San Tan District Varsity

Wilderness Challenge November 13-14, 2009
Friday Evening – 12:30 Saturday What is it?
The San Tan District Wilderness Challenge is a physical and mental challenge for the Varsity Team/Squad and the Varsity Scout. The Wilderness Challenge is an awesome team competition that will test the scouting and wilderness skills that have been learned in Boy Scouts and in Varsity. There will be shooting, knife and tomahawk throwing, orienteering, GPS, team challenges, races, C.O.P.E. challenges, team challenges, obstacle course and individual challenges. It will be fast, action packed, fun, challenging, and rewarding. The winning team and individual will be awarded the highly coveted “Varsity Man” award. Team awards will include: Throwing Tomahawks, Mountain Man Flint and Steel Kits, Medicine Pouches, Headlights, Knives, and More. Everyone participant will walk away with an awesome award. Vespers Trail Program Friday Evening A special experience is planned for Friday night. The Vespers trail is a short trail that will be walked after sunset. It will be an experience you won't want to miss. Who Can Attend? This rendezvous is for all Varsity units in the San Tan District. Only Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts age 14 – 15 may participate in the Wilderness Challenge. What do I need? You will need to provide a parental medical release form and the BSA physical form attached to this packet, parts A and C. A doctor’s signature is not required for this form, only a parent signature. Otherwise, you will need gear for a chilly overnight stay. For the activity, you will need to wear jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and a hat if you want. Your team should bring a compass and a GPS (if available).

Its Gonna Be Awesome!!!

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