty good . You can still see faint markings on the skin. but the thought of "But Tf.t just the right second' I'm going to call her Ladv Luck." HaI""a it ftuf. "When I w:rs a youngster and you hadn't been born yet. Besides. "That will distinguish her from an albino. anyhow." Roger said "The gorilla came along. anything that people will pay good money to see. Every circus is eager to get a few sports to amaze the public-a woman with long whiskers. Hal thought.l." liogcr tried to be properly happy about this imlrrovcrncnt in the family fortunes." "No. The eyes of this python are blue." "Not for many years.GORI LI-A ADVENTURE the life out of a lion were not strong enough to crush the -. rrllcd out to control traffrc." "I itill say it 7o 7r ." "And-how about the other ladY?" "Snow White. you might say it's a freak. Ryhiner was offered Irllccn thousand dollars for her but refused. Discussinf tG matter at bedtime. I remember utxring her on a purple cushion with gold fringes in llrc window of Swissair at Rockefeller Center.S LU CK she is an albino.r y's work. ROGER. "Snow White it i. the brothers . Prices Irirvc gone up a lot since then. tteen a great day. Hal agrbed." "If she isn't an albino. "Thanks to you." suggested Roger." was luck." "What's a sport?" "Well." "I'li bet they've never seen as pretty a snake as Snow White." Hal said. She rrllrircted so many people that the police had to be . Roger would not accept the compliment' "I didn't do a ti-ring. what is she?" "A sport.

Roger would now be looking into an empty cage. "Nolxrdy has teeth that strong.GORILLA ADVENTURE Nine Massacre Ro cB n's capture of the gorilla and the white python seemed a happy promise of future success." Roger said. it was the beginning of trouble." Joro said. That's a good solid iron lock. found that someone or something had been tampering with the padlock on the cage door. If the night had been a little longer or the tools a little stronger." Roger stared. "Look at this. Roger." 72 73 . " he admitted. It still held. On both sides. isn't it? " Joro grinned. "It could have been done with pincers. "But look. Everything went wrong. "Was it done *ith a hammer? Or a pair of pincers?" "We would have heard hammering. Roger called him over. "What do you make of it?" Roger queried. "Pretty wild. But it looks more like a bite. They would get along. but it was bent and battered. Instead. No pincers could do that." "But how could teeth do it? " Roger objected. Joro came out. and Joro examined the lock. "That's a pretty wild guess. the dents are in a curve as if they had been made by teeth. creeping out at dawn to see how his guests were doing.

It's just a guess. moaning softly. "And there's one more guess. 75 . but I want you to keep your eye on Tieg. Now he sat near the graves with his great head lrowcd."So you think it was done by an animal? " asked After a hasty breakfast the boys. I don't know. Where the gang had attacked Gog's family they wcre surprised to find-Gog himself. Then you bag a big female." "They may be closer than you think. Let us do the hard work of capturing the animals and then steal them from us." 74 twenty of the crew.GORILLA ADVENTURE MASSACRE has strong teeth. I Ie had given his wives and son a gorilla burial by covr:ring them thickly with branches and leaves. I'm not accusing him. twirling his big yellow moustache." get the cage open. What a temptation to try to get away with specimens worth thirty thousand. " Tieg appeared. But they couldn't seII him with a bullet in him. The commandant told us that he was broke. There aren't too many gorillas around . He was occupied with his own thoughts. with Tieg and "But there's no one else around. The rvind was . We'Il spoil a lot more of their chances if we can-they know that.rgainst them-the gorilla did not detect their presr:rrcc. But they have no taste for hardware. that's all. Mind. Just keep your eye on him. set out on a scouting trip through I he surrounding forest to see if they could locate the t:nemy gang.and we've spoiled their chances to get two of them." HaI said. Ten men were left to guard Lady Luck tnd Snow White. others opinio each s Hal came out and joined the investigators' The " to exPress an iron grille on "What would they have against us?" "They were probably after Gog too. "Don'tiorgei the gang that murdered Gog's family. say nothing about it to the men. "Joro." . He rocked back and forth. So perhaps they've decided to take the easy way out. They blame us for that." Hal said.

They knew this beast was not merely angry. his eyes glared out of deep black caves and his great savage mouth split open to let out an earspldtting uwua. motioning to the right. 77 76 L . then went down through a grove of ferns that thev?" But all you have to do is to raise your voice a little and he knows he is being scolded' You 'iof course. when they had had a chance to do just that." Joro said. "Over that way. And now. '!We didn't come out to hunt gorillas this morning. the angry beast had scared the living daylights out of them." he said. uuua. The boys forgot all they had learned about how to behave when attacked by an angry gorilla. he was bent on murder. "We should have brought a net. bangrng his breast with one palm and brandishing the tree lke a great club in his other hand.GORILLA ADVENTURE MASSACRE "I clidn't know they cared so much. not their eyes. Joro. remembering his bold plan to capture Gog and get that tormenting bullet out of his body. "How could we know we would meet Gog?" Hal said. Joro stood still. A half hour later it was their noses. that gave them some important information. It was not a good smell." Roger said. do you see any tracks? " "The ground is too hard to show tracks. It was the smell of death and rotting flesh. We're trying to spot that gang. that made iced water run down the boys' spines." Roger with rage. They turned and ran for their lives. Gog's tree was caught in the underbrush and before he could pull it free all his enemies had disappeared. sniffing the air like an animal. Gog tore up a young tree by the roots and lumbered forward. Fortunately for thern. They picked their way through the underbrush. they were unprepared. Instead.

The tree ferns thinned out MASSACRE hundred mountain gorillas in the region of the Virunga volcanoes. how many were taken. The gang doesn't kill for fun. They seemed to like it. When it did not get any response it sat mournfully looking about. no work. But gorillas are not talkative and an infant is no cry-baby. why keep on? No pay." ?8 lris voice was easily understood." 1'Look. Two Africans dead. tells where catches were made. making no sound. It was small notebook {ull of figures and scribbled notes-in English ! ""It seems to be a sort of account book. cost i It picked his way over the bodies. tlren the other. took the long hair in its two little hands and tugged vigorously.ia it to tiat. Do you think they would let "If gangster had escaped the angry adults. They had been taken alive after the older apes had been killed. "They look mighty lonesome." Roger said. "And they must be hungry. He stood looking ilown at the two small apes and they retumed his gaze without stirring. He ought to be put away. Not every he goes to jail. They were too young to know "Then what would You do?" "Invite him down to see the authorities' I'll bet he has no permit for what he's doing. If there's nobody to pay them. lav "Roger picked up something that was not African' Ue sn"ow. witl that stop the kiJling? " "Chancis are it will.GORILLA ADVENTURE in this climate grow to a height of twenty feet' The smell became slronger. The loss of sixty was a serious matter. There were no dead babies. "Two live babies." The two youngsters had been lying unseen close to their dead mother. Now one of them sat up and the other climbed on its mother's chest. 79 ." Roger said. Slowly he moved his hand and petted one of them. A chimp would have been chattering.

"AIl of us would like some honey. He had been elected. But he didn't know enough to recognize a honey bird when he saw one. "Where do you suppose we could find this Nero?" "Perhaps he and his whole gang would be at Kala village today. He must assert himself. "It's trying to attract our attention." Hal said." Hal said. Even Tieg had heard of it. I'Jl meet you at the village later. he was their mother. Ten The Honey Bird showed the notebook to Joro. he knew he couldn't rush matters.GORILLA ADVENTURE Still. "If we'd follow it it would lead us to some honey. fluttering Her its wings and chirping loudly. One of them clambered up on his shoulder and the other he took into his arms. From now on. "A neat job." Joro said. Tieg felt left out. He stooped again." Everybody in Africa knew about the honey bird. Tieg was pouting. "One of my scouts brings back word that they're having a big cerernony there in honour of a new chief." he objected. He was supposed to be the guide of this expedition but it was Joro who was leading the party." 'Tieg saw his chance to be important. He turned and found them following close upon his heels. Instead. he rose slowly and started to walk away. He must do something to make these people think he was a great guy-that he knew something about these woods. He did not attempt to take them up. But we won't take the time for that now." "Let's go and see. though he had never 8r . I'll go and get it for you. "It would be time well spent. It sat on a branch." Hal said.

GORILLA ADVENTURE actually seen one. Th. white-tailed honey guide fluttered farther away and Tieg followed. picking out the ticks that have brirrowed into the animal's hide. Those arms are covered with stingers but the little fish is not stung. but didn't THE UONEY BIRD reptile. The rhino and the egret are friends. loved wild honey. fluttering and twittering constantly. or honey gui-{9 T it was iometimes called. There were dozens of other examples of symbiosis. is not uncommon in nature. then moving on. There was another extraordinary thing about the b h b who had not studied the e aII this. all unknown to big Tieg. and are promptly stung and swallowed by the anemone. The bird impatiently waited for him to catch up. The honey bird. Also it eats the leeches that infest the creature's body. The other was an animal about two-and half feet long and a foot high cared for nothing so much as honeY. The crocodile is a bad-tempered 8z . the bird rides on the beast's back and gobbies up the insects that annoy the rhino. tick-bird performs a similar service for the buffalo. With a noisy cker-cher-ckar the little brownbodied. The crocodile bird fearlessly enters the open mouth of the crocodile to pick bits of food from between the teeth. which means teamwork between two different kinds of animals. because it is the anemone's good friend and assistant. It tempts big fish which rush in to take it. This co-oPeration was too strange to be true. but has a soft spot in its heart for this bird. A small fish swims about among the arms of the sea anemone. Presently Tieg noticed that he was not the only one followiag the honey guide. They did not realize that symbiosis.

quite proud of himself. Finally the ratel stopped eating and looked up at the bird as if to say. was so crumbled and mixed with dirt that no man wor:ld want to eat it. It flew up to perch on a branch and peer at Tieg with one eye. then. Tieg also waited. the animal was climbing up to the bees'nest. All that Tieg needed to do was to take the big honeycomb. The honey guide flew down and pecked about but found nothing. then carry all the rest to the village. For a while it was quite 8S alld ran. There would be nothing much left to take to the village. He had left enough for his flying friend.GORILLA ADVENTURE THE ITONEY BIRD branch and it fell to the ground. He ambled off. Besides. fnstead of allowing the bird to enjoy its dinner in peace. instead. This was easy picking. and allow everyone to think what a clever fellow he really was. treat himself. though satisfactory to a bird. Angry with the honey badger. The bees still buzzed around the branch that had been their home. firll of honey and quite content. and angry with the honey bird which had led him here on a fool's errand. The bird promptly sailed in to get its own dinner but was as promptly scared away by Tieg. stood off to see what the bird would make of it. He stopped when he found that the ratel was not following. waiting its turn. give everybody a little of it. His tough hide was like a coat of armour' He clawed the nest from the 84 . he fiercely ground every bit of honeycomb deep into the dirt. What could he do now? He wasn't going to eat after an animal. all. Tieg was angry. "Now it's your turn". His heart sank when he saw that the ratel was teariag the honeycomb to bits. what was le{t. The bees swarmed around the ratel but their stings did not disturb him in the least. The bird fluttered about constantly. But the honey badger was clawing open the comb and eating the sweet contents.

It took off and flew to another lree. the stuft was used commercially as a base for perfumes. He swung it about trying to free his hand. and it hotly resented being disturbed. He reached in and was immediately bitten by very sharp teeth. it dropped again into its hollow. Tieg thought. anexPediThatwasgood had to do tion. Tieg was highly pleased with himself. and carry it off to the village. It was no sooner out than it sprayed Tieg with a shower of evil-smelling secretion so strong that it might have paralysed a skunk. but only succeeded in provot ing it to send out more foul-smelling blasts that soaked him from head to toe. perfect and unbroken. And. So this was another come-on. unluckily. the other monkeys would have nothing to do with him. But in its raw state there was nothing more disagreeable. The smell was like that of very strong ammonia. throaty coughs as if it could hardly stand its own smell. It burned the inside of the nostrils of any creature that smelled it. had learned to leave the civet alone. leaving t the entire this time was honeycomb. The trees cast heavy shade and Tieg could not see into the hollow. giving some low-pitched. If p monkey was sprayed. Strangely enough. but he noticed that there were no bees flying about. with a black mask over its face. This time there would be no honey badger to make a mess of things. which flew from tree to tree. 87 . All animals. He pulled out his hand and whatever it was that had bitten him clung on to it. even if it was only a bird. cher-ing loudly and fluttering excitedly. He followed the bird. The hollow stump was this animal's home sweet home. The bird would lead him to another beehive. the stink had a lasting quality and could not be washed away or rubbed off. It fluttered a bit and found its voice. Presently the honey guide stirred.GORILLA ADVENTURE silent. Out came a cat-like animal spotted like a leopard. 86 TIIE HONEY BIRD It was the civet's method of self-defence. finally stopping at a hollow stump and circling about it just as it had circled around the branch. Of course its odour was completely changed in the process. big and small. It was a pleasure to be able to cheat somebody or something. but smaller. The hive must be in the stump. The civet prowls about at night but lies up during the day in some dark hole. After it had bitten deep and sprayed out everything ii had to give.

" said sadlY' "Yts. If we leave them alone they never bother us. It was a poor village. Hal askeci: killine our people. But this morning the old man was still chief. The people did not look too healthy but they were in a gay mood because this was the day when they would celebrate the election of a new chief. Our nlighbours in the forest. . The great tribes lost the power of speech.nough to eat. There would be a solemn ceremony when the present chief./rfter the usual courteous greetings spoken by Hal in English and translated into Swahili by Joro.v eighty years old.THE SALTY BABOON Elezsen The Salty Baboon Srencnruc for the leader of the gang that had slaughtered sixty gorillas. the roofs were thatch made of papyrus-the same plant from which the ancient Egyptians made paper. so Hal inclurred the way to his house.tribes of the forest? " he asked. I kaow him. He was satisfied to let the old chief believe whatever he chose to believe' He had to admit that the gorillas were better men than some men he knew. Hal and his men walked into the village of Kala. The walls were of mud. would pass on his authority to his son." IIat looked out into the gardens surrounding the village. no. "Never. but the wirrrered body of a man who all his life had never had '. "But I see some of them stealing your vege- "Do you know a man named Nero? He hunts gorillas. "Don't you ever have trouble with these ." thirst." HaI did not argue this point. The houses were small and had no windows.' "But "Wi[ 88 he be here today?" "The Haf ing he had read 89 ." "Yi"r p6opG? The people of this village?" "No. He found a fine old gentleman with all the best qualities of a chief.

" The men.guilty for doing this even to a baboon but after all. I'm not promising that it can be done. they kept on rooting out and devouring vegetables even when the men had closed round them. Hal did not know. "We thank you for your thought. Hal called together his men. "flat on its back-hold its arms and legs down its jaws apart with that stick." Hal said. przzhng over this strange order. Hal waited and wondered. The baboons did not run.prise The baboon struggled but the odds against it were too great. perhaps many miles away." "We shall need a rope. But they had the rare ability to detect the presence of water beneath the soil. Bring hirn here. When the animal became thirsty he might wander off into the forest. But it would do. In the meantime." he said. but it was good enough for the purpose." "Then it would make a baboon thirsty. It was one of the lianas that hang from the great trees. for it had been scraped from a forest salt pan. Being the boldest of the primates. A baboon rarely goes off 9r .. HaI began to force-feed it with salt. She brought a rope that was not a rope. The baboon sat sulking among the vegetables." Hal explained. With a stufied stomach. HaI did not stop until the gourd was empty and the baboon was full. These animals didn't require much water. If they became very thirsty they would locate water and dig down to it. But it only makes us more thirsty. proceeded to the garden. "Catch the biggest. I The baboon was brought. / GORILLA ADVENTURE about the baboons and water. He felt a little. Perhaps the experiment would not work at all. But Hal didn't think so. 9o the salt to do its work. "It rvill do no harm to try." Hal said. But would you like us to try?" The old man nodded gravely but seemed to have little faith in the experiment. he had no desire to eat more. It was not good clean commercial salt. But how make a baboon thirsty enough tq want to dig? "Do you have salt?" he asked. the animal should pay for damaging the gardens. one of the chief's women brought a large gourd fiIIed with salt. "Salt we have.. before he began to dig for water. strongest baboon you can get. "Perhaps thirsty enough to dig a well for you in your own garden. "Now. The chief sent one of his women for a line. lay it out." . They usually got enough out of the green stuff that they ate.

sharp teeth. starts a job the others will promptly join him. They kept at it until at a depth of about twelve feet water began to ooze into the pit. and seldom co-operates with other hyenas.GORILLA ADVENTURE on its own. Baboons have a strong instinct for teamwork. especially a leader. There was only one thing wrong with that well. It was nearly an hour before the baboon rose and began to explore. In the garden the soil was soft. He soon had help. rhinos. He drank deeply. the ground in the forest would be full of roots and digging would be difficult if not impossible. The people looked again to HaI. He had no idea 93 . they nipped the legs of their tormentors with their strong. using whatever mysterious senses elephants. It had worked on most animals. Instead. If one baboon. So a dozen hands scooped away the dirt and the well rapidly deepened. but not baboons. The people of the village ran to get their calabashes and climbed down the sloping side of the well to capture the water that was now nearly two feet deep. such as the hyena which is a loner. enjoying the water and eating the growing vegetables. But the wizard hid used up all his wizardry. and clear of roots and stones. Then he walked about with his head down. but baboons do 92 THE SALTY BABOON not frighten easily. His great clawJike hands made excellent shovels. People beat gourds and pans to frighten them off. It was muddy at first. but the salt-filled male did not wait for it to clear. 'They even tore down a scarecrow that had been erected in the gardens to frighten them away. baboons and other animals employ to locate underground water. the great magician. The old chief thanked Hal and the villagers looked at him as if he were some sort of magician. In this respect they are quite different from some other animals. Then he fixed upon a 5pot that suited him and began to dig. It brought in other baboons from the forest. Besides. Soon there were twice as memy baboons as before.

go to it. "I think I invisible wall of smell so sickening that he could not go further. But when he came within ten feet of him he stopped. As for the villagers." Hal said. The people left the gardens and gathered in the open space at the centre of the village. They tumed to their new chief. The aged chief made a long end beautiful speech that brought tears to the eyes of those who listened. his cockatoo hair and his glass eye. He made a short and modest speech praising the work of his father over the years and promising to do everything in his power to carry on his father's work. He knew he was making a poor spectacle of himself as leader of his village. There was good reason for the shortness of his speech. They loved him and were sorry to have him step down. they were amazed by the appearance of this huge fellow with his bristling yellow moustache. If he succeeded he would be respected.THE SPOTTED CAT Twelzte Tlte Spotted Cat Tnr huge wooden drum of the village began to boom. They looked to Hal for help. They shrank away from him as if he had the plague. WiIl you interpret? " Joro smiled and nodded. Here was his first problem as headman of the village. He looked around helplessly. The young chief. They held their noses . Joro introduced Roger to the chief. who looked at him curiously and a little impatiently because he did 95 . It was time for the ceremony when the ne\." said Roger. If he failed he would start his rule with a black mark against him. But when his son came before them they welcomed him as their new master with a great clatter of gourds and pans." Roger called Joro. "I want to speak to the chief privately . Hal's men were disappointed to see that Tieg brought no honey. Hal was amused by his young brother's courage.v chief would replace the old. Roger had already won the respect of the crew by his single-handed capture of the gorilla and the white python. if you can. "Well. Here was a test case. urged on approached Tieg. But most of all they were conscious of a penetrating odour that seemed to burn the inside of their nostrils and start a fire in their heads.but they must breathe and when they did they were almost suffocated by the evil smell. He was interrupted by the arrival of Tieg. but Hal was helpless. He did not think it strange by - for this fourteen-year-old boy to expect a private conference with a village chief. Another even more serious problem confronted him-the problem of what to do to save the gardens from the baboons. Those nearest to Tieg realized that thp stench came from the big 94 man's tattered and stained clothing. his people. It was as if he had come up against a stone wall . He must do something. "I wish we could do something for his own house.

Roger was satisfied to leave it that way. and the odoriferous cat. the hollow stump." he ordered' "You will wear this instead." Some fifteen minutes later they emerged from the house. "Yes." Hal could understand that. "I'd like to have told him wha-t I think of him. "I know the place. after all. old in wisdom. TruIy. what is it?" demanded the young headman' "I can't give you much time." the old man said." said the headman. made off into the forest. At such a moment the new man needed all the credit he could get." said the old man. But how about Nero. the chief carrying a blanket' He came within ten feet of Tieg and threw the blanket at his feet' "You will temorre your clothes. n 96 laughter and relief." he said. this smell? " Roger asked "Because I didn't want any fighting on this day when my son became chief. Tieg described the spot. young in years. Their . When it is gone we can go back to the spotted cat for more. "But I'll get him yet. the man whose gang had that day killed sixty gorillas in order to steal their babies? Hal expressed his disappointment that the fellow had not shown up. He didn't want the credit. "Now. a great man." "Unless he gets you first." "Why didn't you tell me he was here? " ed so effectivelY elephant. but he thought it must be tough for a young fellow to take over the control of a village after it had been so well ruled for many years by his father. The village medicine man led them in a chant praisinC their new leader who on his very first day rid them of the baboons that had troubled them for years. "He E7 ti . yes. "Perhaps you were right. "He was here." he said to the ex-chief." The people were dancing in honour of their new chief. Not that he didn't like credit. And I know the ways of the spotted cat.GORILLA ADVENTURE not care to be bothered by a boy when there were important matters waiting for his attention' He reluctantly consented and the three entered his house and closed the door." THE SPOTTED CAT Tieg. The smell vrill not last for ever. "But when he saw you he went away.

bamboo shoots. Watch out for him. What they really need first is mother's milk." Roger announced." objected Hal. She snarled at him. but made no attempt to touch her. the first order of business was to feed Lady Luck. talking to her. it's up to you to nurse them.r GORILLA ADVENTURE won't hesitate to do to you what he did to our sixty friends in the forest. Roger controlled his desire to pull it free. "There's a cage about the right size for them on They know a gorilla when they see one. For half an hour he stood there in the growing cold. I don't mind being a gorilla. They clutched the pillow just as they had clutched his shoulders. "We'Il take them into the room with us. Slhat do they eat now?" that Powerwagon. THE SPOTTED CAT Roger tucked them into his own bed. "Our room is no zoo. The jaws did not tighten on I he hand. He spoke to Lady Luck. "Gorillas love fruit." Hal said." Hal stopped him. Suddenly her jaws opened and her great teeth closed on the hand. "They want their mother. After some minutes he moved his hand directly in front of her face. 98 . They have better manners than some people I know. Their wails died down to little whimpers." "And you think I can't? Wait a minute. Hal looked him over carefully. "WelI. "I'11 get some out of the supply truck. the gorilla. When they're a little older they can eat mashed bananas. It would give them colic and perhaps dysentery." "But they can't wait until they get older. Snow White and the two babies. slapping the floor of the cage with her hands." He went back to the cage and opened it. He walked over to the cage containing Snow White and Lady Luck. wild celery and such." "You mean to imply that I'm an ape?" Roger said." "Four? " "Of course. "I don't think they're old enough for it. Even that might upset them. quietly. You say I'm an ape-and you're my "Perhaps Pablum and wheat germ. They were forlorn little things and must have something to hang on to. aren't you? " The four apes entered the cabin." Upon returning to camp. smelling it suspiciously. He let it lie between the sharp teeth and conI inued speaking. The youngsters still clung to Roger's shoulders. 99 brother." Roger left the room. "It will be. The two little ones were shivering a bit from the cold of late afternoon. At once the two youngsters scrambled out and climbed up to his shoulders. "That's all right. " Hal said." Roger said. but you can't fool the babies. But when the two little orphans were put into the cage they immediately began to wail. with four gorillas in it. "And that's you. Since they've adopted you as their mother. Then he ventured to put his hand bctween the bars. you don't look iike one to me. She drew back from the hand." Roger laughed. in low quiet tones.

He was not mistaken. All the same. The gorilla stood up to her full height and slapped herself with her cupped hands. but only a Iittle nervous. half asleep. "She's a perfect lady. She hesitated. The babies had found their milk. But it was a very poor show of anger. She ambled over to get a closer look." Roger said. TIIE SPOTTED CAT Hal lay on his bed. hungr5z Lady Luck's jaws relaxed. "that eyes. she was not really angry. Roger was depending upon this fact of gorilla nature.GORILLA ADVENTURE Some of the men had gathered to watch this peculiar performance. The men circled around him. He caressed the back of the head and the neck. He went around to the cage door. Then he scrambled out of bed and retreated to the far side of the room. Snow White. "Don't be afraid. She gathered them close in her hairy embrace." "Not in here. When Lady Luck moved towards the door. but did not come too close. but she plainly did not dislike it. The babies were already scrambling up into the arms of their foster mother. The feeding problem was solved." The gorilla noticed the two Iittle fragments of apedom in the bed. and Ied her out." Roger said. The lady wouldn't admit that she liked it. Presently there was a suckLing sound. smiling. And I'm hoping she's a good mother. At first he thought he was dreaming and this was his brother who had really turned into an ape. He opened the door and stood in the opening. closed the door. They had watched Roger work with animals before this. warning this intruder to behave himself. and had no fear that he would be hurt. She seemed to take no notice. but stepped aside to let her pass. In fact the real mother often has trouble keeping away the aunts. in case she tries to escape. He told the men." "But doesn't it occur to you. "WeII I'11 be darned. was coiled in the corner. then closed the door." "Oh. IOI . They gazed up at her with eager. HaI looked on. "I'm going to bring in Snow White too. Roger stepped lightly to avoid disturbing her. they stood ready to help him if he needed help." He opened the door. Roger slowly withdrew his hand but left it directly in front of those great teeth where it could be seized again if the gorilla so wished. Plainly. "Stand by. "Where else? She was nearly stolen last night. Whoever or whatever chewed up that lock may be back tonight. He woke with a start and sat up to stare into the great black face of a gorilla not three inches from his own. he did not try to stop her. closing the door behind him. uncles and friends who want to pet her infant. I'm not quite done yet. roo Would it work? Both Hal and Roger knew that grown-up gorillas loved all gorilla babies whether they are their own or not. Now you really have turned this room into a zoo. went in." Hal said. the python." exclaimed HaI. He led the lady to his door and through it into the room. After a few minutes he slowly extended his hands towards the gorilla's neck. He took her great hairy paw that could have laid him flat with one blow.

"We fed the gorilla. He was the chief of the ten men who had stayed in camp during the day to guard the gorilla. "If she had swallowed nn animal there would be a bulge in her hide." "And how about the python?" "She wouldn't take a thing. I rkrn't want you to have to guard her all night too. This time it was Hal who solved Tltirteen it. to2 r03 ." "Perhaps she had eaten before we caught her." Mali said. She wouldn't even look at it." "I don't think so." "You're right.GORILLA ADVENTURE there's nothing a python would like better than to gobble up those two gorilla babies?" . pineapple and bamboo shoots. "You don't mean here-in lhis room? " "Yes. Besides. "Did you feed them?" Hal asked. But she's as slender as a dancing girl."Gee. You've guarded her all day." Mali said. Tlte Balling Gun called Mali. Here was a new problem." Hal said. Snow White." Roger admitted. and the beautiful white python with the blue eyes." Mali's eyes widened. t hadn't thought of that. "Get enough men to lrelp you and bring her in here. She wouldn't have fought the way she Her rlid. she would have been sleepy when we tried to tuke her. "What did she eat?" "Bananas. We ofiered her a warthog that we had just killed this morning. if she had enten. Lady Luck. in this room. carrots.

" HaI was not surprised that the python had refused food. You put a ball or chunk of food or medicine in the cup and push it so far back into the animal's throat that it must swallorr it. It is an instrument used to force-feed an animal that refuses to eat. Mali went out on his errand. and Mali went out to fetch the warthog and the balling gun. the jaws were forced open and the cup in which the warthog had been placed was pushed far back into the throat. but it was no use. One thing was certain. Any animal when captured may be so upset that it will not eat. It was half an hour before the door opened again to admit a strange procession. Snow White did her best to spew it out. "AIl right. the two baby gorillas ind the two humans were safe for the night ' Or so it seemed. The huge bulge in Snow White's midriff did not add to the snake's beauty. Hal took Mali's place. "let her go. Sometimes it is only a matter of hours. The thing known as a balling gun is not a gun. holding it tightly so that it could not coil.GORILLA ADVENTURE And she ought to eat. Then came a parade of fourteen men. AII she wanted to do now was to go several months. The balling gun was withdrawn. sometimes the fasting wiII go on for days until the creature dies of starvation. and the way she snuggled into ro4 ro5 . Bring me that warthog . then MaIi.and a balling gun. It consists of a long metal rod ending in a cup-shaped depression. But nothing was farther from hir mind. baby The door was locked and all the members of the'zoo' including Snow White. The two baby gorillas were nerfectlv safe in the same room with the great snake ihat usuaily had an excellent appetite for gorillas. The swallowing muscles went into action and down rryent the warthog into the creature's stomach.Probably. half expecting her to attack." Roger guessed' '. Lady Luck was content to sleep on the floor' "Her long hair wili keep her warm." " He laid it over her." Hil said. seven on each side of the snake. firmly gripping the snake's neck so that the head could not turn and bite. Lady Luck. While the men firmly held the unwilling snake." THE BALLING GUN The men laid the snake on the floor and stood ofi. Snow White's darting tongue and blazing blue eyes came first." HaI said. "But just to make sure I'Il give her one of mY blankets.

ot even call Roger. animals he r06 Td| . couldn't help being a littl: nervous in this situation' He knew heiouldn't sleep another wink that night' But he was young and had had an active day' In five minutes ite *i. Lacking both hole and brush.GORILLA ADVENTURE went blissfully to sleep but woke with a start an hour later when he felt a cold something sharing the bed with him. Snow White sensibly crept under Hal's covers. She couldn't have done this with any idea of attacking him.that the equator. the night air is chill at an altitude of ten thousand feet. He was too big to swallow. us sound asleep as the python' But in spite o{ all his experience with. Should he struggle to free himself? That would excite the snake and make matters worse. By the slight moon-glow that came in through the *:: ne reason whY she had wrapped herself around him. Lacking a hole. ttti. it would crawl under heavy brrrsh. there was one good thing about her. Ordinarily the snake would be spending the night deep in its hole where some of the warmth of the day still remained. she had no appetite. she could be trusted to be a silent partner in Hal's bed. In fact.X"J. What should he do about this? If she chose to constrict.ffH% r. He was a Iittle disturbed when he woke later to find that the snake had thrown a coil of her body over his own. Now he too had a sleeping partner.::. Slowly digesting her warthog dinner. So Hal thought. 11-g 66nflolled himself rv-ith difficulty' tH. gave him a moment of panic. However. Snow THE BALLING GUN window he could see her head on the pillow beside hit. It had been necessary to forcefeed her. He was something warm. She didn't wriggle and she didn't talk. she could squeeze the breath out of him and he would die in a few minutes. She would certainly want nothing more until her present load was digested. He tried to look at it from Snow White's point of view.

"Fire. but it would require many men to bring out the powerful female gorilla and the great snake. Then Hal saw the reason. the first to be disturbed by the noise was the creature without ears. Nyiragongo Volcano was in full eruption. CarI Akeley. Had it carried sparks that had started the cabin fire? ro8 I White. Now the elephants paid back all they owed. The great beasts heartily dislike grass fires and have checked many in this way. stalks of sugar cane and wild celery. Those who had no buckets were trying to suffocate the flames with blankets and canvas. There were three of them and they had formed the habit of coming every night to visit the lake and roam around the cabin. That was strange. Terrified by the fire. How to get them out? It would be easy to remove the babies.Snow . The men had made friends of them. they {elt safer in the dark room than in the blazing light outside. This blaze alone couldn't give out so much light. With an intelligence matched in the animal world only by the great apes and the dolphin. They would stand near the campfire and enjoy its warmth. He observed the ability of an elephant to put out a fire by shooting a stream of water from his trunk. If they had not r09 Hal's first thought was of the animals . the volcano !" Ten miles away to the south-east. he looked for the loss of th9 valuable animals he had worked so hard to obtain. But there weren't enough buckets for thirty men. they repeated a performance reported many years ago by the man who was buried here. Hal recognized Joro's voice. spitting out rivers of redhot lava and throwing aloft a column oI fire a mile or more high. The men were already bringing buckets of water from the lake and dousing the flames. And the men were busy fighting the fire. "Look. bwana.FIRE Fourteen Fire WuBN the screams of elephants broke the night I silence. The wind was blowing towards the cabin. Snolv White felt the sound waves in her hundreds of nerve-ends. Lady Luck and the two small gorillas. But the animals did not come out. Frightened. The fire seemed to light the whole sky. With sinking heart. The elephants became firemen. feeding them bamboo shoots. in his book In Brightest Africa. fire !" The boys tumbled out. Would they be burned alive? He flung the door open to let them escape. Only a hard pounding on the door woke the other occupants of the Hunt zoo. Help came from an unexpected quarter. she slid out of Hal's bed and retreated to the farthest corner of the room. Their end of the cabin was ablaze: The dried-out boards of the cabin wall burned fiercely.

"What do you think " IIO III . At a suggestion from Roger the men took them two large hands of bananas as a reward for their fire-fighting services. Every trunkful was equal to a dozen or more bucketfuls. but only to toss over themselves to wash cinders and ashes from their hides. Now that the danger was past the precious ". Another half hour of hard work and nothing was left of the fire except a few plumes of smoke from the wet boards. Hal hastily closed the door of his bedroom menagene. All this flashed through Hal's mind as he saw the great animals fill their huge fire hoses with water at the lake and then trundle over to quench the blaze. The elephants were still drawing water.ritn"L might escape.been checked they would have become forest fires and elephants could have done nothing to stop them. started that fire? Sparks from the volcano? Hal was talking to Joro.

" he said. Still neither of them felt any electric shock." miles. "Perhaps.GORILLA ADVENTURE Before Joro could answer." His words were almost drowned out by the roar of thunder over the volcano. We were sleeping in the shed' The campfire wai outside in the open place." Tieg asserted." Joro said. Suddenly Hal and Joro were bathed in purple flame. Their heads were surrouaded by flashing purple crowns." Hal was not so sure. But that fire. Joro's eyes followed him. PerhaPs not"' "You have some other explanation?" HaI asked' "Maybe. I'm sure he's been watching the camp.those sixty dead gorillas. I "Big. no. You call him Gog. Nero can guess that we are going to report him to the commaadant. He wouldn't have been that smart. I mean the man we didn't see yesterday. But we've seen his handiwork . that's what happened." "Likely or not. This was no ordinary thunderstorm. I was half awake. There was a crackling and fizzing noise.there's one other rascal who might have started it." "What's that?" "An electric discharge caused by the fight between the heat rising from the volcano and the cold air I13 tt2 . Or as big as the gorilla with the bullet in him. Their bodies gave off sparks. "Even the god of the volcano is against us." f 'How large was-this thing? " "You don't mean one of our own men?" "No. Fork lightning played around the burning mountain." "As big as-Tieg?" "Yes. The smoke almost hid him. Tieg. As big as Tieg." he said. It was more like a black shadow than a man. It's St Elmo's fire. The thunder and lightning were caused by the high electric tension produced in the air by the eruption. I wish we could catch him and get the bullet out of him. "Apes are very imitative. "I don't know. He trudged off to his room to catch up on sleep. as if they were being burned alive. his ears. It seemed to me I saw someone take a burning stick from the fire and walk away. Joro put on an equally fine display." "You couldn't see who it was?" "No. But of course it couldn't have been the gorilla. his fingers and toes. And that's exactly what we'll do this morning. A few of the men sometimes get up during the night and get fire to make coffee. "It won't hurt you.lling. who was standing FIRE must be a pretty angry beast with that bullet wound driving him half crazy with pain. Purple flashes leaped from the tip of Hal's nose. waiting for a chance to get-back at -us beiause he thinks we murdered his family' And he Hal laughed. Not a drop of rain was fa. "But it doesn't seem very likely. He may have seen one of the men take a brand from the fire. didn't think much about it.

" "I know it." "Well. on the other the blaze of the voicano. We'lI take the others with us. Smoke rose from the forest in a dozen places where cinders had started brush fires. Perhaps we can rescue some of them. one east. The room was half lit by a purple glow and Snow White's nervous tongue darted purple flame. "There's another reason why I want to go right now." "But Nero must guess that you are going to report FIRE him." Hal said. Something was raining down but it was not rain. bwana?" Joro asked. Hal and Roger tried to get back to sleep. Meanwhile the brilliant lightning and terrific blasts of thunder promised rain that never came. "To Rumangabo. to see the commandant." Hal said.GORILLA ADVE NTURE around it. {or there was no more sign of an enemy that night. but it is not easy to fall asleep while sparkling with purple fire and sizzling like a firecracker. There must be animals trapped by the streams of lava. Otherwise they'll be burned alive. He and his garg will be waiting for you somewhere along the road. There seemed to be two sunrises. So Joro was surprised when Hal said. " rt4 II5 . one west." Joro said. "That's why I want to take along fifteen good men. It was a good day to stay at home. "I hope it scares Tieg or Gog or Nero or anybody else who is sneaking around trying to make trouble." Joro studied the volcano. It disturbs all the air within a radius of twenty miles or so of a volcano. was liberally sprinkled with Ialling ashes. "Leave half of the men here to take care of the camp. A river." "That's a chance we'll have to take. On one side was the rising sun. "The road that we'll have to take is right there at the foot of the mountain. Probably it's already blocked by that flow. Breakfast. Any one of them might find its way to the camp and finish what the night fire had begun. We've got to report what Nero is doing to the gorillas. And this morning there was no fire brigade of elephants to help protect the cabin." "Where are we going. of boiling lava flowed down the east slope. eaten outside as usual." Perhaps it did just that.

The boiling lava had set fire to the forest. the wheels sank in. Suddenly they found themselves crossing a lava river. "Good boy!" he cried." he said. The dirt road dropped steeply to the village of Kibumba at the foot of Mikeno. The white man himself was at the wheel." It was all downhill now to the north end of one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa." Joro grinned. Why come so perilously close? There is no network of roads in Africa like those in Europe or America. There was no other way to Rumangabo. and he stepped hard on the brake. He looked back and was glad to see that the other car was coming just as fast. and magnificent crested cranes strutted about among the strangest of strange trees. evidently Nero and his gang. then turned left to hug the base of flaming Nyiragongo. "That will give them time to think things it over. spouting from the top of it. "Only trouble is. It still sent up great volumes of steam. at the wheel of the first car. You go where you must. and nothing short of a charge of dynamite would ever tear that truck loose from tLe clutch of congealing lava.TIIE CRATER Fifteen Tlte Crater Iw a Land-Rover and Powerwagon. the euphorbia or candelabra. He would not allow time for that to happen. There was the double thunder. HaI clapped Joro on the back. The shore was a carpet of brilliant flowers. but the momentum of the heavy truck carried it into the middle of the steaming stream. An instant too long. They were so dazzled by the mountain that they failed to watch the road. believed that their only hope was in speed. But there was a third vehicle. There stopped. It was a thrilling sight-the blazing mountain two miles high and. Now they turned west through the Mitumba I17 Mountains to Rumangabo rr6 . Some of the men yelled "Stop!" But Joro. He could not tell whether the Iava was soft or hard. and the terrific heat that still remained in the lava would blow out the tyres. Fortunately it had cooled a little and turned black. No wonder they called this the African Riviera. a truck full of men. They sweated in the heat of the burning mountain. in the sky three miles up and in the volcano itself. looking like gigantic candle holders thirty feet high. "they'll be there when we come back. not where you will. The wheels might sink into it and be glued fast. Perhaps he hoped to stop short of the lava. another mile of fire carrying up rocks which then feII and tore their way through the burning forest. Lake Kivu. but did not accept Hal's praise. Hal and Roger with fifteen of their men set out on their dangerous mission. He shot across as a skater skims over thin ice. His nerve failed him.

"You remember. "I didn't recommend him." They climbed the mountain ." Hal said. Yours will be protected in the zoo. J." Hal said. deep in lava. and a white python. how about Tieg? I hope he's not giving you trouble. and that was killed by natives." "Well. Nero?" The commandant looked through his register. passing over the notebook opened at the page bearing the signature." "That's what I came to see you about. Nero. Protection is our greatest problem. the musanga trees that looked like huge umbrellas. "A little slowly at first. So he's our responsibility." Hal said. blundering. "Did you issue a permit to a marr named J. "No such name here. the nettles shoulder high bristling with barbs that penetrate heavy clothing arrd have been known to kill horses. He wanted to -against avoid sa g anything poor.through the strange heather trees and twenty-foot tree ferns. "we can't go hunting for them just now. " "Remarkable. How did you come by this book?" "We found it among the dead bodies of sixty adult gorillas that had been slaughtered in order to get their babies." "That is mass murder." HaI said." "That's right." "No. the monarchs of the forest two hundred feet tall trailing tough lianas. "We chose to take him on. a natural white. We made a careful count. but did not answer." The commandant's eyebrows went uP. " "Did you say sixty? You mean six?" "I mean sixty. reading the records of animals killed. There was the truck. animals taken and animals shipped. you didn't. "But we have a large female gorilla. II8 II9 . But we lack men." HaI assured him." added the commandant. "A white python? An albino.GORILLA ADVENTURE Here they were welcomed by the commandant who had given them their hunting permit. J. That is why we are very careful about issuing permits. two small gorillas. A small animal escaping from the fire was caught by Roger. "By the way. Therefore I deputize you to help us. I've heard of only one other white. We'll send out a patrol at THE CRATER once and try to round up Nero and his gang." Hal said. 'iWhy. the groves of bamboo. "I hope your work is going well. They must avoid the rivers of lava and the forest fires the lava had started." "We'll do what we can. The commandant thumbed through the notebook. "Well. J. troubleso Tieg. I should say you have been very fortunate. this fellow's doing a land office business." Now with poyer to arrest Nero. the name is here. But Nero and his men had disappeared. HaI took his party back to the flaming mountain. He was about to go out the door when the commandant said. the whistling thorn trees." Hall shook his head." he said. I presume. if he could find him. We've got to see if any animalshave been trapped by the eruption.

He's really like a very tiny kangaroo. "It's a cousin of the monkeys." Certainly the little jumper made no atternpt to leap from Roger's hands. He walks on his hind legs and sits up as straight as you do. its playmate looked like a miniature edition of an elephant." Roger complained." Hal said. trembling as his big round eyes gazed at the forest fire and the golden river. With those big eyes it can see very well in the dark. I hope he appreciates his good luck-meeting you just "A when . solt woolly fur and a long tail." Hal said. "It will be lively enough when it gets dark. bush-baby. Roger slipped it into a pocket of his jacket. It's as fr:ll of fun at night as it is full of sleep in the daytime. leaves. Only its head was in the open. the bush-baby thinks so.GORILLA ADVENTURE then withdrew its head and curled did best in the daytime.he needed you most. Pretty little thing. "What is it?" he asked. Roger collected a playmate for his bush-baby. t20 .. Instead he cowered close to the boy's bush jacket. If the bush-baby looked like a tiny kangaroo." A little later. It slept. "rTta""il. Makes a good pet." he said. "They live in the trees. At least. But this little fellow had no chance today. It gradually stopped shaking." "What does it eat?" "Anything you eat and some things you don'tfruits. "You'll be lucky if you get any sleep tonight. It actually had a trunk which it usually held upright but could move about in any direction. "and like to sleep aII day. "Not very lively. Hal laughed. insects and even spider's webs." It was only the size of a small squirrel. It will be leaping clear across the room. had large eyes and ears. Have you ever eaten a spider's web? Delicious. It almost flies.

always active but not now in violent eruption." HaI said." HaI advised. You're carrying a hundred dollars in each pocket. "to make the largest land mammal on earth and the smallest in the same style. He did not bother about the view seemed fascinated by the boiling lake. It's the smallest of aII the mammals. but Joro joined them. Dad will see that they get good homes." Roger put his hand in his pocket and stroked the tiny creature. "What you have there is unique." Hal said. The volcano was resting but might explode again at any moment." he said. except to the south where lovely Lake Kivu stretched away like a great mirror. always cold at this altitude of two miles. In every direction were dormant volcanoes." "Yes it can. It ought to be good company for the bush-baby since they both sleep by day and are lively at night. Great bubbles the size of a house swelled up and burst to let out a cloud of steam. "An elephant shrew." They climbed out of the forest and up a slope of struck his face. "That's Nature's joke. The heat from the boiling lake The whole animal was less than half the size of the bush baby. "I don't suppose either of them is really worth anything." Roger very carefully slipped the two-inch-long 'elephant' into his other pocket. his spirit goes to join the ghosts. No one can see it or feel it. It was as small and soft as a new-born kitten." "But it looks so much like the biggest. To the north a twin volcano." Hal suggested.J*: like this r23 . " "sounds to me like carbon monoxide. and the wind. "It can't defend itself. But if it's gently treated it will behave perfectly." Roger said. The view from this perch in the sky was magnificent. There was a constant grinding sound as partly hardened masses of lava were tossed about like pebbles." Roger said. " "But it's not like the elephant in one way. but it makes a mart sleepy and he closes his eyes. but pets like these are very unusual and valuable. See that Iittle gland on the side of its body? If it doesn't like you it can spurt out a fluid that would make a skunk hold itg nose. "You'd be surprised. "It's a terrible place. "or you'll smell as bad as Tieg after he disturbed the civet. "The people say that the ghosts of the dead live down there. Anybody can have a pup or a kitten." he said. "what is that?" g:T. chilled his back. "Be careful not to bump that pocket against a tree. It is some kind of witchcraft. colour of an volcanoes in lava. Not even the medicine men can explain it. Handle it gently or you'Il find out what it can do. They stir the fires ind the fires send up death.GORILLA ADVENTURE THE CRATER cinders to stand on the edge of the crater." Roger said. his breath stops. sent up a pillar of smoke. "I'm hot in front and cold behind. nor smell it.

Perhaps they're hiding somewhere. "Now let's see where these tracks lead. "There's nothing we can do here." "We'Il follow them" Hal said. "Joro. He felt sure he was beginning to crater it becomes very strong and a man who breathes may die without knowing that he is dytttg. A rock the size of a ten-ton truck that had been poised on the edge of the crater was thundering down upon them. the others climbed slowly to the top. Hal did what he could." Hal said. It was not more than three hundred feet to the moving thing. Carrying the injured man. 124 Roger wondered. t25 . Joro examined the spot where the rock had was pushed. He got up and tried to walk. Sorry they didn't wait to face us. It's trying to get up. and TIIE CRATER but one was caught and badly hurt. she fell and lay still. But what was that in its arms? A baby gorilla with its eyes closed. waiting to ambush us as we go down." "Look. It was half an hour before the man regained consciousness. The mother was struggling to climb out of the crater but would not give up the baby." "Let's go down and see." Hal said. but fell again and had to be carried." A crashing sound above him made him look up." can't. "They must have been trying to get away from somebody or something. When they almost had her. The deadly gas was doing its work. Hal felt her pulse." Hal guessed. Now they could see that it was a female gorilla. "See those prints in the cinders? Men have been here. that's your job." Roger exclaimed. "It must be dead. She was dead. That rock didn't just fall.GORILLA ADVENTURE ." The man was unconscious from shock. The men tried desperately to get out of its way." Hal said. "What's that down there? Something moving. He was bruised and bloody and there were some broken bones. They tried to catch her and carry her up the slope. "Why do you suppose they came down here?" "They wouldn't do it of their own free will. "Let's get out of here-fast. Without a first-aid kit." They clambered down the inside slope of the crater and the men followed. "But how about the gas?" "It won't bother us if we make a quick trip." HaI said. "But first we'll do what we can for this fellow." The men closed around the faithful mother and her dead infant.

a sleep that would be permanent unless they were rescued at once." HaI himself went down to haul out the white man. Nero and his gang were waiting in ambush. but no brute. His men. I think the others are neither enemies nor friends. Hal took Nero's revolver. Mali said. Except Nero. and nobody can blame you if you let them go. was heavier than air and therefore had settled down into any windless depressions such as this very pit' Nero and his men. He was too far gone to realize what was happening. huddled at the bottom of the pit. but they had picked a poor hideout. They simply Her r26 ." In a quarter of an hour the gas victims began to revive. a little over six feet. but quite a bit heavier. Get a liana and tie his hands behind his back. "He's an ugly brute. carried up by the force of the eruption. "You were bewitched." Roger commented." MaIi told him. Nero was about his own height. We'll arrest him. "UgIy. who usually obeyed him with alacrity. were now quite incapable of ambushing anybody. carbon monoxide. All the Africans were removed from the deadly pit and laid out on the grass above where fresh air could sweep over them and chase out the poison gas from their lungs. Their spears and bush knives were collected. as if he were having a bad dream. They remembered hiding in the pit and were surprised to find themselves lying on the grass above and surrounded by strangers. They are out to murder you and your brother.Sixteen TAre 'Bu ellvE take his orders. His mouth was drawn down at the corners and his cheeks were covered with black stubble. Their weapons were gone. Nero was as limp as a jellyfish. and be quick about it." Hal had a chance to study the gorilla killer. That's Nero. "Bwana. The gas. You would have died. "Shall we tie them up?" Joro asked." Hal ordered. PulI them out. He had a peculiarly sour expression. "A brute ls an animal. they had breathed the poison gas until they had been overcome by sleep. 'were slow to act. They tried to kill you with that rock. these are your enemies." Hal disagreed. but his heart was still beating and Hal was sure he would revive." r27 Tahe 'em Alizte was soon proved right . stupid. "There's just one man here who is our enemy. masked by trees. It would have been perfect if it had not been for their most deadly enemy. and I don't know any animal that looks quite that unpleasant. Now they are passing out." Hal said. "We pulled you out. "No. and their leader was still unconscious. "Pull them out. They had chosen a pit some twenty feet deep.and wrong. IJnaware of the reason foi the drowsiness. "How did we get here?" one of them inquired.

Hal shook Nero.Mali and Toto pulled him to his feet and marched him down the mountain. They were so occupied in watching the sky that they almost failed to notice a large chimpanzee walking down the mountain hand in hand with the most beautiful monkey they had ever seen. it was terrified by the fires and clung tightly to Hal's bush jacket." "You're not gorura get away with this. ''Where are my men? What's been going on?" "Your men are taking a long walk. "I think so too." "I happen to be deputized to arrest you. whom they had obeyed only because he paid. He looked about. was necessary to keep a sharp look-out above and dodge at the last moment." "Mind your manners. Hal asked one of them. You have no authority.The gas victims sat up. You are going to ride." He picked up the colobus. It "Never. But with the trees on fire. then opened his eyes. you know." Hal said. trying to realize what had happened." "You will be paid no longer." r I'll gun. The big fellow groaned. rubbing their eyes. They had to find another way down." ." down the mountain without even a backward glance at Nero." . It did not struggle to escape. "They are better men than you are. "It's a colobus." Hal said. it had to come down. hands tied. You are stupid texB 'Bu eLtvp He tried to throw them off. He will go to gaol. "Get your dirty hands off me. Isn't it a beauty? What's the chimp trying to say to us?" The chimpanzee had stopped and was looking from one boy to the other." Hal said. "We know you. It had evidently been struck by one of the falling rocks. On the contrary." Hal said' "But you're a lucky fellow.GORILLA ADVENTURE "You are the stupid ones." the man answered. t28 t29 . "But I think he's asking us to help his disabled friend." Hal said. "Why were you killing gorillas? Have they ever done you any harm?" The rain of red-hot stones began again. Jt limped painfully and surely would have fallen if it had not been supported by the friendly chimp. "Prettiest of all monkeys. Lives in the tops of the tallest trees. "Where am I?" he said dizzily. The route they had followed up the mountain was now a river of lava." "Then why kill them?" "We were paid. "Wish I understood chimp language. You are the men who follow the two oget young whites who ar you. chattering loudly.

The chimp kept close to them. he was silent. But though the monkey was small in size he was large in dignity." "Call him what? " "Good Samaritan." Hal said. "A chimp helping a monkey: they usually have nothing to do with each other. The hair on top of his head was black. It glistened like spun glass. He had a white tuft on the end of his black tail. In fact he looked as sober as a judge. He had a great ruff of white whiskers that not only adorned his chin but covered his cheeks and even ran across his forehead. but the truth is he has been seen in very gay company. "That's what he is-a solemn little bishop. He broke his silence to make a remark in a deep and solemn I3I ." They picked their way on down through the hot stones and streams of lava. which had plenty to say. His back was covered with glossy jet-black fur. "Bishop. monkey and man-but we're all afraid of fire. While the fashion lasted two million colobus were destroyed." HaI said. "If he stays with us I'm going to call him that. Sam for short. The colobus generally stays as far away Jrom men as it can get." The bishop didn't seem to like this idea." Roger exclaimed." Roger said. He looked for all the world like a bishop. And one of the wildest monkeys making friends with a man." "And what will you call this beauty?" The colobus was half the size of the chimp. The fur is still used to make beautiful long-haired rugs in black and white.GORILLA ADVENTURE "You've just seen two ririracles. It covered his flanks and r30 flowed down on both sides. and the chimp was about half the size of a gorilla. Unlike the chimp. We're three very difierent animals . I hope that fashion will die too-if it doesn't. the colobus will soon be as extinct as the dodo. sometimes as many as twenty pelts in one rug. It just shows what common danger will do. But the most remarkable thing about him was his magnificent white robe. Colobus fur used to be extremely popular for trimming fashionable ladies' hats and coats. "That chimp sure was a Good Samaritan to help the monk." "Well. His face was sad and serious. So he looked like a little white-whiskered old man with a black skr:ll-cap.chimp. "the bishop looks as if he were just about to celebrate mass.

was again caught and steered by strong hands through the brush to the road and into a cage in the Powerwagon. I won't be sorry.llrvE was an eerie experience. The animal broke loose and set off with a rocking motion like that ol a bucking horse. "He talks like a bishop too. its feet are so large arrd flat that it is quite at home walking on mud or marsh where a man would sink. There many hands were waiting to seize him by the horns and tail." Roger took his eyes off the ground long enough to stroke the soft-as-silk fur of the bishop." Roger said. "No. It was like a tea-kettle on a very hot stove." "If we don't get it right away it will be boiled to death. "Well. It was too surprised to swim ashore. This was a sitatunga. Two rough poles sewed instead of paddles. "They call it the rocking-horse because of the way it rocks back and forth when it runs. It appeared to be a poor swimmer." Hal said. animals were taking refuge in the lake only to discover that it too was hot. yes. feet in the air. Grab one of its feet. One man tried to hold him down by straddling his back. Some of the men who had remained near the lake were chasing another prize. He starts the day with a fine whistling act and when he and your bush-baby put on a duet about an hour before you usually get up perhaps you'll be sorry you ever met them. "There's an old boat. not lava. riding a sea of bubbles that burst to let out strong puffs of sulphur." Roger did so. To escape the heat of the eruption. five hundred pounds or more. Another rare animal." The animal was floating upside down.GORILLA ADVENTURE tone that contrasted oddly with the high-pitched chatter of the chimpanzee. "But I am sorry to inform you. wheezing out air like a punctured tyre. "It's a kudu. The man was tossed into a thorn bush and the kudu. It plunged into the water. It was swelling up like a turkeycock. Evidently there were cracks in the Iake floor that admitted volcanic gases at high temperature. and yet it was boiling furiously. The 'rocking horse' seemed bewildered to find itself in hot water. Come on. little brother. an antelope that walks on snowshoes that is. "Why does it do that?" "To keep itself afloat. At one side of the lake was a swamp and here the sitatunga At the foot of the mountain they came upon a small lake. "No. The floorboards of the old punt were hot underfoot." Hal agreed. that he's quite unlike a bishop early in the morning. They pushed out into the lake. An animal came plunging through the brush in a see-sawing gallop. it's blowing itself up. I wish we could get it. It was a lake of water. and the 'rocking horse' kicked feebly. That's a special talent of the kudu. Now it was twice as large as when it entered the lake. "It's going to sink." said Roger. And it takes a lot of air to do that because it's a heavy beast." They ran to the boat. He allowed himself to be towed ashore. It r32 r33 ." Roger exclaimed." terB'Bu.

we'll have to move out. It was caught by its long twisted horns and. wangling animals." "If they move in So they were housed in a cage on one of the catchrng cars. 'Flatfoot' joined 'Rocking Horse' in the cage. climbing up and down the mountain. she . We'll get them a fish dinner. He called them together. dodgrng hot stones. J. Roger had wanted to bring in also Rocking Horse and Flatfoot. Occupying another cage was the most dangerous animal of all-the gang leader and gorilla killer. he ran around the marsh to meet the animal as it completed its crossing. After all their exercise. With the motherly instinct of the female gorilla. Seztenteen Bedroon Menagerie TttB room was getting a bit crowded. at once cuddled the bush-baby and the imitation elePhant' t34 risl . leaping over lava streams. Roger." Under the bubbles great numbers of tilapia floated. Taking other men with him. the bush-baby. Snow White . Lady Luck-the python. Nero. the kudu and sitatunga. Here were two most urlusual antelopes that would delight any circus or zoo fortunate enough to add them to its collection.' How would all the room-mates get along? Would the large ones destroy the little ones? Lady Luck answered the question in her own way. aJter a bit of a struggle. But he was just an overnight guest.GORILLA ADVENTURE sped over the surface while its pursuers went down in the gooey mass up to their chests. "They're too big.there were four new guests: the elephant shrew.the two gorilla babies . Hal felt the men should be rewarded. the chimp who had won the title of Good Samaritan. "Are you hungry? " They agreed with one voice. and the white-robed colobus nicknamed The Little Bishop. Sam for short. HaI acted quickly. perfectly cooked by the boiling lake. belly up. "Come. "We were so busy bringrng the kudu to shore you didn't notice that the fish are just waiting to be picked up. But Hal drew the line." Hal said. Besides two husky boys and the l4rge female gorilla. The boys flipped several dozen of them into the boat and pulled ashore. and Roger followed. the men found the fish diruter delicious. "Just how do you expect to get fish without any line or net?" Hal said. In the morning Hal iatended to deliver him to the commandant. " He leaped into the punt. J.

"Humans wouldn't do as well. they slept-only to be roused a few hours later by a pounding on the door and shouts of "Fire ! Fire !" They ran out to find the men already dousing the had flames. The fire had started exactly where begun the night before . he got out." Roger said. They joined the bucket brigade. put it between the bars and poked the sleeper. HaI was przzled' "That's funny. "WeIl. You have to come prodding me awake in the middle of the night. Hal muttered. And yet." Hal said. In one corner was a huddled form. Snow White would have been happy to dine on such delicious titbits as the bush-baby. all cooped together in this room-they'd be at each other's throats in no time. a hippie." "You didn't make that fire?" "What fire? If I could get out I'd give you more than fire to worry about. of course. They went around to get a closer look. they' passed through the fleet of fourteen cars to Nero's prison-on-wheels at the far edge of the camp. It was double-padlocked. it r36 r37 . sound asleep. He played the light inside the cage. This time there were no elephants to help them. a parson and a pirate." "Let me have that flash." "The worst is the two-legged one in the cage outside. "who?" "Nero. f suppose he's miles away by this time. a cannibal. So this strange assortment of prize animals managed to get along with each other amazingly well. a Masai. started a fire. There's no other way he could have escaped. the boys had With blackened faces and pyjamas sprinkled with time now to think." "Let's go and look at the locks. Nero woke with a start and stared into the light. a convict. This couldn't happen-yet it had happened.locks were still locked. It took an hour of hard work to extinguish the fire. colobus monkey and the two small gorillasbut. The .GORILLA ADVENTURE The only natural enemy of small animals was the python." Hal said. The two amateur detectives could hardly believe their eyes. But look at what we have-a roomful of perfectly behaved ladies and gentlemen. a hooligan." "You think he did it last night? " "Who else?" Feeling quite safe. "It's not enough to cage me like an animal. "He certainly is determined to do us in. "Well at least he won't set fire to anything to- BEDROOM MENAGERIE ashes. It was Nero. Hal picked up a stick. what is it?" he snapped. somehow." Walking back to their room. HaI knew that he meant Nero. elephant shrew." Roger said. The bundle of clothes was snoring. the end of the cabin occupied by the two boys. "It's night. I wonder how he got out of that cage. "Imagine nine different people. she already bulged with the food that had been forced down her throat and would not be interested in anything more until that was digested. a college professor. a Hottentot. It looked like a bundle of clothes." Picking their way with the help of a flashlight. and made a getaway.

Rocking Horse would take nothing but dry thorns. We've still got our gorilla killer and he's headed for jail in the morning. Everybody had a good appetite for breakfast . At the first glimmer of dawn the bush-baby showed why it had been called a bushbaby. She continued the quiet process of digestion while the air rocked around her. The bush-baby searched the windows and roof for insects. forgot all his dignity and broke into a shrill whistle that almost drowned out the bush-baby. He took gigantic leaps around the room. from Roger's chest to Hal's. He sprang from The gorilla babies had to have their milk. The boys gave up the attempt to sleep an hour longer to make up for the hour they had lost during r38 delivered his prisoner to the authorities. Their enemy was behind bars. Deputy HaJ Hunt chairback to chairback. He soared so easily that it seemed he must have wings. The chimp chattered. r3g . But trouble waited for them around a bend of the road. there's one good thing about it. Oh well. the baby gorillas crooned and the big female gorilla. His reverence. His gorgeous white robe floated out behind him like a cloud.yaak! Pay-yak! Payaak! W ah-wah! When it wasn't singing this song it filled in with crackles and grunts. By the way. The elephant shrew had a taste for grasshoppers. The little bishop. since Congo prisons are not famous for their cuisine' At the office of the commandant. It started a loud. Lady Luck. The only one who would devour anything and everything that was brought to him was Nero. the bishop. Wkee! Wkee! Wkee! Listen to me. The elephant shrew shrieked in a fairly good imitation of the scream of an elephant. prefened flowers.GORILLA ADVENTURE BEDROOM MENAGERIE too deep for me. Tieg wasn't out there helping put out that fire. The only silent member of the menagerie was Snow White. Now they would have no more trouble. while Flatfoot must have juicy water plants. so solemn and quiet during the the night. from mantel to window. they did not agree. He and Roger took the road back to camp in high spirits. It was probably the last good meal he would have for many a day. slapped herself with hollowed hands producing a sound like the popping of corks from bottles.everybody except the already stuffed python.. landing on them as Iightly as a bird." Morning came too soon. It seerned very appropriate that this gorgeous animal should prefer food that rvas both fragrant and beau- tiful day. As to what made a good break{ast.. I wonder . The senior gorilla and the chimp enjoyed fruit. squalling cry sounding like that of a very bad-tempered baby: Pa.

" Hal said. Wish we could get it. But if you startled it. it would attack. "No room to get around it. But he cautiously opened the door. It could strike hard enough to knock a man down. "What is it?" He had heard too many grim stories about the mamba. But Roger was a little too uneasy to appreciate its beauty. Hop out and pull it up." "What are you going to do about it?" "Just wait a minute and see if it quiets down. Roger looked at Hal curiously. whoever put that there?" HaI said irritably. But if it gets into your veins it paralyses the respiratory system and you quit breathing. He was just about to slide out when he saw the post move. "Now. Then it was suddenly on the car itself where it struck the windscreen a terrific blow that cracked the glass and left it dripping with po$on. "It's mighty poisonous. The cobra-Iike hood grew smaller and the stiff body relaxed. "We'11have to act quickly or it'll be gone.BLACK LEOPARD ighteen Blach Leopard As they skirted the base of the active volcano they rounded a corner to find the way blocked by a green pole standing upright in the middle of the road. The windscreen was dusty. as this one had been startled by the sudden arrival of the car. Do you think you could sneak around very quietly and get it?" The errand did not appeal to Roger. It had been known to chase and kill a man on horseback." They waited. "But it can't be a snake. In the dust of the road lay nine feet of sna"ke. The car shuddered to a halt within three feet of the post. "Hope it didn't hurt its nose doing that. "How could a snake stand six feet tall?" "Because most of it is on the ground. If you approached it slowly. Unfortunately his nervous hand struck the handle and at the sound the snake became rigid. easily supporting the erect six feet." Luckily Roger was a bit slow." Hal said. and they could not see the thing plainly. Isn't it a beauty?" The mamba was grass-green and its scales sparkled Iike jewels. isn't it?" "Nothing more deadly in Africa. If cut in half. Then I'11 try to get it. The Africans call it The Snake that Walks on Its Tail. Hal stepped on the brakes. the front half could still attack. It had a bad record for attacking people in cars. This was a funny brother of his who thought more about keeping a r40 r4r . It was famous for its bad temper. as it always is in Africa. it would glide away. "A mamba." Roger said. There's a bag in the rear of the truck. But the top of the post seemed to be expanding and a red tongue darted in and out. You can actually drink its poison without harm.

" r43 . but he kept himself bottled up tightly as it passed along the back of the seat to Hal. It chose to slide over Hal's neck and then r42 it." Joro said. but this is Africa." Joro shook his head. found the crack and made use of it." said Roger. "Twenty more gorillas dead." "Suppose you're wrong. Where did this haPPen?" "About one hour's walk down the elephant trail that leads to the valley. You're too intelligent to believe in witchcraft. giving him a prickly sensation he would never forget." Hal said. "Now. HaI did not breathe until all of the fifteen-foot not be said for the nerves of the two animal collectors. "Perhaps there is no witchcraft in your country. "One of Africa's most famous snal<es in the bag-and Nero "Too late to do anything about "Keep perfectly quiet. "Then it is witchcraft. there's a natural reason for everything. Now shut up and don't move." "I don't know." he said. "There's been another killing. Perhaps that bump knocked all the zing out of it and now all it wants is a dark hole to crawl into." Hal said. but didn't bother with the window which was open only a crackcertainly not enough to admit a large snake. while it's still dizzy." Hal said' "You know yourself that Nero was double-locked in a cage aII last night. "Pretty good morning's work." 'lAfrica or anywhere else. Don't move an inch. Nero has been at it again'" "That's impossible. The swiftly moving snake was well started through the crack before the boys realized what it was up to. get that bag. This snake has the peculiar ability to flatten itself so that it may pass through a space no thicker than a sandwich. He closed the door carefully. You'd be dead in ten rninutes. with some bad news. But the mamba. will there still be time to get to camp? " "No. exploring the window. and now he's in jail.GORILLA ADVENTURE specimen in perfect condition than about the danger of getting bitten. He could hardly refrain from throwing it ofi or at least letting out a good scream." Roger slipped out and returned at once with the sack. As they drove on towards camp their jumpy heartbeats slowed down and their spirits rose. you know better than that. The snake seemed a little discouraged. BLACK LEOPARD down into the sack which Hal had Ieft invitingly open to receive it. "Do we have any serum in the car?" "None. It had expected to bury its fangs in flesh and blood and all it got was a whack on the nose." "If it bites." The snake glided smoothly over Roger's back. And I'm going to find out what it was this time." "Joro.

no broken spears or arrowheads. prefer to stay on the ground. must have been absent on a food-hunting quest. Many of the bodies were torn and looked as if they had been partly eaten. "No. After walking for about an hour he began to look for the twenty dead gorillas. Blood dripping through the leaves of the hagenia made him look up. He pivoted on his heels. As he looked. a black face and two deep-set eyes. There were many dead babies. This cat would climb a tree with a carcass twice its own weight and hang it high to ripen and tenderize before he eats it. That had made things easier for the mysterious killer. These pits had been dug by Africans and were now neglected. Could the two large apes have been taken aloft after they were dead? African hunters would have no reason for doing that. Occasionally he passed an elephant pit. if any. HaI did the same. The males. Not if they were human hunters." Roger said. r45 "After lunch I'll go and take a look. they sit doubled over with hands protecting their heads. He was almost inclined to agree with the believers in witchcraft. They would have taken the carcasses to their villages to devour later. He knew that Africans sometimes do kiJI gorillas for their meat. female gorillas seldom fight. See that the mamba is put in a good cage. The pits were now old and uncovered and the beasts had picked their way around them. But they would not have left so much behind them. That was strange t44 . because of their weight. Hal had an uneasy feeling that someone was watching him. scanning every bush in the circle. you'd better stay here and look after the animals. The only animal hunter that could do it' and would do it was the leopard. Hal set off down the trail by which the valley elephants often came at dusk to drink at the lake. It seemed to him that it had been too big a face to be the face of an African. Thus he keeps it safe from the hyenas and jackals which never climb trees. He found them at last in a small cleared space under a giant hagenia. it vanished. There it was." After a hasty lunch." "I'll go with you. Don't let him get his fangs into you. Then what-the face of a gorilla . but adults.GORILLA ADVENTURE BLACK LEOPARD Gangsters usually killed the adults and took away the babies alive to sell to animal collectors. but when new they had been covered with leafy branches through which the unsuspecting elephant would fall and remain trapped until men came to kill him and carve him up to feed the villages. Hal could not understand what he saw. When attacked. Here both old and young had been slaughtered. There was no sigrr that human beings had been here-no human footprints.his sworn enemy. All the adults were females. In the branches more than a hundred feet from the ground dangled the bodies of two large gorillas. How did they get up there? Young gorillas climb trees. Gog? Had Gog done all this? He could not believe it. just partly visible.

Two dark figures seemed to be engaged in a wrestling match. Fortunately they had lost their cover it should be easy. so He kept in mind that there were elephant pits along thii trail. But the leopard is rated as the strongest animal of its size in Africa. But what really roused him was a sound like that of a saw going through a hardwood knot. It took a good bit of trying. of brush. he could tell by the screams. but gorillas do BLACK LEOPARD not kill gorillas. One of them. The other was completely silent and appeared to be trying to push the leopard over the edge. but sooner or later someone would come looking for him. The leopard seemed to be about halJ the size of its opponent. If this pit had been concealed when he came from camp he would have fallen into it. He strained his eyes to see what was going on. But when he tried it he found that the walls were steep and offered no handhold. in spite of flashes of lightning followed at once by thunder. It must have been open then and he had seen it and avoided it. He dozed. he should be able to climb out of this spot without diftcultY. but blinded the eyes so that the shadows seemed darker than before. the pit was But there was another way. It had since been covered. even in this dim light. not really hurt. he would fool him. What . He had not made five feet when the vine came loose from the brush above and both vine and boy tumbled to the bottom of the pit. By whom? Had someone planned to trap him? Whoever it was. It might be a long wait.GORILLA ADVENTURE Men killed men. Still he did not worry. Dangling from above was a stout vine or liana of the sort used by the Africans as rope. He laid hold of it and began to climb hand over hand. He would just sit down and take it easy . It came again.other animal can climb a tree with a carcass twice its own weight in its teeth? r46 r47 .and hope that no elephant would be fooled as he had been and drop in on him. Besides. Joro knew what path he had taken. He was greatly p'tzzled. He moved over into a corner so that he would be less likely to get mashed if this should happen. With a good strong set of arms and legs. but this time at the very edge of the Pit. was a leopard. He recognized at once the scream of a leopard.

smelt and hated. and for it raging. biting. As every visitor to animal Africa knows. It saw. Hal dodged. "Hey. By instinct it went straight for the eyes. to hate lvas to act. It is there and it has seen you. HaI found himsell trying to stave off a r48 t49 . in the lions' den was much safer than Hal in the company of an angry leopard. The leopard is a loner. The figure above turned away. During an African safari you will see hundreds of lions at close range. you may come within fifteen feet of a lion or a whole pride of lions and sufier no harm-as long as you carry no gun and behave yourself. Didn't the fellow have ears? Yet he calmly walked away and left Hal to deal with a very unpleasant companion. its senses of sight and smell were superhuman. The lion is a social animal." Hal shouted. it charged. Perhaps he didn't understand English. No wonder this creature was called the hellcat. But you take your life ia your hands if you come that close to a leopard. Hal tried to say it in Swahili.GORILLA ADVENTURE But this time the leopard had met its match. Like a flash of lightning. The mysterious stranger was going. If these could be scratched out. Being a night animal. and the beast crashed into the corner. He got no answer. clawing devil. Nineteen Man Against Cat DeHIpr. Particularly dangerous is a leopard trapped in a small space with a human. You may come away from Africa without having seen a single leopard. With an ear-splitting shriek it fell into the pit. the rest would be easy. but it doesnft care for your company. you up there -help me get out of here. And this one was already infuriated by its fight with the dark Someone or Something.

heavily on the animal's throat. But how long could he keep this up? Black patches were flickering across his eyes and he felt sick. Or rather what he did not see. His knees forced the air out of the beast's lungs. Its own throat was now in Hal's powerful grip and was being squeezed so tightly that it could hardly breathe. Carl Akeley. But Hal was moving at the same instant and managed to turn the cat on its back. Each time the teeth eased up on his hand he drove his fist man.GORILLA ADVENTURE MAN AGAINST CAT This did not improve its temper. forced it farther into the animal's throat. He seemed to be fighting nothing but a black shadow. But he was not paying proper attention to his hands. Unable to pull his hand free. His elbows planted in its armpits spread its front legs apart so that he could not be torn by its claws. He got his knees on its lungs. Then HaI remembered. instead of trying to jerk his hand free. So he actually choked it to death. yet it struggled. It turned with a sawing scream and sank its claws into and through Hal's bush jacket. like others. Did this cat. A flash from the sky gave light for an instant. At the same time his left hand bore dovrn r50 It seemed for ever. and Hal could not believe what he saw. By a violent contortion it pulled itself free. But suppose the arm or leg between its jaws went in the opposite direction. HaI tried to twist out of the way. I5I . the man who lay buried near the cabin. HaI followed the example of the master. Akeley. but this snake on four legs could out-twist . He could almost believe that the whole thing was only a product of his crazed imagination. had once been in the same predicament. have nine lives? How long could it fight without air? The right fist and the left hand completely cut off its wind. By a swift lunge the leopard caught his right between its jaws. It seemed to coil around him like a python while its jaws groped for his throat. HaI's efiorts to pull it away were in vain. He Every time the teeth relaxed their hold for a moment. he had turned the tables upon his opponent by doing what the leopard least expected. The leopard was used to hangrng on to a limb that tried to free itself.

but slowly. He noosed it around the leopard's feet. He waited a moment. Again they let down the rope. "I'll be ready to walk in a few minutes. The animal stopped struggling and became limp. applied bandages." take on a equal honours' The So HaI leopard was borne on a pole thrust between its legs. For all he knew. For here was no ordinary leopard. r53 ." Hal said. Hal dared not leave off too soon. Would the animal promptly revive if allowed to breathe? HaI withdrew a bleeding arm and fist and relieved the weight on the leopard's chest. growling black leopard. he had no experience to go by. Then it was that it occurred to him that he must take this animal alive. and he must not keep it up too long. Hal ordinarily would have swarmed up it like a sailor. He dropped in a heap on the grass." The men hauled. Just how much was enough? Not being accustomed to choking animals. "HauI away. It began a snake-like He was roused by his brother's voice and the glare of flashlights. This was the very rare all-black leopard sometimes called a panther that every zoo wanted but few ever got. "Got a rope?" A rope end was lowered to him. The lungs under Hal's knees stopped MAN AGAINST CAT sung and danced-if he had not been so frightfuly tired. Now he had hardly enough energy to make a loop for his foot and hang on while he was hoisted like a bale of hay. His hand over the animal's nose detected a slight movement of air. his prize might be dead. Where was that liana? He fished about for it.GORILLA ADVENTURE The flash should have revealed a writhing creature in black and yellow. No animal's coat is more conspicuous-yet HaI had seen nothing. ready to repeat the choking process. found it. Akeley had kept up the suffocation technique until the beast died. The leopard sawed faintly. pumping. tied the rear feet. but there was no movement. and were surprised to find at the end of the line not the man they had expected but a sprawling. tied the front feet. He could have r52 "Just putting in time. Its jaws relaxed. as if it corild not make up its mind whether to recover or quit. He felt for the heart-it was still beating. He waited anxiously for signs of life. spitting. Now Hal was sure. "What are you doing down there?" Roger demanded. To take it alive would be more dfficult. then tied all four together." "AnybodY who can "Watk deserves to ride.

" "It didn't fall in." "Is there such a thing as a white tiger?" "Crandon Park Zoo in Miami has a yellow-andblack tiger and a white tiger. The men marvelled over the trophy. But here's a novelty-like our white python. And because a festering bullet-wound has made a rogue out of him.but Tieg was here in camp. Almost everybody has seen the spotted leopard. just as we humans do. "What's it worth?" "Five times as much as the yellow-and-black. The first is valued at twelve hundred dollars and the white carries a price of thirty-five thousand dollars-just because everybody is familiar with the regular but not one person in perhaps a million has ever laid eyes on a white." Roger said upon returning to HaI's bedside. swallow by instinct. And we used to be told in school that animals don't plan. " 1 r54 "But pushing a leopard in to kill you-that took planning. or pictures of it. use a lever. But we car plan too." Roger said. pound nuts with a hammer. who lived with the chimps not far from here.GORILLA ADVENTURE Then Roger went out to see to the unbinding and caging of the leopard. Or a white tiger. The chimp does all sorts of tricks for the fun of it. "But I wouldn't think anything as smart as a Ieopard would fall in. because they are great performers. Or it could have been Gog. When they wanted to they could use tools." "One thing I don't understand. 'At least I suppose he was. Schaller. The gorilla sits and thinks. open doors. gave them problems that were quite new to them and they solved them. " "Thank you. It couldn't have been Nero-he's in jail." "Who could have done that?" "How should I know? It was too dark to see him plainly. Sure. "Of course I can see why a bonehead like you IelI into a hole . wash clothes. "It must be pretty rare. eat with a spoon.." Hal said." Hal laughed weakly. Chimps seern smarier. dig sweet potatoes." "Aren't you exaggerating? " "Not a bit. in their quiet way. It could have been one of the trouble-makers who are out to kill all the whites. do a thousand things by instinct. dip sugar in water to soften it. They just act by instinct. Jane Goodall. found that they were very bright." "That's anothei notion that is not borne out by facts. build bridges over streams. It was pushed. He can do things that need to be done but he doesn't do them" just to amuse you. animals do lots of things by instinct. "That idea is old-hat. and so can the higher animals." MAN AGAINST CAT "Why should Gog do that?" "Because he thinks we killed his family. the fellow who lived in this cabin while he was studying gorillas. The fellow was about the size of Tieg. r55 .. turn a screw to the right to tighten it and to the left to loosen it. There's as much difference between a chimp and a gorilla as there is between a comedian and a judge. They like to show off and they love applause." "But chimps are smarter than gorillas. We chew by instinct. Most of them had never before seen a black leopard.

_ There was a banging on the door. "We'lI get it.. "It's the snakes that bite that you have to be afraid of . Rocrn didn't knorr too much about cobras. "Watch your eyes..GORILLA ADVENTURE Twenty Spitting Cobra "So you really think Gog could have covered that piJ_ so yo3 would fall Roger said. It didn't occur to him to be afraid..' Hal tried_to g_et up." As he went out the door Hal called ajter him. It was a wide circle-no man ventured closer than twenty feet to the serpent. wanted a spitting cobra. and tossed in the leopard to kill you. He had seen his brother use these things and it had not looked difficult.. but how far. What he lacked in knowledge he made up in nerve. but felt back. he snatched up a forked stick. its beady eyes and darting tongue warning these meddlesome humans to keep their distance." ..Lie stiJl. And I wouldn't blame him a bit-considerins what he thinks we've done to him.. "Who cares if it spits?" he thought as he ran with Joro. Roger commanded. At the west end of the clearing the men stood in a circle around the snake. It stood five feet tall.." "Ididn't say that. but they had been the sort used by Indian snake-charmers.. lasso and bag. The name itseU told him it could spit. I just said that if he wanted to." Passing the supply truck." course he had seen them in his father's collection and in zoos. . We've just found one. and how well. Joro thrust in his head. he could. r56 r57 . . he did not know. Of The African spitting cobra was new to him.Come in.

Roger knew the bird by reputation-how the female lays one large egg in a hollow tree and her husband shuts her in by plugging the entrance with r58 . always holding its head high. If these crazy white men wanted live snakes. but had good reason to dread the deadly venom of a cobra. white. the sound is magnified four or five times as if by a loudspeaker. Each rib is movable-it slides ahead. to kill The cobra was doing just that . They would tackle a nonpoisonous python. red and yellow.GORILLA ADVENTURE discs in perfect rows as if designed by a fine artist. The men. but not how to take them alive. It was so occupied in watching the enemies around that it failed to notice the one above. such a snake walks on its ribs. pulls the body forward. a great. then repeats. Here again was a snake that 'walked on its tail'. who had expected Hal. "What a weirdo !" The hornbill was indeed weird. were surprised by Roger's arrival. of course. bulky creature nearly four feet long in black. takes hold. laughs. Not. or caws. but on the rear part of its body whi-le the fore part stood erect. and had no wish to learn. It had a terrible nutcracker of a bill a foot long and on top of the bill was a great hollow helmet that serves as al echo chamber so that every time the creature croaks. it was up to them to take them. trumpets. They knew how snakes. watching for a way of escape. but quite willing to leave the capture of the snake to him. Actually. on the end of its tail. But Roger saw it and was fascinated.rib-walking back and forth.

In the next instant the young naturalist learned a lesson he would never forget." What was Joro afraid of? Many animals. With his best booming voice he was telJing lassoes. he had a mental picture of mother and infant waiting patiently for the return of their provider. And the snake was becoming more and more angry." Joro warned. one prong on each side.GORILLA ADVENTURE clay leaving only one small hole through which he can feed her while she incubates the egg and cares for the baby. Perhaps a foot or two. Then you may pin it down by the fork. He could get the head in the fork. but when he tried to bring it to the ground it would slip out." "Look out ! Close your eyes. he did not draw it too tightly. Roger thought he was playing it safe. "It's going to spit. He would never have believed it possible. Doubtless he was saying to himself. It can't shoot this far. Forthe hornbill is death to snakes and will attack even the most poisonous. they covered the ten feet between snake and boy in a fraction of a second and exactly hit their target-Roger's two eyes. Certainly he couldn't be bitten at that distance. Both of them were well off the ground when the loop of Roger's las ing together the sn This was a ]ittle of zoos had hornbills. He was not laughing now. She willingly stays in this prison for five months. It wor:Id be hard to use the forked stick. Anyhow. That is good if the snake's head is flat on the ground. "Let it spit. while her mate stuffs insects. Instead of losing their speed after going a foot or two. seated on a branch above the cobra. How enonnous wings began to flap and in another instant would have carried both bird and serpent away to the waiting wife.chunks of snake meat through the hole. But how do you fork a head swaying in mid air? Roger tried time and again. never once stirring outside. fruit and best of all. could spit. The hornbill drew out its nutcracker and flapped away. That meant it was fighting mad. This one. When the bird struggled to free itself of the noose. such as the cats. "Mama would like that!" SPITTING COBRA Now what? Roger had the snake noosed. Its eyes were fixed on its tormentor and the hood was expanded to its full width. was peering down at it with great interest. but if he pulled the snake towards him it might make a sudden lunge and bite. Besides. He kept at Ieast ten feet between him and the cobra. the spit was harmless. Two white streams shot out from the snake's poison fangs like bullets fired from a double-barrelled gun. the whole world what he thought of boys with r6o I6I . and hold it still while you grasp the neck.

The cobra at once tried to make good its escape but Toto was in its must have used up its venom in its double attack. He stumbled over to Toto and tied the rope around his arm just above the bite as a tourniquet." r63 . first slashing off a yard of rope. with his job done. "Lie still.the snake?" Joro pulled it over within reach.GORILLA ADVENTURE could the snake project so lar and with such accuracy? It might have splashed his bush jacket. Worst of all. "The bag. did know something about snakebite and how to treat it. Again a black hand guided his. It did no good. Roger dimly realized what had happened. When he came to he was lying on his bed and something was pouring into his eyes. or missed him entirely. Though aching. How did it know that the tenderest part of an enemy was the eye? He brushed the moisture away with the back of his hand. He wasn't afraid of the snake now. With a wobbling uncertainty that would have disgraced any doctor he finally got the needle into the flesh of the bite area and injected the antivenom serum. He groped for its neck. At first he thought the snake was giving him another shot. "Where is it . the snake. "What's that? " "Condensed milk. Then his hand searched the kit for the hypodermic. Roger knew he must hurry to get this thing done before he blacked out completely. Roger. all blended in one great agonizing blur. He drew out his knife. And lose the cobra? He tried to look through the clouds that seemed to cover his eyes. "Lay him out and keep him quiet. Two men helped him to his Ieet and stayed with him. and the pouring continued. The trees. The frantic snake bit him on the arm. finally got his hands on the Fitzsimmons snake kit and was helped back to Toto who lay on the ground jerking convulsively." he said. The fangs went deep and the venom was still plenti{ul and potent. It was put in his hands. the men stuffed the tail and body into the bag. He didn't bother about the forked stick. Now he got plenty of help. Enough had penetrated to give him intense pain. the men. burning up. He cut a deep criss-cross through each puncture 162 SPITTING COBRA and rubbed in permanganate crystals. He blundered about. Roger. now thought he had a right to faint. he jumped to save Toto from a very quick death. He clutched the neck just behiad the head." Now his greaJest desire was to faint. though unacquainted with the spitting cobra. A man had to guide his hand. Toto's arm swam before his eyes. twitching. "Take him to the cabin. he found himself half blind." Hal commanded. He gave the line to Joro. While he firmly held the neck. He put up his hands to cover his eyes. He cor:ldn't see the fang wounds." he demanded. Then Roger thrust in the head and closed the bag. He staggered towards the supply truck and fell. He was not aware that he had slacked up on the Iine. It was as if hot irons were digging out his eyes.

so far as I know. The spitting cobra is the only creature on earth. The two young gorillas were snuggled up against him. rvhich had been off all night." Roger felt the sharp prick of the hypodermic needle. He was dead tired after his tussle with the black leopard and his wounds burned. Spasms and cramps doubled him up. I'm going to give you an injection. one on each side. "A fine pair of hunters we are. His heart throbbed and his head seemed about to explode. You got the full dose-Toto only got what was left. He couldn't sleep. twitched and twisted. Hal gave him the milk treatment every hour. and their afiection for him." Hal admitted." Hal said. were comforting. Strong muscles shoot it out through the fangs. This is for the rest of you. Every nerve in his body screamed. r65 . The poison must have travelled through your whole system. He could even see Hal and the other occupants of the cabin. I{e was surprised to hear Roger do a good imitation of a laugh. He could see the sunlit window. thanks to the spitting cobra. Within two feet of your face. "Where are you?" "Right over you. had somehow got screwed on again. Perhaps it was the thought as much as the milk that helped to restore Roger. I'm tired of it. The dance of jangled nerves had died down. He even began to plan the day. How do things look to you?" Roger screwed his eyes open." AII night Roger squirmed." "Hold that thought. but firmly kept his mouth shut." rtoger said. His head. It seemed the longest night of his life. I've decided I'm going to be all right in the morning. "He'11 come round. It works like a water pistol.GORILLA ADVENTURE "Are you crazy? What good is that? " "It won't do much good. "How's Toto?" Roger asked. He wanted to let the scream get out." "Poison? It was just spit. I can't say much for milk but at least it's better than magic." Hal said. ' Except that it's a lot more accurate than a water pistol." "You look like a bad dream." "It was pure poison. It's you I'm worried about." "But you already dosed me with milk. I don't sufpose there's a singlJvillage in cdbra country without at least one person stumbling around blind as a bat for the rest of his life. That's better than looking like nothing at all. Steady." 164 SPITTING COBRA "How do the A{ricans treat it?" "By magic. You're a lucky boy." "That was just for the eyes. He had wanted nothing more than to go home to good safe Long Island and be babied by his mother and father. ." "Lucky? " "Lucky not to be totally and permanently blind. Their warmth. Now the man in him was coming to life again. "Both of us pretty well bunged up. "But it will help to relieve the pain and neutralize the poison. he felt much better when day came." "Good. Hal himself was not too comfortable. that carries a gun in its mouth. "The poison glands are just back of the fangs. Anyhow.

Roger's eyes were wide open. Perhaps they saw two heads.. "You're talking nonsense. He pulled r66 t67 . talking about a snake with two heads. Things are kind of }lazy yel. are you awake? " Foolish question. He's one.." said Hal who had not closed his eyes aII night." "But the men said . He must be having a nightmare. Thanks for milking me all night. But they must have belonged to two different snakes. Hal went to the door and called Joro. thought Hal." he said.ask Joro. About the snake . Two heads. thought Hal. " "They made a mistake. "The men were telling me about a snake with two heads." "Yes. Says you saw "My brother is still a bit out of his mind. A twoheaded snake with a nest in a tree instead. little brother. How do you feel this morning? " "A lot better. Shouldn't we go get it? " Chapter Twenty-one Snahe with Two l{eads Poon kid. but my eyes don't ache the way they did. Whoever heard of such a thing? Something began to stir in his memory. "Sure.GORILLA ADVENTURE "HaI." To humour the boy. Snakes don't come with two heads. bwana. We saw one. They know where its nest is. "Get some more sleep. Its nest is in a tree. indeed ! He raised himself on his elbow to get a better look." More and more absurd.of a hole in the ground.

Besides. flat-topped tree was like an enormous chandelier with dozens of globes SNAKE WITII TWO HEADS branch." came lrom Roger's bed. in 1967 which was made at home in the Reptile House of the San Diego Zoo. but forgot their aches when Joro took them to the acacia tree where the doubleheaded snake made its home. two heads and one body. Sometimes it was a matter of two bodies and one head. Just as anybody is happy doing something he can do well. but so rarely that such a specimen was of great scientific and popular interest and brought a very high price. nor 'nests'. First he weaves a nest for his mate where she can lay her eggs and care for the chicks." "More than that." "So much work !" "Yes." exclaimed HaI. but he seems to love doing it. Animal collector Hal Hunt's enthusiasm was at once aroused. then another. They were not glass no light. but 'Siamese twins'. "I want to see this thing. KiIIed the bird and stole its nest. The two invalids creaked and groaned a good deal as they dressed." "But why so many nests in one tree when the forest is full of trees? " "The weaver is a very sociable bird. Before them was one of the most astonishing sights in Africa. t69 . With a hissing sound a head popped out. where's that snake?" Joro pointed out a nest close to the tree-trunk. Then he makes another nest for himself. Yes. "Weavers' nests. but were made of dry seeming to glow in the light of the early sun. but animals too." "Me too. They had done a beautiful job of weaving the yellow grasses to ma-ke nests that could not be blown away by any windstorm. "It lives there. It likes company and plenty of it. It was the second two-headed snake to be shown in this zoo and there were two or three to be found in other zoos. Sometimes. They deserved their name." "Speaking of enemies. So this was r68 the work of the farnous weaver birds. here it was." Hal said. California." Joro prodded the nest with the noosing pole he had brought from camp. The heads were followed by five feet of handsome and colourful body. One family in two nests. "There must be two or three hundred in that one tree.GORILLA ADVENTURE out his reptile manual and Iooked up not 'snakes'." "And a family in each nest?" "No. But that isn't many. "Closer to five hundred. Not only humans could be Siamese twins. Roger looked at them in amazement. The wide-spreading. They seemed to be competing with each other to see which could hiss more loudly. if there are a lot of birds together they can beat off their enemies more easily. In Rhodesia twelve hundred nests were counted in one tree. The male does all the building. Even with one head. Scientists had learned much about the operation of the brain by studying the behaviour of twoheaded snakes such as the king snake found on the beach at Del Mar.

" "Perhaps one head is poisonous and the other isn't.SNAKE WITH TWO HEADS the snake would have attracted attention in any zoo. "Just like the puffer fish. One head didn't notice it because its eyes were fixed upon a bird. There the food would be digeste "Boomslang. yesterday. The other head was watching the men. there was a good chance that he would tear himself apart. The hungry head darted at the bird. In his underwater work he had seen this harmlessJooking fish blow itself up to ten times its usual size when it wanted to frighten away it enemies. Of tested course there's a way you can find out. The naturalists who have it in the laboratories say no. Suppose one liked water skiing and the other preferred to climb a mountain. But it might be inconvenient at times." HaI said." The result was a surprise even to HaI." joked Roger. "After what happened n one could keep watch sleep. One could see the bulge going down the neck and into the stomach. "A boomslang !" Hal "A what slang? " exclaimed. One was angry and the other was only interested in dinner. "Is that possible?" "Anything is possible in this strange world. One and the other on safari. But here were two brains quite independent of each other. but snake. when they were could mind Dad and the other could do ds it pleased. I'm steering cledr of snake poison for a while. A pretty neat arrangement. With such different ideas. Funny name." "Thank you. 17r 170 ." "Give it another poke." Roger said. Let both heads bite you and see what happens. Suppose one wanted to go fishing and the other wanted to stay at home and read. and swallowed it." it just means tree "Is it poisonous? " Rogers work and "The Africans say yes. Joro. Seeing the stick coming and feeling it. the annoyed brain telegraphed its neck muscles and the neck swelled until it looked like a toy balloon. caught it. The poke had a difierent efiect upon the two heads." Roger said. "Perhaps it wiJl put on its special act.

" 172 . The noose was drawn tight. HaI tried to pull the snake from the branch but the free head bit into the bark and held on.loop and the rope ran down the pole to Hal's hand. "Snakes don't have a very highly developed brain.GORILLA ADVE NTURE SNAKE WITH TWO HEADS The tough-minded head had now got its teeth into the timid head. "It doesn't occur to these quarrelsome heads that they can't bite each other unless they first let the air out of their balloons. It's the same way in snakedom. tongues darting in and out. "Human twins don't think alike. 173 "You'd think the two heads would agree since they are Siamese twins. Hal couldn't stand by and see his beautiful specimen mangle itself. Hal pursued it. One may be jolly and lighthearted." Hal said." he said. Its balloon is going down because it's no longer angrSz. Each head seemed to blame the other for what had happened. squawking loudly. but just frightened." Hal said." "No. Each head tried to bite the other. But watch-one of them is giving up. Now that there was nb danger of pulling the body apart. When the two brains get different ideas about where they want to go. In San Diego one head of the king snake became very tame . "It doesn't work that way. The noose caught one head only. mouths open. So as long as their anger lasts they are protected against each other. we must not pull any harder." Now both of the serpent's brains had one idea-to escape. " The boomslang wormed one head deep into a nest and came out with a bird in its teeth. That's the reason most two-headed snakes don't live long. and the other may be as sour as a pickle. Joro. HaI removed the loop and the snake slithered away along the branch. Every time the two heads try to move in different directions. "Let me try. The first attempt was not too successful. Its brother head seized the other end of the bird and the two began a tug-of-war. One may be very clever and the oiher stupid." At the far end of the pole was a. I've got to get the noose over both heads. placed the loop before it. If he could get the Ioop over the snake's heads he could draw the rope tight and bring down the snake. The air from the lungs inflated thd two windpipes until they became the size of footballs. there's a strain on that webbing. "It's time we put a stop to this. "Pull harder. and both heads went through it before they realized what was happening. both boys laid hold of the pole and a good 'strong tug brought down the snake. It's trying to get away. The two heads faced each other. But finally the bird managed to free itself and flew away. there's a severe strain at that point." said Roger.while the other head would try to attack the keeper every time he came near. give me the pole. It looked as if their victim would be torn apart in the middle. See that webbing just where the two necks join? That's the tenderest part of the snake. but the angry footballs were in the way.

"Listen. and the hand was bitten. It was thrashing about in a fury of excitement. "Now it can't tear itself in two." r75 . "I'll teach him what's what. The whole mena$erie was going wild." Tieg demanded. "What are you doing here?" Hal demanded." Hal said. Why did you kick that chimp?" "That's the only way to deal with animals." "How did he misbehave? " "The colobus bit me. Now Hal would learn for himself whether or not a boomslang was poisonous. Sam for short. He opened the cage just far enough to admit his hand. roaring. Here again the good-hearted Samaritan had protected the monkey." "They don't sound as if they like the way you were taking care of them. He drew himself up. From a roll of adhesive tape he tore ofi a length of two or three feet. When I tried to slap him down. "I'll put a stop to that. "Mind how you speak to me." Roger looked at Hal's bleeding hand. Tieg turned to face him. applyrng antiseptic.dangling from the tight loop and tying itself into knots. But the elastic won't stretch enough to allow any strain on the webbing. the python. the chimp got in my way. because he had rescued the colobus on the slopes of the volcano. It was placed in a cage on a catching car. But the chimp was in no gentle mood now." he said. Punish them when they don't behave." "But why did you use elastic tape?" "So it can still swallow birds." Hal rernembered how they had named the chimp the Good Samaritan.GORILLA ADVENTURE They returned to camp. the pole over Hal's shoulder with the snake. and a bandage. But just to make sure. Each head tried a different way of escape and there was serious danger that the prize would be ripped down the middle. the elephant shrew. the colobus. He didn't stop to find out. the bush-baby. "Let me deal with him. His yellow moustache flared and his glass eye glared. He might teach you. Then he withdrew his hand and closed the cage. Roger insisted upon washing the hand. "What's all that screaming?" "Seems to be coming from our room. They flung open the door just in time to see Andr6 Tieg grve Sam the chimp a 174 SNAKE WITII TWO HEADS vicious kick in the stomach." Hal said. They ran to the cabin. whistling or beating the floor. The chimp. mice or whatever we feed it. Stil screaming." 'l'Be careful. "It's nothing. "Someone had to look after the animals while you were fooling away your time catching snakes. He got no thanks from Tieg. its two neck-pouches stretched to their greatest size. A lunge of a head. rats. He gripped the snake just below its balloons and quickly bound the tape around the body where the two necks joined. the large gorilla and the two small ones all were screaming. he suddenly attacked Tieg from the rear and HaI had to pull him off." Roger said. was hissing with a sound like escaping steam." Hal said. Even Snow White.

little fellow. Hal let Sam go. Tieg Tumbles Tnr hooting and screaming of the angry chimp could have been heard a mile away. "You're going to see some fun. The chimp and the man who had kicked him faced each other." Sam. The chimp danced about him. he lost his balance and fell over backwards. and because one foot was still in the air. "Your precious chimp is going to get killed." "We'll take a chance on that." Tieg said." "Do you want to try?" "Any time. "Gather round." "How about right now?" I could twist Chapter Twenty-two "You're inviting trouble. boys. did his best to lay hold of his enemy but Hal kept him out oI reach. He stood weII over six feet. Tieg swung his heavily booted right foot. still screaming. They did not look well matched. screaming with a77 r76 ." he said. This time the chimp didn't wait for it." Tieg warned him. "Tieg will murder him. They were waiting as Hal and the others came out of the cabin. The man weighed about two hundred and fifty pounds. "You'll get your innings pretty soon. Come outside. He knew that most of the chimp's weight was concentrated in his arms and chest. He dived over it and his hard skull came ploughing into Tieg's midriff with the force of a pile-driver. the ape. Hal didn't worryz. him around my l-ittle finger." He was happy to have an audience. Sam's head \ as on a level with his belt." worried Roger.GORILLA ADVE NTURE "That shrimp? Don't be ridiculous. Tieg grunted. his great hairy arms reached nearly to the ground. The contrast between them made Tieg laugh. The men had come to see what was the matter. Even as Sam stood erect. ninety-five.

rage, face distorted, eyes savage, fingernails making a sound like electric sparking as they ripped across the coarse hairs on his arms, the typical gestuie of a furious chimpanzee. But he allowed Tieg to get up before he struck again. Tieg's foot swung again but Sam was too fast for him. The chimp leaped straight up six feet in the air and landed his foot on Tieg's jaw. He was down in time to seize the man's swfurging foot and tumble him again to the ground. Haff-way up, Tieg felt the animal's long canine teeth sink into his leg. At the same time the powerful hands seized his proud moustache and tore half of it out by the roots. Tieg, again on the ground, felt something hard and cold under his hand. It was an iron bar from a cage door. He leaped to his feet and brought the bar down with full force on the chimp's head- or where the head had been. The bar struck the ground. The chimp seized it with his huge hands, tore it away from Tieg, and bent it so that the muscles of his upper arms swelled to great balls. He twisted the bar into a ring and threw it away. Then Sam began to undress Tieg. He ripped his shirt into rags and tore at his shorts with his two hands while his feet pounded the big fellow's sides. He seemed to fight as well upside-down as right side up. He got Tieg down again and rolled him around like a log. Tieg wound up on his stomach with the ape jumping up and down on his back. "CalI off this devil," Tieg pleaded. HaI spoke quietly to the chimp. At the sound of his



voice the animal stopped his frenzied dance, came to Hal, and took his hand. He looked up at Hal questioningly as if to say, "Was it all right?" "It was all right," Hal said. "He won't bother you

TIEG TUMBLES feature of the show $'as a boxing match. His chimpanzee named Joe would box and wrestle all comers and Noell offered five dollars to anyone who could
get the chimp down and keep one of his shoulders on the floor for one second. Famous boxers and wrestlers tried it but in lour hundred tries not one man succeeded. Noell never had to pay out the five bucks. Which reminds me of another show featuring a sixyear-old male chirnp called Peter. He was as smart as he was strong. He could go through fifty-six acts in correct order without one word from his trainer. He walked out on the stage, bowed to the audience, took off his cap, sat down and ate a meal with knife and fork, brushed his teeth, combed his hair, powdered his face, gave the waiter a tip, went through a lot of other tricks, and wound up riding a bicycle furiously around the stage while drinking a glass of water and waving a flag. Then he dismounted, bowed to the audience, clapped his hands and walked out." MaIi came to say that three monkeys had just been taken. "Shall we keep them?" Hal and Roger went to see them. "Vervets," Hal said. The wiry little creatures were chasing each other gaily around the cage. "One thing I don't understand," Roger said. "The gorilla and the chimp-you call them apes. You call these monkeys. What's the difference between a monkey and an ape? " "Difference in the way they're put together," Hal said. "The ape's brain is more complex." "You mean he's smarter?"

again." Roger was surprised. "What a quick change," he said. "He's as gentle as a lamb now." Tieg was sitting up, examining his leg where the great canines had made bloody holes. Sam let go Hal's hand and stooped beside the injured leg. He showed every sign of distress and sympathy. He was again the Good Samaritan. Several times he had carefully observed Hal washing a wound. Now he could make use of what he had Iearned. He looked around for a rag. His eyes lit on Tieg's torn shirt. He ripped off a piece, ran to the lake, came back with the cloth dripping wet and gently bathed the bloody leg. Then he ailowed Hal to steriIize the wound and apply a bandage. "A very forgiving ape," Roger said. "It's not unusual," said Hal. "Chimps are like that. A full-grown chimp is subject to violent fits of ternper. But they forget their tantrums just as
through. " Roger picked up the iron ring. He got blue in the face trying to straighten it out. "I never would have believed a chimp could be so strong." "Ever hear of Noell's boxing chimp? " Roger shook his head. "A showman named Noell", Ha1 went on, "took an exhibition called Noetl's Ark all over America playing at fairs and carnivals. The big

suddenly and their usual sunny nature comes




GORILLA ADVENTURE these monkeys look just as smart to me. They're even livelier than Sam and Lady Luck." "Well, suppose we test them," Hal suggested. "Mali, bring me some empty bottles-and a bag of peanuts." He selbcted three bottles with small necks and poured some peanuts into each. He set them inside the cage. At once each vervet scrambled down and plunged a hand into a bottle. It clutched a handful of the nuts. But then it could not withdraw the hand. And it was not willing to drop the nuts so that the hand could be drawn out. It was too much of a prtzzle for the monkeys to solve, Chattering helplessly, they looked quite ridiculous dangling bottles from their closed hands. "Now let's try the chimp." Sam was presented with a bottle with a neck Iarge enough so that he could get his hand in, but, once fuil of nuts, it could not be withdrawn. When he failed to remove his fist he did not chatter and dance about, waving his bottle. He sat still and did some serious thinking. Having considered the matter, he let go of the nuts and took out his hand. Then he tipped the jar upside down, poured out the nuts, and proceeded to eat them. "That's what a few more convolutions in the brain will do," Hal said. "Now the goriila. We'll give her a slightly harder test. " Lady Luck, Iooking in between the bars, studied the three monkeys still struggling to get their full fists out of the bottles. She was a sympathetic soul. She


TIEG TUMBLES had already mothered the two baby goriJlas. She wanted to help these simple-rninded vervets but must reason out a way to do it. Finally she climbed into the supply truck and came out with a banana. She inserted it between the bars and laid it on the floor o{ the cage. The monkeys stopped their chattering and prancing and looked at the fruit. To their taste, a banana was much more to be desired than nuts. Their fists relaxed, the nuts fell out, they pulled out their hands and made a dive for the banana. "Good old Lady Luck," Roger exclaimed. "She really figured it out, didn't she?" "That's it," Hal said. "Figuring it out-that's the main difference between monkey and ape. Don't get the idea that the monkey isn't smart. But when it comes to real thinking, the ape's brain is just a bigger and better computer."



How do you expect to find diamonds by just roaming around the country ?' "That's the way diamonds were lound in the first place." Ryan said. "Take your hands off. Our men thought you were poachers. aren't you?" "Yes." he said." "What r84 else is there to hunt?" "Diamonds. "I'm afraid I don't know much about diamond mining except that some of the mining is done four thousand feet under the surface." Joro said. Roger. "One day some children playing on the banks of the Orange River in South Africa found a very hard pebble that was brighter than any they had ever seen. You are hunting. "I think they were after gorillas. "for giving you such a rough reception. "We've been sent out to locate new deposits oI diamonds. "We must apologize" . Toto. r85 .DIAMONDS Clt a p t er Tw en ty ." The prisoner's manner changed. "The animal collectors. The blacks released their prisoners but stood ready to seize them again if they should try to escape. This is my brother. Hal looked puzzled. "We know you by reputation. and these spots shone as though there were a hidden light inside. who the devil are You?" "My name is Hunt-HaI Hunt." "The boss stands before you." one of them demanded. Now. young man." Seated at the outside table. tell the cook to bring some coffee. Allow us to introduce ourselves. Hal looked at their guns. the guests explained their mission. The man looked scomfully at Hal. "Let go of them. They The unwilling visitors were very angry." "Diamonds! Do you hunt diamonds with guns?" "The guns are just for protection. " "What business is it of yours?" "I'm a sort of deputy sherifi for this area. this boy?" If Hal was offended he did not show it. There were bright spots on the surface where the outer skin was rubbed thin. "Do you have a hunting licence? were brought face to face with Hal and Roger. According to the cards. "What. we're hunting. They were white men. "Let us speak to the boss of this outfit." Joro said. But we're not hunting animals. these gentlemen were Robert Ryan and Tom Sims. Then Joro and some of the men came out with two pnsoners. Let me see your licence." he said. geologists from the Williamson Diamond Mines.t ltree Diamonds TnBnB was a commotion at the edge of the forest." said Ryan. Hal said." The51 drew cards from their wallets and handed them over. They carried guns.

Not just South Africa. the kudu." Hal said' "We'lI watch our the ground from now ure. w know. Flatfoot. some with none. Some with four legs. "Two years later the same neighbour heard of a DIAMONDS pay large royalties to anyone who discovered new deposits. Farther down it would be a job of undirground mining. 'It's a pretty pebble-but nobody would pay good money lor it. He offered to buv it. Our company would r86 "Yes. the mamba. some with two. t87 ._ diamonds bought it and sold it to the governor of the colony for twenty-five hundred dollar!. "That started the diamond rush. And underneath there would be more. Today ninety-eight per cent of the world's diamonds coml from Africa. with tunnels and shafts and lifts to bring the crystals to the surface. and said he could have it for nothing. They laughed. the three lively vervet monkeys. which obligingly demonstrated its ability to stand six feet tall. the sitatunga." The geologists forgot their own search as the boys took them about to see Rocking Horse.GORILLA ADVENTURE "They showed it to a neighbour." i'It sounds fascinating.' "But a man in a bigger town who really knew . The storekeeper looked at it and said. job. "He took it to a store in towa.there are rich "Exactly. People came from all over the world to hunt for diamonds. the chimpanzee that had won the name of Good Samaritan. We would take those near the top by what is called open-pit mining. You real Would you fike to see "You have diamonds? " for fifty-six thousand dollars. A deposit might run down thousands of feet.

. "Never saw in my life. "It's in a cage. it is. This is the so-called spitting cobra." -I"Now let me show you a black diamond. Does any zoo have a anything like specimen like this? " "OnIy one." "Not well enough. "Another prize." Hal agreed. r89 . blew up its two neckballoons to their full size. "If your eyes had been where the mirror is." Sims sat on Hal's bed. Tfe _m9n could hardly believe their eyes as they studied the double-headed boomslang. "I didn't know the cobra could do that." said Ryan." 'l\ /hy?" asked Sims. and if one brain tries to go here and the other tries to go there the snake is split apart in the middle. Its hood expanded angrily and then a double stream of venorn shot from its two fangs straight as an arrow over the twelve-foot gap and struck the very centre of the mirror. He leaped up to find a white head coming out from under the blanket." "So that's why you put on the collar. "you wouldn't feel very comfortable right now. He hung it on the end of a stick and held it out within twelve feet of the cobra. you seem to know your business very well. Roger sleeps with two gorillas. Sit down." "Marvellous. Two or three other zoos have had twoheaded snakes. Hal said. "But I should know it." "Yes. but in our beds. "Because there are two brains." Ryan said. Now come into our bedroom and see our best friends. "Don't go closer than fifteen feet. Something writhed beneath him. There are ten species of cobra." "Why should that be?" .. "Well I'll be ." "Don't tell me you have a zoo in your bedroom !" "Not only in our bedroom. what could it do to us?" "I'll slow you." Ryan said.s _ about one chance in a hundred thousand that a leopard will come out black." 'You did well to get it. The snake. "This is Lady Luck -because we were so lucky to get her. But in this next cage we have something that could be one in a million." HaI said.." "Most of them can't.GORILLA ADVENTURE When they went to visit the spitting cobra. tongue darting in and out. ft's believed to be the only snake on earth with this talent. He sent Roger for a mirror. Hal introduced the visitors to the adult female gorilla.. The sun struck it and. but they all died young. "For such a young fellow." I rare. In fact if you didn't get treatment immediately you would be blinded for life." Sims commented." Hal said.. "scientists say that there." HaI said. exclaimed Ryan. r88 I l: He took them inside. gentlemen. Instantly a clamour rose from the bush-baby. going on to the cage of the black leopard. share my bed with a it " python. dazzled the eyes of the snake. "It must be very DIAMONDS annoyed by their examination. "Quite a prize don't wonder that you call it a diam-ond. the colobus monkey and the two baby gorillas. Hal said. the elephant shrew. because as long as I can remember my father has been bringing specimens from all over the world to our animal farm in Long Island.

"It's only Snow White." "Chills and fever. " He had confidence in his brother's skill. he was almost feverish. as he had named this small gorilla. "Heart is pumping as if he were running uphill. Cltapter Twenty-four A Mystery Soloed "It Tner night Roger woke to find one of his bedmates shivering violently. Something wrong down in those lungs. "Stop fiddling around. Its blue its long white body was like a wriggling ray of light. was shaking like a leaf in the wind. The little fellow's skin was very hot. Yet he was not cold. "There's no danger between friends." Roger was impatient. he seemed much warmer than usual. f never would have thought a snake could be so beautiful. He could give first aid. On the contrary. He felt the pulse. Little short gasps. Generally HaI knew what to do." Hal said. "I think we have a sick baby on our hands." Hal tumbled out and lit the oil lamp. Roger woke Hal. is. sterilize a wound. We've got to get this little chap to a hospital." Hal said." Hal said. "A truly magnificent creature. "I'm afraid this is too serious a thing for me to tinker with." busy and do something. even perform light sur8ery. "You were right. In fact. You have a fine collection of diamonds." As they were leaving.GORILLA ADVENTU RE "Don't be frightened. He examined Bubu. Is it really a python?" eyes flashed. Ryan said." He put his ear to the ape's chest. treat a case of the flu. "Magnificent !" Ryan exclaimed. So Roger was surprised to hear him say." "But isn't it dangerous? " "No." The great snake slithered out on the floor. Yet he was shaking as if very cold. Get r90 'i I9I . Bubu. "He seems to have trouble breathing.

". There were no nurses bustling about the halls. let's go and see.. working alone. bending over a sufiering patient. "may we speak to you for a moment?" "Why should it be closed?" "It was run by white doctors. Hal said. for all I know. The hospital may be burned down by this time. "No trouble? You forget there've been two it we've had no trouble?" your staff?" ' "Sorry. There were black patients bedded down in the wards-but where were the doctors? Then in a far ward they found one." The first glimmer of dawn saw them on their way.. "Is there a veterinarian on same diseases. I don't know whether it's closed or not. Hal drove." "Well. I wouldn't give two cents for the safety of whites down on the highway. They rang the beII but there was no answer. who got me into an elephant pit and pushed in a leopard to kill me? Luckily we're well off the main road and ten thousand feet up the mountain. no vet. And how about that devil. We did have two other doctors. We had five seem to be - r92 r93 l . They were both killed. during the past night." Hal said." "Then why is attempts to burn down this cabin." He looked very tired. After his diagnosis. They went in." slept. " "Yes. There was no one in the office. "Right here. the doctor looked worried. the chances are they won't have a veterinarian on their stafi. ." A MYSTERY SOLVEI) "Doctor. and Roger held the hot and shivering ape in his arms. Where's the animal?.. "Pardon me." Hal said. They were relieved to find the hospital still standrng.GORILLA ADVENTURE "Hospital ! Where do you expect to find a hospital in this godforsaken country? " "There's one on the road to Rutshuru. whoever he was. Most of the whites of the Congo have been killed or have gone home. perhaps not for many nights. And even if it's still there. Two were t<ilea we can. Let's get this see little fellow in bed and what's the matter with him.

" said Dr Burton. It was the little ape's last struggle between life and death.the ape would live. It looked very much like the deadly mamba they had captured near the volcano. the young physician. He kept him on a diet of milk and soup. Both boys sat bolt upright in bed with popping eyes when the crash of glass told them that the small window had been broken to bits. "Especially for you. "Good sigrrs." The return of Bubu to the bedroom menagerie was welcomed by all of the other members . but made him a present of a carload of food supplies for himself and his patients. As morning came. the boys not only paid the modest sum that the doctor would accept. One day when the ape was delirious. His name is Bubu. He was kept awake by chest pain and tortured by a dry. but 194 .and Bubu himselJ crooned with delight as he took his old place in Roger's bed at night. They feel better if I can call them by name. "His patients don't pay him anything except a few bananas. His temperature dropped. he had tobe quieted with morphine. Every day Hal and Roger would find him moaning softly. Don't worry-I'l do my very best for Bubu." Every day they drove down to see Bubu. hacking cough. "Something big.GORILLA ADVENTURE to close after all. and instead of beirg dry and hot. Instantly the room was in an uproar. he began to perspire freely. He has a lot of courage to stick it out in spite of all those difficulties. It takes money to run a place like this. who was more hollow-eyed and sunken-cheeked than ever. "He's coming out of it. "Because if you don't hold up. What is your friend's name? A MYSTERY SOLVED happy." "I like to know the name of every one of my patients. Funds used to come to us from Europe." "He's having a tough time." Hal said." said Roger as they drove home vdth their convalescent ape." When he was pronounced cured. But it was not to be a night of carefree sleep. Dr Burton. you mean the ape. hissing serpentine form was being pushed into the room. " On the sixth night came the crisis. The little ape was suffering acutely." Hal agreed. his pulse slowed. The doctor sat beside his bed all through the night. he knew the answer. he has no funds to keep up the building and buy supplies and pay large enough salaries to persuade doctors and nurses to come down from Europe and take the chance of being massacred. Now they no longer get through. what will happen to all your patients?" "I wish we could really do something for him. but the moaning would stop when he saw them and he would put out a small hand for Roger to hold. gave him as much attention as any other patient in the hospital. his breathing was less difficult. Hal turned his flashlight on the window and saw that a writhing. A few days more and he'll be on his feet. twisting. He used chloral to keep the fever down. From every r95 "Friend? Oh.

He shrieked like a maddened elephant. He swept both arms backwards. "It's Gog!" There is Gog's face. He tried to clutch them with his long anns as big around as a ship's boom with fingers the size of Coca-Cola bottles. Hal's flashlight revealed the features of a huge gorilla. Ha1 got his revolver. He thrusi them both forward. at r and agony. Now He overtopped all these petty humans and he had A MYSTERY SOLVED "We'll take care of it later. someone . Now his arms were fr-ee. Roger recognized him. The net wasn't enough. mowing down men on both sides as if they were r97 . seized two men." Hal said.t corner came howls. "We have no sack. Hal ran to get another dart of the same strength. "Let's see what's going on. Hal heard someone . shrieks and whistles. I tr this l' the rushing about of all the terrified inmates.he flung round ihe blanket just below the head and tied it tiEht. The men got the net over him. But it was not Tieg. But not enough for the giant Gog." Outside they found the men trying to get the heavy net over a dark monster about the size of Tieg. Hal plunged into the cabin and came out with the dart gun. head was a foot above his own' The mamba lunged. The mamba diopped to the floor and lay still. with the evident intention of sinking its fangs in his down over the snake's head. and delivered its contents into the other arm. Hal was right there with a length of rope which. He tossed the men around like paper dolls. stronger than rope." Hal said. The dart embedded itself in the upper arm and the tranquillizing M99 flowed into the gorilla's system." A sack over a snake's head was usually enough to quiet it. The infuriated beast completed the job of tearing the net to bits. but he tore holes in it.perhaps more than one-would be killed. Plainly. It was made of heavy green vine. r96 the strength of any ten of them. The men also were roused. Roger yelled. were enough to increase its usual bad temper. He fired. screams. "No-a sack. It was enough to put a zebra to sleep. for there was not a creature in the room that did not dread the mamba.GORILLA A DVENTU RE I f I . and knocked their heads together.

"Here it is." Now everything was clear. What a barrel of a chest it was. "Quick!" Hal exclaimed. Since no one was within reach at the moment. "The rhino car. "Lay hold!" Hal ordered. "The place where the bullet got him. and he fell in a heap.A MYSTERY SOLVED ninepins in a bowling alley. The pounding of this great air-fiIled tank produced a sound like the beating of a huge African drum. Somehow he had broken into the mamba's cage and r99 . knelt beside the ape. the ape vented his fury by screaming and slapping his chest. "Don't close the gate. straining and grunting before the men succeeded in hoisting the seven-hundred-pound monster into the cage. his eyes closed. It was his last act of defiance." he said at last. How do you take hold of a gorilla? Everything about him was too large to provide a convenient handhold." The Powerwagon was backed up to within a couple of feet of the prostrate giant. His arms dropped to his sides. five feet round. He climbed into the cage. One of those terrific twelve-pound hams could kill a man." HaI said. From tip to tip those arms had a reach of a good eight feet so that the fantastic creature was actually a foot broader than he was tall. This really was Gog. It was equipped with a cage large enough and strong enough so that even the most furious rhino could not break his way out of it. and ran his hand through the long matted hair. The men who were still standing lost no time in getting out of the way of those deadly arms. He drew in his breath to inflate it as much as possible. It took a deal of puffing.

He must have been the one who had thrown the leopard into the pit with Hal. They were covered with green pus." The doctor looked surprised. Stufied a mamba in through the window. "If he. Those things 2o0 201 . he won't know.s asleep. "Worse than I Cltapter Twenty-fioe Tlre Inquisitizte )strich job for Dr Burton." Hal said." Roger was shaking his head. and had twice tried to buin down the cabin." "Won't know what?" Hal said." better_give-.GORILLA ADVENTURE had put the snake into the boys' room with intent to kill. "Poor devil. And thanks to him I had to fight a leopard in an elephant pit. And twice he's tried to burn us out. "Won't know we're trying to help him. him an anaesthetic to keep him asleep while I'm digging for that bullet. "\Ifhy is that so important?" night. AII because of love for his family and the pain of a festering wound. Hai drew out his fingers.

Gog looked searchingly into the faces of the three men. He wis still too sleepy to do "The same thing that makes a human animal tick. "I won't take any unneiessary chances." H"al smiled." the doctor said." "How long will he need to be here?" "Just until tomorrow." quick. "Bwana. "Well. Ostrich.GORILLA ADVENTURE were a mystery tb us." bore the treatment patiently. Your Mr Gog shall have the distinction of being the only patient in the hospital to have a private room." Sure enough. What a blessed relief ! When Gog closed his eyes Roger began to remove his hand. "I've just seen a miracle. "Gorillas respond quickly to good treatment. No other patients will be put back in that room. "Killing animals doesn't happen to be our business. He winced a little when the doctor proceeded to clean out the abscess but he It it for eood and all. tame them and PeoPle to enjoY. There was no growling nos'. You certainly seem to know what makes an animal these three other patients out of here. Only after he was sound asleep was Roger able to withdraw his hand and join Hal and the doctor in the corridor. That would be expecting a little too much. qog slowly opened his eyes." Joro came running down the hall. but the ape held on to it. He growled when he saw his two mo*al enemiei. The probing in the wound woke the ggrilb. and a very handsome one strutting across the hospital grounds. We take them alive. But don't take it for granted that Gog has suddenly turned from a devil into an angel. 203 ." Burton said. but now we know he was the THE INQUISITIVE OSTRIC II came away at last in the grip of the forceps and the doctor held before the eyes of the ape." "Don't worry. Then came the dressing ." The three men were transferred to another room' Then the door was locked and the doctor went to work. Then you can continue the treatment at home. And there's animal so quicklY as the trying to do it a good turn. 202 it was. Come soothed the inflamed nerves." Hal said.

buttons. But we see it often. grass and wild celery." He told of what he had seen. the ostrich plucked the watch and swallowed it. gravel. Roger put up his hand to fend ofi the inquisitive beak. Out came half-digested lucerne. They churn around in the stomach and grind uP the food"' 204 thing in this bird more valuable than all the contents of the Ark put together. a flash." Hal said. But wasn't it important to learn rvhether it really was a diamond? "We've got to get inside that bird." cried Roger." The tranquillizer worked fast.going to get tliat back? What does it want with these hard things anyhow? " "fhe oitri"h has no teeth. from his wrist "My watch. But perhaps this one was a Pet' "Is it yours?" he asked Dr Burton' "No. and even a set of false teeth lost a few days before by a village headman." Roger said.GORILLA ADVE NTURE Hal had wanted to add an ostrich to his collection. since they had come along to carry Goe into the hospital. Just a wild bird. Qoick ". He searched tlle ground but didn't find another like it. lettuce. bring the dart gun. What kind of a stone is that?" Hal had only an instant to study the stone before it was swallowed." he laughed. take out what's inside. and sew it up again. When Dr Burton saw his new patient he protested. "How am I." the doctor said. One of the first things to emerge was Roger's watch. 205 . He instructed them to make a cirJle round the'ostrich. It was as if there were a light inside it. Reflecting the sun. keys. HaI directed the men to take it up and tote it into the hospital. it shone like a jewel. "Now it's eating stones. he proceeded to do just that. mixed with an odd assortment of grinders." Skilfully. still ticking away merrily. spoons. The gravel and other hard objects it swallows do the chewing. - THE INQUISITIVE OSTRIC H "Look. "Do you think you can get at it?" "A fairly simple operation." Hal said. He suddenly remembered that the geologist Ryan had described a diamond just that way. "Toto. Then they could gradually close in on it and capture it. See it making for that flashy one. As soon as the bird closed its eyes and sank to the ground." he said. "If I'm not mistaken. "there's some- The ostrich made no attempt to run off' Instead. "Just a slit to open the stomach. "You must think I'm running a Noah's Ark. it examined the boys curiously. It wanders around here and in the near-by villages crew with him. no. "So it can't chew its food. then began to pluck at their clothing. He and Roger came close to the bird to study its plumage and decide whether it would make a good speclmen.

The hospital is about to close down for lack of funds. new equipmentand here it all is. We could send this to town to be assayed. He needs money to recruit a new staff. He told visit the Williamson geolothe of the doctor about gists. "This hospital is doing a grand job under terrible diffrculties. The people need this hospital. We're animal collectors. while Hal and Roger drove to Rutshuru. They even come from a hundred miles away. "You have struck rich. they found what they were looking for-the surface of a diamond lode that might extend downwards." O STRI CIT arrangements will be made with Dr Burton. His doctors and nurses have been killed or have gone home. "Can you take us where you found this?" Within half an hour they were poking around with shovels in the plot of ground where the diamond had been discovered. was placed in the cage that had housed Gog and taken home to join the mountain menagerie." HaI said. relieved of twelve pounds of gravel and trin-kets. not miners. "They said they'd be in Rutshuru today." The ostrich. "I'm no expert on diamonds. right in his own front yard. You're entitled to a share of the profits.GORILLA ADVENTURE And the bright stone. He's doing it all alone." Ryan exclaimed." they told the boys." HaI said." "We can do better than THE INQUISITIVE us. for hundreds or even thousands of feet. Dr Burton examined it with interest. Dr Burton is frightfully overworked. We can go over right now and try to locate them. Ryan looked surprised. "But you located the it royalty arrangement." "But your father-isn't he the boss? Don't you want to cable him for instructions?" "We know exactly what father would say." Hal said. This is on the hospital grounds. deposit. " The geologists shook their heads over the stubbornness of two young men. "It's the real thing. Most of the men went along. instruments. "except that you're making one mistake. They examined the luminous bit of rock and pronounced it a diamond.6 207 . They found the geologists in the town's one small hotel. funnel-shaped. not with that. buy supplies. A few feet under the wind-blown dust. and went in to see Dr Burton. Your 2a. " "That's fine." "Listen.

It was as good as a tree. "What accidents?" zo8 Then he joyously clambered into the rigging and took a flying leap to the ladder that scaled the mast." said Hal. Here he did not mind the motion. For five days the ship sailed over tranquil seas down the coast past Dar-es-Salaam. They were a bit homesick. she ran into rough weather and began to roll.The viper and the skunks had been added at the last momint. Hal and Roger had decided to go along to see that the animals v"ere properly fed and cared for. z skunks. He had gone about with Hal and gaboon viper.SHIPLOAD OF RASCALS Chapter Twenty-sr. Trees also sway in a storm. This was the most important wildlife shipment to leave Mombasa in many a day. The captain had objected to the skunks. They were not used to any such motion. 2o9 . had thirty-four passengers. "And we ought to be on hand in case of accidents. all locks box nailed took the same ke cage. The other twenty-two were listed on the ship's manifest as follows: "Accidents can happen." Hal said. Some became seasick' All began to use whatever voice Nature had given them. Roger daily as enough to put in ainer just e. Durban and Capetown. Sam was such a close friend of man that he had not been caged. He began befriended fellow was during the voyage. Roger asked. But only twelve of them were human.' . This touched the heart of the chimp. Rounding the Cape. The animals in their boxes and cages on the deck amidships started to fret. to the kudu's Now Sam saw his opportunity to do a good deed. They had another reason.x Shipload of Rascak Tnr freighter. Good Samari' tan. African Star. The muttering and moaning grew into a screaming chorus. At first everything went smoothly.

it wound its way down into the dark interior. it looked for someone to punish. He considered this a poor way for the twisty creature to say thanks' Oh well. the snake came face to face with a passenger. Anyone would do. Rounding a corner. Needless to say. had left his tuba standing against the wall. for madam had already collapsed in a quivering faint on the deck. Iargest of all brass instnrments. Irritated by being so tossed about. Helpful Harry opened another box. The snake contemptuously walked over her. But there was a place to hide. Gratefully. The absent passenger. who dodged just in time. this was a shock to the good lady.---=<ffi= '4:* . member of a fireman's band. it lunged at the chimp. At once it reared six feet high. Ungratefully. a lady from Pocatello. Discovering a partly open door. since snakes six feet tall are not commonly encountered on the streets of Pocatello. ideal retreat for a badly disturbed snake. Its fangs dug into empty air.SEIPLOAD OF RASCALS Quite pleased with the results ol his charitable deed. It was a double bass. Idaho. In the meantime Sam the chimp had opened a -4' . It was disappointed to find no enemy. Sam was a bit disappointed. Out slithered the mamba. The mamba slipped on the sloping deck and skidded down a companionway to the passenger deck. you couldn't expect appreciation from everybody. The mamba made a pass at her. it entered.

The slippery animal skidded from one bulwark to the other at every roll of the ship. and got themselves liberally pasted by the fresh white paint the crew had been applying to the ship for arrival at her home port. The glass streamed with the white Hal moved to catch the snake. you blokes. "Your beasts are tearing up the ship. The best thing that could be done was to get. Hal's immediate thought was of the passengers.but could see his reflection in the mirror. and went to beat on the door of the cabin occupied by the animal collectors. But even he clidn't particularly care to be its victim. Now the snake could not see him . "Can't you watch them while we get a bit of sleep? The animals are cargo. It let loose its load of venom. leaped from boom to boom. The black leopard turned white. recognizing the voiie of the supercargo." Hal. alarm bells rirgmg. could blind and even kill. chattering. The whole ship was in an uproar screaming. it crunched a tap and let out a cascade of water that fell into a pail of detergent. shrieking.GORILLA AD VE NTU RE SHIPLOAD OF RASCALS The supercargo fairly screamed. He gave up. The boys plunged out on deck and caught whatever they could lay their hands on. 2r2 2t3 . rails and bulkheads until the ship looked like a zebra in its coat of black stripes on white." he yelled. Suds frothed all over the deck and over the big cat. Then the monkeys took a notion to explore below. But they couldn't be eve4lwhere at once. which travelled like a bullet over the ten feet between the window and the provocative eyes. Colliding with the supercargo. they gave his white tropicals a thorough dusting and his bare arms a few good bites as he tried in vain to capture them and restore them to their box. -passengers squawking. he leaped out of his bunk into a corner by the door. The brightly lit image in the mirror was all the cobra needed. This creature. replied sleepily. Thinking fast. scampered up the rigging. so its venom would be exhausted before it endangered anyone else. but it had already gone. on the loose. Hal grabbed a flashlight and played it on his face. It seemed ready to spit. Wake up. wildly delighted to be free. whistling. and spit now. They tumbled into the coal hole and came up black with coal dust rryhich they liberally applied to the freshly painted funnels. and HaI was directly in its line of fire. The spit- dozen more doors. Biting everything it found. they're aII over the ship. These two carefree gentlemen were having a pleasant siesta after spending much of the night on watch over their uneasy charges. The three vervet to spit. aren't they? And aren't you in charge of cargo?" ting cobra was looking in the window. "I tell you. animals porson. There was a mirror at the end of the cabin facing the window. But now it was almost as harmless as a garter snake." More convincing than the excitement of the officer was what Hal saw when he opened his eyes. "Come alive.

with its peculiar ability to roar like a lion and kick like a mule. Then he seized a handle and signalled the engineer. Then HaI promptlY the life-saving injected serum. whereupon they let loose their barrage of scent. seeing a bed. with her eyes screwed shut. The skunks scampered into the lounge where several passengers had taken refuge. But when he tried this manoeuvre it didn't work. but there was no sound. Very sensibly she retired into a cabin and. Passing the canvas swimming pool. Only the great Gog kept his head. The chimp took the wheel. returning to his cabin. The three-hundred-pound bird just didn't flatten. snuggling up gratefully against the lady who already occupied it.then dash on with its deck. the snake struck out at his chest-but before it could get there a great arm barred its way the flesh of the ape. but quickly tired of the wild commotion. He had often watched what went on in this high spot. Instead. Snow White. emerged when her dooi shouting for the captain. "When you consider that apes have a 215 2t4 . even the eight-foot giant. thought to add to the alarm by blowing a blast on his instrument. fuII speed reverse. beak dripping great gobs of shaving cream. He first blew a lusty blast on the whistle. thought it was time to have a little fun himself. the bird veered sharply and over went the unlucky rider with his hands full of feathers. staring mad. He went about with Hal and Roger seizing animals and restoring them to their cages. and every point between. and choking pe$sengers fled to the deck. pluck a safety razor from a passenger in mid-shave and swallow it . and came up to see the ostrich dart its head in through a cabin window. the blazing eyes and darting tongue of a disturbed mamba appeared over the tuba's rim. Into the pool he feII. He would just jump on it and flatten it to the SHIPLOAD OF RASCALS was opened. Instead.GORILLA ADVENTURE The tuba player. the hundred-and-sixty-pound supercargo found himself riding ostrich-back clutching feathers to keep from falling. He gave it all his lung-power. Hal said. He knew just what to do. The Good Samaritan. having completed his good deed. The python. until the sweating men in the engine room were convinced that the helmsman of. When Roger attempted to extract the mamba from the tuba. was too paralysed to realize that her blankets were being shared by another lady more distinguished than herself. The steward succeeded in catching them both by the tail. He made for the bridge. and so startled the helmsman that he fled. slipped into it.fuII speed ahead. The ostrich. The musician Ieft the tuba to the snake and dived out on deck. The man naturally considered himself able to conquer any bird. nd and put his mouth on. was engaging in battle with the supercargo. She. tumbled into the wheelhouse. the African Star had gone stark. quite different from the perfume that had graced their fur.

but the rare black leopard.GORILLA ADVE NTURE deadly fear of snakes." "Seems to me. "you've been doing the same thing. And to think that a week ago he would very cheerfully have killed you himself. That sign over your gate. circuses and scientifi c institutions." When they left home. I'm proud of you both-because you have the right idea: to do more than you are asked to do." Cltapter Twenty-seaen Diving Ir Adztenture was good to be home. the sign had read: Now it JOHN HUNT WILDLIFE read: JOIIN IIUNT AND SONS WILDLIFE z16 2t7 . And that beautiful colobus." Hal said.something. Good to look across the broad acres of the Hunt wild-animal farm. and the six-foot-tall mamba. that was a brave thing your hairy friend did. a a two-headed boomslang that is a scientific marvel. Good to see their mother and father. And not just a leopard. And all the things I didn't ask for. "And some of the finest are the ones you have just r::l get And beauty. pure-white blue-eyed one in a million. alive with animals from all over the world awaiting transfer to zoos. It just shows .

"Get on with it. After his space flight. vegetables. gold. another home has been built for undersea explorers. Practically all of the world's land surface has been explored. "But it.' " "He should know. They'll have to know sooner or later. He had read thrilling stories of the dangerous waters and swarming sea life along the Great Barrier Reef. milk. He had 'a way with animals' . "They're members of the firm." John Hunt said." Hal said.". perhaps you'Il stay home now and take a good rest. 2t9 DIVING ADVENTURE But less than five per cent o-f the ocean bottom.GORILLA ADVENTURE "You didn't need to do that. "WelI. I'd worry all the time. Scott Carpenter. What've you got up your sleeve?" "I have oceanography up my sleeve." Hal said. than about the waters at our front door. That's where the treasures are-treasures we need. boys." "What's the project?" Roger asked breathlessly. "Only fair." "Yes. gas. at the bottom of the sea. 2r8 "In one of the most exciting seas in the world. "Could we get in on this deal?" he asked eagerly. and experienced." "No harm in telling them. if they will just hold their fire." Roger came alive. "Right. all sorts of food. 'Deep sea research will pay off in richer rewards much sooner. strong. Near Australia. " Hal was elated. "It's too dangerous. "They know about your underwater work in the Pacific." said Mrs Hunt. silver." John said. He admired their great bushy tails." Hal said. manganese and the thousand other things necessary to keep IiIe going on ihis planet. "You're invited. and took up the two skunks. Dad. Rest is about the last thing a boy wants. " "Where is it?" Hal asked. "He's the only one who has been both up and down. And you know how important it is. aluminium. "Like bird-of-paradise plumes. has said. This year. he lived thirty days in a home beneath the sea. "I someone else can handle have another project. John." he said." John Hunt said. . Of course we should learn about the moon-but as our astronaut. "But how about me?" Roger said. now that the land can't produce enough meat. they understood the man. and dismissed the subject. Roger was gloomy. He must be young. These felt safe with the animal man. longest coral reef in the world.a magic that he had passed on to his sons." said his father. Skunks are charrning pets. which he had been holding in his lap. Whether or not the skunks understood the compliment. One of the scientists they need is a naturalist. They ari all down-there. We know more about the back side of the moon. They think Hal would filI the bill." "Exploring beneath the sea. therefore he was safe from them. just ofi the Great Barrier Reef. oil. two hundred and forty thousand miles away. The boys' faces fell a foot. fish. I'm sure you know what that is. "Don't teII them. He set down the bush-baby and the elephant shrew." Hal grew impatient.

iY"J'" about it seriouslY."uoy.iiJi.i." And the outcome oI the iil counted in the next book.GORTLLA ADVE NTURE "Thev also need an errand boY'" liaai"e' An errand bov at the '. il. 220 . dlvoted to m hought be re- gions.

age of 95. Indeed Mar. rrll times.ooomilesof Europ. in Morocco the Pasha of Marrakech entcrtained him in his palace while simultaneously stealing his donkey. canoe.lcd their boat and. In all he has visited t48 countries r. An autobiography by GORIITA ADYEffiANE WILLARD At the PRICE r . . Willard Price tells in this book !rRl / I lsrEql- WITIARD PRICE a . over 2. lrull elephant charged her in Africa.. up Africa's Ogoou6 River Albert Schweitzer performctl Jnajor surgery for the price of a chicken. announced thar rlrcy were going to sail away in it. 'y bicycle.l adventure. and is illustrated with :7 photographs. the cockro hinfested Inspirethrough a hurricane in the South S rs. Willard Price was constantly surprised by rhe variety of people that he met along the way: in rhc Andes were Jivaro Indians bootlegging shrunkcn heads. and by an intriguing variety of ships: Itrrt rn steerage across the Atlantic for f8. Amazonian riverboat where pyjamas were worn .rl circled the globe three times. elephant. Typically. ifc slept in the fishbin and were lashed to the m sr li)r the duration of typhoon 'Ruth'. and by Japanese junk on which he and hi:. it wrr shc who wouldn't give in when Japanese pirates boir . has accompanied Willard Price on most of his expe(l ()n$ and a ranger once marvelled at Mary's calm as . among the Bagobos of the Philippincs 'maganis' killed strangers to appease their gods. politely bowing. His own life story is as exciting and action-packed irs any of his Hal and Roger Hunt books.' extraordinary story of his own life of exploration .60nilIA AI\WfiAn. He has travellerl 'y camel. .

. Willard price tells in this book the His-own life story is as exciting and action_packed as any of his. illur_ trated with z7 photosraDhs_ .t An autobiography by WILLARD At PRICE the age of 95.Hal and Roger Hunt books. uni i.

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