Javon Arlee

English 1102 Ms. Ingram February 17, 2014 Annotated Bibliography

Art of Rap. Dir. Andy Baybutt Ice-T, 2012 . Netflix. Web. 10 March 2014 This film on a whole is about how Hip Hop came into existence and the nuances of a rap and hip culture. One specific scene that I am going to use is where Ice T a rap legend asks NAS another rap icon was my exact inquiry question why hasn’t Hip Hop been given the same respect as other musical genres. NAS’s answer is the reason that I choose this inquiry topic to focus around. He addresses the question with a mindset that most hip hop fans carry on why hip hop is not as respected as other musical genres. He contends that Hip Hop scares the people that run the music industry because of the reach hip hop has now and the people who are behind it. Art of Rap. Dir. Andy Baybutt Ice-T, 2012 . Netflix. Web. 10 March 2014 This is a separate interview by Ice T with Marley Mar one of Hip Hops pioneers one of the creators of the genre and one of the most respected rap legends. He was asked the same question as NAS on why Hip Hop is not as respected as other musical genres. I decided to use his interview because he brought up a different view point from NAS and pointed blame inward at the members of the Hip Hop community for not banding together like other musical communities and are not as connected with each other and promoting each other. He says Competition is the best part and the worst part of this genre. Martin, Erika . "The Evolution of Hip Hop at the Grammy Awards and What it Means for 2014." Social Media Today RSS N.p., 5 January 2014. Web. 10 Mar. 2014. This article is about the evolution of Hip Hop at the Grammy awards which is regarded as the highest award recognition a musical artist can receive. This article starts off with the first time the Grammys made a category for Hip Hop in 1989 but not televising the hip hop categories. Then it went through different major Hip Hop artist boycotting the award show for not showing respect to Hip Hop artist or not televising the Hip Hop winners. Recently the knock on the Grammys is not giving Hip Hop people on the Grammy committee. Micheal Goncahar. "Who does Hip Hop belong to?." New York Times RSS N.p., 29 June 2012. Web. 10 March. 2014 . This article is about asking the question who does hip belong to? This question was pondered after Macklemore a white rapper sent apology text to Kendrick Lamar after winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album that he though Kendrick should have won. The article was also a blog with others response to the question posed which is a big reason I chose this source because hip hop now thrives in blogs and it has

become a part of the culture for the Hip Community to go to blogs or Hip Hop forums and communicate your thoughts on that artist or song. Parude,Dustin. "Rap Music v Country Music: Same product different packaging." Examiner RSS N.p., 05 June 2012. Web. 10 March. 2014. This article is a blatantly bias article comparing and condemning both country music and rap music. The author took the stance that both country artist and rap artist are similar because they are small minded, only talk about simplistic material, and can never be as great as rock music. This will be helpful in showing the views of some parts of society of Hip Hop and shows what is thought of Hip as a whole. The authors examples where weak or almost nonexistent. I am using this as a source because I needed a different view point of Hip Hop. Soderman, J. BRITISH JOURNAL OF MUSIC EDUCATION; “The formation of 'Hip-Hop Academicus' - how American scholars talk about the academisation of hip-hop.” NOV, 2013, 30 3, p369p381, 13p. Web. February. 17.2014. This article is on the how hip hop in America is becoming an academic medium. The British author interviews American hip hop scholars and comments on their answers to his questions. The article comments on the line hip hop artist were walking between authenticity within the Hip Hop world and the commercialization of hip hop that’s making it able to infiltrate the academic world. The article elaborates on the rise in classes offered on the High school and Collegian level on Hip Hop. I used this article because it presented the info in a way that someone who is not submersed in hip hop culture would. I feel this would be a great article to reference in my essay when I talk about scholars and societies view of hip hop from the outside looking in. It shows an attempt from a scholar to make sense of hip hop the author at times sounds dismissive of hip hop as a genre. White-Oldham, Joanna. "Negative Influences of Rap & Hip Hop Music." EHow. Demand Media, 14 Sept. 2009. Web. 01 Apr. 2014. <http://www.ehow.com/about_5418679_negative-rap-hip-hopmusic.html>. White-Oldham gave me a basis of what was the opinion of hip hop coming from those who did not grow up around it like me. It gave me a perfect starting point to address in my news column when I talk an audience that I am a stranger to. Oldham outlined reasons why Hip Hop seems to be not respected. She says Hip Hop is looked at as a bad influence over children because of sexual and violent topics.