Ashley Ogdensburg Petit Lar eny Sa$e%A%L&t 'eturnable in P&tsda# (illage )&urt &n 04/25/2014 at 0*!30a#. +he sus"e t ,as arrested -&r "etit lar eny a-ter she ,as aught hiding .*/.72 ,&rth &- #eat inside &- her "urse at Sa$e%A%L&t. Patr&ls res"&nded and the sus"e t ad#itted t& stealing the #eat. Ashley ,as trans"&rted t& the P&tsda# P&li e 0e"art#ent ,here she ,as "r& essed and released &n an a""earan e ti 1et. State NY Sgt. Smith Date: 4/7/14

Name: City/Town/Village Charge: Lo ation: Relea!e/Ret"rn: Narrati#e

Age: Date: Time:

35 04/07/2014 04!31"#

0*12 0*5/ 0/4/ 1011 1101 1101 1112 131; 1351 1354 1512 1521 1;43 170/ 1*0;

2&und "r&"erty &n 3l# Street4 turned &$er t& the &,ner. 5r&,n "urse -&und &n 6S 7igh,ay 11 in N&rth La,ren e. 38ui"#ent ins"e ti&n &#"leted -&r a sub9e t. 'e &rd he 1s &#"leted -&r the P&tsda# 7&using Auth&rity. :u$enile &#"laint at the P&tsda# 7igh S h&&l. 0is&rderly &ndu t &#"laint at the P&tsda# 7igh S h&&l. 'e &rd he 1s &#"leted -&r the Ne, Y&r1 State P&li e. +ra--i st&" &n <a"le Street4 $erbal ,arning issued. Li-eline all at 2* <uns&n Street4 "atr&l res"&nded. 38ui"#ent ins"e ti&n &#"leted -&r a sub9e t. Li ense "late -&und &n )lar1s&n 6ni$ersity )a#"us. Assisted d&g &ntr&l &--i er at 33 1/2 Pine Street. A set &- 1eys ,ere turned in that ,ere -&und &n <ain Street. Lar eny &#"laint at =ear &n 3arth and the >sle O- Y&u4 in$estigati&n "ending. Pr&"erty da#age a ident at the Asian 5u--et.

1/05 2151 2305

2&und "r&"erty turned in that ,as -&und in a 6PS deli$ery tru 1. 0is"at hed P&tsda# 'es ue t& a all Patr&l res"&nded t& a burglary &#"laint4 in$estigati&n &ntinues

231/ 'e ei$ed a all -r&# a sub9e t re8uesting t& g& t& 0et&?4 "atr&l trans"&rted sub9e t ,ith&ut in ident.

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