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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Level 2 : Okuden (oral transmissions)

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition


Welcome to Reiki Level 2 4

Guidelines for treating others 5

Lineage 7

The Original Japanese form of Reiki 8

What is a symbol 11

Reiki Symbols 11

The Reiki 2 Symbols 13

Cho Ku Rei 14

Sei Hei Ki 15

The case for keeping Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki apart 17

HonShaZeShoNen 18

Silver Violet Flame 20

Energy Meditations 21

Increasing the flow of Reiki. 22

Distant/Absentee Healing 23

The ethics of distant healing 25

Scanning 25

The Power of Intent 28

Grounding and protection 30

Contraindications to Reiki 33

Appendices 34

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Link yourself to
                      Heaven and Earth
                           Stand in the very centre
                                With your heart receptive to
                                     The flow of the mountain echo

Morihei Ueshiba

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Welcome to Reiki Level 2

The Reiki 2 attunement allows for a more intense beam of energy to radiate from the
palm chakras. You learn to let the universal life energy flow more efficiently. In other
words, the attunement works, intensifying the flow of energy and the ability to channel
it. With the use of the three Reiki 2 symbols, the energy is better able to heal emotions as
well as physical imbalances.

The ultimate aim of Reiki is to balance the whole being: body, mind & spirit.

Having studied Reiki Level 1, you will have learnt about Reiki energy, experienced
sensing it, and practiced certainly on yourself and perhaps others regularly. Your
Chakras were opened in an attunement process, and you are now open to channelling

In Reiki 2, you will have your Chakras re-awakened in another attunement. This time, the
symbols for Reiki energy will be given to you. Once you have received them they are with
you for life.

As a result of these symbols you will experience an increase in your ability to channel
energy. Which in turn will lead to a heightened awareness of your intuitive abilities. This
will help you to clear your own personal energy and also when you learn to employ new
techniques for healing, such as scanning and beaming.

Using the Chakras in the palms of your hands you can also beam Reiki into the aura.
Disease starts in the aura before it manifests in the physical body. By beaming energy
into the aura, at a point of imbalance or not, the Reiki treatment is enhanced. The energy
will travel from the etheric to the physical body.

You will also learn absent healing methods, the ability to send healing across time and
space. If thoughts and emotions can travel through space as energy like electromagnetic
waves (how did you know it was your mother when the phone rang? How do you “pick
up” an atmosphere in a room?), it follows that all energy travels in this way. There is also
an emotional mental clearing technique you will find useful.

You will also ask spiritual beings to help you in your work, and you can now develop
greater knowledge and insight about your spirit guides and helpers.

As with Reiki 1, a certain amount of self healing and clearing will take place for around
21 days, perhaps a considerable amount of energy in your root chakra because your
survival centre is stimulated which amplifies what is called the Kudalini energy in India.

Sometimes the Third-Eye (6th Chakra) is affected, heightening the intuitive ability of the

Some of the signs of physical cleansing may include sore throats, headaches or cold like
symptoms. These are perfectly normal, though not all are affected in this way. You may
experience emotional cleansing too, maybe crying or laughing unexpectedly. Some Reiki
masters stipulate a 21 day cleansing period after each attunement, but I do not believe
this to be an absolute time period as we all have different life experiences to del with. We
all process our own healing at a pace that is right for us.

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Guidelines for treating others

The environment

Keep the area you use for treatments clean and simple, whether it is a room set up for the
purpose or a temporary work space. Reiki can be done anywhere, but if you set up a
healing space it will work better if you take care to ensure everything within it is
relaxing and harmonious.

Use gentle music, preferably on-vocal, if the client is happy with music. Make sure the
lighting in the room is not too bright and the colours are not too unsettling or bright.
Enable the client to feel there is ample space to relax. Make sure all mobile phones are
turned off and that you have tissues nearby. If you use any tools such as crystals make
sure they are cleaned before hand. Incense and candles can help to create a feeling of calm
as long as the client does not find them objectionable. Have extra pillows and a blanket
handy for supporting their back or knees and to keep warm as staying immobile for an
hour you can become a bit cold.


It is important that you are clean and comfortable in order to give a good treatment.
Obviously you will bear in mind good hygiene practices, such as ensuring hands are clean
before and after a treatment and that you have fresh breath. Any open wounds can still
be treated but a protective layer such as sterile gloves or dressings should be put between
you and the client. It is also good to be in a state of harmony yourself, so a self treatment
every day is good practice. Make sure you are able to relax so that the energy can flow. I
tend to keep a chair to hand for work on the head and feet areas.

Your approach

The most important part of dealing with your client is your ability to listen.
Many people feel they are not listened to, and for them it is an important part of their
healing process. They need to know you offer the same time and space for them without
feeling the need to comment, judge, criticise or empathise by telling your own story. There
is a delicate balance to be found between showing you understand by speaking and by just
being silent. Be aware of the clients need for talk or silence.

You may find they may ask for guidance from you, in which case do not give them your
own answers but show them ways to think about their situation in a new light. Explain
how we are what we feel, about the effects of negative thoughts, and bout disharmony and
how a state of disharmony affects the mind, body and spirit.

Always check they are happy with everything before beginning, and make it clear they
should let you know if they become uncomfortable in any way at any time.

Your invocation

You do not have to have a specific prayer before you begin Reiki. When you learnt Reiki 1
perhaps you were taught to say a few words to activate the flow. This is a personal
matter and you can do what you feel comfortable with.
Sandanda is the name for the essence of Christ within us. Archangel Michael is the angel
of protection, dedicated to preserving the spiritual destiny of each soul. Angel Zadkiel is
the Guardian of invocation and the best known and most powerful force of invocation is

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

When I was taught Reiki Level 1, the following invocation was suggested. You are free to
use this or write your own version.

I call upon the light of God to fill me, (name) …., and the
room with peace, love, light and protection.

I call upon my Eternal self, Sandanda, Archangel Michael,

Angel Zadkiel, Dr Usui, Dr Hayashi, Madam Takata and all
the Reiki guides and angels and my own spirit guide.

I ask you to channel and direct this Reiki healing to …

(name)… (say 3 times)

For the highest divine good (say 3 times)

I give thanks for being a Reiki channel.

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition


Dr Mikao Usui

Dr Chujiro Hayashi

Mrs Hawo Takata Iris Ishikura

Pat Jack Arthur Robertson

Cherie A Prasulm Rick & Emma Ferguson

William L Rand Margaret Shelton

Clare M Ray

Simon Treselyan Margaret De-Petro Mari Hall

Rowena Beaumont Martine Moorby Jane Whittemore

(Shoden) (Okuden) (Shinpiden)

Alex Thorne

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

The Original Japanese form of Reiki

It appears that the way Mikao Usui practiced, lived and taught in Japan is very different
from how we generally understand Reiki in the West.

The original form of Reiki, called Usui Teate, was a spiritual path. Usui referred to the
system as the “method to achieve personal perfection”. His students seem to have referred
to the system as “Usui Teate” or Usui Do”. The word Reiki appeared in the Reiki precepts
or principles, but the word “Reiki” seems there to mean “a system that has been arrived at
through a moment of enlightenment” or “a gift of satori” . The name Reiki may have been
used when the naval officers, his less experienced students, set up the Usui Reiki Ryoho
Gakkai after Usui’s death. The teachings that are coming from Usui’s living students are
being referred to as “Usui Teate” by Chris Marsh and his associate Andrew Bowling. The
word “teate” should be pronounced “tee-ah-tay” with emphasis on the first and last
syllables. Teate means “hand healing” or “hand application”, and there is a hundreds of
years old tradition of Japanese hand healing techniques that work on the recipient’s chi,
perhaps similar to Qi Gong healing techniques.

The purpose of Usui’s method was to achieve satori, to find one’s spiritual path, to heal
oneself. Usui’s system was not primarily about treating others. This was a side issue.

To this effect, a student would commit themselves to

Carrying out meditations and self-healings

Receiving regular spiritual empowerments
Receiving training in an open-ended fashion

Usui’s first degree was called “Shoden” which means first teachings. It was about:

Opening to energy through empowerments.


Usui’s second degree was called “Okuden” which means Oral Transmissions. It is about:

Strengthening the ability to channel.

Learning new techniques, such as healing with the eyes (Gyoshi ho) and breath
(Koki ho), and the practice of distant healing (Enkaku chiryou).
Receiving spiritual teachings, such as Buddhist sutras for instance. There is still
much to be learnt about this.

You become a stronger channel for Reiki by receiving regular Reiju empowerments and
by practicing energy such as Hatsu Rei Ho (a method to enhance your Reiki connection).
Regular empowerments reinforce your connection to the Source, as do regular energy

It appears that Usui was able to gear his teachings to the needs of his students, whatever
their religious or philosophical background.

The system was rooted in Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism. Tendai Buddhism (a form of
mystical Buddhism) provided spiritual teachings , and Shintoism contributed methods of
controlling and working with the energies. Usui had a strong background in both kiko
(energy cultivation) and a martial art with a strong zen flavour (Yagyu Shinkage Ryu),
and he also took Zen training, and these studies may have contributed in some way to the
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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

system that he developed. There also seems to be a strong connection between Usui’s
system and Shugendo (mountain asceticism). The system was based on living and
practicing the Reiki principles; that was the hub of the whole thing.

The vast majority of Usui’s students started out as clients, people who came to him
because they wanted something treated. He would routinely give people empowerments
(to connect them to Reiki) so that they could treat themselves between treatments with
him, and if they wanted to take things further then they could start formal training. The
training was rather like martial arts training: you had an open-ended commitment to
study with Usui, not a fixed-length training course, and it was only when you had
developed sufficiently that you wee invited to move on to higher levels.


The first degree was very simple, and it seems that Usui taught hundreds of people at this
level. Shoden was all about opening to the energy through receiving many Reiju
empowerments (simple connection rituals), it was about cleansing and self-healing.

The student would practice different forms of self-healing, including self-healing

meditations, they would chant and live the Reiki affirmations, and they would practice a
couple of energy exercises. The exercises taught at first-degree level were Kenyoku and
Joshin Kokkyu Ho, which are taught in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai as part of a longer
sequence called “Hatsu Rei Ho” - (See Appendices).

They would study some specially selected “Waka” poems, chosen by Usui because they
contained various sacred sounds (kotodama). Students would be introduced to the concept
of mindfulness, and they would focus on developing their awareness of their hara; that
would lead to the second-degree level.


The second degree was split into 2 levels (Zenki and Kouki). Whereas many hundreds of
students were taught Shoden level, maybe only 70 students reached Zenki and maybe only
30 reached Kouki level. Second-degree was all about strengthening your ability as a
channel, becoming familiar with some specific energies and a particular state of mind,
and receiving spiritual teachings.

You became a stronger channel for Reiki by receiving Reiju empowerments on a regular
basis, and by practicing energy exercises. Reiju continually reinforced your connection to
the Source and allowed you to grow spiritually. You would work on that renewed
connection by doing daily energy exercises which took a different form from those carried
out at first-degree level.

The spiritual teachings introduced at Okuden level involved studying Buddhist sutras,
specifically the Lotus sutra, the heart sutra and the diamond sutra. The Lotus sutra is the
foundation document of Tendai Buddhism. Though one source of ‘original’ information
claims that Usui became a Shingon Buddhist, his surviving students insist he was Tendai
to the end. The fact that he was a Tendai did not stop him from drawing from other
spiritual traditions in Japan though.

Mindfulness would be emphasized more at this level.

Usui very much seems to have geared his teachings towards the individual needs of the
students, though. So if they were Tendai then he would emphasize the Tendai connections,

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

if they were Shintoism then he would emphasize those connections, and Dr Hayashi’s
Christianity did not seem to prevent him from receiving initiations from Usui.


In the first of the two second-degree levels you would practice ‘becoming’ the energies that
in the west we use symbols to represent: these energies are seen as earth Ki and heavenly
Ki. You would do this be practicing various meditations over many months, or by
meditating on sacred sounds, or maybe a bit of both approaches. You learned to ‘become’
these energies over an extended period of time in order to move along your path to
enlightenment, and to promote self-healing. This process was not rushed, since you learnt
to ‘become’ the energies fully, one energy at a time.

The sacred sounds that you used to further your self-healing and spiritual development
could also be used to treat others, and students might do some treatments at this level,
though it was a bit of a sideline to the main thrust of the system. Treatments would be
based on a few simple hand positions that were used on the head, though this was not
taught to all students, and the focus was very much on intuition in terms of hand
placement and in terms of what energy - if any - you emphasized during the treatment.

The sacred sounds, called ‘Kotodama’ (or ‘Jumon’ if referred to from a Buddhist
perspective), come from Shintoism, the indigenous religion of Japan. This is really ancient
stuff. This takes us back through the mists of time and Japanese ancient history, to a time
when the sound of the human voice was said to be ale to stop armies, to kill, to heal and to
control the weather. There were three Kotodama, or jumon, taught at second degree,
representing the three energies that in the West we use the symbols to represent. The two
energies that were introduced at Okuden Zenki and had to be fully integrated before you
moved to Okuden Kouki.


At the second of the two second-degree (Kouki) you would be introduced to the concept of
oneness, one of the goals of the system, and learn through meditations, and/or the use of
Kotodama, to fully experience oneness. Distance healing is an expression one oneness, and
students would have realised that they could do this easily. In the West we use a specific
symbol to aces that distant connection.

Treatment techniques

All the other ‘Usui’ techniques that are practiced by the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (the
Japanese association that carries Usui’s name) and have been passed to us through
Arjava Petter and Hiroshi Doi are in fact not original ‘Usui teate’ techniques, but are
mostly Japanese QiGong techniques contained in a QiGong manual published in 1927 by
the Japanese Navy and issued to all imperial officers. No doubt Usui knew of these
techniques, because he practiced Kiko, but they were not part of his system.


The interesting thing about the meditations that Usui taught to his students is that it was
only when the students had become completely familiar with the energies that they were
given a ‘trigger’ to connect to what they already had strongly within them. In standard
Western Reiki we use a symbol to connect to and energy that is unfamiliar to us; in Usui’s
system you become familiar with an energy and then we are given a way of triggering it.
We can echo this original approach by meditating on the energies regularly.

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- 10 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

No symbols entered into Usui’s system for most of his students, and thus the
empowerments (connection rituals) do not use symbols either; why would they since Usui’s
system was up and running long before he introduced symbols for the benefit of Dr
Hayashi and the other naval officers in 1923. Usui seems to have taught his system as
early as 1915, maybe even earlier.

What is a symbol
A concrete reality, a tangible sign which represents an abstract idea.
A letter, figure, sign used in mathematics, science, music, etc… to represent a
quantity, phenomenon, operation, function…

We have often lost our larger understanding of symbols as evolution has slowly shaped
our minds towards a material vision of things. Symbols have become an archaic concept
for many. Symbols survived however. In our daily lives as well as religions:

Eg: national flag, letters and figures, gestures, wedding ring, etc

Reiki Symbols
Reiki symbols are Kanji characters from the Japanese alphabet. The word Kanji means
Chinese characters and this suggests that Kanji originated in China.
Each character can have several different meanings depending on the context. Reiki is a
specific context; the meaning of its symbols is not usually indicated in books on Kanji. The
characters developed over time with different styles for each character. This is maybe
why some symbols are not easily identified in literature on Kanji.
Many Reiki symbols are represented by Sanskrit seed syllables. Several symbols which are
found at the Mount Kurama temple bear a striking resemblance to Reiki symbols. It is
more than likely that Mikao Usui used some of the symbolism and philosophy of the
Kurama temple in the formulation of Reiki.

Reiki symbols focus a certain quality of energy for a specific purpose or on a specific spot.
They are energetic keys, buttons or tools, they have a specific function. They have their
own inherent energy. So when you are attuned to the three second degree energies, you
are connected specifically to three different aspects of the Reiki energies. These energies
will access energies that:

Produce physical healing

Produce mental/emotional healing
Allow to connect with a subject at a distance

Reiki symbols are living energy patterns: visualize them or feel them as 3D rather than

It has been recommended that Reiki symbols should be kept away from uninitiated eyes.
You may find that some traditional teachers do not allow the symbols to be written down
as they are said to be secret. I am of the opinion that secrecy tends to arouse suspicion.
What seems to be the case is that without the initiation, attunement or empowerment to
the Reiki source, the symbols simply will not work; the information does not activate by
itself, it is the attunement/empowerment process that activates them. There is therefore
little point in sharing the symbols which may well remain meaningless to the non-initiate,
where the channel for the Reiki energy has not been opened.

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- 11 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

I see it more as a case of respect and common sense than of secrecy, besides the symbols
can be readily found on the internet.

According to William Rand, when a Reiki master shows the Reiki symbols to a student
and gives the attunement for them, an imprinting takes place that links the image the
student has been shown to the metaphysical energies the symbol represents. This is based
on the stimulus/response mechanism in the brain. Whenever a specific stimulus
accompanies a particular experience, a relationship develops between the stimulus and a
person’s response to it. Because the energies are f a transcendental nature (i.e. Affecting
more than just the subconscious mind, but linking us to the Universal energy, God-
Consciousness - whatever you wish to call the source of all life), this process is speeded up
so that a person needs to be exposed to the symbols only briefly. During the attunement,
the energy the symbol represents comes down and links itself to the symbol. Then
whenever the student thinks the symbol, the energy the symbol represents automatically
begins to flow.

However, the Japanese Reiju empowerments do not use symbols. It has been found that
the symbols will nevertheless work well for the person who has been initiated into Reiki
in this way. It therefore appears that you can be permanently connected to the Reiki
energy in more than one way, and that symbols may not be an essential part of the
connection process. Until recently of course, there was no way of testing the traditional
view that symbols would not work unless yo were specifically attuned to them.

Hiroshi Doi, a Japanese Reiki Master who has been sharing some of the Usui Reiki Ryoho
Gakkai practices in the West says that students are expected to learn to work with the
energies directly. We know Mikao Usui introduced the symbols to help those students that
found connecting directly to the energies difficult, as something concrete to focus on as
they were learning to work with these energies.

It is generally agreed by many Reiki masters of the western tradition, that whereas the
power symbol CKR (1) (Cho Ku Rei) is independent, the other 2 symbols benefit from being
used in conjunction with it to be activated. That would mean that you have to use CKR (1)
with the SHK (2) (Sei Hei Ki) or the HSZSN (3) (HonShaZeShoNen).

As suggested above, recent evidence seems to indicate that each symbol represents a
different energy and frequency. That would confirm my hunch that symbols can be used
separately, and this could be preferable to Reiki “sandwiches” of symbols.

Thus CKR (1), traditionally referred to as the power symbol produces physical healing, the
SHK (2) produces mental-emotional balance, and the HSZSN (3) allows the energy to be
sent anywhere without any need for “hands on”. It does not produce a healing frequency
of its own, It is simply a way of connecting.

I shall endeavor to offer you both views, and both ways of working and encourage you to
experiment and make up your own mind. We do know that the symbols work, I would not
be writing a Reiki training manual today if they didn’t. Always bear in mind that your
intent is the most important element.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 12 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

The Reiki 2 Symbols

It is important to remember to draw the symbols in the correct direction and sequence.

The direction is always left to right and top to bottom

The exception is with slanted (diagonal) lines which slant from right to left. In tis case, top
to bottom takes precedence over the left to right rule.

If you are working with symbols, bear in mind that each individual line is a transformer
of energy. As the symbols and their lines can be superimposed, one on top of the other, this
makes the sequence an important factor.

The symbols can be drawn is a variety of ways:

With the palm of your hand (the energy radiates from the palm chakra). This is
particularly useful for drawing a symbol over a large area.
With your fingers “coned” together by bringing all your fingers and thumb
together. There are minor chakras at the end of your fingers also.
You can draw the symbol in your imagination, It has been suggested that you
could imagine you have a very long nose, like Pinocchio, and use very small head
Or you can just use eye movements to trace out the symbol over your hands, or
part of the clients body.

The colour most often associated with the Reiki energy is violet (a high frequency colour),
so you might like to draw the symbols in that colour. Don’t worry if you cannot visualize
clearly, any other way of knowing/sensing is just as valid. Use your intention.

Every time you use a symbol, say its name 3 times (spiritual affirmation - to activate it)

It is possible, when you are familiar with the symbols, to visualize them in their entirety,
but please don’t take this as a suggestion to mean that you can dispense with learning to
draw the symbols accurately. I am not in the business of quick fixes! Besides if you are
anything like me, it will take a long time for you to visualize the HonShaZeShoNen
symbol in its entirety with all its pen strokes! So please practice.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 13 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Cho Ku Rei
This is often referred to as the Power Symbol. Takata said this symbol was the command
to the universal life force. It translates as Holy Audience. It directly increases and
harmonizes the energy in a spot. The spiraling energy penetrates through all barriers and
lifts the veil of illusion that separates us from the source. This is the only symbol that you
can use alone. When you use the other symbols always use this first symbol to build the
other symbols on to.

Use it to boost the energy flow through your hands by drawing it in the palms of your
hands or over the back of your hands. Its main purpose is physical healing. I am told that
Usui’s surviving students describe this energy as earth energy, the energy of physical

So when you “meet” an area that is particularly in need (injury, discomfort) draw the
symbol over the back of your hands.

Use at the end of a treatment to seal in the energies, and on the soles of the feet to ground
a client.

Use it to bless a room you are

working in as it eliminates
negative energy from a room.
Draw the symbol over the walls of
the room, the ceiling and the floor ,
saying the symbols name 3 times
each time you draw it, imagining
the room is flooded with vibrant
cleansing energy. You can draw the
symbol in the corners of the room if
you prefer or the middle and see it
expand to fill the room with its
energy. Do whatever you feel is
right for you.

Bless, protect or energize others

(and yourself) with it just by
conjuring it up in your mind and
visualizing it on others (or

Uses - Use over food and drink to

harmonize, to clear the energy in a
room, communication with others
in a letter, email or phone call , to
give a healing quality to a situation
to facilitate whatever is needed at the time.

Use CKR for personal (psychic) protection, by way of a protective shield.

On scar tissue - surgery breaks the meridian

lines so draw the power symbol at each end
of the scar to act as a bridge.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 14 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

If you are familiar with acupressure points, the power symbol can be drawn on specific
ones to release blockages.

I have even heard of some people using CKR to find a good parking space. One to try I

An experiment for you to try: -

Take a piece of fruit and cut it in half. Place one half on a plate as a control. Put the other
half on another plate and give it Reiki, using CKR every day for a couple of days or so.
Compare the 2 halves. Just as Reiki eliminates negative energy from a room, it is said to
remove negative energy from the food.

A word of caution here: Reiki does NOT replace common sense. I am NOT encouraging
you to eat food that appears dubious.

“Put all the power of the universe here, now”

Sei Hei Ki
This is referred to as the mental-emotional symbol. It balances the inner states of mind. It
translates as God and man coming together.

It harmonizes the mental

and emotional planes.
SHK generates a higher
frequency than CKR. I
am told that Usui’s
surviving students
describe it as celestial
energy, an energy that
makes a link between
earth and heaven,
drawing the 2 into

It has been suggested to

use this as a protection
symbol, as an alternative
to CKR, drawing it in the
air in front of you (Tai
Chi style) and walking
into it for example - try
both and decide.

Draw it on the solar

plexus. It will deal with
stress, tension, anxiety,
insomnia, restlessness,
trauma, anger, grief and
will help to release
emotional blockages. It
can be used to deal with unresolved issues and negative habits.
Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009
- 15 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

It is generally used on the upper chakras.

It allows you to see past the surface to give you a sense of deeper understanding.
Normally emotions are worked through quickly using this symbol You always use the first
symbol with this second one. The two are used together to work “hands on” with someone
or yourself.

Uses: - Use for anything out of balance on the emotional and or mental levels. To
harmonize and create clear thinking and inner harmony.

I have been told it can be drawn on objects of value (don’t scratch it on gems or crystals
though), under plant pots, under carpets, behind pictures on the wall, etc… to harmonize
the environment, underneath electrical appliances and on your car to protect yourself
and others from harm. When driving put your car in a bubble and visualize either symbol
(CKR or SHK) - Experiment and see…

It is not a magical protective sign however, that makes it unnecessary for you to be
engaged in the process. You have to work with it. It will facilitate self-repair by raising
the appropriate energetic vibrational level.

It can be used to communicate on a subconscious level with a baby or someone in a coma

or under anaesthetic. For example you could:
Visualize SHK at the third eye level of the recipient, and “sandwich” their forehead and
back of head between your hands, talking to them in you mind (or out loud if this is
appropriate) with a message/affirmation such as: “It is safe to wake up/go to sleep…”

Whatever your intent, it has to be positive, loving, ethical and non-manipulative.

Using this symbol will help you to develop your own intuitive ability. When giving a
Reiki treatment you may receive insight into what is happening with the client or with
yourself. Remember however not to use Reiki for diagnostic purposes. You are equipped to
allow healing to occur through Reiki, not to diagnose. Also I would strongly advise you to
treat any insight with respect, sharing it in an appropriate and non-judgmental manner.

If a client is highly emotional, agitated or depressed, you could do the following, as an

effective first aid method:

Sandwich the client’s forehead and back of head between your hands. Visualize SHK at
the third eye level of the client, and then, at intervals during the session, on the back of
your hands.

This symbol is good for all emotions. It balances he upper 4 chakras. It also balances both
hemispheres of the brain.

If you heal your mental and emotional issues, wherever they are coming from, you are
able to be fully present in the here and now. It could therefore be said that it is a symbol
of enlightenment.

“God and humanity become one”

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 16 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

The case for keeping Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki apart
Despite some traditional teachings that encourage the use of CKR (1) WITH SHK (2),
because they represent different frequencies, it appears that Usui used them separately.
You may choose to give a whole treatment using mainly the frequency of CKR (1) , or that
of SHK (2) depending on what you feel is needed. If you do a course of treatments, you
could do the first treatment using the energy of CKR (1) and the next one using the energy
of SHK (2) for example. You can also use one energy for a while , and then disconnect
from that energy and change to the other for a while.

Symbols used singly act as filters within the spectrum of the Reiki energy, leaving the
frequencies that you have chosen to work with.

During a standard treatment, you might draw SHK for mental balancing over the head,
maybe with an affirmation that you intend to be accepted by the person’s
subconsciousness mind for their highest good. You might draw the SHK again over the
heart and solar plexus for emotional release. You might consciously choose to “disconnect”
from SHK (2) and work with CKR (1).

It has been argued that the best results are obtained when you channel one frequency
only for the whole treatment, allowing the body to resonate for the longest time possible to
a specific frequency. If a person’s main problem is stress or depression, you could choose
SHK (2), or CKR (1) if someone you work with has suffered a physical injury. You can
review the situation in the light of the feedback at the next appointment.

Of course, you always have the option to do “Reiki 1” treatments where you let the energy
flow as it wants, without any boosting.

This might be your preferred choice for a first treatment, for your hands (and your
intuition) to pick up variations and needs.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 17 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

This is often referred to as the distant healing symbol. It is always used with the first and
second symbols. It is used for healing and harmony outside time and space.

When sending the energy you can

perform it to work on a specific
problem, however never ask for a
specific outcome rather ask for the
best outcome for all involved.

A distance treatment is just as

effective as a hands on treatment,
however because it is working from a
distance with the aura into the
physical body it will take much less

Uses: use when you wake up to set the

tone for your day and help you to use
each hour the best way possible. Use
at the end of the day as an
acknowledgement of what the day has
brought. To work with you on the
parts of yourself that are hard to
reach, and to clear past emotional

One technique that I was taught uses

it in conjunction with CKR and SHK.
Visualize in the following order:
(3) is like a transmitter, a phone line,
(2) harmonizes the communication
and (1) empowers it!

Absentee transmission can be to an

event, a person or a concept. (See
Distant/Absentee Healing).

This symbol is also useful if you wish to undertake channelling work, astral journeys,
journeys through time, karma clearing, and contacts with your own intuition and higher

According to Usui’s surviving students, this energy produces a state of mind of “oneness”
in the practitioner, a oneness with the universe that allows you to transcend time and
space. So maybe it can be used over the solar plexus for instance, so that emotions can be
connected and released, or maybe over chakras to “connect” them, if you feel this is
appropriate. (E.G. Throat-heart-solar plexus to connect mental/emotional areas with
centre of communication) Perhaps when you start a treatment, and you are resting your
hands on someone's shoulders, you may visualize HSZSN (3) in your mind’s eye, and say
its name 3 times as a way of connecting with the person on all levels, or on a deep level.

“Let the inner guide, be the greater guide”

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009
- 18 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

“May the Buddha in me connect to the Buddha in you to

promote harmony and peace”

Practice HonShaZeShoNen as much as you feel is necessary.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 19 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Silver Violet Flame

Although not part of traditional Usui Reiki, this symbol was passed on to me when I was
doing my Reiki master course and as I find it particularly useful I feel that this
Shambhala Reiki symbol will be of use to you too.

Silver violet Flame consumes all negative feelings and emotions. A spiritual antiseptic for
all to come clean.

Use this Mantra:

I AM a Being of Silver Violet Fire.

I AM the purity God desires.

Use this Mantra to use in daily lives. It has a

cleansing effect. You can flood your
consciousness, your minds, your physical bodies
with this spiritual antiseptic and all will become
clean. Also, chant this mantra and you will find
that it brings the Silver Violet energy into your
space which will heighten the vibration.

Chant this mantra a few dozen times a day and

you will find that every thing starts to become
Silver Violet. The vibration gets into the walls of
your house, into the metal work of your car, into
the metals of your jewelry, into your energy
system, both physical and spiritual. You will
actually start being Silver Violet!

Allow your voice to speak it. It is better spoken out loud and with intent because although
saying it to yourself has an effect on your four body system, it doesn’t have as much effect
on everything that surrounds you. Think about how much service you can do for creation
just by chanting this mantra out loud, - you will be affecting everything around you.

Use it to transmute situations that are undesirable to you.

You can also leave this Silver Violet Flame behind you wherever you go. Bring down the
fire and install it in any place. It will be there then for the transmutation of all, not only
the humans, but the animals, the birds, the Earth.

Use before each treatment to cleanse the etheric body (aura) and the physical body.
Intend the Silver Violet Flame through the Heart Centre, to open the heart further to the
love vibration.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 20 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Energy Meditations
There are two ways you can experience the individual energies of the Reiki symbols.

With a partner
On your own

1. With a partner:

A. Charge the hands using your chosen symbol - CKR

(1) or SHK (2) - by drawing t over your palm,
saying its name 3 times (for spiritual affirmation),
and then pressing your hands together 3 times to
activate both hands.
B. Visualize a large version of the symbol up in the
air above you, saying the name 3 times and
imagine that you are drawing cascades of energy
from that symbol, visualizing the energy moving
through your crown, and into your client through
your hands and arms.
C. Say to yourself “Cho Ku Rei on” or “Sei Hei Ki on”.
Hover your hands by the recipients temples, or you can rest your hands on their

Then swap and use the other symbol.

See if you and your partner can feel a difference between the 2 frequencies of energy.

People often describe CKR as more “tangible”. This is because CKR reduces the frequency f
energy you are channelling to a lower level, more suitable for the physical body, and
because you feel the physical body, the effects of CKR are most easily noticeable to you.

By contrast, people have described the energy of SHK as being lighter, more delicate…
This is because the energy vibrates at a higher frequency, suitable for healing the mental
and emotional aspects of a person. It is no less powerful than CKR, it is just different, and
sometimes more difficult to discern.

2. On your own:

Here are 2 ways of experimenting with the symbols on your own, and should be done for
3-5 minutes.

A. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, with your hands resting on your lap and your
palms facing upwards.
B. Visualize either CKR or SHK up in the air above you, and say the name 3 times for
spiritual affirmation.
C. Imagine cascades of energy flooding down onto you from the symbol. The energy
radiates onto your face, your torso and into your hands, flooding through your whole

Do this with the other symbol. What sensations or impressions are you getting? There are
no right or wrong answers as everyone experiences different things.

When I was studying this I had the following sensations:

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009
- 21 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

CKR - Downward pressure and it felt like a heartbeat

SHK - Lighter feeling, almost weightless and buoyant, saw indigo.


A. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, with your hands resting on your lap with palms
facing upwards.
B. Visualize either CKR or SHK up in the air above you, and say the name 3 times for
C. As you breathe in, draw energy down from the symbol. The energy passes through your
crown, down the centre of your body to your Tanden. (The Seika tanden (commonly
referred to simply as the Tanden) is an energy 'centre' or area - about the size of a
grapefruit - located deep inside the 'hara', roughly mid way between the top of the
pubic bone and the navel.)
D. As you pause before exhaling, feel the energy getting stronger in your Tanden.
E. As you exhale, flood the energy through your body.

Do this with the other symbol. What sensations or impressions are you getting?

Increasing the flow of Reiki.

You know that you can increase the flow of energy by focussing it in the following ways.

A. Using one of the meditations above.

B. Drawing the required symbol on the back of your hands.
C. Imagining that the Reiki energy is cascading down from above, and through you to
your hands. (See Joshin Kokkyu Ho and Seishin Toitsu under Hatsu Rei in

You can also use the “many hands” technique.

If you discover a “hotspot” on a client you are treating, on their knees for example,
imagine that you have an additional set of two arms on each side of your body, making
six arms in total (similar to the Goddess Kali if you like). Feel, imagine or be aware in any
way that comes to you, that these are coming off your shoulders: upper arms, forearms,
with the hands over yours or in a slightly different position near or around your real
Feel or imagine Reiki energy traveling through your real arms, and expand this feeling so
that you can feel or imagine the energy traveling through your accessory arms as it does
through your real ones.

This can be combined with a, b or c above.

You wouldn’t want to use this technique all the time during a treatment, but rather
selectively, when you notice an increased flow of energy for instance, or detect what you
have come to recognize as a particular need.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 22 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Distant/Absentee Healing
With HonShaZeShoNen.

Naturally if you know the person, you know what they look like so it is easier to visualize
them. If you do not know them you will need some description of them in order to paint a
picture in your mind. The name and place of residence or location at the present time,
age, height, approximate weight, colour of hair and eyes, and if they are male or female.

1. Visualize the person standing between your hands and stay mentally connected to hem
during the process of sending energy to them.
2. Visualize and say all three symbols in your mind like a mantra.
3. Intend that you request permission for this healing. When you feel a difference in the
energy between your hands you have received permission and you can leave the person
small between your hands or increase their size. If you leave them small hold the image
of them between your hands for 5 to 10 minutes, or until the energy dissipates,
whichever is first.
4. Visualize a stream of light or energy going through them like a fountain of water.
5. Finally see them sitting between your hands. Understand they have realizes their
perfection and are at peace with themselves and the world.
6. Close the field by bringing your hands together.

In fact, whatever you can imagine between your hands you can send energy to; a photo of
the person, a place, a house, anything.

Using a stand in.

Use a teddy bear or pillow in place of a person. Say the persons name 3 times, draw the
symbols down the front of the body then do as you would for a standard treatment.

Using a photo.

It does not have to be a recent photo. Hold the photo between your hands and use the
symbols to connect to it, saying all 3 symbols like a mantra. Intend the flow of energy to
go to the person. Leave your hands their until the energy dissipates.

There are no hard and fast rules associated with distant healing, and this can be
disconcerting for some people. There are indeed many ways to send distant healing.

Essentially I suggest:

You are clear in your mind about who or what you are sending Reiki to.
You use HonShaZeShoNen to make that distant connection

This is a method that uses all 3 symbols.

N.B. With all symbols DRAW once and SAY NAME three times.

The basic process of distant healing is visualization. It does not matter if you do not
visualize clearly or if another of your senses is the dominant one for you. All the methods
are correct if your intent is right.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 23 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Energy sent this way filters down to the physical body, though it reaches the energy body
first. Absent healing is about making contact with a person who is not physically present.
Time and space do not exist in non-physical reality.

By using the distant symbol (3), you can direct the healing to repeat as often as necessary,
at specific times if necessary, though I would renew the process regularly too. It is best not
to send the healing ad infinitum, but until the purpose has been accomplished.

Distant healing can be done with the person present in the room , maybe when it is not
appropriate to give a normal treatment.

Let go of the result, it does not belong to you.

1. Bring the person, situation or scenario to mind. You might like to use a photo. This can
be of a national or world crisis situation also, an animal or a garden, etc… Name it 3
2. Ask for healing with the proviso “if this be for the highest good of all concerned” Say this
3 times
3. Draw the POWER symbol (1) and say its name 3 times.
4. Draw the DISTANT symbol (3) and say its name 3 times.
5. Draw the MENTAL/EMOTIONAL symbol (2) and say its name 3 times.
6. Draw the POWER symbol (1) and say its name 3 times. (You may wish to see the
symbols sent to the recipient’s 3rd Eye).
7. Place your hand on top of your right knee with the other hand resting on top. This
represents the head positions. Stay for 3-5 minutes. Slide up the thigh. This will represent
the front positions of a traditional Reiki treatment. Stay for 3-5 minutes, Place left hand
on left knee, with right hand on top and hold position for 3-5 minutes. This will represent
the back positions of a traditional Reiki treatment.
8. Alternatively connect your thumb with your index finger for the head position, your
thumb with your middle finger for the front positions, and your thumb with your ring
finger for the back positions.
9.Sweep over your knees to cut off the connection.

There are other ways which I believe to be simpler and just as effective for sending
distant healing. No way is better than another, there are no hard and fast rules. SIMPLY

You can use the DISTANT symbol (3), draw it in the air, use either CKR (1) or SHK (2)
if you wish, and beam them towards the photograph of the recipient.
Do the above but holding the picture between your hands.
You can draw the symbols in the air, using a teddy bear or a pillow or a surrogate to
whom you then give a standard treatment.
You can also imagine the person or situation shrunk to a size that will fit in your

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 24 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

The ethics of distant healing

I have head of at least one Reiki master who is of the opinion that it is totally unethical to
send distant healing to a person if they have not specifically requested it. They see it as
an intrusion, an interference, a violation of personal space. If you agree with this view, I
suggest you also stop thinking of people in a loving way, sending them good wishes or
praying for them .

I believe that:

1. Reiki by definition, is a beautiful healing energy that is also benevolent.

2. If we always include “If this is for the highest good of the recipient” , we are not
manipulating the result, which means also that the outcome is not ours, and that if the
person does not want the healing for any reason, then Reiki will not show any result (in
use these words advisedly, because Reiki may work on a soul level instead, with the
persons highest mind’s engagement, not their conscious mind…)

If you are worried about the appropriateness of your timing for sending distant healing,
then simply intend the energy to be received by the person at whatever moment is most
appropriate for them in the next 24 hours - exactly as I do when I send you all a distant
empowerment on a Monday (should you wish to receive it).

The heightened sensitivity in your palm chakras will enable you to scan a client’s energy
field and chakras, sensing changes which may be indicative of imbalances. It is carried
out by hovering and moving your hands a few inches above the physical body of your
client. Scanning is a method by which the practitioner feels what in Japanese is called
“byosen” (see below Byosen Reikan Ho (something that comes from the source of the dis-
ease) by using “hibiki” (sensations that can be felt in the hand of the practitioner who feels
the byosen). Any sudden change in sensation that you feel as you scan the aura, could
mean a healing need, be it heat, cold, electric current sensation, breeze, pushing, pulling,
vibration, shaking or any other sensation. You will learn which sensation is most
meaningful to you with practice. This is a good technique to practice, you can use the
knowledge gained using the sensations as a guide to your hand positions for the
treatment, even inventing extra hand positions, as you allow your treatment to be guided
by your client’s energetic needs rather than a set of traditional hand positions (as taught
in Reiki 1).

Remember you do not need to force it, it will come naturally.

Remember however that diagnosis is a doctor’s responsibility, not a Reiki practitioner’s.

As with Reiki 1, it is possible that your hands feel cool, yet the client may be experiencing
heat emanating from your hands. This occurs as a cooling effect on the back of your hands
as you are sending vast amounts of energy into the client. This can also be experienced in
reverse, where the hands feel cool to the client and hot to you. The imbalanced energy is
being pulled from the client. This does not mean that you are personally extracting the
negative energy or pain. Magnetic energy is not aligned with the principles of Reiki
(which is channelled universal Chi), as there are inherent dangers for the healer in using
their own magnetic field.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 25 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

When in doubt, bear in mind that Reiki has inherent intelligence and therefore gives and
takes energy according to the client’s need to establish balance in the body.

Byosen Reikan Ho

This is a scanning technique taught in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.

Advanced scanning is an integral part of Reiki training with the Gakkai. During 1st
degree training (Shoden) students are expected to be able to detect and identify disease in
the body before they are allowed to start training for their 2nd degree (Okuden). One of
the ways they do this, is by using Byosen Reikan Ho. The other is Reiji Ho.
The Byosen scanning technique can over time lead to:

Sufficient energy sensitivity in your hands that you can feel where to put them, and
how long they should remain in each position.
Sufficient detailed knowledge about the sensations your hands produce in different
circumstances that you can use this information potentially to diagnose a disease, as
different conditions and diseases can feel very different in terms of sensations in your
hands. As mentioned above, it is a “message” transmitted to your hands that is referred to
as byosen. Remember that you are not diagnosing as a Reiki practitioner, even if you can
“sense the problem”.

It seems that there will always be a byosen, and sometimes you will be sensing a passing
condition, sometimes a condition that is yet to manifest. The message we have from Japan
is that byosen could be detected in the obvious problem area. Examples of that we have
been given are that the byosen for stomach disease often shows up in the forehead,
roundworm under the nose, and liver problems in the eyes, respiratory problems might be
indicated by hibiki on the backs of the hands, etc.

The sensations will be more than just “tingling” the tingling may be a superficial “fizzing”
or deep pins and needles or throbbing and anything in between, etc… It is these sensations
that are referred to as hibiki (“echo” or “resonance”).

It is said that it is possible to sense the cause of the disease, its type and the length of time
it will take to heal based on these sensations. As your sensations are peculiar to you, there
is no short cut but practice, practice and more practice, if you wish to develop this ability.

This does require regular practice and exposure to a large number of clients. The
technique requires you to focus your attention on the sensations in your hands in a
dedicated fashion. The byosen ability is an intellectual activity in as much as you will
spend long periods of time focussing on all the different sensations in your hands and
learn to tie them in with what you know of the client’s problems. It also seems that these
skills are only maximized through receiving regular Reiju empowerments.

Some hibiki and their common significance:

[Note: the intensity of the stimulus perceived can often reflect the severity/depth of the

Attraction generally signifies a need for treatment at the area of pull.

Repulsion indicates a probable long-standing blockage or inhibition of energy flow -
something which may take a considerable amount of treatment to alleviate.
Pain often indicates an excess or buildup of energy in the given area (due to a blockage,
etc). Sharp pain is sometimes considered to be a sign that the 'pressure' in the given area is
causing a negative effect elsewhere in the system.
Tingling frequently signifies an area of inflammation.
Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009
- 26 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Heat sensations in the therapist's hands are indicative of Reiki being 'drawn' by the client
Coldness signifies a deficit of energy in the area (or at least a suppression of energy) - due
to blockage, etc.
Flux/Flow indicates a positive, balanced state - which will nonetheless still benefit from
receiving treatment.

Formal Byosen Ho begins with the practitioner performing Gassho and praying /
intending that the Reiki phenomenon will flow freely through them for the healing and
wellness of the client.
Then, beginning at the head and working down the body, the practitioner slowly starts to
scan with their hands, searching out the energetic sensations indicative of areas in need
of Reiki treatment.

Reiji Ho.

Although, as you learnt in Reiki 1, the Reiki energy will flow regardless of your state of
health, state of mind or mental activity, it is, in my opinion, much better, more respectful,
and more relaxing for the client if the practitioner is centered and gives the healing

I also believe that you are more likely to develop your intuition if you remain in a calm,
centered and mindful state. This is likely to increase the benefits of the treatment for your

The following ritual was followed and taught by Mikao Usui before giving a treatment.

1. Fold your hands in front of your chest in a classical prayer position, and close your
2. Connect with the Reiki energy by simply mentally asking that it flow through you and
knowing that it will. Notice how this feels for you.
3. Make your intent the recovery of your client or their healing in the widest sense of the
word, adding “if this be for his/her highest good” - We never intend to manipulate , we
don’t know what is good or bad for someone.
4. Hod your folded hands in front of your third eye, your intuitive mind, asking that your
hands be guided to where the energy is needed.
5. Hover your hands over the client. As you become one with the energy, allow your hands
to be moved and ‘taken” to the place of greatest need.

Basically, it is a way of finding out where to put your hands, that is intuitively guided
and not intellectual.

The more advanced aspect of Reiji ho - being able to intuit disease - seems to come through
long practice of this technique.

Remember you can also activate your palm chakras by drawing a symbol over each
palm. Feel or know that the energy is activated. Say the symbol’s name 3 times for
spiritual affirmation. Clap your hands 3 times.
Other chakras can be activated before treatment. Often a practitioner will activate their
crown chakra to help energy flow in, the third eye chakra for clarity and the heart
chakra for unconditional love. Do what feels right for you.

You can also draw these symbols over your client if you wish, to energize them or to seal
n the energy at the end of a treatment. The CKR (1) on the soles of the feet at the end of a
treatment will help to ground the client.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 27 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

We do not just heal with our hands. So you can beam healing energy or the symbols
through your eyes, your third eye or your heart, or with your breath. You can radiate
Reiki from your whole being.

What you intend, you bring about, energy follows thought.

The Power of Intent

Intent is very important in Reiki. The energy will follow your thoughts, and follow your
focus. If you intend that the energy will be transmitted in a particular way then it will
be, and you can control the movement of Reiki with your thoughts. Here are some simple
examples of this:

I believe that if you wish to send Reiki to someone, Reiki will follow your focus,
without the need for symbols or any constructed method.
You could rest your hands on someone’s shoulders and intend that Reiki flows through
their body to a particular pat of their body, and the energy will do that.
If you intend/imagine that Reiki flows out of your foot chakra then it will do so, and if
you intend that this flow of energy stops, then it will stop.

This section deals with various aspects of intent, and various ways of sending the energy.

You can send Reiki with your breath and your eyes. These Japanese methods are called
Koki Ho and Gyoshi Ho. If you intend that the energy travels with your breath, it does,
and takes on some of the characteristics of breath. If you intend that Reiki passes with
your gaze, it does so, and takes on some of the characteristics of staring in terms of being
focussed, precise and intense.

The benefits of conveying energy with the eyes or breath as well as the hand is that you
can “touch more bases” at one time. You can direct the energy with your hands into 2
locations and direct it to a third place using the eyes or the breath. Alternatively you can
intensify the Reiki effect in one place using 2 hands and your breath or your eyes. Using
the eyes or breath to convey the energy means that you can direct Reiki to places where it
would be inappropriate to touch. Use your imagination! Do distant healing by sending
Reiki with your breath or your eyes onto a photo perhaps.

Healing through staring (Gyoshi Ho)

The key to directing Reiki with the eyes seems to be to:

1. You should look ‘with a loving state of being’ behind

2. Defocus the eyes; look with soft focus
3. Look through the area where we want to send the energy
4. Intend that the energy passes with your gaze

As an exercise, sit with a partner, centre yourself, look directly and lovingly through
your partner’s forehead for a while. What does your partner notice? Now stare through
another part of their body; what sensations can you feel now? Now visualize Sei He Ki
over your partner’s face and see if there is any change in the sensations they experience.
What happens if you use Cho Ku Rei?

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 28 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Healing with the breath (Koki Ho)

The key to directing Reiki using your breath seems to be:

1. Place the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and inhale.
2. As you inhale, draw energy down through your crown chakra
3. As you exhale, still with your tongue on the roof of your mouth, intend that energy
flows with your breath.

As an exercise, sit with any partner, centre yourself, and direct your ‘Reiki breath’ onto
your partner’s forehead a couple of times. You do not need to ‘blow a gale’ and they do not
need to feel air movement on them - the intent is the important thing here. What does
your partner notice? Now breathe Reiki on to another part of their body; what sensations
can they feel now?

Now you can repeat the exercise, but this time, as you inhale, draw one of the Reiki
symbols on the roof of your mouth with your tongue (practice). Put the tip of your tongue
on the roof of your mouth ad hold it there as before. Exhale as before onto your partner’s
face/head. Can they feel any difference now, and can they feel any difference between the
2 symbols (CHR and SHK)? Try breathing Reiki onto other parts of the body. What is the
response? Breathe Reiki onto your pets and you plants.

As an alternative to the above, just visualize the symbols on the roof of your mouth; it
will work just the same.


Beaming consists of channelling Reiki at a distance, for example one side of a room to
another. Reiki energy comes out of your palm chakras or out of the ends of your fingers,
so you can direct the energy with your palms facing the recipient, or point your fingers at
the recipient. You are intending that the energy is transmitted in a particular way, and
the energy follows your intent.

What you are doing is a variation of ‘projection healing’, which is practiced by QiGong
masters, who direct chi at specific acupuncture points to treat ailments. In China there is
at least one hospital that prescribed QiGong exercises for its patients and has a group of
QiGong masters on hand to treat people by projecting chi. At public demonstrations,
QiGong masters are able to use chi projection to pull people off-balance.

Usui’s experience of energy cultivation techniques like QiGong (called ‘kiko’ in Japan)
contributed to the healing system he developed. In effect, what you are doing when you
practice Reiki is projecting chi, just like the QiGong masters do, but the attunements or
empowerments that you have received have connected you to an unlimited external
source of chi that flows through, but does not come from as is the case with QiGong
masters. You are not depleted when you treat others, and you do not have to practice
energy cultivation techniques n order to preserve and maintain your ability.

Practical applications.

Use beaming to treat your plants, your rabbit if you can catch it, and to calm down irate
Rottweillers behind security fencing (make sure they are behind the fencing if you try
this). Try sitting with a friend who has a headache at the end of a room and beam Reiki
at them for 15 minutes. See what happens. Beam Reiki surreptitiously under the table to a
reluctant recipient (it is always for the ‘higher good’ remember).

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 29 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition


If you want to, you can send Reiki out of your whole body. (See Joshin Kokkyu Ho in
Hatsu Rei in Appendices) It is not uncommon for people who are being attuned to feel a
‘wall of heat’ or an ‘energy wall’ advancing in front of the Reiki master for example.

You can ‘engulf’ a person you are talking to with Reiki, bathing them in beautiful healing
energy. Try it while you are chatting with them. Remember that if they do not want it,
they will not be adversely affected. Equally you are not trying to manipulate them. In
this sense, you are offering them a free gift…

Grounding and protection


Sometimes you can feel quite spaced out after giving, or receiving, a Reiki treatment.
While this is a lovely feeling, and one you might want to experience for as long as you
can, you will have to bring yourself, or your client, back to ground level.

It is extremely important during healing sessions (both on yourself and others) that you
are grounded. You need to have a balance of energy in and around your body in order to
remain in harmony and to be effective as a healer without being adversely affected by
other’s energy.

There are many techniques you can use to ground yourself. I have mentioned 2 below, try
out both, they are both simple and effective ways of grounding yourself.


Stand or sit with your feet firmly on the ground. Become aware of the contact between
your feet and the floor, and feel a firm, solid contact between yourself and the ground.
Now imagine that your feet have turned into roots. These roots push further and
further down into the ground, insinuating themselves between rock and clay as they
travel further and further into the earth, binding you to the heavy ground beneath
your feet. The roots spread out as they go, with more and more branches and rootlets
fusing you to the earth.

Sit or lie still and begin to focus your breathing. Breathe slowly and evenly deep into
the lower belly, imagining you can breathe out any stagnant energy and blockages.
Envisage your chakras spinning clearly and evenly. Then imagine you have roots that
grow from your feet and extend deep into the earth. See them go deeper and deeper
until you feel completely anchored. Feel the energy of Mother Earth rising up through
the roots up towards your legs and your heart. You may see this as a green or brown
energy. Allow this energy to penetrate your heart chakra. Now imagine a white beam
of healing light about 3 inches above your head. Bring this light down into your crown
chakra and feel it travel down through your head, neck and shoulders. Let it go to the
heart chakra, where it mingles with the earth energy. Now allow this newly mixed
energy to rise up again towards the throat chakra, third eye, crown and out down the
back of the head al the way down to the spine. Let it come into the root chakra so it can
travel up the central energy channel of your body back to the heart. Continue to
circulate this stabilizing energy in this way until you feel grounded.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 30 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Go through these visualizations yourself. It may be useful with some clients to talk them
through it at the conclusion of the session, once they are standing or sitting with their feet
in contact with the floor. In practice, I ground them by drawing the CKR symbol on the
soles of their feet at the end of a treatment.

Grounding is taught in different ways by different teachers. In my experience there are

two directions to ground to in order to be present with "now" in a full way.

Grandfather Sky
Grandmother Earth

I use the native american terms because they resonate with me. One of my teachers calls
this "The Hearts of Heaven and Earth" which has a nice poetic ring to it.

Basically one can think of these as: Grandfather Sky is located above you ("the sky") and is
the source of divine wisdom as well as the spaciousness of life and the world in which to
play. Grandmother Earth is located below you ("the earth") and is the source of
nurturance, physical life, practical wisdom, and the vitality with which to play in the
world. The two go hand in hand and one is not primary over the other.

It is best to start with grounding to the earth. To ground into the earth, feel your feet,
your body, your presence in now-time, and down into the ground how the ground
supports and nurtures you. If you like you can reach way down and explore the molten
rock far down, all the way to the crystalline core of the earth. This is obviously not to
reach with your physical body down into the earth, but to bring your presence of
consciousness to the earth, in the present time, and the present place. "Now-time" in other

To ground into the sky is somewhat similar. Start with the top of your head, reaching into
higher wisdom or knowing, the guiding light if you will. As you reach to divine wisdom
stay present with the earth and now-time, you can very well be communing with the
divine levels while also very present and physical. Though, I recommend that you practice
this at home first before trying to do this while operating heavy machinery such as your

If you ground into the earth, you should notice more physical sensation in your body, food
should have more taste and flavor, and so forth. But that also means you will feel every
ache and pain, and sometimes it is those aches or pains which might cause you to be one
that often leaves your body. To be able to ground more deeply into presence with here and
now will mean to heal those aches and pains, wherever they came from.


There are various aspects to ‘protection’, which we can take as meaning ‘protection from
psychic attack’ of some sort, or ‘protection from picking things up’ from people we have
been treating. Conventional spiritual healers seem to spend a lot of time visualizing
protective bubbles around themselves, but within Reiki this seems to be far less common.

With Reiki, you go through a ritual attunements that connects you permanently, and
strongly, to a source of beautiful healing energy, and because of this strong and
permanent connection, you are protected. Your focus is on the source, not the astral

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 31 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

It is not uncommon for practitioners of hands-on therapies to become quite drained when
they have many clients, or to ‘pick up’ problems from the people that they have been
treating. Reiki seems to compensate for both of these problems. Reiki boosts and
invigorates the practitioner as the treatment is given, so you are not drained or depleted
at all by the treatments that you have given. Reiki also seems to protect you from picking
up problems from your clients n most cases.

As we go through our daily lives we are affected energetically by everything and

everyone around us. We constantly receive both good and bad thoughts and feelings of
others into our own aura. Because of this we need to guard against picking up unwanted
influences in order to remain healthy and ourselves.

We cannot entirely dissipate others energies and ‘thought forms’ but employing a
technique to protect yourself daily will help.

What we can do to protect ourselves:

๏ The first thing we can do is not to have any fear, because ‘like’ energies attract each
other. Intention is everything, think positively and clearly.
๏ There are many visualization exercises we can use, making sure we close and ground
ourselves afterwards. You may wish to visualize a bubble of white light surrounding you,
completely sealing you from the world. Perhaps you could imagine a cloak or cape like
Batman’s which you can just pull down around you whenever needed. You could also
picture a mirror and send the energy back to where it belongs, or many tiny mirrors
hanging from your body which reflect any unwanted energies outwards. Seal your aura
by crossing your ankles and wrists and imagine a light bubble surrounding you.
๏ Wear or use crystals to cleanse your aura (amber, black tourmaline, smoky quartz,
apache tears, black obsidian, amethyst). Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals frequently.
(there are many sites on the internet advising on the best ways to do this - one such site I
use is
๏ Use essential oils (cedarwood, geranium, lemon) and Flower essences (urchin, yarrow,
leafless orchid).
๏ Be in touch with your higher self.
๏ If we are not in balance don’t use Reiki on others. Get in balance and then reschedule.
๏ Drugs, alcohol or cigarettes allow our auras to be weakened.
๏Our sexual partners may open us up to negativity when we mingle in their aura, and
each sexual connection we make lasts for years, so we need to pick our sexual partners
with care.
๏ Exercise and eat healthily.
๏ Drink lots of water. Keep the body cleansed of toxins both physically and emotionally.

The best protection is to be grounded, actually. By being grounded the clients ills will tend
to stay with them and be transformed by the client. By being grounded you will be more
full of energy, and your own essence, which will naturally cause the energy flow to be
from you into the client, rather than from the client into you.

Sometimes Reiki practitioners can ‘echo’ their client’s problems, by feeling their pain
sometimes for example during the course of a treatment. However, that is intuition
working in a particular way, and this is different from the situation where the
practitioner walks away at the end of a treatment still experiencing the client’s problems.

So it is highly unlikely that you will ‘pick up’ problems from the people that you treat - the
energy flows one way, from you to them - but it is wise to take simple precautions to
guard against this largely theoretical danger. When we finish a treatment we make a
ritual disconnection by shaking our hands, clapping or rubbing them together, or blowing
Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009
- 32 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

through them. You also know how to use Kenyoku (Appendix 1) for this purpose, and I
believe that this is sufficient for most people.

Any form of protection is only as effective as you believe it to be. If you believe that your
protection is 100%, then it is. The best protection is serenity, contentment with your life.

Contraindications to Reiki
It is my belief that there exist no known contraindications to Reiki, given its nature.

However, I give the following for your consideration. I suggest you consider the
environment within you operate, our level of competence and confidence and your
intuition ad the criteria to follow.

How much credence you give to the following is up to you.

1. Avoid treating people who are on long term life-supporting medication such as insulin.
The theory is that if REiki cured diabetes in one session, the insulin would kill the client.

Anybody on long-term medication of that nature would be invited to monitor their

condition, and report to their medical practitioner if they notice any change. I believe
that it is highly unlikely that Reiki would effect an instant cure for any long-term
condition… Please feel free to discuss this with me if you feel the need to.

2. Be careful when treating people with pacemakers. The theory is that Reiki could have a
detrimental mechanical/electrical effect.

I would suggest you don’t deliberately stimulate the heart area with CKR close to it.

3. Be careful with people wearing hearing aids, for the same reason.

I would suggest again that Reiki is unlikely to deafen anyone, but equally, I would suggest
the client removes or disconnects the hearing aid or extra precaution.

4. Don’t treat schizophrenics or people prone to hallucinations/visions.

Again, I cannot see that Reiki would would further damage anybody. There is no
evidence to support this, and I am sure that Reiki can only support the client in whatever
way is appropriate for that individual.
We must learn to tame our fears…

It goes without saying that if you work in a hospice or other medical or non-medical
establishment, it is your duty and your responsibility to abide by the code of conduct ad
the ethics you have agreed to work to.
(For example my Reiki master - level 2 - works for a Macmillan ward, so the rule about
not offering Reiki to cancer patients does not apply, obviously (see Reiki and the law, p.32.
para c).

Above all what you must NOT offer is a CURE. Make no claims that you cannot
guarantee. Nobody can guarantee a cure, not even the medical profession.

You can offer relaxation. For me the healing does not necessarily mean being cured.
Think about this.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 33 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Appendix 1: - Hatsu Rei Ho

(With thanks to Taggart King of Reiki Evolution (

The Reiki attunements give everyone a baseline ability, so you all start off on the same
footing. However, how effective or how 'clear' a channel you are depends on what you do
with the energy. It is very important to get regular practice, particularly in the first few
weeks after being attuned, by doing self-treatments and treating other people, but from
Japan has come a series of energy exercises specially designed to be used by Reiki people.
These exercises are called 'Hatsu Rei Ho'.

'Hatsu Rei Ho' originates in Tendai Buddhism, and the exercises have correspondences
with Tibetan Buddhist purification rituals, Taoist or meridian massage, and QiGong too.

They are used within the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, and it was only in Autumn 1999 that
the techniques were revealed in the Western world by a man called Hiroshi Doi who is a
member of Usui's Association. Hatsu Rei Ho is designed to be carried out every day for at
about 10-15 minutes, and is the basis of the practice of Reiki in the Gakkai. It is something
that is done conscientiously at all levels: First Degree, Second Degree and Master levels.

The Japanese word ‘Ho’ means ‘technique’, so you will find it attached to a number of
Reiki techniques. ‘Hatsu Rei’ means ‘start up Reiki’, and ‘Hatsu Rei Ho’ can be taken as
meaning a technique to start up and strengthen your Reiki. This method, together with
the Reiju empowerments that you received on the First Degree course, are the basic
techniques of Usui's Reiki training as it is practiced in Japan today. Reiju is used for
transmitting the Reiki ability to another person, and Hatsu Rei Ho is used to strengthen
that connection and to purify the Reiki energy that passes through the student. Hatsu Rei
Ho is begun as soon as the student starts training with the Gakkai, and students would
receive Reiju empowerments every week, to enhance their intuitive abilities and
accelerate their spiritual development.

It was taught that it is not enough simply to receive a Reiki empowerment, although the
Reiki ability will never leave you. If a student wanted to progress on their spiritual path,
they needed to do three things:

1. Continue to receive Reiju empowerments on a regular basis,

2. Practice Hatsu Rei Ho daily,
3. Live the 'Reiki Principles' as part of their life.

This is How to do Hatsu Rei Ho…

Stage One: Relax

Relax and close your eyes, and place your hands palms down on your lap.
Focus your attention on your Dantien point: an energy centre two finger breadths (3-5
cm) below your tummy button and 1/3 of the way into your body.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 34 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Stage Two: Mokunen (Focusing)

Say to yourself "I'm going to start Hatsu Rei now".

Stage Three: Kenyoku

This means 'Dry Bathing' or 'Brushing Off'

Kenyoku can be seen as a way of getting rid of negative energy. It has correspondences
with Taoist massage, or meridian massage. Here is what to do:
Place the fingertips of your right hand near the top of the left shoulder, where the
collarbone meets the bulge of the shoulder. The hand is lying flat on your chest.

Draw your flat hand down and across the chest in a straight line, over the base of the
sternum (where your breastbone stops and your abdomen starts, in the midline) and down
to the right hip. Exhale as you do this.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 35 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Do the same on the right side, using your left hand. Draw your left hand from the right
shoulder, in a straight line across the sternum, to the left hip, and again exhale as you
make the downward movement.

Do the same on the left side again (like you did at the start), so you will have carried out
movements with your right hand, left hand, and right hand again.
Now put your right fingertips on the outer edge of the left shoulder, at the top of your
slightly outstretched left arm, with your fingertips pointing sideways away from your

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 36 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Move your right hand, flattened, along the outside of your arm,

Keep the hand moving all the way to the fingertips and beyond, all the while keeping the
left arm straight. Exhale as you do this.

Repeat this process on the right side, with the left hand placed on the right shoulder, and
move it down the right arm to the fingertips and beyond. Exhale as you do this.
Repeat the process on the left side again, so you will have carried out movements with
your right hand, left hand, and right hand again, like before.
Stage Four: Connect to Reiki

Raise your hands high up in the air on either side of your head, with your palms facing
the sky and your fingers pointing towards the midline. Connect to Reiki by visualizing
energy or white light cascading into your hands and running through your arms into
your body. Feel the sensations. As you become aware of Reiki flowing, slowly lower your
hands. This position is the first of the "Eight Brocades" in QiGong: connecting heaven and

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 37 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Stage Five: Joshin Kokkyu Ho

This means "Technique for Purification of the Spirit" or "Soul Cleansing Breathing
Method". This is a meditation that focuses on the Dantien point.
Put your hands on your lap with your palms facing upwards and breathe naturally
through your nose. Focus on your Dantien point and relax.

When you breathe in, visualize energy or light flooding into your crown chakra and
passing into your Dantien and, as you pause before exhaling, feel that energy expand
throughout your body, melting all your tensions.
When you breathe out, imagine that the energy floods out of your body in all directions as
far as infinity.
You should soon feel energy/tingling in your hands and even in your feet, as the
meditation progresses!
Stage Six: Gassho

Gassho means "hands together", and the correct position to hold is to have your hands
together in front of your chest (like praying hands) a little higher that your heart, so that
you could breathe out onto your fingertips if you wanted to.
Hold this position for meditation.
An important aspect of this meditation is that you should focus your awareness on the

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 38 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

point where your middle fingers touch. You might try putting your tongue up to touch the
roof of your mouth with each in-breath, and release the tongue on each out-breath, and
see if this makes any difference to your experience of this stage.

Stage Seven: Seishin Toitsu

This means "my mind is focused" or "my spirit is gathered", and is the stage when Reiju is
given by teachers in the Gakkai.
Stay in the Gassho position.
When you breathe in, visualize energy or light flooding into your hands and passing into
your Dantien: breathe in through your hands.
Feel the energy accumulating and building there.

When you breathe out, visualize that the energy stored in your Dantien floods out
through your hands.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 39 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Stage Eight: Gokai Sansho

Say the 5 Principles aloud, three times.

Just for today:

• Do not anger
• Do not worry
• Be humble
• Be honest
• Be compassionate towards yourself and others

Maybe you would like to mentally review the principles, and dwell on their meaning for
Stage Nine: Mokunen

Put your hands back on to your laps with your palms down.
Say to yourself "I've finished Hatsu Rei Ho now" to your sub-conscious.
Open your eyes and shake your hands up/down/left/right for a few seconds.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 40 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Appendix 2: - Breakdown of the 7 main Chakras and their functions.

Chakra Root Sacral Solar Plexus Heart Throat Third Crown


Endocrine Adrenals - Gonads - Pancreas - Thymus - heart, Thyroid - Pituitary - Pineal -

Suprarenal, reproductive Stomach, lungs, liver, Bronchial hypothala upper
bladder, spine, system liver, gall circulatory and vocal mus, left brain, right
kidneys bladder system apparatus, eye, ears, eye
lungs nose

Function Survival Feeling, Power, Love Communi Intuition, Eye, our

instincts, Emotional wisdom cation will spiritual
Kundalini, centre self

Music C D E F G A B

Mantra Lam, Oh Oo Ahh Ay Eee Mn Nn Om

Sanskrit Muladhara Svadhisthana Mani Pura Anahata Vishudda Anja Sahasrara

Sense Touching, I Feeling, I feel Experiencing, Loving, I love Hearing, Seeing, I Knowing,
have I Can smelling, see I know
tasting, I

Essential Oil Red Clove, Orange, Lemon,Vani Lime, Frankinc Juniper, Lavender,
Black Patchouli lla Eucalyptus ense, Palma Lemongra
Cherry Clary Rosa ss

Perception Touch, Emotional Intuition Loving Hearing, Seeing, Knowing

movement speaking Visualizi whole
and ng concept

Nature of Kinestetic Emotional A vague A sense of Hearing Seeing Receiving

information feeling in feeling - joy, sense of loving another sounds, clear a whole
your body - fear, anger knowing words or pictures, concept
like feeling that is not music and either that goes
off balance, specific - a also taste symbolic beyond
shivers, hair vague sense and smell or literal each of the
standing on of size, senses
end, energy shape and listed
runnign, intent of below
physical being that is
pleasure and sensual

Meditation Walking Meditate on One Rose light of Sounding, Messiani Be still

Practice Meditation, , peaceful sense pointedness love, love a Listening c or and know
Touching of well-being of mind flower Christ I am God
Deep conscious
relaxation ness

From “Hands of Light” - Barbara Ann Brennan.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 41 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Appendix 3 - The seven Auric Layers of the body

Aura is a Latin word meaning “Light” or “Glow of Light”. The aura is an energy field that
surrounds and penetrates the body. This field has been officially recognized and measured
in clinical laboratories. We know it is there. Many gifted people agree that seven distinct
layers of the aura have been seen. Barbara Ann Brennan in her book “Hands of Light”
has seen and worked with these energy bodies.

Most healers concentrate on working with the 7 auric layers. The 7 charkas and the 7
aura layers are in the realm of what is know as the physical body. As a Light Worker and
student of Ascension I believe that there are more than seven layers. Our charkas and
auras extend all the way to Source, God or All that is. This is a subject for those interested
in advanced Metaphysics or Ascension. Anything past the 7 layers would be considered
pure spirit.
For purposes of healing we will concentrate our study of a 7 Auric energy field. This is
where the student of Reiki begins.

Physical Level

The First Layer - Etheric Body.

The etheric body (from “ether”, the state between energy and matter) is composed of tiny
energy lines “like a sparkling web of light beams” similar to lines on a TV screen. It has
the same structure as the physical body including all the anatomical parts and all the
The web like structure of the etheric body is in constant motion. To clairvoyant vision,
sparks of bluish-white light move along its energy lines throughout the entire dense
physical body. The etheric body extends from one quarter to two inches beyond the
physical body and pulsates about 15-20 cycles per minute. The colour of the etheric body
varies from light blue to gray.

Etheric Double

1/4 to 2 inches from physical body

Chakra - Root
Properties - Physical
An energy twin to the physical body.
An illness will appear in the Etheric Twin before it enters the physical body

The Second Layer - Emotional Body.

The second Auric body or next layer after the etheric body, is generally called the
emotional body, and is associated with feelings. It roughly follows the outline of the
physical body. Its structure is much more fluid than the etheric and does not duplicate the
physical body. Rather, it appears to be coloured clouds of fine substance in continual fluid
motion. It extends one to three inches from the body.

Its colours vary from brilliant clear hues to dark muddy ones, depending on the clarity or
confusion of the feeling or energy that produces them. Clear and highly energized feelings
such as love, excitement, joy or anger are bright and clear; those feelings that are
confused are dark and muddy. As these feelings become energized through personal
interaction, body psychotherapy, etc, the colours separate out into their primary hue and

Emotional Body
Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009
- 42 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

1 to 3 inches from physical body

Chakra - Sacral
Properties - The Mind
This layer generates emotions. These emotions enter the Etheric Body, then the physical
body. (Bad day at work -- a headache appears)
Emotions are stored in the Emotional Body. Emotions in the form of blockages can enter
the physical body as disease.
(cancer and other critical

The Third Layer - Mental


The third aura body is the

mental body. This body
extends beyond the
emotional and is composed
of still finer substances, all
of which are associated
with thoughts and mental
processes. This body
usually appears as a bright
yellow light radiating
about the head and
shoulders and extending
around the whole body. It
expands and becomes
brighter when its owner is
concentrating on mental
processes. It extends from
three to eight inches from
the body.

Within this field can be seen thought forms. They appear to be blobs of varying brightness
and form. These thought forms have additional colours superimposed on them, actually
emanating from the emotional level. The colour represents the person’s emotion that is
connected to the thought form. Habitual thoughts become very powerful “well-formed”
forces that then affect.

Mental Body

3 to 8 inches from physical body

Chakra - Solar Plexus
Properties - The Mind
Rational thinking (lower mental). Most of us exist here in daily life.
Emotions are attached to thought forms in this body. (Our thoughts create our reality.)
These are what we call blockages.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 43 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Astral Level

Beyond the physical world - The lower three auric layers are associated with the physical
world, and the upper three with the spiritual world.
The fourth layer or astral level, associated with the heart chakra, is the transforming
centre through which all energy must pass when going from one world to the other. That
is, the spiritual energy must pass through the fire of the heart to be transformed in to the
lower physical energies, and the physical energies (of the lower three auric layers) must
pass through the transformative fire of the heart to become spiritual energies.

The Fourth Layer - Astral body.

The Astral body is composed of clouds of colour more beautiful than those of the emotional
body. The astral body tends to have the same set of colours, but they are infused with the
rose light of love. It extends about one half to one foot from the body. The chakras are the
same octave of colours as the rainbow f the emotional body, but each is infused with the
rose light of love. The heart chakra of a loving person is full of rose light on the astral

When people fall in love, beautiful arcs of rose light can be seen between their hearts, and
a beautiful rose colour is added to the normal golden pulsations observed in the pituitary
gland. When people form relationships with each other, they grow cords out of the
chakras that connect them. These cords exist on many levels of the auric field in addition
to the astral. The longer and deeper the relationship, the more cords and the stronger they
are. When relationships end, those cords are torn, sometimes causing a great deal of pain.
The period of “getting over” a relationship is usually a period of disconnecting those cords
on the lower levels of the field and re-rooting them within the self.

Astral Body

1/2 to 1 foot from physical body

Chakra - Heart
This is the area of higher expression on a Physical, Emotional, and Mental Level.

Spiritual Level

The Fifth Layer - Etheric Template body.

The fifth layer of the aura is sometimes called the etheric ‘template’ because it contains all
the forms that exist on the physical plane in a blueprint or template form. That is, it looks
rather like a negative of a photograph.

It extends about one and one half to two feet from the body. In disease, when the etheric
layer becomes disfigured, etheric template work is needed to provide the support for the
etheric layer in its original form. It is the level at which sound creates matter. It is at this
level that sounding in healing is the most effective.

Etheric Template

1 1/2 to 2 feet from the physical body

Chakra - Throat
This is the template for the Etheric Body. We work in the Etheric Template when the
physical body shows disease.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

- 44 -
REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

The Sixth Layer - Celestial Body.

The sixth level is the emotional level of the spiritual plane, called the celestial body. It
extends about two and two three-quarter feet from the body, and expands further with
spiritual work. It is the level through which we experience spiritual ecstasy. We can reach
it through mediation.

When we reach a point of “being” where we know our connection with all the universe,
when we see the light and love in everything that exists, when we are immersed in the
light and feel that we are one with God, then we have raised our consciousness to a sixth
level of the aura.

Unconditional love flows when there is a connection between the open heart chakra and
the open celestial chakra. In this connection, we combine the love of humanity, our basic
human love for our fellow humans in the flesh, with the spiritual ecstasy found in the
spiritual love that goes beyond the physical reality to all realms of existence. Combining
these two creates the experience of unconditional love.

The celestial body appears a beautiful shimmering light, composed mostly of pastel
colours. This light has a gold-silver shine and opalescent quality, like mother of pearl

Celestial Body

2 to 2 3/4 feet from the physical body

Chakra - Third Eye
Enlightenment and intuitive thought are housed here.

The Seventh Layer - The Ketheric Template or Causal Body.

The seventh level is the mental level of the spiritual plane called the ketheric template. It
extends about two and one half to three and one half feet from the body. When we bring
our consciousness to the seventh level of the aura, we know that we are at one with the
Creator. The outer form is the egg shape of the aura and contains all the auric bodies
associated with the present incarnation an individual is undergoing. It contains a golden
grid structure of the physical body and all of the chakras.

The golden egg form extends out beyond the body by some three to three and a half feet
depending on the person with the smaller tip beneath the feet and the larger end about
three feet above the head. It can expand even more, if the person is very energetic. All the
chakras and the body forms appear to be made of golden light at this level. This is the
strongest, most resilient level of the auric field.

In addition, in the ketheric template level are also the past life ‘bands’ within the eggshell.
These are coloured bands of light which completely encircle the aura and can be found
anywhere on the eggshell surface. The ketheric level is the last auric level in the spiritual
plane. It contains the life plan and is the last level directly related to this incarnation.

Causal Body

2 to 3 1/2 feet from the physical body

Chakra - Crown
Properties - Divine Source
Our filing cabinet for our energy field.
Our telegraph office to the higher self.
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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Perceiving the Field.

It is important to remember that as you open your clairvoyant vision, you will probably
perceive only the first layers of the aura. You will also probably not be able to distinguish
between layers. You will probably just see colours and forms. As you progress, you will
sensitize yourself to higher and higher frequencies so that you can perceive the higher
bodies. You will also be able to distinguish layers and be able to focus on the layer of your

Most of the time we have our lower emotions, basic thinking processes and interpersonal
feelings mixed together and confused. We are not very good at distinguishing them in
ourselves. Some of that mixing even shows in the aura. Many times the mental and the
emotional bodies appear to act as one confused form.

Aura information in part sourced from Barbara Ann Brennan; Hands of Light and also from http://

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Reiki & Legal Issues

by William Lee Rand

Because Reiki is the practice of laying of hands for therapeutic purposes, there may be
laws in your state governing its practice. There are also other legal considerations that
need to be kept in mind when practicing Reiki. While I have never heard of anyone
having a legal problem due to the practice of Reiki, it is good to be well informed so as to
avoid the possibility of problems arising.

To make sure there is no misunderstanding about Reiki, it is important to let your clients
know that Reiki is a laying on of hands and that it is done without the person disrobing.
Make sure that they understand this and that they feel comfortable with you placing
your hands on them. Explain the various hand positions and let them know that if they
feel uncomfortable about being touched, you can do the entire treatment without touching
them by placing your hands 3" to 4" away from their body. When treating any sensitive
areas such as the genitals or breasts, it is important to get permission to treat these areas
first and then treat them with your hands away from the body. By doing this, you will
avoid the issue of inappropriate touching.

It is also important to let your clients know that you are not a doctor or psychologist
(unless you are) and that the most you will guarantee is relaxation and stress reduction.
It is important to let your clients know that while many people have received healing,
you can't guarantee healing results (remember, doctors and psychologist don't guarantee
results either) and that if they do have a medical or psychological problem, you suggest
that they see an enlightened health care professional.

Never suggest that they change or eliminate any medications they may have been placed
on by their doctors. An easy way to do this is to use the "Client Information Form" in the
back of "Reiki, The Healing Touch." (Note: while "Reiki, The Healing Touch" is copyrighted,
you do have permission to make copies of this one page.) Have them read it and sign it.
This way there will be no misunderstandings and little chance of any legal problems.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Appendix 4 - Codes of Professional Practice


In the UK the following are noted:

a. A parent or guardian who willfully fails to provide adequate medical aid for a
child under the age of 16 may be committing a criminal office. Reiki is not defined
as a medical aid by law so anyone who treats a child whose parents refuse medical
aid could be seen to be aiding and abetting that offense. When treating a child it is
advisable to secure the signature of the parent or guardian to the following
statement. "I have been warned by (Reiki Practitioner’s name) that according to
Law I must consult a doctor concerning the health of my child (child’s name)." This
statement should be signed and dated by both parent/guardian and a witness and
kept with the client records.
b. It is illegal to practice dentistry if unqualified.
c. It is an offense to offer treatment or prescribe a remedy or advice for cancer
(please note – this does not mean that you cannot give Reiki to someone with
cancer, you just cannot claim to specifically treat cancer).
d. Any advertising should comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice and
meet the requirements of the Advertising Standards Agency. Adverts should be
dignified and should not claim a cure or mention any disease.
e. Reiki Practitioners must not attend women in childbirth or treat them for ten days
thereafter unless they hold an appropriate qualification in midwifery.
f. Reiki Practitioners should not prescribe or sell remedies, herbs, supplements, oils,
etc., unless they have undergone appropriate training and have qualifications
which entitle them to do so.
g. Before treating animals it is advisable to seek assurance from the owner that a vet
has examined the animal. The Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 prohibits anyone
other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from treating animals, including
diagnosis of ailments and giving of advice on such diagnosis. However the healing
of animals by contact healing, by the laying on of hands or distant healing is legal.
However the Protection of Animals Act 1911 requires that if an animal clearly
needs treatment from a veterinary surgeon the owner must obtain this. To give
emergency First Aid to animals for the purpose of saving life or relieving pain is
permissible under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 Schedule 3.
h. It is required that cases of certain infectious diseases are notified to the Medical
Officer of Health in the district where the client is resident. The notification must
be made by a GP, so if a Reiki Practitioner suspects that the client is suffering from
a notifiable disease they should insist that the client should see a doctor.


Under the Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984. Cholera, Plague, Relapsing Fever,
Smallpox, Typhus, Food Poisoning.

Under the Public health (Infectious diseases) Regulations 1988. Acute Encephalitis, Acute
Poliomyelitis, Anthrax, Diphtheria, Dysentery (Amoebic or Bacillary), Leprosy,
Leptospirosis, Malaria, Measles, Meningitis, Meningococcal Septicaemia (without
Meningitis) Mumps, Opthalmia Neonatorum, Paratyphoid Fever, Rabies, Rubella, Scarlet
Fever, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Typhoid Fever, Viral Haemorrahagic Fever, Viral
Hepatitis, Whooping Cough, Yellow Fever.

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

Reiki Practitioners must investigate and co-operate with local by-laws and all relevant
Health and Safety legislation.

Ignorance of the law is no defence.

Codes of Professional Practice

1. Prohibited Appellation

In order to enable the public to distinguish between those who are professionally qualified
and those who are not, the law makes it a criminal offense for anyone who does not hold
the relevant qualification to use any of the titles specified hereunder or to use any other
title or description which suggests or implies that he or she is on the statutory register of
the persons who hold those qualifications. The titles are Chemist, Chiropodist, Dental
Practitioner, Dental Surgeon, Dentist, Dietitian, Doctor, Druggist, General Practitioner,
Medical Laboratory Technician, Midwife, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Optician,
Orthoptist, Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Radiographer, Remedial Gymnast, Surgeon,
Veterinary Practitioner, Veterinary Surgeon. It need hardly be said that a Reiki
Practitioner must scrupulously avoid the foregoing titles unless of course he is
additionally qualified in any of the fields concerned when he is entitled to use the
appropriate description.

2. Fraudulent Mediumship

The law provides that anyone who:

a. with intent to deceive, purports to act as a spiritualistic medium or to exercise any

power of telepathy, clairvoyance or other similar powers or,
b. in purporting to act as a spiritualistic medium, or to exercise the powers
mentioned in (a) above, uses any fraudulent device, is guilty of any offense.

3. Premises

a. When carrying on a trade, business or profession from any premises an individual

must ensure that their working conditions and facilities to which members of the
public have access are suitable and comply with all legislation. In the case of Reiki
Practitioners using their own homes as base for their practice, in addition to
complying with national legislation for any therapy they practice, they should
check on any local authority by-laws covering their practice as these vary
considerably through the country.
b. If staff are employed on the premises Practitioners must pay equal attention in this
c. Reiki Practitioners working from home should give special attention to insurance,
the terms of their lease or other title deeds any local government regulations
limiting such practice or under which he may be liable to pay business rates.

4. Advertising

1. The law makes it an offense to take part in the publication of any advertisement
referring to any article or any description in terms which are calculated to lead to
the use of that article for the purpose of treating human beings for any of the

Copyright - Alex Thorne, Ver. 1.1 2009

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REIKI Level 2 - Reiki Healing in the Usui Tradition

following diseases: Bright’s Disease, Glaucoma, Cataract, Locomotor Ataxy,

Diabetes, Paralysis, Epilepsy or fits, Tuberculosis.
2. It is also an offense to publish any advertisement which:
• offers to treat or prescribe a remedy or advice for cancer, or
• refers to any article calculated to lead to its use in the treatment of cancer.
3. At all times advertising should comply with standards laid down by the British
Code of Advertising Practice and meet the requirements of the Advertising
Standards Authority.
5. Guidelines for dealing with Clients expressing suicidal feelings.

The legal position

It is not against the law for an individual to commit suicide or to attempt to commit
suicide (Suicide Act 1961) However, the law states that anyone either a professional or lay
person can be charged with the offense of aiding and abetting a suicide in the following

• If they actively assist a suicide.

• If they are aware of someone’s decision to attempt suicide and do not inform an
appropriate professional, e.g. the general practitioner, hospital psychiatrist or
approved social worker.
UK Reiki Federation’s position

Legal obligation
Each individual has his or her own beliefs about the acceptability of suicide as a choice in
someone’s life. However, in our role as UK Reiki Federation members, we are bound by
law. This means that practitioners should never help a client to end their life or fail to
take appropriate action to prevent a suicidal act.

A threat of suicide constitutes an exceptional circumstance where confidentiality has to
be reviewed. It is always better to get the client’s consent to break confidentiality and to
keep the information disclosed to the minimum. If however you cannot secure your
client’s consent you are still under legal obligation to seek other help and this should be
explained to the client. It is vital you make clear to the client that the minimum of
information will be disclosed to other relevant professionals. For example, it is not always
essential to reveal their medical status or the circumstances which may make the client
feel such despair. It is usually sufficient to state you are concerned for their safety
because you believe they are at risk of committing suicide.

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