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Reflective Analysis of Portfolio Artifact Rationale/Reflection NAEYC Standard:

STANDARD 3. Observing, Documenting and Assessing to Support Young Children and Families Candidates prepared in early childhood degree programs understand that child observation, documentation, and other forms of assessment are central to the practice of all early childhood professionals. They know about and understand the goals, benefits, and uses of assessment. They know about and use systematic observations, documentation, and other effective assessment strategies in a responsible way, in partnership with families and other professionals, to positively influence the development of every child. (NAEYC, 2010)

Brief Description of Evidence:

Attending to my ECED 235 Preschool Practicum course during the semester of fall 2013, I worked within a preschool classroom, in which I developed a Child Case Study. As my case study developed, my responsibilities in the classroom consisted of, but were not limited to, assisting in tasks related to music development, enabling learning through concepts of art, and guiding positive social emotional skills. I was responsible for observing/recording anecdotal notes, and assessing differentiating strengths and weaknesses. These responsibilities enabled me to conduct my research. The Child Case Study involved a parent interview, assessment of the child, one-on-one activities, and developing goals to present to the childs family.

Analysis of What I Learned:

As a result of completing this project, I learned different methods of observation and documentation. I established a goal and a process in which to accomplish this goal according to the needs of the child in concern. I partnered with the family to obtain information related to the childs environment, development, and social history. I learned to consistently observe and assess during daily routines and create developmentally appropriate lessons based on the recorded results.

How This Artifact Demonstrates my Competence on the NAEYC Standard:

By assessing the child in multiple ways, I have shown an ability to create, use and analyze various assessment tools. I have maintained confidentiality throughout my project to safeguard the child in discussion. I have shown the ability to partner with families through the parent interview involved. I have also gathered resources from other professionals and have shown an ability to effectively incorporate them in the classroom.