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Gowri Mohan Kumar 1/558, Karumariamman kovil st, Subramanian nagar Iyyapanthagal Chennai !!!

5 "8"1###$$#% Meant For: Seeking a position in a &ompany where a&'uire( e)perien&e an( knowle(ge &an be utili*e( properly% +ooking ,or a position in a &ompany where there is enough s&ope to &ontribute in the (evelopment% Seeking a -ob that &an provi(e ample s&ope to ,a&e new &hallenges% Seeking ,or a -ob in ./0 in(ustry that &an o,,er a stea(y growth an( new responsibilities% Experience: Si) months 1orke( as Claim pro&essing 2)e&utive in 3ri&om Global servi&es Chennai% 3wo years worke( as a Claim pro&essing 2)e&utive in 4te&h Solutions, Chennai% Qualification gained: .5%,2&onomi&s with 86 in the year #!!8 ,rom 7niversity o, Ma(ras

Computer Literacy: 1ell verse( MS e)&el, MS wor(, 2,,i&ient in internet% Strength: Can per,orm un(er pressure% Can e)e&ute a task within given time% Can easily a(ept to any new implementation 8ar( 1orking Can learn ,ast ,rom mistakes% Can utili*e available resour&es e,,i&iently% Can inspire others to work honestly%

Weakness: 9o&us on the 'uality o, a work rather than the usual working hour% Personal data:

:ame Se) <0. Marital Status Conta&t :o e>mail I< /resent 5((ress

;Gowri Mohan Kumar ; 9emale ; May !=,1$8= ; Marrie( ; "8"1###$$# ; Chanmosar%mohan?gmail%&om ; 1/558 Karumaariamman kovil st, Subramanian nagar, Iyyapanthagal Chennai !!!5

/ermanent 5((ress

; Same as present a((ress

eferences: !eclaration: I (e&lare that the above ,a&ts given by me are true to the best o, my knowle(ge an( belie,% /la&e; Chennai <ate; "our Comments please: @Gowri Mohan KumarA