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Image by Hugh Ferriss, c.


London based men’s brand Natural Selection was founded by John Park in 2009. Inspired by Charles Darwin’s book “Origin of Species by way of Natural Selection”, the brand was conceived on the notion of constant evolution in a highly competitive world. A/W14 sees the launch of a full ready-to-wear collection, referencing Art-Deco architecture’s strong lines and subtle ornateness, Natural Selection will continue to appeal to the modern, quality-conscious man seeking understated, sophisticated elegance.

Great Coat / Revenge Tee / Watchman Trouser

Merino Crew / Watchman Trouser

Reversible Mac / Watchman Trouser / Doppler Scarf

Tennis Short Sleeve / Watchman Trouser

Mackinaw Coat / Skinny Graphite

Shawmut Shirt Tartan / Shooting Trouser Tartan

Brunel Jacket Denim / Isis Shirt Navy / Taper Petrolium

Rum Waistcoat Tartan / Shooting Trouser Tartan / Doppler Scarf

Kimono Parka / Isis Shirt White / Skinny Skraw

Chapman Raw / Taper Raw

Short Trench Coat / Taper Dusk

Isis Shirt Chambray / Skinny Lydon

Cadet Jacket Midnight / Isis Shirt Navy / Watchman Trouser

Cadet Jacket Wadded / Rum Waistcoat Tweed / Shooting Trouser Tweed

Reversible Mac / Ark Royal Crew / Watchman Trouser

Cadet Jacket Black / Isis Shirt White / Watchman Trouser

European Sales: Russell Pickett / US Sales: Dana Dramov / Global Sales: John Park / PR Enquiries: Dana Dramov /