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SURL Winter '14 Playoffs

Apr 8 8:00 (Game A) 9:00 (Game B) Orange You Glad? - Tighty Whities Bogie - Black -




Apr 15 8:00 (Game C) 9:00 (Game D) Winner (B) - Loser (A) Winner (A) - Loser (B) -

Apr 22 8:00 (Game E) 9:00 (Game F) Winner (D) - Loser (C) Winner (C) - Loser (D) -

SURL Winter '14 Playoffs Finals Week

Apr 29 8:00 3rd Place Game 9:00 1st Place Game Loser (E) Winner (E) Loser (F) Winner (F) -

Winter League 2014 Rules Apply with the following amendment: (1) Buzzer will not sound for end of game When the clock runs out, the current point will be completed. Universe Point will be played after, if necessary. Current Halftime rule applies Play is completed when buzzer sounds.