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Renae Curless 7 grade English 2014





What are the characteristics of Mica High? How does Stargirl challenge or begin to change these expectations? How do the students at Mica project their expectations on Stargirl? Is no man an island? How do Leos emotions change as Stargirl begins to affect him? Is the student bodys reaction to Stargirl understandable? Where would you draw the line with her behavior if you were a MAHS student? Why is the idea of change so threatening to the students? Do you feel the same way? What is Archies role in the novel? What is his role in Stargirl and Leos lives? How can Leo choose between Stargirl and his acceptance? What would we choose? How would Stargirl's perspective change the novel? When should a person change himself or herself to fit in? What are Stargirl's lasting effects on the school? How can we now interpret Archie's line about Stargirl: "Look at her long enough, and you may see someone you know? Where do Leos emotions towards Stargirl come from? What is Stargirls lasting effect on Leo and the student body? What are star people? Did Leo make the right choice in abandoning Stargirl? How might his life have played out differently if he had chosen Stargirl?