Shanghai Chiting Digital Te hn!l!g" C!#$ Lt%#

Thanks for purchasing the digital ink jet printers of MYJET Konica minolta 512 serial products. ★ In order to ensure the correct and safe operation ased on the complete master! of the product performance" !ou are re#uired to read and master the operation guide $er! carefull!. ★ The operation guide and printing procedure of %hiting %ompan! are onl! a$aila le for the legal o&ner authori'ed ! %hiting %ompan!. The legal o&ner is prohi ited to cop!" modif!" e(change" or pu lici'e the contents $ia Internet or an! other means .&hoe$er $iolates the a o$e)mentioned terms must take the criminal and the ci$il o ligation. ★ It &ill not e informed if there is an! modification in the operation guide and the product parameter. ★ *e &ill e much appreciated to recei$e !ou good suggestion and hop !ou to point out our mistake .

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Part Ⅰ Summary
-afet! Instruction Machine .escription Installation ,e#uirements

PartⅡ User's Guide.
Chapter 1 Installation Guide nstallation /rocess -oft&are Installation Chapter 2 Operation Guide E#uipment 0peration -oft&are Instruction and 0peration 1asic 0perations 2et /rinting ,I/ 3ormat -upport -oft&are Edition Information Chapter 3 Maintenance Guide Maintenance ,ules .ail! Maintenance /rinthead Maintenance /rinthead /rotection for se$eral da!s stop 4uto /rinthead %leaning 3unction Ink -uppl! -!stem Maintenance %hoice of Ink Chapter 4 echnolo!y Guide /rinting 5ualit! Impro$ement /rinting %learance 4djustment -kills for 6sing /rinthead -olutions for 2o''le 1locking /re$ention of /rinthead 1locking %autions for 6sing -ol$ent Ink Chapter " #e$errence -tructure illustration for Electric %ontrol 1oard 3re#uent pro lem sand their resolutions -oft Error *arns e(plaination list -oft&are list go &ith the machine 4c#uaintance &ith 4ccessories Chapter % &ttachments %ommon Malfunctions and Its -olutions Error Information 7ist Chapter ' &ccessories -oft&are 7ist -pare /arts .istinguishing

These instructions must e follo&ed strictl!+ ◆ .amaged or &orn po&er line is for idden+ ◆ The total amperage of the e#uipment must not e(ceed rated amperage of main po&er. 2. 1e sure to &ear sofet! goggles glo$es &hen cleaning the printhead or replaeing the ink pump assem l!+ ◆ If ink spatter on the skin or clothes" immediatel! &ash it off &ith soap or &ater+ if !ou get ink in !our e!es" immediatel! clean !our e!es &ith a lot of clean &ater+ ◆ . Important -afet! Instructions ◆ *arning and insruction please read carefull! efore operating machine8 marks of on printer. *arning、caution and note ◆ *arning Must strictl! do according &arning marks to a$oid to damage to+ ◆ %aution Must o e! the indication to a$oid the damage to printer and relati$e e#uipment+ ◆ 2ote ' ./art I -ummar! Ⅰ.o not shake the ink cartridge $iolentl!+ &hich ma! e cause ink leakage . <../lease clean the ne& in tank &hen start to use it. 2otice for ink cartridge ◆ -tore ink cartridge in a place that is out of reach of children+ ◆ /r$ent the ink from getting into !our e!es.o not mo$e carriage &hile turn on printer other&ise printer ma! e damaged; ◆ 4l&a!s shut off printer ! using po&er s&itch utton" po&er &ill e cut off &hen this utton e pressed do&n+ printerr:s plug or data ca le must not e pulled out efore cutting off po&er+ ◆ Make sure that carriage keep at the home position and fi(ed efore mo$ing printer. . 4ttention &hile operating printer ◆ . Sa$ety Instructions 1. ◆ Ink tank must e taken off to clean and dr! thoroughl! after three months emplo! .o not put an!thing on the printer nor spill an! li#uid on the printer ◆ 6se the indicated po&er suppl! specifications onl!+ 4% 119$ and 4% 229$ are a$aila le according to standards from different countries or regions+ ◆ %onnect the ca le plug of the ca le to a grounded socket+ it should e a$oided to use the same loop for duplicating machine or air conditioner + ◆ 4$oid installing the po&er socket on the &all or po&er socket controlled ! automatic timer+ ◆ Keep !our computer s!stem far a&a! from potential electromagnetism" like" radio or &ireless telephone seat+ ◆ .

@9A.@9. Machine description 1.  E(cellent I%% color re$ision and re$ersion function can e(actl! present picture color" $i$id and right.  4utomatic printhead cleaning function can al&a!s keep printhead in the est &orking status" and automatic flash function can effecti$el! pre$ent printhead from dr!ing." E/-" / -trong .  Media suppl! s!stem &ith suck function ensures media transmit steadil! and e$enl! &hich guarantee high output and high resolution. 5 .Indicates helpful operation notice and in instrution./I、 B29A1<<9.  /rinthead can properl! get cleaned and maintain in time onl! need to click =clean= function in too ar" &hich can prolong the printhead:s life and a$oid the incon$enience to take off and clean printhead.I/ soft&are pro$ides resolution ranges of ?./I 、 B29AB29. -o" printing #ualit! is greatl! guaranteed. Therefore" high efficienc!" safet!" con$enience" and no od! operating on dut! can achie$e.1. ◆ -oft&are  -upport all regular &indo&s image formats such as /.  The imported linear guide rail effecti$el! eliminates the impact of the $i ration caused ! running carriage &hich can affect the printing resolution./I 、 .  7i#uid le$el sensor in primar! and secondar! ink tank and automatic alarm s!stem can sense an! changes of ink" &hich can a$oid the lack of ink.I/ process and printing can e done simultaneit!. Ⅱ.@9AB29. 1rief introduction to products 1./ID. Therefore it can precisel! adjust color contrast" &hich can pro$ide high #ualit! outdoor pictures &ith $i$id and coincident colors./I、 5<9A19C9. .  /o&erful print) ed plat) rear heating s!stem &ill fast the ink in filtration to media" &hich prolong the outdoor life of printing also e(tend the range of media like anner" //" adhesi$e $in!l" />%" mesh fa ric.3" TI33" /-. Main features ◆ Machine features  Japanese long &orking life pie'o Konica minolta 512 printhead" &hich is famouse for its high resolution &ith ela orate ink droplit and $er! good corrosion resistance. ◆ Eleetronical s!stem  3i re data transmission s!stem" #uarante the transmit speed and interference resistance+  -er$o oard controlled motor runring mechanical s!stem guarantee the accarac! of carriage and media suppl!.

.ight racket of media loading and taking up 1B.Middle pront co$er 2<..pront heater?front co$erD 1E./rinting ed plat @./rinter &heel 12.ight)upper o( 21.ight fornt co$er 2.%arriage assem l! 11..left fornt co$er 2.7iner guide rail 25.Fandle 4ssem l! 29. racket feeding s!stem E..7eft racket of Media loading and taking up <..Main girder 19.ight pole 15.ight)do&n case 1C.7eft /ole 5.1uffer de$ice 22.*aste ink tra! C.7eft)do&n o( B.the topco$er of left upper o( ..-uport rack media taking up s!stem 1@.Media feeding and taking up roller 1.Fold &heel su assem l! The ack ( . Main components introduction The 3ront 1..-upport foot 1<..2.

3lat utton suck fan ./o&er suppl! utton 6pside of 7eft o( 6pside of right o( .5.C.2@.4uto feeding and take up s&itch <2./rinthead $oltage s&itch <1.Temperature controlle s&itch .Media taking up s&itch .E.Yello& ?ink positi$e pressure D s&itch <.%!an ?ink positi$e pressure D s&itch <5.ight front)o$er o( ) ./o&er suppl!s&itch 2C.Motor for feeding media .B.1lack ?ink positi$e pressure D s&itch <@.2.Moter for taking up media .Feating utton 2E.Feating s&itch 2B.Mageuta ?ink positi$e pressure D s&itch <<../hotoelectric media -ensor .7eft rear co$er .Emergenc! s&itch <9.Emergenc! s&itch 7eft front)o$er o( ..<..Ink ottle o( .1.@.2ether girder .9.

.aster ar 51.7eft uffer de$ice 52.Tighten assem l! 5./ressing assm l! for scre& adjustment B2.-uppor oard of oards .%arriage oard racket B1.-tation ele$ator @2.-tation protecting o( @5.Konica printhead protecting sokeplate @9./rinthead interface oard @@.ight der$ice uffer <E..%arriage height adjusting de$ice 5C.-ation ele$ation locator @. Electrical components Konica minolta 512 printhead digital inkjet printer:s electrical parts consist of computer * ..%arriage oard 5B.Transmission motor /rinthead protection ase %arriage 5@.ight racket of konica soleplate @B..3lash case 55...printhead protection ase <$e assem l! pulle! pulle! 59.Fanging frame B9.3i(ing oard of station @1.Konica printhead @E. /rinthead heating sole plate @C.-tation uffle @<.Guiding pole of carriage ele$ator 5E.*orm &heel &orm le$er 5<..<B.

1rief introduction to the &orking principle of each s!stem as follo&s8 .. PC PCI image boar d Fibre Carriage b oard PCI Data cable Servo board 20cores data cable %arriage oard 3i re /%I image oa rd 1 itmap . This s!stem mainl! control the printhead mo$ement of A direction and Y direction of media mo$ement. Its &orking principle is8 3irstl!" image format is processed ! computer.. %omputer image processing s!stem Konica minolta 512 inkjet printer image processing is finished ! computer image processing s!stem &hich mainl! consist of computer 、 image transmission medium" printhead control components. -econdl!" the processed image is transmitted to image transmission components.1.2. -er$o control s!stem for mechanism running Konica minolta 512 inkjet printer:s ser$o control mechanical running s!stem consists of computer、ser$o oard、A a(is ser$o control s!stem、Y a(is ser$o control s!stem.ri$e . + .image processing s!stem" ser$o control mechanical running s!stem" ink suppl! control s!stem and heating s!stem.I/ . Then" the image is sent to printhead control s!stem to carr! out the image printing.

..ri$ e modu le for Y mo tor Y motor /%I image oard -er$o card /%I pate ca le . Its main task is to suppl! ink for printing .ri$e module for A m otor /%I image oard -er$o oard /%I pate ca le Y motor coder .PCI imag e b oard Data cable Servo board Drive Module of X-axis and Y axis DC motor 2! DC " o#er Amotor . Ink suppl! control s!stem Konica minolta 512 inkjet printer:s ink suppl! control s!stem consists of ser$o oard" primar! ink tank" secondar! ink tank" ink pump and ink le$el sensor" etc. 1. . The ink le$el sensor senses the ink le$el and sends the le$el information to ser$o card to control the ink pump" &hen can suppl! or stop ink automaticall!..

. .5.<..Car riage board 20 "in in$ su""l% cable 2 ! S#itc& "o#er Servo boar d In$ "um" %arriage oard 29 pin in k suppl! ca le -er$o oard Ink le$el sensor -ec ondar! ink tank Ink filter /rinthead Ink pump . Electricals control and function instructions -er$o card %ontrol printer mechanism running Main s&itch Turn on or turn off printer po&er 11 . Feating control s!stem Konica minolta 512 inkjet printer:s heating s!stem is mainl! to meet the technical demand to ensure the hight #ualit! of printing.

It sho&s in the follo&ing pictures8 12 . Introduction to the -tructure and 3unction of 3eed and Take up -!stem <. %omponents of 3eed and Take up -tructure S#itc& 2 20! 'C "o#er P&oto electrical s# itc & (alance s#itc& )a$e u" motor Ca" acitan ce The structure of feed and take up s!stem consists of 5 components.% po&er -top A direction running &hen press do&n 3asten solidif!ing of ink on &hich print pictures 4 fan motor is installed inside of printing flat &hich makes media more tidil! adhere to flat surface The s&itch for carriage oard po&er ?.5>D F> s&itch <.Feating s&itch %ontrol s&itch Emergenc! stop s&itch 3an s&itch -ucking s&itch Turn on or turn off preheating and dr!ing circuit po&er Turn on or turn off F> . The! are8 ① feed roller assem l!" ② main roller assem l!" ③ e(tension and tightening roller assem l!" ④ transmitting)turning roller assem l!" ⑤ take up roller assem l!.1.

◆ The function of main roller su assem l!8 pro$iding dri$e for material loading and feeding media into the printing flat roof.2. Installation . Then" the motor stops ◆ The step of media on the printing flat is achie$ed ! the running of the &heels" &hich is controlled ! soft&are.Fold &heel Take up 3eed /hotoelctrilit ! sensor ◆ The function of feed roller assem l!8 supporting the media and ensure the media running &ithout resistance nor flee a&a!. ◆ The function of material recei$ing roller8 -upporting and furling the printed cloth material and suppl! the dri$e to recei$e material. <. ◆ *hile taking up" the photoelectric s&itch sends another signal if it senses media" then" the motor runs to take up till photoelectric s&itch senses no media. ◆ The function of transfer roller8 The transition of cloth material is eas! for e$en material recei$ing. ◆ The function of e(tension roller su assem l!8 e(tends media" ensure the mediaHs input and output media keeping le$el and parallel.e#uirements 1& . /rinciples of 3eed and Take up performance The functions of feed and take up s!stem are achie$ed ! the running of motor. Ⅲ. Then" the motor stops. Its principles are8 ◆ *hile feeding" the photoelectric s&itch sends a signal if it senses no media" then" the motor runs to feed till the photoelectric s&itch senses the media. 4nd it is controlled ! photoelectric s&itch.

elati$e humidit!8 <9I to @9I 1.1.<.1.*e should adopt the gra! color and pure &hite such as da!light lamp to docorute the operation room.e#uirements for the 3loor 1' . The &orking area measures B.e#uirements for En$ironment The printer should e a&a! from the seaming e#uipment like cloth seaming machine or other radio fre#uenc! source. . . The &orking area The &orking area means the area close to ink jet plotter Konica minolta 512 ?hereafter referred to as e#uipmentD" &hich is sho&n as follo&s. /reparation efore Installation 1. /reparation of the site %ustomers ha$e the responsi ilit! to follo& all the instructions of installation and put them into implementation &hen printer &orking. In order to operator to distinguish the color accuratel! .2. *hat should e especiall! pointed out the operatorHs satet! must e ensured. The floor is eas! to clean and free of dust and static electricit!.5< m in length" < m in &idth and .. The ink jet plotter should e installed in a clean and dust free en$ironment of &hich the temperature and relati$e humidit! are controlled in the follo&ing range8 4ltitude8 under the altitude of 1999 meters. . The schematic plan of the &orking region around konica monilta ink jet plotter?unit8 mmD 1. m in the height of the floor. Temperature8 1C to 2C degrees centigrade.. 1.

e#uirements for 7oad) earing The net &eight of A.e#uirements ◆ 3ireproofing The ink and solution should e installed in the special store ca inet for inflamma le li#uid or in the independent storeroom.9 meters in the front" 1. MYJET ink jet plotter is re#uired to reser$e 2. The storage of ink should strictl! compl! &ith the local fireproofing regulations of using and storing inflamma le matters. If necessar!" clean ceramic tiles" polished cement or anti)electricit! carpet could e pa$ed in the &orking region efore the ink jet plotter is installed. It is suggested to install MYJET printer on four steel plates of 29 centimeters in diameter each or on four steel plates &ith an area of o$er 299J299mm and a thickness of o$er C mm each.e#uirements for -pace .eser$ation The front of ink jet plotter is the input side. -o 15 . 1. The! should e clearl! la eled in accordance &ith the re#uirements of the professional safet! regulations.5.The floor should guarantee the safe and e$en &eight dispersion of the s!stem.21@4 ink)jet printer and the store ca inet for inflamma le li#uid or according to the local fireproofing regulations. . meters a o$e the ground. The sol$ent in the ink $olatili'es &hen the cloth is going through the dr!ing apparatus. . -afet! . 1esides" the space reser$ation area also includes a height of . The! should put near the A.@. 4ir outlet should e positioned as lo&l! as possi le so that the $olatile gas could not accumulate around the floor.uring the installation" the printer should maintain accurac! and precision in order to ensure that printing head mo$es hori'ontall! in a correct &a! and a$oid gliding and ending. ◆ 4eration In order to pre$ent the potential danger of $olatile gas storage" enough aeration should e guaranteed to insure @ to C times of air change in the &orking region e$er! hour. .B. Moreo$er" space should e spared at the front and ack of the machine for loading and unloading media.9 meter at the ack and 1. 1.21@4 ink jet plotter is 5<9 kgs and the iggest media roll usuall! adds up 59 kgs. %ar on dio(ide or dr! po&der fire e(tinguisher should e placed in all the passage&a!s &here it:s eas! to see and o tain. 1.9 meter on oth left and right sides. The materials of the floor in the &orking region should e free of static electricit! and dust.

 The! kno& ho& to sol$e pro lems and undertake the maintenance &ork &ith the help of phone communication. Electric .could use 2K> 4 and cut in other po&er utili'ations e(cept heating. 1. The electrical apparatus installed near the &orking region should compl! &ith G1KT standard and the regulations concerning %lass I %ategor! II in the 2ational Electricit! regulations" and the! should e installed ! the professional electricit! contractors &ith related #ualified specialt!. 1( . 2otes8 the sol$ent gas is hea$ier than the air and &ill accumulate around the floor. The rated $alues of circuit reaker are as follo&s8 Po#er su""l%+ voltag e Single "&as e 'l ter na ting c urrent 220! ..e#uirements and responsi ilities are suggested as follo&s for the operators of printing s!stem8  The! are in charge of the operation and maintenance of the ink)jet printer. . 0! *0'+ "&ase The largest po&er consumption is less than .C.e#uirements MYJET ink)jet printer uses single phase po&er suppl! and is re#uired of good grounding.e#uirements for 0perators ◆ . Its electric resistance is less than < ohm. 6sers should ask professional electrical specialists or contractors to install the output terminal of the po&er circuits. -'+ "& ase 'lter nating c urr ent .an e(haust fine gas outlet s!stem is need discharging the sol$ent. The range of po&er suppl! $oltage is 229> ?L19ID" alternating current is 59F' or @9F'.E. 1. 6/. The distance et&een the outlet of primar! po&er suppl! and cut in terminal of the po&er suppl! of ink)jet printer should not e(ceed 2 meters.  The! ha$e the technological ackground concerning electron and mechanicals..  The! ha$e the a ilit! and kno& the theor! a out color and the kno&ledge of preparation efore printing and postproduction.5 kilo&att &ith an a$erage of 2 kilo&att.  The! ha$e the e(perience &ith *indo&s A/ and /%.  The! keep in touch &ith the department of aftersales ser$ice and technolog! supports from %hiting %ompan!. The regulation of handling the dangerous &aste should e in accordance &ith special storing and disposing re#uirement set ! related sections. 4ll the electronic components of MYJET ink)jet printer share an onl! one po&er outlet &hich has the function of o$erload protection. MYJET ink)jet printer is e#uipped &ith a standard 5)meter ca le.

◆ The po&er suppl! input socket of the machine is on the left side at the ack of the machine. 2. ?-ee attached list 1D ◆ . /lease refer the complete file of site preparation at an! time. If theses components ha$e alread! een used" please order from %hiting %ompan! as soon as possi le to ensure the sufficient suppl! of the spare components. %ustomers should order the ink in ad$ance so as not to affect the producing. ◆ %ustomers should get other re#uired e#uipment read! such as an 4pple %omputer and application soft&are used on an 4pple %omputer such as /hotoshop" 3reehand 、Illustrator" and computer net&ork of 199M" etc. ◆ %ustomers should not operate independentl! efore their operators ha$e enough e(periences. ◆ There are la els Mleft and rightN and Mfront and ackN on the transport o(.uring the installation" at least t&o operators &ho ha$e good command of computer skills should e at the side of the machine. ◆ %ustomers should finish all the preparation and cleaning efore the arri$al of the engineers ecause dust ma! pro a l! ring damages to the machine. E$er! item in the form 1) . ◆ %ustomers should not open the case &ithout the presence of engineers from %hiting %ompan!. ◆ In order to reduce the do&ntime utmostl!" factor! part! should pro$ide some spare part selecti$el! and ad$ise the customers to u! some spare components. Installation . 4ll damages of the packing case should e photographed and reported to %hiting %ompan! immediatel! efore the arri$al of engineers. ◆ 3rom ink ordering to deli$er!" it lasts for a long time. The! should inform %hiting %ompan! all the tools used in ad$ance or else the! ha$e to e charged for the conse#uent dela!.egulations ◆ The printers should e installed on a hori'ontal ground. E(amination efore Installation 4s for other information a out site preparation" please check and fill in the MInspection 3orm of The -ite /reparation of Ink jet plotterN.21@4 ink)jet printer is installed. ◆ The e(amination form is an essential point of site e(amination efore installation. ◆ .eport the $oltage of the site to %hiting %ompan! in ad$ance. ◆ The air)conditioning in the room should &arrantee the temperatures stated a o$e ?1C to 2C℃D ◆ %ustomers should prepare proper machine installation tools in ad$ance8 a forklift truck or a crane of o$er three tons. /lease take notice of it &hen unloading. ◆ 0perators are ad$ised to install a telephone near the console for maintenance and communication during dail! operation. It &ould e etter if the! ha$e the e(perience &ith ink)jet printer. 6se a le$eler to adjust e$en the ink)jet printer from front to ack after the machine is mo$ed into the designated position. 4 training program should e taken in ad$ance.1.19. ◆ There should e a &ash cistern in the room &here A.

◆ . ◆ Mo$e out the machine and tall! the articles that come &ith the machine. ..eli$er!" unpacking and e(amination ..should e filled M!esN and the form should e sent ack to the maintenance center of client ser$ice section of %hiting %ompan! after site e read! and efore installation. %hiting %ompan! &ill add it on immediatel!. ◆ If &hen the engineers arri$e on spot ut the site preparation has not een finished" the! could charge the customers for the &aiting time. /art II 6ser:s Guide 1* . .emo$e the surrounding &ooden oards after remo$ing the large scre& olts around the &ooden case..2. .. . ◆ >ehicles should e dri$en steadil! during the deli$er! &ithout sudden rake or sharp turns &hich &ould cause the &ooden case to ump or turn o$er result in damage. E(amination ◆ Engineers from %hiting %ompan! tall! the articles that come &ith the machine one ! one. .1.emo$e the top lid of the &ooden case. ◆ If there is an!thing missing" please gi$e a clear indication on the in$entor! list.. ..eli$er! ◆ /a! attention to the signs on the surface of the &ooden case during loading and unloading.. ◆ . ◆ 4fter the tall!" customers sign on the in$entor! list &hich is rought ack ! the engineers. 6npacking ◆ The &ooden case should e taken photos in time if it is found to e damaged efore unpacking &ith an immediate processing scheme su mitted to %hiting %ompan!.on:t put hea$! o jects on it+ make it rainproof. Fandle &ith care.

1. -o it must ensure fi er in a good condition. Then" tighten the scre&. *ithout too much force so as not to reak the fi er line. /lease put on the special fi er protecting co$er immediatel! &hen fi er is not in use.Chapter 1 Installation Guide 1. -omething &rong ma! occur on the printing data if the fi er line isn:t inserted correctl!. The gap of the tie)in and the nick on /%I card should e inserted correspondingl!.1. 1+ . ◆ 2ote8 In installation of /%I" use a raket to fi( the /%I card into the computer slot so that /%I &ill not loose during printing. %onnect the ca le from the /%I card and the ser$er card. 2. 1. <.1. 3i er is an important media to transmit signal et&een /%I card and carriage oard" and it is the most important transmitting media for the machine" directl! affecting accurate of printing ink droplit. The fi er cannot e cur$ed or folded and don:t o$ere(ert to fi( the scre&. . It &ill make the signal interupt if something &rong occurs. There is a gap on the tie)in of the fi er line. Getting the machine read! for installation ◆ 0pen the spare part case and take out the /%I card and printhead card.chips on the oard directl! &ith !our hand in case of damaging the oard. 3i er installation ◆ The correct &a! of fi er installation The signal et&een /%I card and carriage oard is transmitted ! fi er line. ◆ 2otice &hen use fi er 1." ut do not touch the %M0. ◆ Insert the oard to its corresponding position. 2ote8 /lace the socket of the optic fi er line accuratel! into the slot" other&ise signal deli$er! ma! cease.. Each end of a fi er line has a sign 4 or 1 . 4fter inserting correctl!" !ou can hear the lo& sound of connection" &hich sho&s that the fi er line is inserted correctl!. Installation processes 1. The a o$e instruction must e strictl! complied &hile installing fi er.

1. Insert the holes on the oard accuratel!. ◆ The correct &a! to take the printheads 1. -o it should e careful to connect the ca le. If the direction contran!" the ca le cannot e connected. . /lease hold t&o latered sides of the printheads and don:t touch the surface of the printhead no''le nor outlets.on:t step on the fi er carefull!.. 6se special cleaning paper or cleaning stick to clean the printhead.2. .. ◆ The specimen of the correct &a! to take the printhead 2. 1.on:t insert or &ith dra& the ca le &hen the machine is printing. The tie)in of the ca le is the ra et &ith the fi(ation function.. . ..1. 2. . /o&er on and test the Machine Turn on the po&er and test the machine to recheck &hether the electric part is normal or not.2. 1.. .to a$oid the fi er damaged ! the pollution of dust" ink and other sundries . /lease turn off the computer po&er and cut off the control po&er of the ser$o card efore insert or &ithdra&.on:t make pins cur$ed or roken. -o" it has strict re#uest and process to touch" install" clean and protect printhead. 5. 1. /lease touch the metal to release the static efore taking the printheads. /rinthead Installation 1.on:t touch it &ith an!thing. The connection of /%I oard %a le The signal transmitting et&een /%I card and ser$o card is accomplished ! a /%I card ca le. /rinthead Installation /rinthead is the most e(pensi$e and fragile part on the printer" mean&hile it pla! the most important role to e(ecut printing task and affect the printing #ualit!. There is a protection mem rane on the surface of the no''le.

2. 2otice &hile installing the printheads  The surface of the printheads cannot e touched ! other o jects. 4djust the position &ith the ack taper scre&.  insert <J9.◆ The correct installation of printhead 1、%lean out sol$ent in printhead *hen the printheads production finished lots of sol$ent is injected into printhead to keep &et protect the printheads. .  Insert the data ca le of interface oard and take care of the direction. /lease see the $ideo of cleaning printheads to get more detailed instruction.  Turn off the po&er efore installing the printheads. 4nd press do&n mterface oard &hen inserting.B5 hard tu e into the outside hole of the printhead. /rintheads installation and fi(ation  Install the cleaned printheads on the printhead racket and fi( them on the soleplate. Then" tight the M scre& of the printhead. .on:t insert in$ersel! other&ise it is eas! to cur$e or reak the pins in the socket.. scre& of the printhead" and adjust the taper scre& up or do&n to let printhead e in the proper position.  *hile installing the printheads" please make sure that the ink suppl! s!stem is clean 21 . <. /lease don:t insert or dra& the printheads &hile the machine is po&er on. -o &hen in stall the printhead ink)match use the sol$ent to clean the printheads.  &hile installing the printhead interface oard" please take care of connecting the e$el of the interface oard correctl! to a$oid damaging to the printheads. The ph!sical location adjustment of printhead 7oosen the M.

 4fter the printheads are installed" please &ash printheads efore printing. 4nd the mechanical location and the uprightness of the printheads must e adjusted. /lease use special sol$ent to &ash.and the injected sol$ent ink is normall! used. 2otes8 If there are some identifiers in front of the dri$er programs" such as M !” " M ?” and so on" please reinstall the dri$er. In addition" air remains et&een the ink tank and printheads are not allo&ed. ◆ The float of the ink ottle should e lack" lue" red and !ello& from left to right respecti$el!. 1. ◆ If the s!stem cannot find the /%I card after the /% is started" please insert /%I card into another slot" or tr! again after cleaning the /%I card &ith Mgolden fingerN. 6n'ip the control soft&are MMYJETprintN into the hard disk" then" click MsetupN to install the soft&are.on:t o$ere(ert &hile installing and inserting the printhead interface oard in order not to let the pins roken. The connection et&een printheads and the primar! ink tank ◆ There are four tu es connectors connected &ith .K5 tu e on each ink ottle" and the lengths of four tu es are not the same.5. ◆ 4fter installation" please restart the /%" then" open Mm! computerKs!stem propertiesKhard&areK.  4fter the printheads are installed" please get rid of the air in the printheads in time. ◆ -tart the /%" and the &indo&s &ill search the /%I card automaticall!.  *hile installing the printhead" please tr! one:s est to keep length&a!s uprightness of printhead.  *hile installing" please open a package till the last printhead is installed in order not to let the dust come into the printheads.e$ice managerKmulti)function cardN to check &hether the dri$er has een installed or not. -oft&are Installation ◆ Turn off the po&er of the computer and Insert /%I card into the slot of the main oard" and then fi( it. 2. Then" the dri$er can e installed. %hapter 2 0peration Guide 22 . %onnect the longest tu e to the outmost connector and connect the others in turn.  . -ometimes it needs &ashing ! sman! se$eral times. 4fter the installation is finished" the /%I card dri$er has een installed automaticall!.

/reheating and heating are recommended for />%. Then" press and tighten the e(tension assem l!.1. 4nd tr! to make sure the media at the center of the printing platform. ◆ 4djust the &hole media and make sure the e(tension surface of the material is flat and the left and right edges of the media are on the same hori'ontal le$el. 1ut heating &ill impor$e 59I dura ilit! of pictures. The order and method to load and unload the printing media )J ◆ /ut a roll of media on the feed roller" fi( the media sta! middle position and the head of the media to&ards the printer. ◆ 4djust the loaded media " and make sure the e(tension surface of the media no urinkle e(tension" smooth flat plain" and the left and right edges of the material are on the hori'ontal le$el. 4t last install the take up roller on the printer and co$er the media roller on the left and right affle tightl!. Till no&" the material installing is finished. Then" lock the affle of the take up roller.emount the take)up roller" and takle out the affle &ith its end ha$e no gear.1. Then" put on the media roller from the end &ithout gear" then" install the demounted affle . %arria ge o ard /rintin g plat e form Media Me dia Me dia feed roller Take up roller Th e direction of arro&h ead p oint is th e direc tion o f medi a mo$ e to. meters ?&hile dra&ing" operator should do it slo&l! and not dra& the e(tension roller out of the rackD. Machine Operation 1. %oncerning anner" !ou can deal &ith according to its te(ture and the re#uest for printing #ualit!. ◆ %hoose heating or not according to different media. 2& . ◆ . 4t last" let the four fi(ing circles for feeding roller lean against the edge of the c!lindric material and tighten it. ◆ 1efore the material reach onto the printing platform" loose the e(tension assem l! and let the media spread onto the printing platform. Then" dra& the material gentl! to make the media e(ceed platform for .

2. 1. ◆ %heck the temperature (29)2C℃)and humidit! (<9I)@9I)in the room 1. *hile doing this" please set the media feeding $alue on the soft&are so the roller o$in run atuomaticall!. 2' . 4fter repostion" the printhead &ill flash automaticall!" &hich sho& that the normal connection et&een the machine and the soft&are is &ell done. ◆ %heck if there are some other things on the printing platform" such as scre&" tool or oddment.2. /o&er on 1.. If the printer has stalled air pressure s!stem You can use this s!stem to suppl! ink atuomaticall!.1. ◆ Insert the four tu es into their corresponding ottles to suppl! ink. 2otes8 flash or non)flash is alternati$e and transfera leQ The operater can put a piece of paper under the printhead to check &hether printer is flashing or not.<. /reparations after po&er on and efore printing 1. %orrect steps for /o&er on ◆ .2. Then please dr! the sol$ent on the rollers ! air gun. ◆ %heck if all the s&itches are turned off. %lean the guide rail and lu ricate it. /ull up the emergenc! utton" then" turn on the printhead $oltage s&itch" platform fan s&itch" feed mot or s&itch" cold &ind s&itch and heating s&itch one ! one.emount the printhead soleplate for keeping &et. If the! are not clean" please use special sol$ent to clean it. 4dd Ink ◆ 7ocat ink ottle se#uentiall! from left to right in the ink container lack 、 c!an 、 red magenta、and !ello& . 0pen the printing soft&are" and click O ack homeP utton to make the carriage oard ack to the inintal position.1.2. ◆ %heck &hether the ink in the main ink tank is good enough or not and the &ast ink is dischargel on time or not in $acuum. In addition" lu ricate the guide rail to keep the rail smooth &hile the machine is &orking. /reparation efore /o&er)on ◆ %heck &hether the tra! for protecting printheads is token do&n or not. please turn off the printhead $oltage ! se$eral times so as not to let the air leak into the tu e ecause the ink cannot transmit into the su sidiar! ink tank. 1.. ◆ 3irst" turn on the computer" then the main po&er of the printer. ◆ 4t last" open the soft&are.2. ◆ %heck all the rollers for holding media is clean or not.

2otices during the printing process ◆ 4fter one picture is finished printing" the print head should e cleaned in time+ &alk around the machine to check the &ork condition in the normal heating temperature is normal and there is no sundries on the printing plate form of the machine+ 7isten carefull! to confirm &hether there is an! a normal sound in the printing process. 1. If the printer has the air)pressure s!stem" &ith &hich to clean the printhead. The fle(i ilit! of different materials in different temperatures is a little different.5.5.%lick cleaning utton on the soft&are to clean the printhead. finall! it is allo&ed to start printing. 4djust the print head and the deflection $alue to e the est state+ ◆ 1efore the formal printing" print out a small picture &ith multi)passes. 2. ◆ If the heating up s!stem is open" print 1 meter image to test its difference from the actual one in order to a$oid the &rong dimension. 1. If there is" the machine must e paused to check out the reason+ -mell to make sure if there is an! strange smell like urn. ◆ %lick the utton of media test in the function ta le+ the carriage sensor &ill test the media oard automaticall!+ ◆ -etup the location of the carriage and material. I." the spare margin; ◆ 4ccording to the test ar" please ph!sical position of each print head &ith a scre&dri$er?each printhead in alignment and accurate D; ◆ 3urther adjust each print head until the! are in the est condition ! using the soft&are test chart" and mean&hile o ser$e the test chart to make sure no ta normal phenomenon such as ink reak and ink trail line in the printing process. -et necessar! parameter in the printing soft&are ◆ -et up the fre#uenc!" times and mode of automatic cleaning" and the fre#uenc! of flash printing+ ◆ -et up the <)color) ar or @)color) ar at the margin of the media+ ◆ -et up the distantance of space margins+ ◆ 4fter the parameter is set up" print out the state picture of the printhead " the deflection" and the ascensi$e e(cursion. please increase the a sor ing oard to a reasona le height or ?dounlad the head and directl! a sor s+D If the printer has an air pressure s!stem" the operator can use it to clean the printhead" 4nd then &ith $acunm to clean it .1. -top printing and to check out the reason+ ◆ 0ther user from the 742 is prohi ited to $isit or share &ith the resource during the printing process to a$oid the interfere in the printing unnecessaril!+ 25 . The ad$antage is that sometimes the print head can e &armed up" conse#uentl! adding the fluenc! of the ink. The effect &ill e the media oard. Then" if $acuum is adopted etter effect can e achie$ed. The /rinting control /rocess ◆ If the effect is poor to a sor the ink ! using the soft&are.e.

2( . 1esides" don:t fold the pictures. 2. 4nd the roller of the material shouldnHt e too ig in case that the material is too hea$! and the feeding is not smooth. -&itch off the $oltage of the printhead" F> s&itch. 1ut please e careful" don:t injure the machine and !our finger+ @. 1efore loading" please make sure the ink has een dr!. /lease pa! attention to the material feeding to check &hether it is normal or not and the photo electricit! s&itch is ok or not+ . 6nload material *hen printing finishing" there are t&o &a!s to load the media8 ◆ 6nload the media &ith the roller together  Take do&n the take)up roller and loosen the lock kno of the take)up roller affle.. 4fter printing" !ou:d etter co$er it &ith mem rane efore rolling in order not to damage the picutre ! the &et ink. 1. In addition" too ig material roller ma! make motor o$erloaded and affect the normal printing+ <. Then" s&itch off the heating s&itch" &ind a sor ing s&itch and air)dr! s&itch 4t last" s&itch off the main po&er and then s&itch off the computer.1.B. *hile installing the material" it should e put at the cetre of the paper holding stick. Then" cut the media on the printer. -&itch off 1.  Install the affle  Install the take)up roller on the printer ◆ 7oad the material onl!  7oosen the affle of the take)up roller to finish loading the material. 7ock the kno and pull the material to load directl!. <.. 2otice &hile feeding and loading the material 1.@. Then" dra& off the 1affle and take)up roller &hich ha$e no gear. /ress the emergenc! s&itch" mean&hile s&itch off the flash printing in the soft&are. /lease don:t lift the handle ar &hile printing+ 5. 1. The material should e flat.1. . 0ne should adjust it timel! if the mo$ement deflection occurs &hile printing+ 2.@.

e(e to start soft&are" then enter main interface" sho&n as image8 2) . Main Interface . The task after turning off the machine ◆ %leaning  *%lean the printhead soleplate" printheads and the ink stain on the suck flate &ith sol$ent. -oft&are Instruction and 0peration 2.B.  . ◆ The clearance and ack up of hard disk  1efore turning off the computer" the #uired documants should e ack up and the temporar! and useless documeals should e deleteel in time.  %heck the secondar! ink tank to make it airproof. ◆ Maintenance  The printheads should e protected after &ell printing e$er! da!. Tighten the scre& of cleaning tra!" then" inject a certain #uantit! of sol$ent ?a out 2).  %lean up the disk signs" search and eliminate the $irus.1. 2. Then" uckle the cleaning tra! on the printhead solep late. /ut the three)la!ers non)&o$en and proper #uantit! of sol$ent into the cleaning tra!.ischarge the ru ish ink in the $acuun and &ipe the ink stain on the machine.1. mm deepth D  1rush protection oil on the linear guide rail and some other main mo$ement parts.1.ou le click M/%-.

)itle bar M enu bar )ool bar File s$im bar Printing tas$ attribute S$im im age Image l ist )as$ list Status bar 2* .

2.eset task 2o of the machine ?maintenance mode are effecti$e D 2+ . -ho& the latest printing machine in the su ) le$el menu Enter into s!stem setup dialog &indo&" and setup printing parameter 7oad the opened prepared parameter into the current printing task. Keep do&n all the printing and error information. . Main menu (irst le$el Second le)el 3irst le)el menu menu 3ile 0pen up The file opened latest E(it /rinting /rinting /ause K%ontinue -top /rint re$ise (unction introduction 0pen the file that &ell e printed -ho& the file opened latest E(it soft&are /rinting the present list file currentl! /ause Kcontinue the current task -top the current print task and stop the print list %an choose print =print head status="=step adjust="=re$ise color e(cursion= and =printing trip difference= re$ise image from the su )le$el menu" !ou can re$ise the print head parameter according to the image. Keep the current parameter scheme into the selected stand ! file -ho& K hide tool ar -ho& K hide status ar /erform the operation of cleaning print head" set the cleaning operation parameter in the dialogue ar of s!stem fi(ing Test the ridge and &idth ! automaticall! %arriage head return ack to the cleaning position 0penKshut the print head flash jet .ene& set the =9=position"and the carriage head turn ack to the cleaning position 4ccording to the mo$ing set the parameter scheme make the carriage head mo$ing left of dialogue ar 4ccording to the mo$ing set the parameter scheme make the carriage head mo$ing right of dialogue ar -top the mo$ing of feeding and taking up material 4ccording to the mo$ing set the parameter scheme make the carriage head mo$ing right of dialogue ar 4ccording to the mo$ing set the parameter scheme make the carriage head mo$ing right of dialogue ar 7atest printing /arameter setup /arameter load /arameter ackup Tool ar -tatus ar *ash head Measure 1ack home 3lash print 0rientation %arriage left %arriage right -top mo$e Material ack Material ad$ance >ie& 0peration Maintena nce Input pass&ord 6sageinfor mation %lear task inder Engineer adjust the parameter ! entering into maintain mode after inputting the code and general operator no need to enter into the mode" and the original code is 999999.2.

I/ info 0nline the -ho& the 2o. and information of the soft&are edition -ho& the dialogue of .Felp 4 out soft&are . . or hot in footnote 3ootnote setup &. Task name /rint refer time -etup the distance of material et&een left point and original position -etup the &idth of material -etup the &idth of print color strip -etup the distance et&een color strip and image -etup the distance et&een color strip -etup choosing the t!pe face of printing footnote -etup the &idth of footnote t!peface ?the length of t!peface are same as the &idthD -etup the distance et&een print footnote and image -elect include the print task or hot in footnote -elect include the taskname or hot in footnote -elect include the print task I.I/ support information %onnect the net of skill support Material info -etup the color -trip printing sercice 1e apart from original position *idth The &idth of color strip The distance color strip from image The inter$al of color strip T!peface The &idth of t!peface The distance from image Task I.

0thers Image space et&een 3eeding speed The lenght of mo$ing cushion 1ack and forth times for cleaning -etup the space et&een each image -etup the feeding speed &hen printing?high" middle" lo& speed D -etup the cushion distance of carriage mo$ing &hen printing -etup the cleaning time for each time /rint cleaning inter$al 3lash jet fre#uenc! %leaning length Jump margin automaticall! %leaning efore printing 2et print digital deposit a atel! in local place Ignore the control for image inter$al %leaning &hile printing Edge eclosion -etup the space of cleaning print head -etup flash jet fre#uenc! -etup cleaning print head is the &idth of carriage mo$ing -elect if auto)jump margin landscape orientation or portrait &hen printing -elect if cleaning print head efore printing if need to deposit dela! into the machine firstl!" and then perform printing task &hen choose net printing -elect if ignore the setup of image space -elect if cleaning print head &hile printing -elect if need eclosion disposal for the edge digital of each / impro$e the #uantit! of printing &1 .

-tate of printhead" step adjustment" printhead deflection need to e adjusted and color re$ising and printing trip dispatch.1. %lick the standard utton" and the standard item menu &ill pop)up... 0pen the parameter scheme interface and choose the page la!out of dispatch re$ise &hile printing.2./arameter setup 2. There are related operation content in the control soft&are. &2 .2 *arp)re$ising In order to impro$e the printing #ualit!" &e need to adjust the follo&ing items during the &orking time of the printer. /rinting setup 2.....

. -tep adjustment .ifferent printing mode ma! ha$e different step ad$ance" &hich depends on the error et&een Y a(is mo$ement parameter and definite positi$e $alue of the s!stem and the mechanical differences.2... /rinthead -tate %lick Mprinthead stateN ar" the machine &ill print out the test image as follo&ing.<. 2.. Then" select the printing mode" &hich needs to e adjusted" to adjust the picture) printing.. && .. Therefore" step $alue in each mode normall! should e adjusted separatel!. %lick Mstep adjustmentN in test menu to sho& the su menu in each printing mode. The image can test &orking states of each no''le and the adjusted effect of printhead ph!sical space" the partial amplificator! image of the a o$e test print out there in after.

Test printing length of step image in practical printing" and fill the length figure into the follo&ing sheet of corresponding printing mode.

2.;.5. ,e$ise color e(cursion /rinters need to knot all the printing content tighter &hen printing" &hich need to adjust the re$ise color deflection $alue of each print head. The deflection $alue are often different in different printing direction" so can de re$ised according to direction. %lick the menu item of printing re$ise color deflection " and print corresponded re$ised image " printing image &ill compose more re$ised unit. Each unit can correspond to the re$ise parameter of each print head according to the color and the direction that mark the printing direction and the print head group 2um er

*e can see the deflection of print head correspond direction &hen adjusting" the method of reading is as follons" there are tens digit and entries digit reading area. There are correspond digital marked " lack line is datum line" find the est superposition line that the color line and asic line that tens digit and entries digit corresponded" and add the figure that the t&o line sho& and get the e(cursion $alue. In order to facilitate reading" &hen the deflection $alue is more than 19 in the image" firstl!" correct the deflection of tens digit" then print again to correct the entries digit" ut in general condition" as s!stem e(ist standard e(cursion parameter of corresponded machine. 4s deflection parameter is less than 19" so once correct can make all the re$ise color e(cursion $alue" make the $alue add the original e(cursion parameter and fill into the correspond print e(cursion parameter ta le &hich sho&s in the follo&ing.


The print image also can reflect the deflection of print head in Y direction" as the grades line circled in the image.

*hen the current printing form is print head com ination" Y direction &arp re$ise can e performed" and other scheme form can e adjusted onl! ! mechanical method .The method of reading &arp $alue is choose the le$el line sect that superpose datum line &ell" and get a &arp $alue ! making the entries digit that this line corresponding multipl! constant <C" then fill the &rap $alue in the correspond Y direction &arp figure frame. 0f course "users can make a slight adjust &ithin <C figure. 2.;.@. 1ack)and)3orth .ifference The different speed ack)and forth difference need to e corrected as the different printing speed &ill rought definite position difference. -elect the trip dispatch of correspond speed from printing test menu" and then the printer &ill output the re$ise image as follo&ing .

The method of reading trip dispatch is same as the re$ise color deflection " that is" firstl! read the &arp of tens digit "and then the entries . Make the &arp $alue add the figure in the original soft&are trip dispatch frame and fill the result in the figure frame of correspond speed.


In order to e(plain the method of reading" &e make a local e(plain a out the printing image of trip &arp sho&n in the elo& image.

The lack lock in the picture is not neat &ith the uprightness order &hile printing. The lack lock means the e(ist of trip dispatch .%ompare &ith the superposition state of each reading line and datum line" &e can found line three sect are in good match &ith datum line" so the ne& trip dispatch &ill get ! add the trip dispatch of current printing speed to line);. 2.<. 0ther operations and e(planations There is a resume standard $alue utton on soft&are re$ise page "as sho&n in image 19" the operation resume all the current step ad$ance parameter and re$ise e(cursion parameter to the original parameters &hich are set in the factor!" so &e should e careful to a$oid &rong operation. 2.<.1. Motion setting


A speed (carriage directionD Fome speed 7o& speed printing -etup the home speed of carriage ?mo$ing speed ! hand D -etup the speed $alue in lo& speed printing model -etup the speed $alue in middle speed model -etup the speed $alue in high speed model -etup the ma(imal speed $alue of the carriage -etup the acceleration $alue of carriage Test the e#ual mete modulus of motor pulse and step ad$ance ! testing utton automaticall! .isplace unit ! hand &) .isplace unit ! hand Y speed ?media mo$ement directionD 4d$ance and &ithdra& lo& speed 7o& speed Middle speed Figh speed Ma(imal speed 4cceleration E#ual mete modulus . -etup the distance of carriage mo$ing each time ! hand -etup the speed for ad$ance and &ithdra& lo& speed ! hand -etup the speed for lo& speed feeding -etup the speed for middle speed feeding -etup the speed for far speed feeding -etup the ma(imal speed of feeding -etup the acceleration of feeding The e#ual mete modulus of Y a(es motor pulse and step ad$ance -etup the distance of feeding media each time ! hand Middle speed printing in Figh speed printing Ma(imal speed printing 4cceleration E#ual mete modulus .

<.e$ersing mo$ement &hile stepping . Tool ar 0pen up -etupKoption 2et print /rint -top /ause Measure %lean 3lash 1ack home 7eft right -top mo$e 1ack 4d$ance %hoose the file that should e printed 0pen up the parameter scheme dialog &indo& 4utomatic net print scheme" press do&n the utton means that auto net printing startup" printing re#uirements &ill e startup &ithout operator:s confirm" &hich is auto startup" utton in the pop)up state means net printing need users to confirm.e$ersing mo$ing in A direction .D Make carriage came ack to home position in the left side %arriage oard more to left %arriage oard mo$e to right -top carriage oard and material mo$ing Take up material manuall! 3eeding material manuall! &* .e$ersing mo$ing in Y direction 7eft and right processing s&itch re$ersed The pulse phases of printing re$ersed The $alue is limited &hich ensures the step accurac! The compensating amount &ill e counted automaticall! The longest mo$ement distance of carriage The distance et&een media sensor and the outermost printhead The distance et&een carriage and media The distance et&een 'ero position and carriage &hile cleaning The distance et&een carriage and left position limited s&itch The time of printhead printing fre#uenc! inter$al %arriage mo$ing to left or to right . ?press do&n the utton &ill e the flash state.esponding compensation The longest mo$ement The distance et&een media se nsor and printhead Rero position The cleaning position far 3rom 'ero position %arriage sta!ing position /ulse &idth of printhead printing .0ther Measuring coefficient of encoder .e$ersing direction of left and right position limited s&itch It makes the ink dot smaller and printing precision higher 2.2. -tartup printing #ueue %ease current printing task /ause or continue the current printing task Test the original position and &idth of current material automaticall! -tartup print head cleaning function 0pen or close the flash jet function" and sho& current flash sate.

that the !rre-.rinting S -tatus ar 4s image 1 sho&s" status ar of the soft&are on the right elo& corner " customer can reali'e the current status ! the information that sho&n in the status ar . of soft&are /arameter ar in common use %arriage speed >alid print direction 4lign Margin Mirror %olor ar /rint adjustment -etup the print speed of carriage mo$ement ? high K middle K lo& speed D -et up $alid printing direction ?1i)"single right" single left D -et up align of printing image ?left" right "centerD -et lank &idth at oth sides of material %hoose &hether mirror image printing or not %hoose if print color ar %hoose printing test image ?print head status 、 step si'e color offset 1i).!-iti!n$ -eeking 4argin an% 1rgent -t!.ear le3t 6 right li4ite% .rinting !r l!-e the -!3t0are $ arriage 0ill 2e 2a k h!4e a1t!4ati all" 0ith!1t 4an1al 0!rk# &#1#2# Carriage 2a k h!4e &+ ..rint %ire ti!n an -0it h t an!ther .ir offset D Carriage -. -ho& net printing and digital recei$e status The current position of A a(is The current position of Y a(is %urrent ink suppl! status "an! color flash &ill sho& the status is ink suppl! status %arriage mo$e to&ard left limited position %arriage mo$e to&ard right limited position -ignal status of seeking margin machine -tatus that urgent stop s&itch is pressed Le3t li4ite% .-h!1l% 2e -ette% 2e3!re .!-iti!n Right li4ite% . -ho& the edition info. hara ter$ it -h!0.rinting $ !ther -et.!-iti!n Seeking 4argin Urgent -t!.4 out an% /ali% . 5hen -tat1.2ar a.erati!n &#1# Carriage 7a k 8!4e &#1#1 arriage 2a k h!4e a1t!4ati all" O.<.the e33e ti/e -tat1&# 7a-i !.en -!3t0are !r 3ini-h .!n%ing -ignal i.

la-h <et 31n ti!n In !r%er t! .rinting 3!r l!ng ti4e $ .e arriage 2a k h!4e$ "!1 an li k the 9 arriage 2a k h!4e: 21tt!n in 4en" !r li k the 21tt!n in the t!!l 2ar # &#2# Orientati!n 5hen err!r lean the .rint: in 4en1 2ar !r 93la-h:in t!!l 2ar t! !.eare% in -!3t0are an% an n!t ret1rn h!4e $ "!1 an 1-e the 9!rientati!n: in the 4en1 2ar t! 4ake the arriage !rientati!n again$ an% the arriage 2e 2a k h!4e a1t!4ati all" &#&# .rinter 0ill 3la-h 0hen arriage a1t!4ati all"! an h!!-e the 93la-h .rinthea% a !r%ing t! 1rrent . the 3re=1en " !3 3la-h in . the '.rinthea% 3r!4 l!g %1ring -tate !3 n! .rinting .rinthea% -tat1-$ U-er an h!!-e the 9.en !r l!-e 3la-h 31n ti!n $ an% -et 1. .re/ent the ..rinthea% $ an% -et 1.rinthea%: in the 4en1 2ar !r 9 leaning: 21tt!n in t!!l 2ar t! lean .2a k h!4e# U-er.ara4eter %ial!g 2!># &#'# Printhea% leaning &#'#1# Man1al leaning U-er.A3ter 4!/ing the arriage 2" 4an1al 0!rk$ i3 "!1 h!.

rint hea% nee% # U-er.3ini-he%$ -"-te4 0ill re !r% the %ata !3 !riginal . i3 nee% the 3la-h an%! an -et the !riginal .ara4eter -et1. %ial!g 0in%!0n# '1 .lean ti4e.rinting . %ial!g 0in%!0n # &#5# Margin te-t 31n ti!n A3ter the 4aterial l!a%e% !n the .an -et1.rinting e33e t$ the .an h!!-e94ea-1re: in 4en1 2ar !r 94ea-1re: in t!!l 2ar t! %! a1t!?te-t 4aterial 31n ti!n # 5henr the !.erati!n i.ara4eter -et1.!-iti!n an% 0i%th !3 4aterial 4an1all" in .rinting -et1.rinter$ 1-er.# &#'#2# A1t! lean D1ring .ti4e an% 3re=1en " a .in .eri!% !3 ti4e in .!-iti!n an% 0i%th !3 the 4aterial$ U-er.rinting .rinting$ in !r%er t! a--1re e> ellent .

i t1re !1r-e 0in%!0 # '2 .ara4eter -et1.ara4eter %ial!g 0in%!0## &#*# Print U-er ha/e t0! 4eth!%.rinte%@ !.!-iti!n #The -.en:31n ti!n in t!!l 2ar$ t! the 3ile?.en:31n ti!nin 4en1 2ar !r 9!.enA 3ileA in 4en1# Or i4age li-tA &#*#1# an% length an -et in !.t! h!!-e 0hat .ti!n in 4en1 2ar !r 92a k $a%/an e: 21tt!n in t!!l 2ar t! a%<1-t 4aterial .ee% an% %i-tan e an -et in .an h!!-e 9 arriage le3t6right :21tt!n in 4en1 2ar !r 9le3t 6right: 21tt!n in t!!l 2ar t! %! arriage 4!/e4ent$ The -.en the 3ile %ire tl" h!!-e in A Cli k ?9!.an h!!-e94aterial 2a k 6a%/an e: !.&#(# arriage 4!/e4ent 4an1al U-er.i t1re t! 2e .ti!n . %ial!g 0in%!0# &#)# Material 2a k an% a% an e U-er.

rint an% li k 9!.i t1re 2!> O/er l!a%ing in%i ate L!a% -ele ti/e 3ile !/er again .i t1re that i.erati!n are the -a4e# &#*#&# Print" a1t!4ati all"# &#*#2# Ch!!-e 3ile t! .rint 3r!4 i4age li-t Ch!!-e li-t 3r!4 -ki.rint !44an%C Delete O/er l!a%ing in%i ate Delete -ele ti/e 3ile 3r!4 .rint: !r a%% .$ an% an %! 3!ll!0ing !.en: 21tt!n 0ill %i-.!.4!re than 2D in -e/eral 3ile-# The 3ile na4e i.rint li-t t! -h!0 .i t1re 0hi h i.rint li-t A%% the -ele ti/e 3ile t! .i t1re an% li k right 21tt!n !n the 4!1-e$ the 4en1 0ill .ear a1t!4ati all" in i4age 2ar h!!-e the .!rte% 2" !ntr!l -!3t0are 0ill a. '& .-erial n142er $an% the -"-te4 !33er !n-i-tent !.i t1re an% .ile attri21teSh!0 -ele ti/e 3ile attri21te- Cli k 9.ara4eter -et1.?1.Ch!!-e the 3ile t! .rint li-t B0ait 3!r ... 2ar 3ir-tl"$ an% the .-1.erati!n# Print Print the -ele ti/e 3ile A%% int! the .erati!n 3!r 1-er#Pre/ie0 .rint !. %ial!g 0in%!0n S"-te4 an -t!re the .rint .!n-i-t !3 3ile na4e !3 RIP 3ile an% it.

rinting 3!nt in the 3!!tn!te Ch!!-e Regi!nal Print !r n!t Ch!!-e M1lti .ee% a !r%ing t! %i33erent h!riG!ntal DPI !3 .a e Y nt Y -.rint 4!%e B3r!4 1 PASS t! * PASSC Sh!0 -erie.eprint the selected picturec -top current task -top current print task -top printing alignment -top all print tasks in alignment .i t1re.1-e% t! -ele t .a e Di-tan e t! I4age .rinting -.ile .i t1re-# Ch!!-e t! .i t1re Sele t .ile attri21te- .eprint .rinting e .ara4eter.!nt 5i%th Pre/ie0 Regi!nl Print M1lti .i t1re Set n142er !3 .!!t n!te Other- 4fter setting printing parameter" click MprintN utton and add printing task into printing alignment.rinting -. F Y 5i%th Length F nt F -. .in F %ire ti!n Set n142er !3 .rint$ 0hi h i. /rinting Task 7ist %lick the right utton of Mouse in the print task list to sho& the Menu and the operations elo& can do follo&ing operations8.rinting .N!# !3 1rrent ta-k Sh!0 re-t ink .ing?!33 at Y?%ire ti!n 5i%th !3 1rrent .rinting 4!/e Print . If print task e(ists in alignment" the task &ill e added at the foot of the alignment .i t1re.i t1re Print !r n!t Sele t .elete current selected print task Impro$e printing priorit! Impro$e a class of selected print task in alignment 7o&er printing priorit! 7o&er a class of selected print task in alignment The highest /riorit! Impro$e print task to the top of printing alignment The lo&est priorit! 7o&er print task at the foot of the alignment '' . -tart to print -tartup alignment picture to print .ee% Bhigh$ n!r4al an% l!0C t! .2el!0 an 2e !2taine% a1t!4ati all" an% n! nee% t! -et# The <14.i t1re Length !3 1rrent .rinting .rint 3!!tn!te !r n!t M1lti?..rinting . If no printing task in the printing alignment" print the current picture.4!%e Ta-k in%e> Ink E!l14e Regi!n !.ti!n Sh!0 the .i t1re Set the na4e !3 the .er entage in ink tank Sele t .rint Y %ire ti!n Set %i-tan e 2et0een 3!!tn!te an% i4age Set 3!nt -iGe -h!0 the .a4!1nt in Y %ire ti!n Set %i-tan e 2et0een t0! .rinting 3!r arriage .rinting area in the .ath !3 the 3ile !3 1rrent .i t1re-in F %ire ti!n Set %i-tan e 2et0een t0! .elete task .er .r!.ath Ta-k na4e!33 at F?%ire ti!n The <14.rinting .<.i t1re 2" M!1-e# The 3!1r .rint -et1.rint .i t1re.!!tn!te .

-top /rinting If &illing to cancel the printing task &hile printing" !ou can click MstopN in Menu 1ar or in Tool 1ar to stop printing.egion /rint If users just &ant to print a certain region of the picture onl!" the! can choose=region print=function. The print head &ill go ack to the starting point and go into the flash print status after stop. name and print time of the printing picture so as to check and find the printed pictures easil!.. -o the! can use the function of Multi print to impro$e efficienc! select the &anted pictures.Task properties The selected pint task can e set ! opening the dialogue o( of print setup . Mean&hile" the distance?mmD the et&een pictures can e setted. The print head &ill go ack to the starting point and into the flash pint status after pause. 3ootnote /rinting 6sing the function of footnote printing" users can indicate the I.C.C /ause or %ontinue to /rint *hile printing" users can pause according to current situation" &hich can e accomplished ! M/auseK%ontinueN in MprintN of Menu 1ar or M/auseN in Tool 1ar. 6sers also can change these parameters to change the printing region.19. ..C.egional /rintN in dialog &indo&" then" select the region in /re$ie& Image ! Mouse and the parameter of the print region?A8 Y8 &idth" length &ill e setted automaticall!. .C. . %hooseMMulti /rintN in dialogue &indo&" then" set the num er of pictures in A and Y direction.C... 4fter selecting the picture &hich !ou &ant to print " click %heck M. If &illing to continue to print" users can click M/auseK%ontinueN in MprintN of Menu 1ar or McontinueN in Tool 1ar ?M/auseN utton &ill ecome M%ontinueN uttonDto go ack to the pre$ious print status.C. -elect the 3ootnote /rinting and set the font &idth on footnote ?3ont *idth and 7engthD and the distance to the picture et&een characters on footnote and image.5.E. Multi /rint -ometimes users need to print lots of the same pictures. .B. . . 4fter finishing" click print utton to print the selected region..@. /rint Test '5 .C.. Mean&hile" the characters on footnote can e pre$ie&ed and amended in 3ootnote /re$ie&.

1ackup and . .ead)in of /rinting /arameter /arameter ackup and read)in makes users set parameters more con$enientl!. . 4nd users can print test pictures" select Mprint head statusN of printing" Mstep adjustmentN" Mcolor offsetN or M1i). 2et)/rint '( .ir 0ffsetN ! print adjustment in MprintN of Menu 1ar or ! print test in %ommon /arameter 1ar. 4djustment Editor. /arameters of print head can e adjusted according to pictures.11.1efore printing" users can adjust the parameters of printer ! printing pictures of test in order to get etter print effects.etail operations refer to 1.. 4fter finishing parameter setup" sa$e parameter setup into ackup files ! Mparameter ackupN of MprintN in Menu 1ar" as it is sho&ing in a o$e /icture.. <.C.. If users &ant to resume the parameter setup sa$ed efore" the! can take ad$antage of Mparameter read)inN of MprintN in Menu 1ar to read parameter setup from ackup files" as it is sho&ing in the picture elo&.2.

<.. .ata si'e of image is onl! restricted to the capacit! of the disk &here soft&are is installed.I/ data processing and printing are eing dealt &ith at the same time. %ontinuous /rinting function &hile 0ff)7ine *hile printing ! net &hich could e cutted ecause it is unsta le" users can resend the last printing data to reprint after the net is connected again. 7ocal 1uffer Memor! for 2et)/rint 6sers can choose from the dialogue o(" in print setup of s!stem setup" &hether to start the function of local uffer memor! for net)print. If such function is not selected soft&are &ill automaticall! set the printing mode according to picturePs .1. <. 2et)/rint -etup <.1. <.. If the function isn:t used" printing and data transmission &ill e clone at the same time.1. *hile pressing the utton do&n" printing task sent ! net doesn:t need confirmation ! the printer.ialogue o( of automatic print setup &ill come out &hen auto net)print is started" &hich needs users to choose printing t!pe8 fi(ed printing t!pe or the t!pe according to picture . ') ./I" It is sho&n in lo& /icture.1./I format. 2et is read! for printing task -ending data to start printing 2et is roken off and &aiting for resending data 4fter net is connected again" it &ill continue to print the task.2 4uto 2et)/rint -etup .1. Then the same printing mode &ill e used to all net)print tasks. Its characteristics is that it can send the data of ne(t picture &hile printing" &hich supplies users &ith sta le net data" and can use its function that . *hen adopt such function is used" all printing data &ill e stored in uffer memor! of the computer" follo&ed ! printing operation. 2ote8 2et)/rint clialog &indo&n sho&s current net)print mode. If Muse fi(ed print mode for all . *hile the utton is up" printing task needs confirmation./I formatN is chosen.

.I/ support information in Mfunction in menu ar to get the details " as it is sho&n in the follo&ing dialog &indo&8 The current . -oft&are Edition %lick =help=)=a out= in the Menu 1ar or click the Ma outN in Tool 1ar" the dialogue &indo& &ill sho& the soft&are like the a o$e image.I/ format file !ou &ant. @.5.I/ -upport Information 0pen . '* .I/ picture format is sho&ed in the dialogue o(" 6ser can also click MimportN utton to input the .

?If there is no too much non)&o$en " the sponge is recommended" &hich can sa$e cost and the fle(i ilit! of the sponge is etter than that of the non)&o$en. pour the sol$ent on the mem rane @. Maintenance #ules /roper maintenance is of $ital importance to the sound operation. <. If non)&o$en is used" please fla! more. *aily Maintenance ◆ *hile printer in idle 1. 5. /lease don:t pour too much B.%hapter . 2. Fere in after &e list different maintenance degrees in details. 7a! se$eral floors of the non)&o$en cloth and put them on the plate &hich the printhead dipped in. 2. /ut enough mem rane on the non)&o$en or sponge" &hich let the mem rane not damaged easil! and prolongs the lifespan of the cushion. *e ad$ise !ou to &rite do&n these rules and paste them to the printer or procepti le places near to printer. 3i( the printhead soleplate '+ .D . Maintenance Guide 1. Install the printhead soleplate C.. %lean the printheads ! the air pressure s!stem" and" clean the soleplate insuccessuion po&er off.

1. %lean print head immediatel! &hen finish one image ?. 11.emount the printhead protection plate ◆ %lean the printhead" roller and printing platform" Get rid of the sundries on the platform ◆ %heck the ink le$el position of the start ink tank ◆ 3irst turn on the main po&er" and" then start the computer" finall! the machine. ◆ %lean the dust on the computer" po&er suppl! and electronic oard periodicall! 2.. /reparations efore starting the machine ◆ .efer to print head:s cleaning methodsD ◆ *hen in normal printing condition" &alk around to check the e#uipment for follo&ing aspects8  There is no particle or dirt on the &orking platform. 4t last fi( the mem rane. 2. -tartup the soft&are" and check the A a(is" Y a(is" cleaning s!stem and emergenc! stop utton ◆ Turn on the s&itch of the F> $oltage and select Mprint flash N ◆ %heck the indoor temperature ?29℃)2C℃D and humidit! ?<9)C9ID 2.eplace the ink filter periodicall! ◆ %lean the printhead often and clean ink tank and ink le$el sensor periodicall! ◆ %heck if the connection a(is skiding or not and tighten the scre&s.  Touch the co$er of heater to make sure the heating temperature normal. ◆ Inject oil on the earing all of the sliding set on the guide rail periodicall! &ith appointed injectar ◆ %heck the ink store ca inet if the ink is enough or not. ◆ %heck if the meehanical parts are run smooth and normall! or not. ◆ 0ften e(amine the cleaness and lu ricating conditions of the linear guide rail" and lu ricate the guide rail &ith accepted lu deepth.? 2ote8 &hen the print can rage oard mo$ing" the co$er of heater is for idden. 3our sol$ent into the printhead tra! at . Maintenance &hen stopped.E.  -mell. If smok!" stop machine and check. To make ink print fluentl!. ◆ /ress do&n the enmergene! utton. ◆ .D  7isten to printing condition carefull! to cheak &hether there are irregular sounds once something e(ceptional stop to check &hat pro lem. ◆ Maintain the print head ?refer to the chapter of print head maintenanceD 5. .2. Maintenance *hile /rinting ◆ %lean the print head efore printing. ◆ /ull up the emergenc! utton on oth sides. %heck if the soleplate and mem rane are in proper position or not 19..

4lso to touch them to check &hether there are o $ious temperature difference.B.on:t rush too much other&ise the e(crescent ma! leak eneath. 2. If it loosen" fasten it.ail! Maintenance ◆ %lean all the press &heel su assem l!. . 2.C. ◆ %lear computer:s hard disk its check and clear the $irus. ◆ %heck the scre&s the carriage oard and guide rail. ◆ 1lo& a&a! all the dust on the po&er suppl! case and the dri$er &ith dr! compressed 51 . ◆ %lean the e#uipment ?onl! special /M4 li#uid can e usedD 2.◆ . ◆ . 2.@. .ail! inspection for others mentiond content. ◆ .5. ◆ Inspect and change ink filter. ◆ %heck the &aste ink in the $acuum and discharge it in time. 5uarterl! maintenance ◆ Feater test8 15 minutes after the temperature is set" measure temperatures in the pront and rear heaters.emo$e supporti$e lid of the print head and clean its underside &ith sol$ent. Inter$al C Fours maintenance ◆ 4fter C hours printing" use petroleum ased printing lu rication to rush lu ricate the guide rail one time. ◆ 6se cleaning li#uid to clean the surface and interface of the $acuum to guarantee fle(i le mo$ements up and do&n. %heck if ink le$el sensor is fi(ed enough. *eekl! Maintenance %ontent ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ . Monthl! Maintenance ◆ %hange ink filter+ &ash primar! ink tank and ink suppl! s!stem ?refer to ink suppl! s!stem cleaning methodD ◆ %lean the secondar! ink tank .edust the e#uipment thoroughl! including the interior of the left and right case. 7i ricate to guide rail and add to or its earing. *ith multimeter to check the left" middle and right temperature is not hotter than 19℃. ◆ %heck and fasten the scre&s on the transmission coupling" electric engine coupling. %heck s!nc elt. ◆ %heck all the cooling fans and connect motors. no o $ious temperature difference should e felt &hen touching it.edust the po&er suppl! case" electricit! control oard and other circuit oard &ith air gun?must e dr! airD 2. .<.ischarge ink in the cleaner.

4ll the printhead contains enough moisture locking li#uid for the purpose of protection efore the printhead sold. Treatment efore printhead is installed ◆ %leaning of moisture locking liguid in the printhead. hold the injector &ith one hand and push the injector &ith the thum of the same hand.. Printhead Maintenance . -!stem Introduction 52 . ◆ 2otice8  Keep the operation platform clean in order to ?i.emem er &hen doing this" please choose a considera l! sound and clean platform. 7ea$e the injection cup in the &ater for 5)19 minutes" and the remaining moisture locking li#uid &ill e totall! dissol$ed.9ml cleaning li#uid into the injection cup at first" discharge the moisture locking li#uid and then fulfill the injection cup &ith cleaning li#uid.2.. %onnect a filter et&een the injector and the inlet tu e of the injection cup.  -urface of the injection cup is not touched.1.2.E. . 3. 7astl!" &ash the injection cup &ith a out ..2. 4nnual Maintenance ◆ Fori'ontal inspection on guide rail and printing platform ?can contact our compan!D ◆ %heck the e#uipment thoroughl! to see &hether the scre&s are loose.. In this &a! the remained moisture locking li#uid is cleared.  3iltrate the injector &ith the filter.2.D .  .on:t touch the surface and the socket of the platform. 3unction Introduction There &ill e clogging print head &hen printing for a long time" &hich could e sol$ed ! $acuum.. 1efore installation" it printhead must e cleaned &ith sol$ent &hich match the ink.9ml cleaning li#uid.1.on:t stop until the line is straight. Inject .D . If the line printed is not straight" &ash it o$er &ith cleaning li#uid. ?*hen cleaner is no use and under the condition of ha$ing reak line. .air.istinguish outlet hole from inlet hole  *hen cleaning li#uid is pushed out of injection hole" pressure should not e(ceed 9. 4ir pressure s!stem introduction . 2.  . 1ut if can not clean out" &e can adopt air pressure &a! to do.

/urging utton 4ir pump electrmagetism $acuum ink tank .. The step to discharge the printhead ◆ Turn off the F> po&er and the main po&er suppl!. .5. . *etness of the /rinthead -urface %lean the surface of the printhead in single direction &ith depurating &et stick softl! to form a thin ed of sol$ent on the surface of the printheads. -et the 5& ..@.ischarge the /rinthead . 2otice &hen discharge the print head ◆ . .If need to post" anti)shock packing should e offer. ◆ The cleaned print head should e set the original protect oard or &rapped sealed ! the mem rane immediatel! ..<.ischarge the scre&s and take off the printheads from soloplate..B. .@... ◆ 1efore printhead is stored" clean it &ith cleaning sol$ent. ◆ . %ommon kno&ledge a out printhead maintenance In normal &orking condition" turn on the print head flash function in the soft&are. . 0peration Guide 3ist install the small co$er on the $acuum ink tank" then" press do&n the red utton of the pressure s!stem to check if all the ink in the printheads flo&s out or not" &hich is held &ithin 5 seconds. ◆ Inject sol$ent into the printheads to clean and install the protection oard of printheads or pack printhead &ith mem rane. 2otice /o&er of the printhead must e turned off efore pressing the utton.1...2.o not collide or fall the print head on ground during the process of installation or discharge..@. . /lease e careful" donPt make them collide or fall on the ground.

Keeping printhead &et *hen the printer is out of use" printhead clean sal$er should e used to keep the printhead &et. C.. 4. 3asten the scre&s on the cleaning tra!. ◆ If the a o$e mentioned methods still donPt &ork" dismantle the connection tu e+ add cleaning li#uid directl! into the s!ringe. Printhead protection +hen the printer stops $or se)eral days 5' . *ashing the print head ◆ If the surface of the print head is so dr! that it is clogged" inject some ink into it and &ash it &ith ink carefull!..C.2. If the sal$er hasnPt een cleaned" please use non)&o$en cloth to mi( a little &etness)keeping li#uid or sol$ent instead and &rap &ell &ith plastic foil. E(cept the necessar! to change" it is not ad$ised changed &ith other ink in case of the damage to the print head. Then clean it &ith the ne& sol$ent compati le &ith ne& ink to lessen the residue ink and li#uid in it...E. /rinthead protection &hile stopping the machine o$ernight ◆ Turn off the computer and all po&er supplies. If the printhead &ill to e posted" use anti)shock packing. *hile changing the ink" clean the printhead &ith the pre$ious sol$ent first. .. ◆ %arefull! cap the tra! on the pedestal. C. /ut non)&o$en cloth in the sal$er three to four la!ers to ensure the surface of the printhead is clean. /ull out the lack cap &hen use again.. . 4dd a little sol$ent" and then scre& the nut on oth side of the sal$er to assure printhead is in the sol$ent.C. . Then connect the tu e and inject ink. ◆ To pre$ent ink mi(" fill the hole on the ack of the ink ottle &ith a lack cap and $acuum the space et&een the ink ottle and the print head.. ◆ 1efore printhead is dismounted and stored" clean it &ith cleaning sol$ent+ &rap it &ith &iping paper" and store it sealed.1. /lease also pa! attention to the cleanness of the sal$er. ◆ %arefull! and regularl! clean the ase of the printhead &here auto ink sucking locates. %leaning and maintenance of printhead . %hanging ink In principle" onl! one kind of ink can e used on a printer. ◆ /ut three la!ers of non)&o$en cloth on the cleaning tra! and add proper sol$ent.$alue as C+ ◆ If clogging cannot e sol$ed under normal cleaning process" it is etter to dismount the printhead and dip it in the cleaning sol$ent. .

◆ .ismount it and discharge ink. ◆ The surface of printheads must e kept moist ! ink or solution and e packed ! cellophane and preser$ati$e &rap" or the other pol!thene package material to a$oid dr!ing up. '. In order to reduce the damage of the printhead" &e stipulate8 ◆ The recommended ink must e used" and the same rand of solution and &iping paper as ink.o it repeatedl! until the filter is uno structed. ◆The cleaning fre#uenc! can e set in the soft&are and the operator can set one cleaning time *hen the carriage oard mo$e se$eral times .on:t lo& a&a! residual sol$ent in print head ecause sol$ent inside the printhead can keep it &et. .The e(tra times is depended on the e(tra situation . ◆ The cleaning soft&are must come from %hiting &ith the MYJET printer together ◆ Manual and automatic cleaning is optional . Then lo& in compressed air from the ink hole so as to discharge &astes. ◆ 4spirate &ith glass injector or directl! pour out ink in the secondar! ink tank. %.Maintenance o$ the in. Then" &ash it thoroughl! &ith special sol$ent. Choice o$ in. ◆ The printhead must e cleaned and packed ! dust)free paper &hen the machine is o$er half Month.*hen do automatic cleaning "please s&itch on the suck fan function" the carriage &ill mo$e automaticall! from right to left to clean the printheads one ! one .ischarge the print head racket" &rap it &ith the plastic ag and or film.◆ If the printer is out of use for more than <C hours" the ink in the printhead must e cleared" other&ise" ink &ill dr! as sol$ent $olatili'es or e$en impair the no''le permanentl!.ip it in the sol$ent and $i rate it in ultrasonic cleaning machine for more than half an hour. . ◆ /ull out the ink suppl! tu e ?from secondar! ink tankD and aspirate <9ml special sol$ent &ith glass injector to clean the print head t&ice. supply system ◆ If the filter is under good condition" seal the plastic connecting tu e &ith adhesi$e tape to a$oid dust entering. ◆ 3ilter cleaning8 . 55 . . ".&utomatic printhead cleanin! $unction ◆The unauthori'ed &iping paper ! %hiting is for idden to clean the printhead surface . Treatment is as follo&s8 ◆ Turn off printer:s po&er suppl! ◆ Mo$e the printhead to the leftmost cleaning position and put an anti)erosion receptacle elo& the injection cup to contain &aste li#uid.

Impro)in! printin! -uality 1. . The choice of ink is $er! important ecause it &ill directl! affect the printhead.emem er that damage of printhead starts from a initial no''le too man! operators don:t care a out one or t&o roken lines and let the printer finish the &hole image . =6nder good printing condition" the main reason for line reak is due to ink deposit on the no''le of the printhead.= . -o the ad image &ill e printed.eposition is caused ! ink feature" en$ironment temperature" comparati$e humidit!" ink le$el of su )ink tank" thickness and airtightness of the tu e flo&" resistance to tu e &all" hori'ontal of printhead oard and etc. %hapter I> Technolog! Guide 1. *e recommend our ink. 4 ad choice ma! destro! the &hole ink suppl! s!stem. *hat the! ha$e ignored that one &ill spread to the neigh our ones clue to the dele!ed 5( .eser$edl! customers &ill purchase less and less ink &ith poor #ualit! as time goes !. 4lthough the price ma! e a little higher than the cheapest ink a$aila le in the market" the cost is #uite lo& if it is distri uted to each s#uare meter.2. -o choosing ink should e $er! serious. %hoose suita le ink 4n! ink factor! or distri utor relies on profits to do usiness continuousl!. *hat is more" colour ar ena les us to disco$er &hich printhead reaks line apparentl!.1. -et /4-. ◆ .1. Fo& to achie$e !our printing performance &ithout an! line reakQ 1.1.num er of the auto cleaning inter$als according to the practical situation" the pre)condition is no line reak in long image printingT ◆ .1.egular auto ink sucking termll! 0nl! a fe& seconds are needed and &e can guarantee that no line is roken in printing. /rotection function design and dail! maintenance during printing ◆ 3our colours or si( colours printing Make sure that colour ar is printed at neither side of printing pictureT *hich can pre$ent clogging in one or t&o printheads for certain long time .The printhead is the rain of the printer. 1. Inferior ink &ill damage the printhead and lead to line reak seriousl! &ithin one month.

?The cleaning li#uid e$aporates slo&l! and there are no solid particles left after the e$aporationD. Make sure &hen starts printing " printhead are in est &orking conditions. ◆ %autions regarding repairs If !ou need to dismantle the components on the printhead. 2otice8 If flo& ack &ard tra! of using happen ! lock the air hole of $acuum ink tank.uring the process of flash no''le" ink consumption is $er! small ?onl! 2U of that in normal printingD.uring intermission of printing" do not turn off the printer. .  The line reak during printing is usuall! due to the clog of ink" &hich can easil! e sol$ed ! setting automatic cleaning in soft&are.  stop printing immediatel! once find line reak other &ise the cloge &ill ecome uorse  If !ou fail to deal &ith some pro lems" please promptl! consult the technicians from the supplier. 5) . *hich keeps the no''le hole moisture. If printhead is found out of go$d condition add 2mm thickness sohent in the tra! and make the printhead dip in the sol$ent to ne(t da! then the clog &ill e dissol$ed.E-ET to restart the s!stem. shelf and the direct e(posure of printhead to the open air seems una$oida le" !ou must inject the cleaning li#uid onto the surface of the printhead &ith the needle c!linder" &hich help slo& do&n the rate of the ink:s e$aporation.=&hat &e must do is to nip a thing in the ud. *hen operating M!jet printer8 first turn on the computer" then start up the printer and print head $oltage . 4t the same time" keep the normal printhead temperature. ◆ E(amine no''le efore or during printing8  1efore printing" if find the no''le can not print ink" firstl! tr! to suck the ink out. Then remo$e the &ad &hen turn on the machine ne(t time .cleaning. ◆ . 0nl! in this &a! can the printhead return to the left side for automatic flash injection.%hoose reset &hen entering the s!stem. Keep the printhead in the flash state. *hen !ou &ant to turn off he printing" !ou need to press the ke! . To ensure the proper function of flash" !ou ma! use a piece of paper under the printhead to check &hether it &orks &ell or not. If &hich not &ell done" the ink &ill easil! e$aporate and the resin compoition in the ink &ill deposit more and more . ◆ /rotection after turn off 4fter the turn off" immediatel! co$er the printhead &ith the tra! &hich is e#uipped &ith cleaning solution and non)&o$en to pre$ent the no''le of printhead from direct e(posure to the air.

D 4djust the height of the rocker lotter and scre& do&n and fi( the scre& in order to ensure the good cleaning effect. 3or the first adjustment" mechanicall! adjust the scre& and put the test ar under the $er! position" -econd" run the soft&are to further adjust the print head in a proper position. 3.  *hen cleaning the surface of no''le" &e must use the special paper or non)&o$en 5* . Then use the adhesi$e to fi( the scre& so that the scre& &on:t e dislocated ! $i ration.. -ince the &a! to inspect and adjust $aries from one factor! to another" users should e familiar &ith this operation and carr! out e(amination and adjustment efore starting operation e$er! morning. /rior to dail! operation" first print the test ar" and then check &hether each jet hole is in good order and &hether the relati$e position and parallelism of each printhead is &ithin the permissi le error range.2 4djust the relati$e positions et&een the printhead of one colour and the printhead of other colours.ust the clearance To achie$e the satisfactor! effect" it is necessar! to adjust the headstock so that the clearance et&een it and the material to e printed" can e reduced to the minimum" 2. If it is the case" the printing effect &ill e harmed and the ser$ice life of an injection cup &ill e shortened. 2. ◆ 0peration  0perate in accordance &ith the procedures for the maintenance of injection cup and a$oid the friction et&een the no''le and an! o ject ecause it ma! make the surface of the no''le frosted and roken.5mm ?2otice8 material isn:t allo&ed to e touched.1.5 mm). 1ecause under the dirt! en$ironment dust &ill make its &a! to major ink pots" minor ink pots" and then injection cups. 2otice8 the shorter the clearance et&een rocker lotter and injection cup is" the etter the cleaning effect &ill e. Then can produce high #ualit! images onl! &hen all the re#uires can reach.ection cups ◆ En$ironment  Keep a tid! &orking en$ironment and make main od! free of an! dust. &d. echni-ues $or usin! in.

*ith untold tin! fi ers on its surface" tissue paper can gain eas! access to the no''le. *hich are the &rest &ast for manpo&er" capital.  The humidit! under the &orking en$ironment should e &ithin the range of <9I)@9I. ◆ -tatic  Ink)jet printer should e connected &ith 'ero line to pre$ent the static:s effect on the injection cup. ◆ 4ccessor!  E$er! accessor! ser$es certain purpose and shouldn:t e detached at random.  Keep intact the primar! inkpot and the air filter of the secondar! inkpot so that the particles of $arious kinds floating in the air can e denied access to the ink.fa rics instead of the tissue paper to clean the surface of injection cup.  Maintain a constant temperature in the &orking en$ironment and ensure that the temperature ranges from 29℃ to 2C℃ ecause the heat generated ! the &orking injection cup is mainl! carried ! the ink and then discharged from the heat sink.  If the machine is out of ser$ice for a long period ?during the long holida!s" for e(ample" International 7a or . ◆ Ink  The #ualit! of the ink directl! effect on the printing image #ualit!.a!" -pring 3esti$alD" users must put the  5+ . If clogged or e$en roken" the! should e promptl! replaced. It &ill" to a great e(tent" e(tend the ser$ice life of injection cups. contraril!" the ink of inferior #ualit! ink easing lead to the follo&ing pro lem such as clog " printing interrupt printing picture useless and reim ursement from customers ecause of the poor #ualit!.  Generall!" static that e(ists in the grounded line of the e#uipment" floating particles in the air and friction et&een media and e#uipment" electriferous spare part. 4ll the a o$e mentioned ma! &ake the printer &ith electricit!" &hich does harm to the major accessories including printhead " electricit! oard.a!" 2ational . If it is too dr!" medium &ill e charged &ith static" thus affect the print #ualit!. ◆ Maintenance Machine is closed do&n" e sure to put the cleaning solution on the surface of injection cup and co$er the no''le &ith the preser$ati$e film so tightl! as to reduce the e$aporation of oth the solution and ink. 4dditionall!" the tin! hairs that remain on the surface of no''le pro a l! lead to the clogging and dripping of the ink and then affect the print #ualit!. 4nd usage life of printhead the lo&er price doesn:t amount to the decreasing cost.  *e strongl! recommended to use our appointed ink as this ink has undergone strictl! and longtime test to guarantee oth the e#uipment and undergone.

◆ In addition" it is necessar! to e(amine the injection cup carefull! and e$entuall! disco$er the reason for the clogging. The process should e repeated . ◆ If it still doesn:t &ork" open the machine and pull out all the signal &ires of a li#uid le$el inductor connected to control panel. 1esides" more solution should e added to the onnet. 4t that moment !ou should tr! to restore the injection cup to the normal state ! adjusting the position of ink o(" the temperature of &orking en$ironment and the &orking $oltage of injection cup.solution into the injection cup and then co$er it &ith the onnet. Then use a $acuum cleaner to suck the clogged ink out of the no''le. ?If it is due to the ink" change resolutel! and make sure that the ink tract e cleaned as & of solution into the onnet and enclose the injection cup shelf &ith the (. 4fter&ards" cleaning solution should e taken to &ash a&a! the residue. ◆ 4fter cleaning" make ink)suppl!ing pipe and the signal &ire of li#uid le$el inductor plugged into. ?2otice8 >acuum cleaner should not e utili'ed to suck a gi$en injection too man! times" other&ise" it &ill likel! to damage the injection cup.D <. ◆ If there is still no change" pull out the ink)suppl!ing pipe on the injection cup and use a glass s!ringe to dra& out the special solution for cleaning the injection cup. Then suck the injection cup" restart printing and o ser$e the possi le change. Then resume the printing that stopped pre$iousl!. <.2 The techni#ues for fre#uent clogging of the no''le ◆ 3irstl! press the ke! /46-E to stop printing and then mo$e the head to the leftist cleaning position ◆ Generall! speaking" the pro lem can e sol$ed through directl! using the $acuum cleaner to suck the injection cups. . he solution to the clo!!in! o$ the no//le <. 1! means of this method" &e can clean the no''le. Measures taken after the methods mentioned a o$e don:t &ork. 4. If there is a change for the etter" it indicates that the pro lem originates from li#uid le$el. The procedure is as follo&s8 inject <9ml solution each time and &ait for 19 minutes. ◆ 4$oid using non)&o$en fa rics and directl! co$er it &ith the injection cup onnet. Then inject .)< times. 3inall! preser$ati$e film can e adopted to enclose the &hole injection cup for the purpose of pre$enting the dust:s penetration and reducing the e$aporation of cleaning solution.D ◆ The prompt" resolute and thorough treatment to the slight clogging is of paramount importance to maintain the optimum &orking state for the long printing.1 The techni#ues for slight clogging of the no''le ◆ If the no''le is found slightl! clogged in the process of printing" don:t hesitate to press the ke! /46-E to stop printing.

The reason is as follo&s8 the printhead &ill ring some heat &hile &orking" the ink is alanced and sta le under this clrcunatance. 1ut if the &eather changes rapidl!" a sudden decrease or temperature rising" and there is no de$ice a$aila le for regulating temperature" the effect on the printhead is appearing. If it is lo&" the $iscosit! &ill ecome high. 0n one hand" ink sta ilit! depends on the follo&ing factors8 $iscosit!" surface tension" $olatilit!" and fluidit!. Fo&e$er" these inde(es are not totall! decided ! manufacturing techni#ue. ◆ 6se the glass s!ringe to dra& out <9ml of special cleaning solution and then inject the solution into the interface of ink)suppl!ing pipe. 2e(t pa! attention to the &aterline that comes out of the no''le. If the &aterline is straight" it pro$es that the cleaning is effecti$e and the injection cup can e further used ?The prere#uisite is that the circuit and pie'oelectric cr!stal are intactD.protecti$e mem rane to guard against the e$aporation. If the temperature is high" the $iscosit! &ill turn lo&. 0n account of the limited ink &ithin the ink ca$it! of the printhead" ink is supplied through s!phonage. 4s a result" the ink is dried into a hard condensate and left on the printhead" &hich ma! affect the normal function of the printhead. Fo&e$er" if there is a high humidit!" the ink &ill accumulate around the hole" dripping and e$en flo&ing" &hich makes the image difficult to e dr!. -o the rapid change in the e(ternal temperature is eas! enough to distur the pre$ious e#uili rium state. The sta ilit! of the ink determines the usage condition of the printhead. If it is distorted" then repeat step 2 and step . 0n the other hand" if the humidit! is lo& ut the temperature is relati$el! high" the $olatilit! of the ink &ill e raised. t&ice or three times.1 0rigin of the clogging ◆ The ink is of inferior #ualit!. ◆ 2otice8 The signaling interface on the top of injection cup shouldn:t e allo&ed to get in contact &ith solution" or it &ill e urned. 4t this (1 . 4ctuall!" storage" temperature and humidit! also pla! the decisi$e role in the normal use of the ink. Pre)entin! clo!!in! o$ the in. ".ection cup 5. ◆ The rapid changes temperature or humidit! effort on oth printhead and ink. ◆ 4fter the injection cup is immersed in the solution" use the glass s!ringe to dra& out the solution one or t&o times from the interface of the ink pipe" &hich is on the top of injection cup. These t&o conditions can change the pre$ious state of ink and the spotted line or spurious image &ill thus occur" &hich is referred to as false clogging. 6nder such circumstances" it &ill also contri ute to the improper function of the printhead Therefore" pa! attention to the $arions temperature and humidit! at an! moment. E$en the tin! change in humidit! ma! affect the &orking of printhead .

The correct &a! to o$erhead the ground &ires is after the copper plate ?no less than 9. ◆ The effect of the static electricit! on e#uipment and ink 6suall!" this pro lem is unnoticed. 3rom the past e(perience" ground &ires of e$er! e#uipment should e installed separatel!. The suita le $alue is 1 ohm and the measurement should e often made. 0n the other hand" the e(tremel! po&erful static &ill destro! the printhead and e$en urn the circuit oard. 3or instance" the manufacturer of konica minolta 512 printhead recommends that the $oltage rating e less than .moment" the printhead fails to run &ell" so as the ink the ink" The onl! &a! is contrding temperature &hich ensures the dail! temperature range of . ◆ The effect of $oltage on the printhead -ince the $oltage of printhead can e determined ! the degree of cur$ature of pie'oceramics inside the printhead" the high $oltage can also increase the amount of the ink jetted. If the $alue is a o$e 1 ohm or fluctuates sharpl!" the ground&ires must e checked (2 . 0n one hand" the lo& $oltage can affect the saturation degree of the image. 6nder the prere#uisite that it doesn:t &ork at the cost of image #ualit!" the lo&er the $oltage is" the etter it is . Thus it is e(tremel! important to eliminate the static ! means of the correct and effecti$e measures" the est one of &hich is to ha$e the grouned &ires installed. 3or e(ample" if the static is strong enough to attract the ink droplits" the droplit ma! de$iate from the normal trace and &ill e scattered in the uncon$entional &a!. Konica minolta 512 is a pie'oelectric oriented. It pro$es that if the $oltage surpassed . If the static electricit! cannot e eliminated promptl!" &hich &ill affect the proper &orking of the printhead .5 s#uare metersD is connected to the e#uipment &ith the copper conductor" ur! the plate in the &ell)dug humid space under the ground ? elo& 1. -trictl! speaking" grounded &ires shouldn:t e connected &ith the common grounded &ires ecause there is the possi ilit! that static ma! e(ist in the other e#uipment connected to the &hole suppl! net&ork...C meterD and pour the rine in.)5 degrees in &orkshop.>" stoppage of the ink suppl! &ill occur fre#uentl! and the usage life &ill e reduced. 3or the printhead of di$ersified norms" manufacturers offer their respecti$e $oltage ratings &ithin ena le the machine can perform normall!. Fence the usage life of the printhead can e greatl! e(tended. -o if the printhead &orks in the state of high fre#uenc! oscillation" the pie'ocr!stal is likel! to fatigue" &ear out and e$en reak.5 >. The static is generated ! the friction et&een the medial and the roller?In the process of printingD. It has een mentioned that high $oltage can increase the degree of cur$ature of pie'oceramics. *hen completed" run the e#uipment for more than 1 hour and then measure the amount of remaining static in the e#uipment. The method is as follo&s8 use the multimeter to adjust alternating current to e 299 and connect the needle &ith oth the 'ero line of input of the $oltage rating 229 > and ground &ires" and then read the num er ?&hose a solute $alue is the amount of the remaining staticD. 6sers should strictl! follo& the rule &hile operating the machine. -o for the konica minolta 512 printhead" the suita le &orking $oltage ranges from 2C> to .>.

4s a result " the surface of no''le is scratched and e$en damaged" &hich leads to in the occurrence of some tin! fa ric that &ill shape the direction in &hich the ink is getting and cause the accumulation of ink droplits on the surface of the no''le?&hich is easil! confused &ith the clog of printheadD. ◆ The effect of cleaning manners on printhead The surface of konica minolta 512 printhead is usuall! co$ered &ith a la!er of protecti$e mem rane" on &hich there are some laser drilling holes determine the precision of peinthead.immediatel!.on:t shake the ink ottle fiercel! &hile transporting and using the ink.  *hen ink spatter to !our e!es" use a great deal fresh &ater to clean. Cautions $or usin! printin! in. structure illustration of electric control oard (& . %. 2o&ada!s" non)&o$en fa rics pre$ail on the market of cleaning cloth. 4ctuall! it is dangerous to ignore the routine e(amination. %hapter 5 Introduction to Electric -tructure 1. -tructure illustration of electric %ontrol 1oard and accessories la!out 1. Man! companies hold that once the grounded &ires are installed" it &ill run &ell for good. -o it is strongl! recommended that users emplo! the special paper for cleaning printhead or the special non)&o$en fa rics. Fo&e$er" man! users simpl! use the sponge and non)&o$en fa rics to make the printhead tid!. 1ut o&ing to the relati$el! rough te(ture" it ma! pose a great danger to the printhead &hich can hardl! ear the &ear and tear.  *hen the skin is stained &ith ink" use the soap and fresh &ater to clean  *hen happening to eat ink" tr! to $omit.ead the related instructions carefull! efore using the printing ink ◆ Treat the printing ink in accordance &ith the local rules and regulations concerned ◆ The ink pot cannot e rec!cled ◆ Effecti$e measures taken &hen spatter the printing ink. ◆ . ◆ The storage temperature from 19℃ to <9℃ ◆ 4$oid the $iolent shake of printing ink pot in the process of storage and use ◆ .1.

I.2 of 4 % 2 <> p o& e r /o&er . to connect A dri$er Ground ca le -TE/ to connect A dri$er /aper sensor Encoder 3a ric input 3a ric output %onnecting po&er sensor 3a ric output 3a ric input %onnecting se$$o card ?29 co$es ca leD E le ctri c c ircui t of fe e din g a nd take up s! stem %hapter @ 4ttachments 1.I. /%I card dri$er control soft&are . so$t+are list alon! +ith the machine ◆ aD D cD V V The %.I/ soft&are 0ne %.% 12> 2 to connect 1l ack ink pump 2 to connect %!an ink pump 2 to connect .% 2<> Ground ca l e /o&er .ight limited position Ground ca le 77 d YM%K c m 7igui . 3re#uent s!mptoms and their respecti$e solution (' .ed ink pump 2 to connect Yel lo& i nk pump %onnecting /%Icard ?29 cores ca leD Emergenc! stop Ground ca le Emergenc! stop Ground ca le 7eft limited position Ground ca le .8 it includes user:s manual and installation of soft&are 4 dongle ke! 2. to connect A dri$er Ground ca l e -TE/ to connect A dri$er .

eplace the printhead The inside circuit of the printhead is damaged . . If itappears red" then it indicates thatthe mem rane has fallen off *e the s!ringe to inject the cleaning solution into the printhead. 1ecause after a long period" dustand ink &ill accumulate on thecircuit oard and if met &ith thehumid air" the! &ill lead to shortcircuit. If the li#uid is left on the signal socket &hich caused short circuit %heck if dust and printing ink e(ist on the circuit oard.eplace the printhead 2otes 2ormall! some narro& traces are printed on the image normall! jetted from the single printhead ?&hich is caused ! the damage of the printheadD . If the ink can:t flo& out of the hole" then hole has een clogged &ith the printing ink %heck &hether or not make interface oard plugged in &hen the injection cup is li$e.2.eplace printhead (5 . printhead -!mptom 4nal!sis of Ink e can:t causes The protecti$e mem rane on the printhead is roken or fallen off /rinthead is clogged &ith the printing ink E(amination method E(amine the color on the surface of the printhead.eplace printhead If dust and theprinting ink are found on the circuit oard" use the a solute alcohol to clean and dr! The injection cupis out of ser$ice due to the &ear and tear %heck the ser$ice period .emed!ing method .1.

eplace the printhead ca le or printhead interface ca le.Ink e can:t The source po&er E(amine the $oltage on the carriage oard 812> and .eplace printhead The reakdo&n of printhead ca leor the interface oard of the printhead . %heck &hether the printhead ca le is &ell plugged or not E(amine the ink pipe and the &hole ink)suppl! s!stem and check &hether there is lack of ink or leakage of air..estore the ink)suppl! s!stem . If the reasons mentioned a o$e are e(cluded" the pro a le reasonis the damage of the /%I card. 4djust the $oltage 12>8 11.B5>)12.eplace the /%I card (( .5>8 2E>). The printhead ca le isn:t &ell connected The reakdo&n of ink)suppl!ing s!stem The reakdo&n of the /%I card Get the data line &ell plugged.5> ?direct currentD s&ap the printhead ca le &ith others ?notice8 keep the ca le on the inter face oard of the printhead unchangedD If the ink is still not jetting" then it means the printhead goes &rong -&ap the printhead ca le of the printhead &ith others ?notice8 makethe ca le on the interface oard also changedD If the ink is still not jetting" then thatmeans the printhead a le or the interface oard of the printhead goes &rong.> normall! jetted from the single printhead ?&hich isn:t caused ! the damage of the printheadD reakolo&n The reakdo&n 0f the printhead .25> . . /lease reconfirm the reakdo&n furthermore.

estore the po&er suppl! . () .25> 2<>8 2.5>?.eplace the card ser$o &ell installed or not.econnect or replace the fa ric ca le .einstall or replace the encoder .%D of the carriage oard ..eplace the carriage oard .2>)25> %heck &hether encoder is the /%I card . 4djust the $oltage of the printhead 6se the cleaning sol$ent to clean the printhead %hange the ink The ink is of poor #ualit! If the reasons a o$e mentioned are e(cluded" the possi le reason is the poor #ualit! of the ink 6sers are suggested usingthe ink recommended ! the manufacturer.4ll the printheads can:t ink jet /o&er suppl! pro lems The carriage oard is roken The reakdo&n of /%I card The encoder is roken or not &ell connected The fa ric ca le is roken or not &ell connected The reakdo&n of the ser$o card makes ink una le to reach the secondar! inkpot tank The en$ironment Temperature too lo& is E(amine the $oltage 12>" . %heck &hether the fa ric ca leis &ell connected or not %heck &hether the signal is transmitted to ser$o card or not 7ine reak %heck &hether the temperature is too lo& Increase the temperature The temperature should e kept &ithin the range of 18℃)2C℃ The $oltage of the printhead is a normal /rinthead pro lems use the multimeter to e(amine the $oltage of printhead %heck &hether printhead is clogged or not.eplace the 12>8 11.B5>)12.

2. MaterialWloading s!stem -!mptom 4nal!sis of The material can:t e released Material)feeding motor &ith pro lem or not &ell connected Material is not &ell loaded reason /hotoelectric s&itch cannot sense the material E(amination method .2.esolution .esolution 2otes (* . /arallel running s!stem -!mptom 4nal!sis of reason E(amination method .eplace the material) feeding motor or reconnect the 2otes Material crinkles during the transferring %heck &hether the rim is parallel to the oard on the left side .2.e)load the material Material)compressing roller doesn:t parallel the material)feeding roller The une$en compressi$e force e(erted ! compressing roller /ull a small material placed under the compressing roller to check &hether the pull of each roller is e#ual 4djust the parallelism et&een compressing and feeding roller 4djust compressi$e force of the material) compressing roller 2.eplace photoelectric s&itch .

%arriage oard refuses to mo$e or the soft&are functions partiall! ina$aila le /%I card pro lem has %heck the connection of &ire of the ser$o card 3i( connection the ..esolution 2otes (+ .eplace the /%I card . Ink suppl! s!stem -!mptom 4nal!sis of reason E(amination method .ri$er is roken or not &ell connected .eadjust the position ofencode raster to make itlocate in the middle of raster ar.econnect or replace the dri$er . . .eplace the ser$o card .eplace the decoder and optical grating .eplace motor or reconnect the &ire.eplace the motor or replace&ith a ne& material of lighter e(change A &ith Y motor is roken or &ire are not &ell connected Encode raster and raster roken Encode doesn:t ar are raster /rinting cease match raster ar Motor is roken or o$erloaded 2..econnect the &ire The &ire of ser$o card isn:t &ell connected -er$o card &ith pro lem .

eplace the ink o( inductor . 7ast printing task hasn:t finished. 992 919 The start pass inde( is igger than task pass total. The restore print parameter is error" change the printing set. 7ast printing task hasn:t een finished.eplace the filter .eplace or reconnect the ca le e supplied -er$o card is roken Ink pump is roken The clogging of Endless ink suppl! filter -er$o card is roken -hort circuit of signal %heck &hether ink pump &orks normall! . 1. .<.eplace raster ar or encode raster %onnect optical fi er again . -top process and restart program. 2.esolution .eplace the ink pump . . The process of last printing ).eplace the ser$o card .eplace the ser$o card .eplace the dri$er .The cannot ink Ink o( inductor is roken The 29 cores ca le isn:t &ell connected %arefull! check &hether the ca leangle is pursed or the line is disconnected.etr! after a moment. . -oft&are Errors &arns e(plaination 7ist Error Error Information %ode 991 1e /rinting -olutions 1.eplace the /%I card 2otes image are printed a normall! .econnect 2. Image processing s!stem -!mptom 4nal!sis of Test and ar reason There is something &rong &ith raster ar or encode raster The fa ric ca le is not connected &ell The dri$er is ro en The /%I card is roken E(amination method ...

The re#uired printing length of current picture is more &ider than print media. . -et the ma( motion length into <999. %heck &hether /%I card &orks &ell or not. Error is found in the s!stem configuration. %heck &hether the media sensor &orks normall! or not.lack of space canQt finish picture process. 91E The EM. 1. The file ma! e e damaged. 2. %hange printing motion parameter. 4ttempt to change print pass" and restart print. %heck the &idth of the media correct or not. -top process and restart program. 2.ri$e module adjustment errorT <.. 6se region printing. The .. )1 . 1. 1ackup present printing parameter and reinstall soft&are pleaseT %lose some present task &hich occup! muchmemor! space to meet the re#uirement of the soft&are.task hasnQt finished 911 912 91< 915 The appointed ./I of rip source can:t e supported ! s!stem. The print pass can:t e supported ! s!stem. The parameter of printhead data channel is &rong.The net rip data is interrupted The color parameter of course appointed rip source e(ceeded s!stem capacit!. Error 0ccurs during Measuring medial.. The color parameter can:t e supported ! s!stem.ip source doesn:t e(ist. 1. -!stem configuration has some errors. /lease reinstall soft&are. %hange the color of the $acuum affle into lack 1./I of rip source e(ceeded s!stem capacit!. The .etr! after a moment. 5. 2. The carriage position encoder doesn:t &ork" please check the connects damaged or not. . 1. 9@2 %annot find printing media 9@. 921 922 92.estart the printer and computer. .. 2. The motor s!stem doesn:t &ork" and please check &hether the electric apparatus &ork normall! or not. 2. 0nl! found portion order , check sensor:s sensiti$e. . .The appointed rip file does:t e(ist !et. .eplace the &ider media . 1. 2. The s!stem refuse to print ecause the length of print &ill e(ceed printing flate length uffer 959 %arriage can:t go to 'ero position. .

/lease install ne& one. 129 . . 1. MM!jet. /lease check position limited s&itch and its circuit connection. . The printer hasn:t een turned on" or the carriage is too near from the side so that it pressed the position limited s&itch. The file under installation director! is damaged or doesn:t e(ist" please load . 2.on:t press E-% on the Ke! oard &hile the s!stem is performing reposition motion if the soft&are is used normall!. 0rientation s!stem doesn:t &ork normall!. %hange the color of the $acuum affle into lack 3ile sharing conflicted The file under installation director! is damaged or doesn:t e(ist" please load . /%I card slot doesn:t &ork or /%I card is damaged.. 121 1. The control card is damaged.I/ supported ta le doesn:t e(ist.I/ supported file or ackup the printing parameters to reinstall the soft&are.r fN file didn:t e copied under the s!stem director! in the *I2.eplace /%I card slot and insert the /%I card . . /rinting parameter error. Emergenc! stop s&itch ma! not e pressed do&n./. )2 .. %ontrol card ma! e damaged" please install a ne& card. -!stem control oard has not dri$en 2. %heck &hether the motor for carriage mo$ement can &ork normall! or not. -top the printer and restart the computer. /lease don:t carr! out the carriage mo$ement. 122 2o coding signal of carriage position after reposition is performed. 1. The s!stem &ill not identif! all . 2. . 112 The s!stem hard&are program of the control card cannot e loaded 11. <.9C9 199 Task initiali'ing failed .einstall /%I card 2. 2.I/ files -!stem parameter reading error. 191 192 111 /rinting parameter reading failed" s!stem &ill &ork &ith default $alue. -!stem can:t sense the signal of position limited s&itch. /lease don:t perform carriage motion.0*-. . %ontrol card ma! e e damaged" please install a ne& one . please check the encoder on the carriage and its connection.eposition function doesn:t &ork normall!. The reposition action is canceled ! user" the carriage orientation doesn:t &ork. .I/ supported file or ackup the printing parameters to reinstall the soft&are. 29cores ca le hasn:t een connected. 1.program of the s!stem control card cannot e loaded..

emergenc! stop and position limited circuits conneced &rongl!. The loaded format of the parameter file is not permitted. /lease make sure !ou are the normall! )& . 5. %heck the encoder on the carriage &hether in normal condition. B. . 2. %heck &hether the ser$o card can &ork normall! or not. %heck the encoder on the carriage. -er$o card has no 5>2<4 po&er..54 po&er on the carriage oard. 0peration canceled. A)motor hasn:t een connected. The file &hich the user is &illing to ackup cannot e read. /rinting is stopped ! s!stem.19 The printing length motion instruction length is longer than machine printing plat" or carriage can:t mo$e to appointed position..e$ersed phase of encoding signal sensed &hen reposition is performed. %heck the motor for the carriage mo$ement &ork &ell or$er the printing to continue current printing task after sol$ing the pro lems. 5. 2. 1.e)install the control soft&are. check the home position circuit hasn:t een connected. -er$o card is damaged. There is no 5>. .. A and Y &ere &rongl! connected connect the 41 phase of encoder on the carriage in re$erse. 4uthori'ed pass&ord input error . 2. . %heck the printing data.95 /rinting data is cut off.emergenc! stop circuit hasn:t een connected.12. <. 0peration canceled. 1. @. <. 12< 1. @. computer has no enough EM. .memor! space" please delete some pictures.eposition function cann:t &ork normall! 7eft and right mission are in effecti$e state. /erform after errors. 5. The loaded format of the parameter file is not permitted. %heck the motor for carriage mo$ement. 599 /arameter ackup failed. <91 <9. <. There are some dirt! or trail on the raster ar. %heck the connection of /%I ca le. . 1. <99 4uto adjusting carriage mo$ement s!stem failed. . 2. B. . %heck the circuit from left and right mission to ser$o card.

Encr!pted hard&are hasn:t een installed. 1. %orrect dri$er for the encr!pted hard&are hasn:t een installed. /lease contact the e#uipment supplier for help. /lease contact the e#uipment supplier for help.591 Encr!pted hard&are initiali'ing failed authori'ed user" and contact the supplier to get the right pass&ord. 59< 595 59@ 59B 59C 59E 519 )' .ead hard&are encr!pted failed The data of the encr!pted hard&are ina$aila le The data of the encr!pted hard&are in$alidated The authori'ed terms of the soft&are is out of date. -oft&are is in$alidated. /lease contact the e#uipment supplier for help. /lease contact the e#uipment supplier for help. 592 59. The language on the soft&are interface is not matched &ith the configuration. 2. /lease contact the e#uipment supplier for help. /lease contact the e#uipment supplier for help. -oft&are is under illegal usage state. /lease contact the e#uipment supplier for help. The soft&are is in$alidated The authori'ed usage times of the soft&are is used up. /lease contact the e#uipment supplier for help. . The usufruct of the soft&are is out of date The /%I card is not matched &ith the encr!pted hard&are. The /%I oard isn:t matched &ith the encr!pted hard&are" please contact the printer supplier for help.