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Lab 6 Part 1 Darshankumar Patel 300762523 Gauravkumar Patel 300765205

Step 4 1. What Cisco IOS software is running on the router? 1841 Software (C1841-IPBASE-M), Version 12.4(3i), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)

2. How much RAM (main memory) does the router have? 232448K/29696K bytes of memory.

3. What interfaces are installed in the router? Are all reported during boot? Answer: 2 Ethernet Interfaces 2 Serial (sync/async) interfaces 4. How much NVRAM does the router have installed? Answer: 191k bytes of NVRAM 5. How much Flash does the router have? Answer: 1843128K bytes STEP 5 Answer the following questions. 1. How do you abort the configuration dialogue? Answer: CTRL + C 2. What is the importance of a value enclosed in square brackets []? Answer: It suggests for recommended values. 3. What types of information does the configuration dialogue ask you to provide? Answer: Host Name, Enable Password, Virtual Terminal Password Step 6. 1. How many commands are visible at the Router> and at the Router# prompts? Are they the same commands? Answer:

For Router #