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Ashlee Garton Guided Practicum Journal #8: NJ Training and Certification This week I was asked to attend a three-day

training in New Brunswick, New Jersey. This training included the topics o the NJ !raparound "alues and Principles and the #hild and $amily Team Process. The !raparound process occurs in our phases% engagement and team preparation, initial plan de&elopment, plan implementation and transition. Throughout these our phases there are speci ic principles that ##P$# sta are mandated to practice. This identi ies way to make case management indi&iduali'ed, amily ocuses, team (ased, and strength (ased. This helps us #are )anagers to de&elop the necessary amily &ision and strengths and needs o our youth. !e de&elop and Indi&iduali'ed *er&ice Plan +I*P, that re lects these areas. -nce the needs and strengths o the amily are identi ied we are a(le to de&elop strategies to meet these goals. A lot o these strategies ha&e to do with the #hildren.s *ystem o #are, which include% ser&ices, protecti&e ser&ices, out-o -home ser&ices, and adoption ser&ices. The #amden #ounty Partnership or #hildren #are )anagement -rgani'ation partners with the $amily *upport -rgani'ation +$*-,. The $*- organi'ations are amily-run, county-(ased organi'ations that pro&ide direct amily-to- amily peer support, education, ad&ocacy and other ser&ices to amily mem(ers o children with emotional and (eha&ioral pro(lems +/epartment o #hildren and $amilies, 0123,. The training com(ined #)- and $*- workers and how the #hild $amily Team )eeting should (e acilitated. There were amily acilitators who 4oined the training to play the role o the parent5guardian who ha&e recei&ed ser&ices rom #)- and $*-. $or two days we worked in groups to de&elop a crisis plan and treatment plan or the amily (ased on the mock- acilitation o our #hild

$amily Team meeting. This was a great opportunity or my pro essional de&elopment as an Administrator and as a #are )anager. /uring training I was a(le to identi y the areas that I need to polish and those that I ha&e mastered in the acilitation o my meetings. It also pro&ided me with the opportunity to network with #)- and $*- workers throughout New Jersey. I colla(orated with other #)- workers and e6changed my e-mail with them in order to colla(orate on upcoming trainings or e&ents, along with any unanswered 7uestions.