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Basics of PoTDM

Alcatel-Lucent Managed Solutions India Ltd. 21-Mar-2014

Feature such OSC or EDAP Enhancement can be fully introduced without increasing the backhaul BW requirement.  This Feature offers significant BW Savings in comparison with Traditional TDM Transport.BW Requirement is no longer constant and depends on actual need. .All Traffic is pooled to the same BW.  Offering Significant Saving In OPEX due to cost effective physical Media.  A-bis BW can be gained with PoTDM : -Removing unnecessary bits and header information .Benefits  Operator Can utilize the existing installed TDM Infrastructure.  Cost Reduction Due to Simplified Operations: Like Very Minimal Configuration changes in A-bis Interface in case air interface is changed for example BTS in upgraded with New TRXs.There are no Pre-defined limitations except the Total BW provided by Physical Links.Saving due to shorter and less silence frames.Packet A-bis Over TDM . . .  BW Can be shared by CS-PS Traffic.


• Up to 11 logical mcPCUs can be connected to one mcETP.  One ETP card converts up to 8192 CS channels from A-ter/TRAU to Packet A-bis packets and vice versa. • Up to 8 logical PCU2-Es can be connected to one ETPT. In Packet A-bis over Ethernet. OMUSIG) between BCSUs and BTS sites is not going through ETPE in contrary to the Packet A-bis over TDM where the A-bis signaling is going through ETPT.ETP Capacity Information:  ETP can only handle either Packet A-bis over Ethernet connections or Packet A-bis over TDM connection at the same time.  ETP can handle certain maximum amount of logical PCUs.  The mcETP can handle a maximum of 1100 BCFs. . • Up to 32 logical PCU2-Ds can be connected to one ETPT. A-bis signaling (TRXSIG.  ETP can handle maximum 256 BCFs.

Packet A-bis Over TDM -ETPT Card Over View FOR CS user part FOR PS user part Towards Site witch/Router Towards STMU .

Packet A-bis Over TDM -Functional Description .


2 CD Set 3 Hardware requirements:BSC BSC3i 1000 (one cabinet): Maximum of 2+2 ETP Modules.from ETPEs to Site Switches. .SFPmodules 8520&8521 . ESB24 D : 2 numbers PCU: min two PCU2D/PCU2E one each in working and spare BCSU Flexi EDGE BTS the FIYA/FIYB or FIQA/FIQB modules are required for the Flexi EDGE. For synchronization.2-1 Flexi EDGE BTS ->EX4.CABID. Up gradation kit It includes ADMODs.PREREQUISITES Min Software Requirements:BSC ->S15 PP 1.CARID. BSC3i 2000 (two cabinets): Maximum of 6+6 ETP Modules. FIQB/FIYB is the required module. 6 Straight Ethernet cables 4 from LANUs . FlexiBSC: Maximum of 6 + 6 ETP Modules.1 NetAct ->OSS 5.0 BT plus BTS ->Supported via the feature RG301397 “Cositing with BS2xx” Flexi Multiradio BTS-> EX4.Hot link cables and Backplane cables.

Flexi BSC with ESB24-D .

Standard LAN Connectivity as in NED (Recommendation) •PCULAN & CPULAN interconnected using backplane LAN Management Cable Nos. BSCC_168/460/461/462 •CPULAN connected to Routers from both ESB front ports ETH1 & ETH23 •PCULAN connected to Routers from SWU2 & SWU3 front ports ETH1 & ETH23 . BSCC_116 & BSCC_146 •LANU0 & LANU1 interconnected using front panel Cable Nos.

•Remove backplane looping cables BSCC_116 & BSCC_146 •Remove front looping cables BSCC_462 .LAN Connectivity Changes •Do not put cables connecting ETH23 to site routers from SWU0/1/2 & 3.

Flexi BSC LAN Connectivity (In Use) OSS Routers GB Routers HSRP/ VRRP HSRP/ VRRP .

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