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Consumer and Industrial Buying Behavior

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it is clear that when selecting and targeting potential consumers marketing strategies must incorporate a wide range of factors to appeal to a market segment which may encompass people with wide ranging beliefs. The selective nature of perception and attention act as a way of coping with the constant bombardment of stimuli. how. . The paper deals in explaining the consumer behavior of Lakme on the basis of perception and attitude. using. and disposing of products and services so as to satisfy their needs and desires'. motives and attitudes as well as social situation. It blends elements from psychology. With a prior knowledge of this aspect of consumer purchasing behaviour. sociology. purchasing. social anthropology and economics. attitudes and values. and where people do or do not buy product. the precise manner in which the person allows some messages to penetrate while rejecting others depends on values. It attempts to understand the buyer decision making process. Belch and Belch define consumer behaviour as 'the process and activities people engage in when searching for. why. evaluating.Introduction Consumer behaviour is the study of when. For example marketing for young. selecting. trendy professionals looking for up to the minute style may represent a particular market segment but within this segment individuals may have varying beliefs or values. both individually and in groups and studies characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics and behavioral variables in an attempt to understand people's wants.

any negative associations that might exist. alive and intuitive and inspires her to unleash the potency of her femininity. Its bond with beauty and fashion is manifested through the Lakme Fashion Week. which includes line. Kohli & Thakor (1997) argued that a brand name involves the creation of an image or the development of a brand identity and is an expensive and time consuming process. skin care & hair styling products and extending to beauty services through the network of Lakme Beauty Salons. sensual. which is the largest span of outlets with ‘Beauty Advisors’ in the country. indeed. Duff (2007) investigated the niche market in women’s cosmetics and observed that cosmetics buyers were becoming mo re fashion conscious and were demanding products with more attractive design. It is further argued that design or visual appearance is the important part of the product. They help the woman in expression of her best self. Lakme brings expert products and services that are borne out of true understanding of the needs of the Indian woman. expressive. Consumers tend to perceive the products from an overall perspective. which is now the largest fashion event of its kind in the country. the goddess of wealth. also renowned for her beauty. The development of a brand name is an essential part of the process since the name is the basis of a brand’s image. Lakme is the Indian woman’s ‘Beauty Sutra’ inspiring expression of her unique beauty and sensuality. . Also. consumers have a tendency to use different makeup designs for different occasions. Lakme has a foot print of over 1200 assisted sales outlets. shape and details affecting consumer perception towards a brand. beauty and sensuality as she wants to be perceived that way.Lakme A brand originally introduced by the Tata group of India. Lakme was the first major beauty brand in India and takes pride in being the expert on Indian Beauty for over 50 years. original. It is complete beauty brand spanning colour cosmetics. associating with the brand name all the attributes and satisfaction experienced by the purchase and use of the product and. now bought over by Hindustan Lever (HLL) of the Unilever group and the nomenclature of the brand is dericed from French form of Lakshmi. furthermore.

political and cultural circumstances of a society. He makes them perceive what he wants them to perceive. Your brand should stand for something different from the competitors. Though the brand communicates the same values to all the people in a target segment. you need to do something to help them easily distinguish your brand. based on the economical. you become the first and you will have an opportunity to become a leader in that category. The buyers black box contains the buyer characteristics and the decision process. the values are perceived differently based on various factors of an individual. decision process and consumer responses. The marketing stimuli are planned and processed by the companies. psyche. when people find difficult to perceive your brand.Perception Perception depends upon various factors such as background of the individual. consumer characteristics. The black box model is related to the black box theory of behaviourism. This is what is called creating a new category. economic and social factors and a lot others. . Perceptual selection A consumer subconsciously selects only a small number from the large number of stimuli encountered. You need to find something that people associate your brand with. The relevant factors are: Nature of Stimuli – marketing stimuli includes a number of variables that affects the consumer’s perception. When you create a new category. A great brand strategist understands the perception of their target consumers. where the focus is not set on the processes inside a consumer. It can be distinguished between interpersonal stimuli (between people) or intrapersonal stimuli (within people). Contrast is most commonly used as a stimulus. So. whereas the environmental stimulus are given by social factors. which determines the buyers response. but the relation between the stimuli and the response of the consumer. and he brings out an emotion in them. Black Box Model The black box model shows the interaction of stimuli.

Lakme fair perfect: For flawlessly fair skin! 4. On top of the world! 2. Lakme Hair Color: magic of colors (collage). a texture. It tries to position itself amongst its consumers as a product range that will help them look beautiful as is evident from its catchphrases: 1. Source of radiant beauty! Lakme has a range of beauty products to offer to its consumers. She does all this to feel herself. Lakme (moisturizer): radiant skin. A woman will take whatever it takes to get such small things. now and forever. Lakme nail polish and lipstick: electric brilliance/sensual brilliance 8. Lakme means fashion. The salons not only make good business sense but they nicely strengthen the brand by completing customer contact and experience. Lakme (versatile eye shadow collection): rich. 11. Lakme India Fashion Week provides the top tier of the brand communication structure. Lakme pure defense: anti-pollution system. 6. These could be matching of colors. Lakme (skin vitalizer): radiant skin. Lakme face magic: daily wear soufflé 5. or a pretty hairclip. It has a brand personality of someone who takes care of you and your beauty needs. coordination of accessories. Lakme Tropical Island (cosmetics): defining the future of fashion. Some of the ways in which the brand products have been apprehended :1. 10. 2.It is perceived that little things matter most to the women. Lakme Beauty Salons provide professional beauty services.Lakme hair care (international): natural hair care . A woman has an uncanny ability to spot what she wants amidst clutter and chaos. now and forever. Lakme has worked on this concept. 7. 3. long lasting and healthy make up. Lakme sun expert (sunscreen): sun safe hamesha! (face the sun with a smile) 9.

The brand is for everyone . helps retain young-looking skin before it starts losing its elasticity and firmness. In such a case. restores moisture content and brightens skin. Lakmé has launched Youth Infinity. and night créme. Unilever has practiced this successfully. facial foam. while Lakme is a high end range. day créme. an expert range recommended by Lakmé Salon professionals.The range consists of serum. Since the target group of the range believes that skin is at its best in the 20s. For example. Lakme hair next: exclusive range of hairstyle products that give you that salon look instantly. exfoliates dead cells. The new range has helped the brand to be perceived at par with other brands.12. Youth Infinity focuses on keeping skin bright and tight for a timeless sculpted look. eye créme. Elle is an economy range. Aimed at women in their late 20s.The key ingredient Insta-Collagen Booster™ helps stimulate collagen production. enhance skin cell turnover. the range is a preventive rather than corrective solution. positioned and priced accordingly. while the high price would imply a superior quality. young as well as old. . The range is recommended to be applied with salon-style massage strokes which form the sculpting ritual and are a must for that sculpted look. That is why it is advisable to brand the product individually rather than as a family. They are meant for two different segments. the perception of an increased price and quality relationship may counteract for a marketer who sells higher end as well as lower end products. Also. the lower price may imply a poor or inferior quality and may harm the sales of the lower end products.

dark spots. The Lakmé Perfect Radiance range also offers:   Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening™ Facewash for deep cleansing. Armed with skin lightening vitamins and anti-oxidants. leaving it radiant and flawless in just four weeks.   . Lakmé Perfect Radiance 4week Intense Whitening™ Capsules contain a luxurious serum that effortlessly seeps into your skin. day protection. night repair and intensive treatment which serves everyday’s women need.And . oiliness. Lakmé perfect radiance Intense Whitening™ Night Repair Crè me that moisturises and enhances your skin’s radiance while you sleep. It helps fight off all 6 fairness blocks . Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening™ Day cream with skin lightening vitamins like Chronosphere Vitazyme C and Vitamin B3. Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening™ UV Day Crème with a protective index of SPF 15 that blocks UVB rays and PA++ that ensures UVA rays don’t enter your dermis. moisturising.tanning. blemishes. uneven skin tone and dullness. these lightweight capsules are a powerhouse of pure Vitamin C encapsulated in microsponge which helps in continuously releasing these vitamins into the skin’s epidermal cells. Lakmé has introduced the Lakmé Perfect Radiance range that helps reveal perfectly radiant skin with an easy skin regime that includes cleansing.

Be it on the model’s image available on the app or the user’s own picture. etc. Lip: This is the most exhaustive category with Lakmé’s wide range of lipsticks across Classics. marketers are better able to appeal to consumers through their marketing messages and appeals.Attitude An attitude may be defined as a learned predisposition to respond in a consistently favourable or unfavourable manner with respect to a given object. . kajal and mascara. India’s leading beauty brand. now introduces India’s first ever makeover application that allows consumers to experiment with their looks and get an instant makeover with the vast Lakmé pallet . the app allows user to play around with different styles. Face: This section covers options for base make up including foundation. Changing attitude with innovation Lakmé. Eye: For the eyes. further apply the lip color as per preference and complete the look with the lip gloss. Once the user selects the shade according to her skin tome. powder and blush. concealor. The application also suggests products and shades that will suit a one’s face along with tips for application tips and tricks along with an option of emailing herself. 9to5 and Absolute available for the user to play with and select the lip color that suits her style and mood.Available under the ‘Lakmé Reinvent StudioLink opens in a new window’ section on the Lakmé website. It allows the user to define the lip liner. 9to5 and Absolute. lips. this first of its kind application is designed to precision giving the users a chance to create a look for themselves using options across all categories including the face. eyes. thickness options for eyeliners. the list of products used to create the look. Each of these options contain a circulur color pallete of the Lakmé products available across all ranges including Classics. By keeping in touch with changing consumer attitudes. the app allows the user to reinvent their style virtually and thereby encouraging them to try different options in reality. she is introduced to the details of the product including its price and shade number thus helping her with a ready recknor.

say experts. "The packaging has also been revamped to make it exciting for the working woman. This is increasingly becoming evident in nail colour. Cocktail Glamour. has also become imperative in the cosmetics space because women today are not hesitant to experiment with their products. "Lip and nail colour. Lakmé also understands the importance of maintaining and accentuating a women’s natural beauty. nail polish to lipsticks under 9 to 5. in particular. Corporate Power and Sundown Shimmer are among the many options available. . it gives the user the chance to adapt her looks to the ones created on the Lakmé diva – Kareena Kapoor. It’s a brand that inspire . Exciting looks like Night Look. motivate and infuses confidence Colours .Nails: This segment is also designed to detail with the user being able to select the colour based on their nail style and skin tone." Srinivas says. have been the core attribute of the products. The challenge which the cosmetic industry has to break was the negative connotation of “being fashionable’’. The user simply has to choose their favourite Lakmé look and click on their image to witness the same look being re-created on them. shades. are new additions to the range. Lakme has responded to these mutiple challenges with a range of products from eyeliners.for it’s ‘the’ brand that lights up the face of million girls . blushers. The most fascinating section of the application. These ranges have been constantly innovated to bring specialized beauty care and complete the range for the definitive women. Today brand lakme stand strong as one of the 100 most powerful brands and right fully so .everyday. Innovation. Sultry Evenings. for this it has introduced a range of skincare products from 1987." he adds. compacts. where even working women can be found trying out newer and bolder shades without worrying about how their colleagues would perceive them. brushes and tones to beautify . for instance.

Lakmé Flawless Matte Complexion Compact Lips Lakmé Enrich Lipcolor . Eyes From dramatic to natural look.Glosses in lustrous shades available in 14 shades.Starshine Lipgloss . Lame Insta Eyeliner eyelids 3.Lakmé Perfecting liquid Foundation . Contains resins and silicone with colour lock technology that gives brilliant long lasting shine Skin For radiant skin Lakmé is there to pamper your skin with specialized products for the diva in you. Lakmé Kajal: 2. 1.. Face Lakmé Daily Wear Soufflé .Lakme products Colours From the spicy shades to the flattering look. lips. Cleansing . Lakme offers a range of products in the face. eyes and nail segment for the beauty aficionados. Perfecting Definition Lip Pencil .Lakmé Radiance Compact .a wide range of products are on offer to create the perfect eyes. Lakme Lakmé Shimmer Eye Cube: Nails True Wear Nail Enamel -Nail Enamel with Lacquer-like finish.

most international majors have focused on offering Indian women no-fuss but stylish products. The eyebrow cream was another innovation after researching the market. given that they barely have the time for repeated touchups. this is an enticing proposition. it should be smudge proof. Lakme has grown to be the market leader in the cosmetics industry. "The number of contemporary professional women in Indian offices is increasing with societal changes." In recent years. Arun Srinivas. face and skin. says. Lakme 9 to 5 offers women a unique range of long-wear make-up that allows them to look their best and go about their work with utmost style and without any touch-ups. nails. eyes. one application should be enough and the tagline successfully related to the women’s mind. Lakmé Fundamental Peach Milk Moisturiser skin. Lakmé Fundamental Deep Pore Cleansing Milk Moisturizing 1. These include products for the lips. and services like the Lakme Beauty Salons The eyeconic kajal introduced by Lakme still continues to rule the market because the company understood what all should a kajal should have i. . high consumer interest segments in the Indian Industry . Lakmé Fundamental Winter Care Lotion Sun Protection-The range comprises of lotions to keep your skin healthy and younger looking. and arm the consumer with products to pamper herself from head to toe. vice-president. research and constant innovation. It has grown to have a wide variety of products and services that cover all facets of beauty care. For working women.e. skincare and make-up. HUL. Lakme tapped into what would grow to be amongst the leading.that of skincare and cosmetic products. Armed with a potent combination of foresight.Strawberry Silk Splash Face Wash . 2.

. conditioners and treatments capable of restoring original qualities to all kinds of hair. the TEKNIA is the high-tech line from LAKMÉ for hair care and hydration. Ultra Copper and Ultra Brown that revive red. This range will strive to change the attitude of consumers towards professional hair care. TEKNIA has added to its range of products a frequent use shampoo Gentle Balance that is totally organic and sulfate-free. All the products are made with natural ingredients and do not contain environmentally unfriendly synthetic components. mahogany and copper colors. In the Ultra range there are also three new products: Ultra Red.Secondly. The TEKNIA improved formula has been prepared with carefully selected natural ingredients and using the most advanced technology to develop a range of shampoos.

Getting the base right is the most important and yet the most tricky part of makeup. Beige Honey. It has a sensorial gel-cream texture that gives an even and weightless skin-like coverage. break through and innovative combination of ingredients in each product promises professional results with every application. including uneven skin and undereye dark circles. Golden Medium. The new. Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Compact and Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos. Almond Honey The Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Concealer is a unique offering from Lakmé cosmetics. The superior blendability and weightless finish of this liquid concealer makes it a must have in your base make-up kit. Medium. Rose Fair. The Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Concealer comes three shades :Fair.The women can easily relate to Kareena and the word ‘second skin’ as most of the times the natural skin is tainted and the need of flawless second skin becomes a necessity. that feels like her second skin. to ensure clever and unrecognizable coverage of every blemish. Golden Light. . Every woman is on the lookout for the perfect base makeup. Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Foundation. Lakme launches Lakme Absolute Face Stylist – a high performance professional face make-up range that includes Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Concealer. It comes in 6 different shades ideal for Indian skin: Ivory Fair. The Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Foundation is constituted to spread evenly and when applied gives you a flawless base for the rest of your make up. Making face make-up a simpler yet foolproof experience.

. The neat compressed packaging works as a perfect addition to your purse when you need to renew your ‘second skin’ just before an evening out. Golden Medium. Almond Honey Lakmé Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duos: Just what you need to contour your cheeks for natural looking radiance and a healthy glow. The Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Compact complements the Foundation and comes in matching shades of Ivory Fair. And I think more and more boys are turning out to be metro sexual. Lakme can start contests for free makeover of women. So lakme should work more in creating a water resistant sunscreen lotion which could stay all through the hard sweaty days. Beige Honey. Pink Blush. as it will be ignoring a large chunk of looks conscious and metro sexual boys. Golden Light. The homegrown universe of beauty and fashion bloggers has fanned such trend-spotting. This category will rise in the future and lakme must concentrate on catching them so that the company can generate more sales from them. Lakme must not limit itself to serve only the women. This luminous and silky powder formulation gives you an impeccable color payoff and a perfect intense finish. More of the saloons should be created in order to provide easy accessibility to the consumers of the services and products provided ." Ghosh adds. Many respondents in their answer as to why they did not take lakme product said that lakme does not provide a makeup or sunscreen lotion which is to be put only once as it is not moisture resistant.The Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Compact comes in a vibrant small package to ensure a soft and weightless finish. Peach Blush and Rose Blush. they want to be part of an international trend or phenomenon. Lakmé Absolute Face Blush Duos is available in four beautiful shades of pink: Coral Blush. It would be wise for the company to target young people in the above category and grow along with them as they and the nation prospers. Conclusion and Suggestions "Women know what is happening abroad and in a globalised world. . Rose Fair.

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