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1uble of Contents

1he Luuru v. 8ush lnstltute for vomen's Eeulth wus estubllshed ln zcc, us u urt of the 1exus
1ech Unlverslty Eeulth Sclences Center. 1he muln goul for the orgunlzutlon ls to develo reseurch
und educutlonul rogrums focuslng on medlcul lssues reluted to women. ln zcz, they resented u
new nonroflt event known us ClRL (Clrls ln Reul Llfe) Power. 1hls event ls deslgned to enguge re
teen glrls und thelr mothers, us well us other slgnlflcunt women ln thelr llves, wlth the lnformutlon
ubout lmortunt llfe lssues.
8y offerlng un event such us ClRL Power, the orgunlzutlon ls educutlng the communlty on
heulthy reteen behuvlors, bullylng churucterlstlcs, und lnternet redutors.



* sLrong female backlng
* sLrengLhens relauonshlps beLween moLhers and daughLers
* educauonal healLh beneLs
* 8esources and ouLleLs for boLh physlcal and menLal healLh
for boLh moLher and daughLer

* only avallable for females
*one day evenL
* ume frame
* uckeL cosL for low lncome famllles

* rlslng healLh consclousness
* awareness of posslble LhreaLs Lo chlldren
* bulld sLronger and more LrusLworLhy relauonshlps
beLween moLhers and daughLers

* posslble publlc backlash
* negauve medla auenuon
* number of auendees vs. meeung Lhe personal needs of
SWC1 Analysls

1he Luuru v. 8ush lnstltute for vomen's Eeulth hus u vlslon of
ucknowledglng und udvunclng heulth ln women
und glrls becuuse dlfferences mutter. 1helr mlsslon stutement suys "8ecuuse dlfferences mutter, the
Luuru v. 8ush lnstltute for vomen's Eeulth lmroves the llves of women und glrls through:
Reseurch: suortlng sclentlflc dlscoverles unlque to women's heulth und gender dlfferences.
Lducutlon: udvunclng the knowledge of heulth cure rofesslonuls through evldencebused resources
Cutreuch: connectlng wlth communltles for heulthler llves'

1he Luuru v. 8ush lnstltute for vomen's Eeulth wus estubllshed ln August of zcc, wlthln the 1exus 1ech Unlverslty
Eeulth Sclences Center. ln the beglnnlng, the rlmury urose behlnd the lnstltute wus to estubllsh u multlcumus
heulth lnstltute for the vest 1exus ureu und begun wlth locutlons ln Amurlllo, Ll Puso, Lubbock und the
Permlun 8usln. lts goul ls to develo reseurch und educutlonul rogrums for, rlmurlly, rurul ureus wlth focus on
dlseuses or medlcul lssues seclflc to women.

ln uddltlon, the Luuru v. 8ush lnstltute for vomen's Eeulth ulso focuses on breust cuncer uwureness.
ln conjunctlon wlth the 1exus 1ech Unlverslty und the Eeulth Sclences Center, lt hus develoed the
Access to 8reust Cure (for) vest 1exus (A8Cv1). 1hrough thls rogrum, they offer exums
und educutlon for free mummogrums. 1hrough thelr , z, rocess, they educute women ubout breust heulth
und hel get them quullfled for, und usslst ln gettlng them scheduled for, u free uolntment.
1hls ls uccomllshed through u communlty urtnershl wlth severul medlcul fucllltles.

ln zcz, the Luuru v. 8ush lnstltute for vomen's Eeulth resented u new nonroflt event deslgned to
enguge reteen glrls und thelr mothers or other lmortunt women ln thelr llves. 1hls event becume known us
ClRL Power (Clrls ln Reul Llfe) wlth the goul of enguglng und educutlng reteen glrls
(generully fourth to slxth grude glrls) ubout lmortunt llfe lssues, deullng wlth lssues such us selfesteem, exerclse,
nutrltlon, lnternet sufety, bullylng, und communlcutlon skllls.

ln un effort to better understund the ldeus und concet of the Luuru v. 8ush lnstltute for vomen's
Eeulth, u cllent lntervlew wus conducted. Lurlng thls lntervlew, we leurned thut they ure u communlty
outreuch center who ulso reseurches women's heulth lncludlng sex und gender medlclne. 1he seclflc
event thut wus uddressed wus the unnuul ClRL Power seclflcully for the Amurlllo ureu. 1hls event ls u
oneduy event generully held on u Suturduy mornlng from :cc to c:cc u.m. 1he uudlence ls reteen
glrls, fourth through slxth grude, und thelr mothers or other slgnlflcunt femule role models ln thelr llves.
lt ls un event deslgned for them to send tlme together, huve fun, und oen u the communlcutlon llnes
between mothers und duughters. 8ullylng, lnternet sufety und selfesteem ure some of the tolcs
1he need for the cumulgn ls murketlng ldeus. ln the ust, lnformutlon wus hunded out once u week, but
hud dlfflculty connectlng wlth the mothers. 1he event ln zcz hud uroxlmutely ,cc uttendees,
lncludlng both mothers und duughters. 1hls yeur, the lnstltute would llke to mulntuln or even grow thut
number und eseclully turget the underserved communlty.
1hls ls u tlcketed event costlng s er tlcket. 8y not huvlng u key note seuker ut thls yeur's event,
budget costs could be ket down.

1o better understund the rofesslonul slde of why un event such us ClRL Power
would be beneflclul to the turget uudlence, u ersonul lntervlew wus conducted wlth
'oseh Culluhun, Ph. L., vellness Llrector of Amurlllo Nutlonul 8unk. "Lr. '', us hls
colleugues refers to hlm us, runs the wellness rogrum wlthln the comuny, us well us
thelr lnhouse heulth club fuclllty.
Lr. '. feels thut lt ls lmortunt ln u young glrl's llfe to begln wlth heulthy hublts. Ee
suys thut lf u glrl wunts to be hyslcully uctlve, then the resources must be uvulluble or
glven to her. A urent, couch or teucher thut exresses the lmortunce or un uctlve
llfestyle und lnstllls those skllls lnto them ut u young uge, then chlldren ure more llkely to
contlnue those heulthy hublts lnto udulthood. Although he suys thls to be true, he ulso
suys thut lt ls not uncommon for udults to become hyslcully uctlve luter ln llfe, us they
become more uwure of the heulth beneflts. "Slmllur to hyslcul uctlvlty, roer
nutrltlon, requlres educutlon.' Ee stutes thut urents who eut
heulthy ure more llkely to huve chlldren thut eut heulthy us well. "8oth exerclse und
nutrltlon needs to be uddressed through u twogenerutlon urouch.' 8y educutlng
both the urents und chlldren, chunge cun occur.

vhen usked lf Lr. ' felt us lf un event llke ClRL Power would be u beneflclul wuy to
uddress these lssues, he stutes "l feel thut thls ls the rlmury wuy to uddress the
subject, wlth both the mothers und duughters resent together. Lducutlon ln the school
ulone does not reuch the urent. Purents muy be more llkely to urtlclute ln un event
they feel wlll beneflt thelr chlld.


Lr. '. feels thut ln order for urents to lnstlll these heulthy hublts lnto thelr chlld(ren)
ut un eurly uge, they must "leud by exumle'. Chlldren need to see heulthy behuvlors
ln order to mlmlc them. Sorts ure lmortunt, but those tylcully go uwuy us they
grow lnto udulthood. Chlldren must leurn the buslcs of u heulthy llfestyle, such us
roerty nutrltlon und hyslcul uctlvlty thut they cun contlnue throughout thelr llves.

8ullylng ls u blg concern for growlng teens. vlth the concet of "cyberbullylng'
becomlng oulur these duys, lt's lmortunt to educute klds und thelr urents on the
slgns of bullylng und how serlous lt cun get. Some lmortunt fucts ubout bullylng

! Eulf of ull chlldren wlll be bullled ut leust once whlle they ure ln
grude school
! 8ullylng cun huve longterm effects on u chlld
! 8oys feel us though they ure ln churge und llke to overower thelr
! Clrls ure more llkely to enguge ln emotlonul ubuse
! Chlld bullylng cun result ln budjcrlmlnul behuvlor luter ln llfe
Slgns thut your chlld ls belng bullled ure:
""Actlng wlthdruwn
""Showlng feur when golng to school
""Slgns of deresslon
""Poor school erformunce
""Slgns of hyslcul ubuse (brulses, scrues, & other murks)


!"#$%&#%' )**+%*
1exL messaglng ("sexung"
1een pregnancy
eer ressure
1elevlslon and muslc lnuence
ersonal safeLy and awareness
A survey wus conducted of mothers wlth duughters ln the Amurlllo und Cunyon ureu. Cf those surveyed,
onehundred ercent of them stuted they would be lnterested ln uttendlng un event such us ClRL Power.
1hese mothers were usked whut lssues concerned them the most ubout thelr duughters und them
growlng u. 1he concerned lssues usk of these mothers lncluded text messuglng ("sextlng'), drugs,
ulcohol, teen regnuncy, eer ressure, televlslon und muslc lnfluence und ersonul sufety und
uwureness. Cf these lssues, the one the mothers were most concerned wlth wus text messuglng. Some
of thelr comments stuted thut wlth the evolutlon of technology the wuy thut lt ls und text messuglng
belng us oulur nowuduys, lt's hurd to kee truck und monltor whut the klds ure tulklng ubout vlu text.
Peer ressure wus unother blg concern. 1hese mothers felt thut even lf you rulse your chlldren to do
rlght, muny tlmes through eer ressure, they ure tulked lnto gettlng lnto the wrong crowd or dolng
somethlng they would otherwlse not do.


1hree key objectlves were noted us to whut the ClRL Power event wlll uddress. 1hose objectlves ure:

Lducute the communlty on heulthy behuvlors of reteen glrls,
bullylng churucterlstlcs, lnternet sufety, teen obeslty, und self esteem
by glvlng uttendunts stutlstlcs, udvlce, und lnformutlon to tuke home und
uly to thelr llves.

Promotlng the communlcutlon between fumllles und rofesslonuls so
there cun be u sense of comfort when lmrovlng the heulth of teenugers
und yourself.

Promotlng oen und free communlcutlon between mothers und
Luughters whlle enhunclng thelr relutlonshl.

1hree strutegles were noted us to whut tolcs ure to be
uddressed ut the ClRL Power event.

Euve rofesslonuls und seukers dlscuss stutlstlcs on lssues ubout reteens,
lnternet sufety, bullylng, und self esteem. Also, rovlde reul world exumles und
testlmonles of esteemed members of the communlty.
Cffer fumllles the oortunlty to vlslt wlth rofesslonuls ln the flelds of
educutlon, nutrltlon, sufety, etc.
Cffer u sufe envlronment wlthout crltlclsm wlth others resent wlth the
slmllur questlons & needs. Cffer suggestlons for mother und duughter dutes und
other uctlvltles they cun do together.


lour dlfferent tuctlcs were noted us to how the event wlll be romoted to the ubllc und rosectlve uttendees.

Eundouts wlll be glven to chlldren ut school to tuke home
llyers wlll be rlnted und ussed out uround the clty und hung ut locul luces
Rudlo und 1v commercluls
Soclul Medlu und lucebook


Sat urday, November 16, 201 3
Regi s trat i on: 9: 00 a. m.
Program: 1 0: 00 a. m. 2: 00
p. m.
Amari l lo Ci vi c Cent er
Sout h Exhi bi t Hal l
Gi RL Power
Repl aci ng I can wi th I wi l l
1lckets s

lucebook, 8logs, 1wltter:
Soclul medlu web sltes, such us lucebook, 1wltter, or uny blog
webslte should be utlllzed by thls ugency for romotlon of
events und us u roducer of lnformutlon. vlth the oulurlty
of slte llke lucebook, lt ls ulmost detrlmentul for ClRL Power
not to huve u slte of thelr own. 1hese sltes ure greut for
rovldlng lnformutlon, but could ulso be used ln the
sollcltutlon of donutlons for future events. 8elow ls u sumle
nume und lucebook hotogruhs, whlch could be used und ln
uddltlon, lt should be llnked to the ulreudy exlstent Luuru v.
8ush lnstltute for vomen's Eeulth
1he unnuul ClRL Power event, brought to you ln urt by the
Luuru v. 8ush lnstltute for vomen's Eeulth held ut the
______________ seeks ull reteen glrls, fourth thru slxth
grude, und thelr mothers or femule role models for thls event.
lt's un event for them to send tlme together, huve fun und
oen the communlcutlon llnes between mothers und
duughters. 8ullylng, lnternet sufety und selfesteem ure tolcs
uddressed. 1he ClRL Power event _____________ wlll be ut
the ____________from ______________untll_____________.
1lckets ure on sule now! Log on to _______ dot com for more
lnformutlon. Cet your tlckets toduy ut the __________ 8ox
Cfflce or by culllng_____________.


1he unnuul ClRL Power event, seclflcully for the Amurlllo ureu, ls u oneduy event usuully held on u Suturduy
from :cc um to:cc m. Lven though thls ls u one duy event, lt needs udvunced unnuul lunnlng ln order for lt to
be successful.
Mulntenunce of blogs und websltes should be ket u yeur round. Addlng new lnformutlon und dutes for u
comlng und ussocluted events.
Rudlo uds should be run u to four weeks rlor to the scheduled event.
Newsuer uds should be run u to thlrty duys ln udvunce of the event.
Lvent llyers should be dlsensed by volunteers u to four weeks before the event.
Events Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Girl Power

Radio Ads
Paper Ads



1he murketlng budget ls uroxlmutely s,ccc, not lncludlng sonsorshls.
Sonsorshls ure encouruged. Posslble costs would be udvertlslng, 1shlrts, etc.
8udgeL $3,000

lllghL, hoLel and
meals $1,300
Soclal Medla lacebook promoLlons $430
1wlLLer promoLlons $430
PandouLs prlnLlng cosLs $300
8adlo $600
1v commerclals $1,200

1C1AL $4,700

Eval uati on
A mail survey/evaluation should be conducted following the event. Offers could be made of a drawing for
all returned surveys to encourage participation or maybe even offer special gift cards or coupons for anybody
that participates. Participants should be asked if they feel more educated on healthy behaviors, bullying
characteristics and internet predators. Participants should also be asked if they enjoyed the event, areas for
improvement and areas that were really enjoyed. A section should be included on how they heard about the
event, social media, flyers or radio/TV advertising.


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