Parcel value in INR Upto Rs. 30 lac Rs. 30 lac to Rs. 60 lac Rs. 60 lac to Rs. 90 lac Rs. 90 lac to Rs. 150 lac Rs. 150 lac to Rs. 180 lac Rs. 180 lac to Rs. 300 lac Rs. 300 lac to Rs. 500 lac Above Rs. 500 lac Please Note : Charges per Lac Rs. 150 Rs. 130 Rs. 100 Rs. 90 Rs. 80 Rs. 70 Rs. 60 Rs. 50

1 Minimum Charge Rs.1000 + Taxes. 2 Weight Charges: Parcels weighing over 3 Kgs will attract additional weight Charges of Rs. 275 per kg. 3 The above rates are applicable for movement between following 12 destinations only
AHMEDABAD, BANGALORE, CHENNAI, COIMBATORE, DELHI, HOSUR, HYDERABAD, JAIPUR, KOLKATA, KOCHI, MUMBAI & THRISSUR. Destination Additional Information: Kolkata – Waybill charge of Rs.500 per shipment. Mumbai – Octroi clearance charge of Rs.500 per shipment. Thrissur – Inbound and Outbound shipments will attract Rs.2000/- per shipment. Delhi - Terminal handling chage of Rs. 650 per shipment Please note any increase / decrease in Fuel prices, Airline charges which are not under BVC Logistics Pvt Ltd direct control shall be charged on a pro-rata basis as & when applicable. Door to Door Insurance is available on request at the rate of 0.055 % on 110% of the invoice value. Service Taxes will be additional and applicable at the prevailing rates. Shipper & the Consignee shall ensure to comply with all the Government and statutory requirements, such as Tax Formalities in advance to facilitate transportation and delivery. We shall not be liable for Noncompliance by the customer. Vaulting if required may be arranged where-ever possible for an additional charge of Rs. 1500/= per shipment per day. In the event, we are forced to vault the parcel for reasons beyond our control, including non-compliance and submission of requisite documents for transport, the vaulting charges of Rs.1500/- per day per shipment shall be payable by the Shipper in addition to other charges. by the Shipper.


5 6 7 8 9 10

11 All Government and other Statutory taxes, levies to include, Octroi, Sales Tax, Service Tax shall be bourne

For further details & service to other locations, please contact: Mr. Santosh Menon / Mr. Burzin Kumana Mob No: +91 9016690999 / 7878478444 Tel No: +91 79 40050321 / 4 Email Id: bvcahmedabad@bvcgroup.com / burzinkumana@yahoo.com

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