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Specification for The God Code by Gregg Braden

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Name The God Code by Gregg Braden
Title The God Code
Author Gregg Braden
Publisher Hay House
Pub. Date Jan 1, 2005
Format Paperback
Language English
ISBN-10 1401903002
Subject Creationism
Original MSRP $14.95
Description A coded message has been found within the molecules of life; deep within the
DNA in each cell of our bodies. Through a remarkable discovery linking
Biblical alphabets to our genetic code, the "language of life" may now be read
as the ancient letters of a timeless message. Regardless of race, religion,
heritage or lifestyle, the message is the same in each cell of every woman,
child and man, past and present.
With nearly one third of the world's nations currently embroiled in armed
conflict, such proof of a universal bond offers compelling evidence that we
are greater than any beliefs that have separated us in the past. Through this
newly found expression of unity we find a place to begin when our differences
seem insurmountable.
In this all-new original research, Gregg Braden shares the life-changing
discovery that led him from a successful career in aerospace and defense to an
extensive 12-year study of the most sacred and honored traditions of
humankind. Through his global search and controversial findings:
& * Discover the coded message of our cells from the day of our origins
& * Experience that message as a universal principle of unity that makes war
based in our differences obsolete
& * See the recently revealed fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls validating the
text discovered in our cells
& * Discover tangible and unprecedented evidence that we are part of a
greater existence
& * Learn how the message in your DNA becomes the foundation to resolve
conflict; and offers a method, and a reason to believe that peace is possible
within families and between nations
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