As we know, many fire accidents happened due to leakage of gas. This is because the owner of the house was not caution about the safety of their house. Their carelessness to check the house before they leave for work and etc. As for example, they forget to turn off the gas before they go to work. This matter should not be taken lightly. Not only the house will be caught on fire but as well as other things around the house. Thank you for your cooperation

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1. What is your gender? Male___ Female___

2. Have you or your close friend get involved in fire? Yes___ No___

3. Do you think this Gas Detector System could help you in anyway possible to prevent fire? Yes___ No___

4. How much would you be willing spend to buy this Gas Detector System? Below RM50 ____

RM50-RM100 ____ RM100-RM150____ Above RM150 ____

Please rank the following items that you would consider regarding the manufacturing of this product (1 – most preferred. justify your suggestion______________________________________________ 6. What would you consider to be added to your Gas Detector System? Gas message application Type of gas detected Different type of alarm sound Direct connection to the authorities _____ _____ _____ _____ Others. 5. People should be more alert upon leaving the house Strongly agree___ Agree___ Disagree___ Strongly disagree___ 7. 5 – least preferred) Durability :___ Price Size :___ :___ Decoration:___ Safety :___ 9.For next question you may tick ( / ) as many as you think appropriate. The main cause of the burning house is the leak of gas Strongly agree___ Agree___ Disagree___ Strongly disagree___ 8. Please justify _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ . Any suggestion or opinion regarding this product would be much appreciated.