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Name: Linda McMillin Position: Art teacher Number of years with the district: 16 How many students do you

teach? 164 What is a typical class size? 11-32 (largest) 11-stained glass, 32 crafts Please describe some of your daily activities to me: Stained glass, drawing, charcoal, impro ing st!dent s"ills with the medi!m the#$re wor"ing with% St!dents recei e indi id!al instr!ction, so f the# need help & am a'le to assist or show the ne(t pro)ect% * er#one is at different stages of things 'eca!se & allow them the time to do the 'est the# can% +ands-on indi id!al assistance instead of gro!p teaching% *liminates classroom management iss!es 'eca!se no one is 'ored% ,hree classes (periods 4-) in the morning, and two 'loc"s in the afternoon (1%- ho!rs)% .rawing & and &&, /atercolor and acr#lic, crafts, ceramic, stained glass% How much time is devoted to teaching and to non-teaching duties: 0et !p at si( or )!st after, two and a half ho!rs (!p to three ho!rs to create 1owerpoints e er#da#) de oted to non-teaching d!ties% How many hours must you spend working on school related tasks after school hours? A'o!t two ho!rs 'efore school related to school tas"s% !ewards"discouraging aspects: ,he 'est )o' &$ e e er had% &t is so rewarding to 'e a'le to do what #o! lo e e er#da# and share that with people% 1eople get reall# e(cited 'eca!se &$m so enth!siastic% At this point & ha e fo!nd nothing detrimental a'o!t it% & started ha ing classes come !p on a wal"ing to!r 2 the# wal" in the room and get reall# e(cited% So happ# to wal" into the room e er# da#% & thin" & ha e the most f!n )o' of e er#one in the district% & 'elie e e er#one is good at something, and some people are 'etter at artistic things than an#thing else in life, and it$s important to ha e someone here who !nderstands that and enco!rages them% Show career opport!nities, e(amples% Show people options for wor" that aren$t dr!dger#% How is power distributed between and among administrators teacher and students? #bureaucratic hierarchy vs$ participatory democracy% & alwa#s ha e felt it$s 'een democratic 2 the staff respects the st!dents as indi id!als and will see" their opinion on things% & ha e power to teach an#thing & 34SSA and teach ad!lts ceramics and mosaic% * er#one has 'een er# s!pporti e% &t aries on e er#one$s indi id!al e(periences% & feel er# s!pported and appreciated% & hear 'ac" from the principal% 4nl# negati e s!ggestion was to not let "ids hang aro!nd '# door 'efore class is o!t% 5ight now a sched!ling committee going aro!nd and as"ing 6what wo!ld #o! prefer #o!r sched!le to 'e78 Staff meetings once a month after the school 'oard meetings% 1rincipal has open door polic#, and if there$s something & want to do, & can% & feel li"e & ha e a personal friendship with the s!perintendent 'eca!se he is the person who enco!raged me to go to college% 9o!$re the "ind of person &$d li"e to see wor"ing here 2 approacha'le% *(amples of comm!nit# ser ice and indi id!al pro)ects: feel real comforta'le approaching an# administrator a'o!t pro)ects and concerns%

What kinds of services are available for minority students? &re there fited and talented tracks? 'pecial needs? (rouping within classes? Pullout programs? What kinds of strategies are used to meet the various needs of students? +ighl# effecti e reso!rce room a aila'le with a director and fo!r aides% 0eorgia worth teaches 6s!r i al s"ills8 class% ;+LA, ,rio representati e connecting st!dents to colleges% & ha e reso!rce room in all of m# classes, and at the 'eginning of the #ear & learn at &*1 meetings to learn what & need to "now to help them, accommodations% Small eno!gh school & can easil# as" a'o!t accommodations for special needs or minorit# st!dents% ;+LA (;!t!re +ispanic Leadership of America) 2 6< st!dents All st!dents at district enco!raged to 'e in ol ed in at least one cl!' or e(trac!rric!lar acti it#% ;eel in ol ed, ownership and pride in school the# attend% What peer groups do you perceive in this school? How does their academic performance relate to these groups? What students e)perience more challenges? & feel that 'etween the m!sic, 'and, art, and &.LA programs that e er# st!dent has options to e(cel in different areas% 34SSA classes 2 welding, carpentr#, n!rsing, ocation s"ills a aila'le to e er#one% Low income st!dents might not 'e a'le to initiall# afford fees, '!t the school offers option to wor" off fee with after school cleaning pro)ects 2 attempt to accommodate st!dents$ needs no matter what% Scholarship a aila'le for &.LA co!rses% +ispanics statisticall# minorit#, '!t s!ch a large gro!p the# don$t feel so% How has the district responded to the call for educational reform: =pside 2 Mr% >orton gathered all the teachers together and tal"ed a'o!t the district and school 'oard$s stance 2 if merit pa# is something we ha e to do, the teachers will ?!antif# what ?!alifies as merit pa#% &n cooperation with school 'oard% >ot imposed on, stopped fears% A lot of people !pset and dropping o!t of the !nion, fear it$s pointless% Some teachers will ne er ha e ten!re% & feel &$m a good eno!gh teacher, enth!siastic eno!gh, no fear of 'eing fired (e(cept for monetar# '!dget c!ts)% 1rotests aro!nd the state% >o wal"o!ts here, '!t one teacher did attend a lot of legislati e sessions to "eep e er#one !pdated% & ha e 'een loo"ing for s!mmer wor" to pa# off loans, 'e read# to lose this )o' if the econom# doesn$t impro e% ;!t!re !ns!re% 1ersonall# too" a flagger$s certification class -@1- hr flagger to end de'ts in case of c!ts% Same across the 'oard with e er#one across the =nited States% Li ing fr!gall#% & was approached '# s!perintendent and pres% of !nion to design a than" #o! page for the newspaper, than"ing 1arma comm!nit# for 'eing so s!pporti e of schools and staff% +alf page ad in ,ri'!ne and ?!arter page ad in local, paid for '# !nion% 1arma !ni?!e sit!ation, passed 'ond ABC for '!ilding a new g#mnasi!m, rare s!pport% 1arma reall# s!pports the art program% &ntegral to electi e opport!nities, in ested a lot of mone#% Since st!dents pa# fees, c!ts ha en$t h!rt it too m!ch% D!t fees are going !p to @1< a semester% 3hallenge for low income% What are *ob conditions like for teachers in the district? +oes it vary from school to school or is it generally uniform throughout the district? What is the role of the professional teachers organization the district? 1rofessional teachers$ organiEation not a 'ig role right now, 'eca!se so man# people ha e left the !nion% 0oing to ha e to form another negotiating organiEation 'eca!se ne(t #ear less than -1C will 'e a part of the !nion% ;eel li"e & ha e e(cellent wor"ing conditions% Staff meetings are sort, F ho!r% *(cellent career, get o!t what #o! p!t into it% /or"ed hard to set !p an en)o#a'le, rela(ed, creati e, controlled atmosphere% ,eachers p!t on ad isor#, '!t no other o'ligations, d!ties% Garies with how m!ch st!dents need to 'e s!per ised%