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English 7

My Olympic Tabby Cat: Testing Strategies

Ms. Stormy Russell

STANDARDS: 1.3.7.B: Identify and analyze the characteristics of poetry, drama, and fiction and explain the appropriateness of the literary forms chosen by the author for a specific purpose. 1.5.7.F: Use grade appropriate conventions of language when writing and editing. ESSENTIAL QUESTION(S): -What are some strategies for reading and comprehending a poem? *break into chunks, read more than once, pull out devices. -How can you make your sentences more meaningful? *use adjectives, strong verbs, and a varied sentence structure. OBJECTIVES: SW: 1. Define and use adjectives and action verbs to write one sentence about the objects they have chosen to use for their metaphor poems. 2. Show evidence of comprehension after reading a poem by sketching scenes depicted in each section of the poem. MATERIALS: -Bell ringers- paper -White boards/markers -copies of poem/questions -Promethean board -Highlighters -Notecards ACCOMMODATIONS: -Break poem into small chunks and deal with each chunk individually -Multiple assessment: verbal responses, drawn responses, written responses. PROCEDURE: 1. (5-7 min) Bell ringer Summarizing Written and oral responses. -Hand out paper and tell students that they will be writing a sentence in this structure - The (metaphor object), (adjective) and (adjective), (strong verb) (description). Example: The butterfly, vibrant and graceful, fluttered to the tulip. -Complete individually; go over the answers as a group on the Pro board. Student participants will be drawn from notecards. Complete bell ringers for Mon. and Tues. 2. My Olympic Tabby Cat and The Window Cat a) (10-15 min)Distribute copies while giving directions: the poem is divided into sections (strategy 1). As I read the poem aloud, pay attention to what is occurring during each section. At the end of each section, you will have one minute to sketch the part of the plot that we just read. Go over whiteboard guidelines which are as follows: Only touch the boards and markers during the minute designated for drawing. Only create sketches about the stanzas in question at the time of sketching. Share your eraser with your partner; partner on my right (their left) erases first, then the other. Summarizing Are sketches accurate to each stanza ? If not, redirect to the text for answers. b) (10 min) Same directions for The Window Cat c) (8-10 min) Tell students to look at questions before re-reading individually (strategy 2). Highlight key words or phrases. They MUST highlight at least one key word in each question for credit. THEN go back and re-read, answering the questions. Summarizing Answer key. *Finish for homework?* *Remind to bring vocab books to the comp. lab*