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The Most Effective Way to Set Your Dream Income

Source: By Drew Doggett

goa$ in soccer,. -ust a s$ight menta$ tweak that &'m e.perimenting with. Seems to be working. /utcomes are $ike the 0reaction1 in the famous and true e2uation 0for e!ery action there is an e2ua$ and opposite reaction.1 3fter setting your income !ision, your actions of scientifica$$y and efficient$y bui$ding your "#" business on$ine determine your outcome !ision. Your actions 4 and the (ni!erse's actions +,, when you decided$y, faithfu$$y, state your e.p$icit desired outcome 4 produce your outcome. 3nd it's easier to do those actions when you ha!e a !ision5 a !ision that you can not on$y see, but fee$, sme$$, taste and hear. You'$$ see what & mean in a minute as &'$$ write out my entire !ision for you to imitate. Your brain is a 6od-$ike instrument. &t creates. &t's a rea$ity creating machine. You know this. *$us your brain has been yours since birth7 You'!e always had the power to create your rea$ity.

Before you do anything in your business you need to decide how much money you want to make. What is your dream income? Yep, this is step number one.

hen you ha!e this !ision mapped out, everything you do for your "#" business wi$$ be easier and smoother. %!-er-y-thing. &t's the first most empowering thing you can do for yourse$f and your business. You're effecti!e$y te$$ing the (ni!erse/Supreme/&nner Se$f what you want and you're p$anting yourse$f there. )hink of it as $ess of a goa$ and more of a desired outcome. *ersona$$y, & prefer to think in terms of outcomes rather than goa$s because goa$s can be missed +$ike a missed

3nd you a$ways wi$$. &f you dig this sort of thing: we are created in 6od's image. %ach of us has the power to create his/her own rea$ity. Setting your dream income !ision, $ike you're about to do be$ow, is the most precise and sound way to set your dream income that &'!e e!er found. )o me, it's pure go$d. 3nd if you do it 4 which & strong$y urge you to do5 you'$$ also find it's pure go$d. 3cres of diamonds, baby. 8ight there in your noggin, your imagination.

8emember when *eter *an found his imagination?!9p:;agrufD.&

&t's the meat and potatoes, if you wi$$. &t's the kit and cabood$e. &t's a !ita$ part of the foundation of rock upon which your business is bui$t. &f you skip this, you put yourse$f in the position of bui$ding your foundation on sand and your "#" house may we$$ fa$$ in stormy weather. &t's the first part of $earning to fish. /?, enough with the ana$ogies. You understand, right? @orming a desired outcome focuses your body's and mind's energies into producing that outcome. #ike an arrow a$ong the path to its target.

&t's pro!en: your brain is awesome. &t's an awe-inspiring force of nature. 3nd youre awesome because it's your power to use it. /ne more 2uick ca!eat before we get started: it's not enough to <ust genera$$y desire wea$th to do good with. %!erybody does that. =or is it enough to on$y state your e.act amount you want to make. )o make this effecti!e and make it come true you want to set: the e.act amount the date you'$$ be making this amount the reasons for wanting this amount what e!idence you'$$ ha!e of that outcome, and a !isua$ and sensory description/!ision of your recei!ing/rea$i>ing the outcome written in present tense &t's important to describe the moments with as many senses as possible of when you gratefu$$y recei!e your desired outcome. 3nd write it in the present tense. Because this a$$ makes it more rea$ to your interpreti!e brain. By doing this, you put yourself there. *$ease, & imp$ore you, do this step before you do anything e$se. &t's that important.

3nd this, as &'m sure you'$$ agree, is far more desirab$e and efficient than ha!ing your energies pointing in a do>en different directions. By the way, this is something & on$y recent$y began myse$f. 3nd it's working wonders in my $ife. @o$$ow my $ead5

Exact Amount
)he e.act income & wi$$ generate is ABC,CCC per month

& wi$$ achie!e this in the ne.t DC days, making Saturday, "arch EEnd, ECBF the moment of truth.

Why (My reasons for wanting this amount)

@irst and foremost, & want comp$ete and tota$ freedom. & know that money buys that7 3nd for now, ABC,CCC/month buys me a$$ the freedom &'m ab$e to consume. )angentia$ to comp$ete freedom, & ha!e a strong desire to become. & $o!e the act of becoming. )he & $earned from ). Gar! %ker 4 that my income can on$y grow to the e.tent that & do 4 is !ery important to me. & $o!e becoming more ski$$ed, more know$edgeab$e, better in genera$, more efficient, hea$thier, more !a$uab$e. & $o!e becoming. & $o!e growing. )hus, ABC,CCC/ month wi$$ ref$ect the person & am becoming. & want to pay off my student $oans, credit cards and any borrowed debts. ith ABC,CCC/month, & wi$$ be ab$e to

take care of these re$ati!e$y fast. & want to become an in!estor and put my money to work for me. )his amount easi$y a$$ow me to in!est in stocks, rea$ estate and $aunch new businesses. &n concordance with freedom, & want to purchase peace of mind and security. ABC,CCC/ month in cash f$ow wi$$ a$$ow me to bui$d a si>eab$e reser!e to protect me, my fami$y and friends against the unthinkab$e happening. +@or e.amp$e, if the &nternet were to end tomorrow, & don't want to ha!e to go to work for someone e$se again., & want the abi$ity to spoi$ myse$f, my fami$y and our friends. &'m pretty minima$istic when it comes to materia$ possessions, but & do $ike nice music e2uipment, books, nice computer-re$ated techno$ogy, great food, nice c$othes, $u.ury !acations, sub$ime, fun e.periences, and surprising peop$e & care about with nice things that they'd ne!er be ab$e to purchase themse$!es. & want to $i!e comp$ete$y in the moment and en<oy e!ery day to the fu$$est. Ga!ing an a!erage of AHHH f$ow into my %mpower =etwork account e!ery day? )hat shou$d do it5 I-, & want to tra!e$, $earn $anguages, get to know other cu$tures. &n fact, in other countries & know that money often goes farther, so ABC,CCC/month wou$d seem $ike e!en more7 & a$so want to gi!e a$$ the haters, the doubters, the naysayers and the pessimists a big o$' midd$e finger. ABC,CCC/month makes me a serious p$ayer and not <ust some co$$ege dropout dude who got $ucky or who's riding a wa!e that won't $ast. B//".

#isual and $ensory descri%tion of receiving my desired outcome (written in first %erson& %resent tense)
&, Drew Doggett, am sitting in my office chair at my desk. "y computer c$ock reads D:EK 3". )he day is Saturday, "arch EE, ECBF. )he spring e2uino. was two days ago, and as a$ways, &'m e.cited about this. & fee$ the spring fe!er within me, beckoning me outside to p$ay and en<oy the day. &t's a co>y temperature in my office and & fee$ a draft on my feet from my open window. &t's pretty 2uiet, $aid back. & hear birds chirping outside and a p$ane passing o!erhead. & take a sip of my fresh$y poured high 2ua$ity green tea, $ight$y sweetened with $oca$ honey and breathe in, moan, and smi$e. )he tea sme$$s wonderfu$, rich and hea$thy. &nstant$y, & fee$ charged, focused and gratefu$ for e!erything around me. Sip number two5 3hhh, what a perfect, in!igorating cup of tea7 &'m fee$ing ca$m, re$a.ed, gratefu$ 4 &'m fee$ing (* and Y%S. & am here to ser!e. "y focus shifts to my $aptop. & take in a deep, smooth breath, saying menta$$y, 0& am.1 & ho$d it for a few seconds and s$ow$y breathe out, saying menta$$y 0$o!e1 and 0wea$thy.1 & become ner!ous with anticipation. )oday is the day. Did & surpass ABC,CCC o!er the past HC days or come up short? & knew it was gonna be c$ose. & c$ick on the Jhrome icon, wait for the browser to cue up. & type in %mpower =etwork #ogin +the browser remembers it,. "y username and password are a$ready fi$$ed in so & c$ick 0#ogin.1

What evidence will have of this outcome !ecoming reality"

)his one's easy. &'$$ <ust $og in to my %mpower =etwork back office and $ook at my affi$iate commission stats for the pre!ious HC days. &'$$ a$so be droo$ing o!er the ABC,CCC that's being direct$y deposited into my business Jredit (nion account throughout the span of these days.

& crack a smi$eI carefree, <oyfu$, gratefu$, e.cited. & !iew the 03ffi$iate Jommissions1 tabs under 0"y Business1 and my eyes take focus. &t takes a few seconds to sink in but at the same time &'m ca$m$y ce$ebrating. 3n inner <oy and ca$mness and knowing washes o!er me. ABB, ;KL.;F in affi$iate commission in the past HC days. & did it7 3nd it's on$y growing. &'m so enthused7 & want to ce$ebrate and dance up and down. & want to share my e.citement with e!eryone, with my fami$y. & want to smi$e and make <okes and $augh and scream 0Yaaaaah71 & want to ce$ebrate. Because & did it. & $ook up and sit back. %!ery bit of uneasiness has $eft my body. & take another sip of de$icious sme$$ing and tasting green tea. & re$ish it. & fee$ powerfu$. 3nd at peace. "aybe e!en a $itt$e cocky. &n my mind, &'m imagining #oca$ G's 08ock M=' 8o$$ *rofessiona$s1 p$aying whi$e & do a happy dance in my room. & $ook out my window and ref$ect on the DC day <ourney & <ust comp$eted. "y mind fi$$s with the day's possibi$ities. & a$ready ha!e a b$og post schedu$ed to be posted today, so it's my choice whether & want to write today. & choose not to. & want to p$ay and ce$ebrate. & begin p$anning a ce$ebration dinner or a ce$ebration outing for my fami$y. Gmmm5 where to eat5 8uth's Jhris or /pa$ Di!ine's? *erhaps somep$ace swanky &'!e ne!er been to. "aybe a nice 0e.pensi!e1 steak. Decisions, decisions. &'$$ decide $ater.

@or now, & want to ser!e my team, see if & can he$p anybody today. But first5 & get busy mapping out my ne.t income goa$. AEC,CCC per month, here & come.

See how & did that? & made my !ision in the present tense and using a$$ my senses so & cou$d rea$$y be there when & read this back to myse$f. Don't neg$ect this step. &t's !ita$ to your success. rite this out right now, using mine as an e.amp$e if you need to. rite it by hand, in b$ue ink and hang it up where you can see it, or keep it by you so you can read in the morning and at night, e!eryday, for the ne.t DC days. Better yet, post your !ision in the comments be$ow. /r best yet, put your !ision on your own b$og7 "ake it pub$ic. =othing beats making your intended outcomes pub$ic5 kind of makes you step up your game. 3dd to it if you need to. 8e!ise it as you need to. But most of a$$ nurture your !ision. & $ook forward to reading your !ision and he$ping you achie!e it. 3s you know, high ticket b$ogging is a very quick way to sca$e up your income. &f you didn't know that, be sure to check out this free !ideo +>e/?!ision, where & wa$k you through what & mean and how & do it. &f you're straight up ready to get started making money and being tutored by me, head o!er here +,. &f you're a$ready on my team, be ta$kin' to you in our pri!ate group today. #ook forward to hearing about your dream income7 Your tea sippin', income dreamin' 0Nisionary1 O Drew Doggett

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