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Balaji Institute Of Technology & Science, Nspt


Increasing demand in energy facilitated the need of clean energy such as wind energy. Residences, uildings and commercial sites needs more power, ut also continuous power. Important facilities such as wireless or radio sets re!uires small amount of energy, ut with a continuous supply. This study was done to in"estigate the design and de"elopment of the #Vertical Axis Wind Turbines$. The contri ution of counter rotating impellers with a freely rotating generator to produce energy was in"estigated. %or the analysis and design, Solid wor&s, 'aper wor&outs were used. 'ossi le de"elopments were considered. In conclusion, it was seen that the counter rotating impellers pro"ide etter power production, an increase of si( time that of single impeller ones. )nder the guidance of *r. Sridhar sir +'rofessor & *achinist in BITS, Nspt, B-, S. .I/R0* +1234501676, '. N0R8S9 +12345016:4, 39. R0N;IT9 +1234501661, .. *098S9 +12345016<6,