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Steven Bursztyn IB Personal Project Outline for Final Report Part I: Criterion B: Define the Goal 1.

identify and explain a topic based on personal interest:  I will create a website whose purpose will be to help people gain weight. I decided to create this website because for my entire life, I've had and still have troubles gaining weight, and I don't want to see people suffer with this same problem. Although there is a small number of people that have this difficulty of gaining weight, there are people out there, like myself, who need the help, but can't find it. 2. justify ONE focus area of interaction as a context for the project:  The Area of Interaction that I will use for my project is Health and Social Education. One of the questions that this Area of Interaction focuses on is 'How can I look after myself and others?' This question relates to my project because I am helping people, and myself gain weight. My website is intended to help people live a healthy life and develop a healthy lifestyle, making it justifiable to chose Health and Social Education as my Area of Interaction. 3. outline a clear, achievable, challenging goal:  See Q. #4 4. create specifications that will be used to evaluate the project’s outcome/product:  I know I will succeed when I make a website that has an introduction to the project and a background on my story. In addition, this website should have a list of 10 foods that help you gain weight, and an explanation on each. Furthermore, there should be 810 tips on how to gain weight effectively (in paragraph form), a two week plan to gain weight (healthy), and 35 scrumptious recipes that are calorically dense, but still taste good. Moreover, I will make my site visually appealing, and at the end survey 1520 people asking what they think about the visual aspect of my site from a scale of 110, 10 being the best looking. The results of these surveys should range from an 810. My goal is to have an increasing amount of viewers. I will also publish my website with a domain name, so it will be available for the people who need to gain weight. Part II: Criterion C: Select Sources 1. select varied, relevant sources to achieve the goal: a. Are the sources a primary & secondary mix? o Yes – 3 primary, 13 secondary – 7 different types of sources as well b. Are they connected to the topic through the Areas of Interaction? o Yes – Most have to do with health c. Are the sources of various kinds: books, magazines, newspapers, interviews, photos, etc.

o Yes – I used 7 different types: Interviews, Photographs, Medical Journals, Articles, Blogs, Books, and Magazines 2. evaluate sources: a. Does the student examine the source, who wrote the source, and any bias that may exist? o Yes – See research document – Info is below EACH source b. Does the student examine the source’s bibliography, if applicable, for more information? o Not applicable Part III: Criterion D: Apply Information 1. transfer and apply information to make decisions, create solutions and develop understandings in connection with the project’s goal: a. Does the student USE what he/she learned through the research to help in the achieving of the goal? o Yes – I incorporated all of my research into the project, especially the foods and the research b. If so, how? Where is this documented? o This can be seen in my website, or in my process journal Part IV: Criterion E: Achieve the Goal 1. evaluate the outcome/product against their own specifications for success: a. Does the student (in a meeting with the supervisor) accurately and honestly assess the achieving of the goal? o Yes – All specifications were met with high quality, and therefore I earned a 4 Part V: Criterion F: Reflect on Learning 1. reflect on how completing the project has extended their knowledge and understanding of the topic and the focus area of interaction: a. What new information was learned about the topic? o I learned a lot of information including:  BMI  Basal Metabolic Rate  Harris-Benedict Formula  Foods that help gain weight  Tips that help you gain weight  What a calorie is  Research skills b. What did / How did the student learn more?  I learned a lot by doing the project and researching a lot. I applied all of the information I learned in my project to create the best possible product. 2. reflect on how they have developed as a learner by completing the project:

a. In what ways did the student learn more about themselves in terms of how they learn? o I learned that I cannot procrastinate that much, because then I get stressed. Also, I realized that when I want to be organized, I can, I just need to try. I realize that I learn by researching a lot and writing things in my own way. b. What mistakes/errors did the student make which caused a change in thinking/strategy/behaviour? o Ways of presenting my information was a struggle which caused me to change by thinking/stratergy and behavior.