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Lotus Sametime and Lotus Connections:

Together, everyone can do more

Integrating Lotus Connections components into Lotus Sametime Connect

Download and Install the Sametime Connect client

Download Sametime Connect 7.5. C!

http:""www$"#ul#ill"support"C %DI&L.e'e

()*+,-*.*/0.1(2(.3450.*6.,.*0786+,+9.:4+0-*6+9.01;1.<*078 =un sametime-connect-win-7.5.1.exe #rom: >


Start Sametime and verify the version ...

Cuild must $e DEE7>E7> 7>ED.DE

Go get the lugin for Connections Fisit the Lotus Connections Gone o# the I!" #otus !usiness Solutions Catalog at: > http:"""wps"portal"lotusconnections Search #or the #otus Connections $lug-in for #otus Sametime, or cheat and simply use the shortcut H=L here: >

http:"""lotusconnectionsIJavCodeK LM EE N5

Download the plugin O which is a D.5 &C #ile > LM EE N5.Gip P Q'tract the RIM #ile to, say, %&'()*+',(-+./012

Install the lugin ...

Get the connectivity right 3 in my case4 I need to use 5ed6s shortname 7 tamado 8 rather than his long name 3 I 9elieve this is due to the 7currently unsu orted8 use of Domino as a directory

:ote also that we use ;55$ not ;55$S4 unli<e the 9rowser

C6est voila 3 5ed can see Samantha6s rofile4 and see what activities they are wor<ing on together

I6m currently using #otus Connections 1.=4 <indly rovided as a >"ware image 9y a colleague ;owever4 I used the same rocess against a Connections 1.=.? server without ro9lems.