James Dean walking in Times Square, New York, 1955 James Dean launched one The Times Square

. The image of Dean trudging down the Times Square in the rain, where his body became a reflection in the puddle, cigarette in his mouth and walking lonely down the road. The background of the image is quite emotional because its gloomy and foggy which means it wasn’t a happy image. I chose this image because I would like to experiment with the image and create an image similar to it. When I take an image similar to this one I will take it in an environment which includes rain and fog. If I don't get the chance to create an image like this in the same environment I will edit the photo I take and make it look similar to the one I have picked. The strengths of this image is that the photographer has the guts to go out and take a photo in bad weather. The weaknesses of the image is that it is not very clear but this may be due to the weather. The Iconic images of James Dean don't waste stocks careers. On with portrayal America’s medium and musical high society, James took wonderful photos of street scenes in New York City, Paris and California. He aimed at being as optically fluent as possible. I am happy with the recreation because It was similar to the original image but the background was different.

During my research for iconic images I found a image that I really like and I wanted to try and copy the image. I took this image because I found another image that I really liked and I thought I will do my own version of it and see if it will look the same or similar to it. The photographer of this image is Dennis Stock. When I took this image I placed the camera in front of the model and took the photo. I placed the camera in the centre because it looked similar to the image I seen. I chose the right hand side image because I thought it was really good and it didn't have much editing to it so when it comes to editing it will be easy for me to edit my own photo that I have created. During this photo shoot I used a cannon camera. My settings such at the F Number was on 13. ISO was on 200 and shutter speed was on 1/30sec. When uploaded this image on my computer back in collage I had to edit it. I opened up the image in Photoshop. When I opened up the image in Photoshop I used HDR Toning for this image I made the image black and white. I also changed the detail to +186 and the radius to 199 px and the strength to 1.22. By changing all of them this made my image much more better made it stand out more. The one thing I can improve on next time is pick a right day to go out just like the image you will try and simplify. My strength for this image is I try to edited it the best I could to get a image just like the one I try to simplify.

‘Abbey Road’, The Beatles - St John’s Wood
This image was taken by Abbey Road where the Beatles were walking along the zebra crossing. I chose this image because it included colour. Abbey Roads is the eleventh studio album released by the English rock band the Beatles. This was shown in the video Let It Be. The strengths is that before taking the photo you can tell that they have planned how the photo will be taken e.g. camera, positioning, location etc. The weaknesses of the image is that you cant clearly see the faces of the men walking down the road. If I take a picture similar to this one I will edit it and change it a little bit by zooming into the people and I would also use males and females in my photo.

When I was researching images I came across an image which included the Beatles. The photographer is Abbey Road. I liked this image because I found it quite unique and fascinating and thought I could do something like this but an image which looks like today and not the 60's. The camera was at a centre angle. I put it at this angle because that was the angle which the research photo was at plus I thought it will look better because it includes a good landscape photo and a nice background. The models in my photo were kind of tilted down, I've done this so it can look a little different to the research photo just so that it doesn't look exactly the same as it. I took shots of the models in the studio room in collage. When I got to edit this image I had to use Photoshop and use the magic tool to crop each person out. After I cropped every person I then had to open up another tab and get a background witch I wanted. I then pasted the models on to the background I wanted so it all come out perfect. I used a canon camera EOS 600. The F Number was on 3.5 and exposure was 1/2sec and my ISO Speed was on 100. I did not used flash for this image. I also used HDR toning. I changed the radius to 97px, strength to 0.98 gamma to 1.71. also the exposure -0.86 and detail to +149% and saturation to +20 this made the image have a lot of colour and made the image stand out.

A casual lunchtime snap
This image was taken on September 20th , 1932 which intended to look natural during the building of the RCA Building. The image of the 11 workers supported on a building with 69 floors above Manhattan eating lunch, talking and lighting cigarettes. This photo is old school. It is a photo of men working on building one of the first sky scrapers back in the 80's. I liked this image because it is interesting and it is one of the iconic image that really caught my eyes. It also shows me how brave people were in the 80's to get up onto a sky scraper that yet hasn't been built and take the photo. The weaknesses of the photo is that the photo doesn't stand out much, one because it doesn't have any colour and two because the background of the photo is quite dull and doesn't really look too interesting. If I was to take a photo like this I would use a wall and position people sitting onto it and take the photo from the side. Or I would use Lego and place little toy people onto it but makes it look realistic when I edit it .

I took this photo because I think it reminded me of how hard working and stressed out people were when they were building on a very hot day. I took my photo in black and white just so that it looks like a old school photograph. I picked the research photo because I really liked it and it reminded me of how hard working we are now but at the same time relaxed. I positioned the camera at the right side of my models. I did this because you can see everybody and looked more professional. My F Number was on 11. My ISO was on 100 and shutter speed was 1/25sec. When I edited my image I really enjoyed editing this image because I had to different types to choose from a coloured version or a black and white but I thought the black and white stand out much more better. However what I did on Photoshop was gave it a lot of detail witch you can see by the white glowing outline and changed the radius to 183px. I also changed it to black and white. The strength was I edited this image really well I enjoyed when I was edited the image. The weakness for this image was the background was not similar to the image I wanted to copy.

This is a photograph which is similar to the one above. This photograph consists of workers eating their food and lying down casually on the sky scraper that is half constructed. I also liked this image because it shows how unique and natural the photo is by using real workers and showing how brave they were and how relaxed and hard working they were. I also liked this image because it was in black and white, so when I edit my image I can changed the colour of the photograph and make it look more modern. The strengths of this image is the background and how realistic and unique it looks. I like the background because it shows how high the sky scraper was. I also like the boldness of the skyscraper the men are lying on because it stands out from the border plus the background liked like it's in some kind of dream.
I chose this image because it made me think of the other image. I found this photo quite useful because when it comes to editing my photo I can changed the colour, size and brightness just so that it looks a little different to the original photo. The camera for this photo was positioned at the centre, I positioned it in the centre because I wanted to get the whole body of the models in. I also did it landscape because I think the way the models are laying on the brick wall will get me a better photo. I used a canon camera . My Number was on 11 and the exposure 1/25sec. Also my ISO on 100. I had to edit this image because I wanted it in black and white and wanted to put more detail on it. I think if I really put more effort in this image it would of came out much better. I HDR this image I changed the radius to 22px and the strength to 3.44. I also had to change the detail witch gave it a brilliant outlining line. My weakness for this image was getting the models I used to do as I say. I never had a lot of control when shooting this image. I think my strength is editing this image.

This photograph was taken on February 23rd which reminded people of WWII This image remind me of how patriotic America was for their country. I liked this image because it was an image I can perform myself when taking photos and it was also an image that was very interesting. When I edit this image I might use my own flag instead of the American flag and I might change the costume I will be wearing. I also will change the colour of the image because black and white is dull so I will change the colour so that I can see the difference before and after. The strength of this image is that the photographer has made the photo look very clear and clearly shows the meaning behind the photo. The weaknesses was the colour. If there was colour then the viewers will be able to see properly who the flag belonged to. I will recreate this image by using army and I will make a flag out of paper. I will edit it on Photoshop and changing it to black and white I chose this image because it showed power and strength they had for their country. This is a very patriotic image which showed When I took my image I placed the camera at the front because I wanted to get the whole image in. I used a canon camera to take the photo. For this image I didn’t use models I used a plastic toy to be my model which made it completely different. I used Photoshop to edit my image i changed it from colour to black and white. I also had to cut out a flag from paper and draw my own Briton flag. I cropped out my original image on to the iconic image and I had to crop out the army that was already on that image and put my army image on.

This iconic photo depict the relief expressed throughout America when armistice was declared in World War Two. Contrary to popular opinion, the two in the picture were not lovers; the soldier was victoriously kissing women in the Times Square and this nurse was one of them. I chose this image because it was different to all the other images I picked, this image included a male and female and showed love within the image. So when I create an image like this I will use two different genders which will imitate the image or a little changed to the original image itself. When I edit the image I will add colour which will make it look modern. I will also change the background and the place which it was taken in so it will look a bit different to the original photo.

I chose this image because it involved some sort of friendship or love in it. I find this image different to the other images because this image involves only 2 models. When I took this photo I positioned the camera at the front of the models. I did this because you can see the full image of both the models. I used a canon camera which is a very clear and high quality camera. The radius of the image was 17 px. The exposure was -2.75. The radius is low because I don’t want the image to be too pixelated I want it to look clear.

Ansel Adam was born on February 20, 1902, in San Francisco. In 1928, Ansel Adams married Virginia Best, the daughter of the Best’s Studio owner. Virginia inherited the studio from her father on his death in 1935, and the Adamses continued to operate the studio until 1971. The business, now known as the Ansel Adams Gallery, remains in the family. Adams expert advance followed the publication of his first portfolio, Parmelian Prints of the High Sierras. The portfolio was a success, leading to a number of commercial assignments. Between 1929 and 1942, Adams’ work and reputation developed. Adams expanded his range, focused on detailed close-ups as well as large forms, from mountains to factories. During this period, Adams joined photographer Orothea Lange and Walker Evans in their responsibility to affecting social and political change through. Adams shot a scene of the moon rising above a village. Adams re-interpreted the image titled “Moonrise”, making over a thousand unique prints that helped him to achieve financial stability. art

American, 1908-1976. White took up photography while very young but set it aside for a number of years to study poetry. He began to photograph seriously in 1937. His early years as a photographer were spent working for the Works Progress Administration. White travelled through the US in the late 1950s and early ’60s and began to experiment with colour in photographs. In 1965 he settled in Cambridge, Mass., and became professor of creative photography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. White became editor of the important photography magazine. White was encouraged by Weston’s use of realism and tonal beauty in photographic prints. Always interested in the religious comfort of photography, White followed aspects of Zen beliefs and often gave magical interpretation to his work.