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Secret7 2014, Lorde


The Brief: Design a 7 record sleeve for a chosen artist. The final design must not have the artist name or track title on.. Its a secret. The aritst chosen is Lorde, and the song is Team.

Concept: The main concept is through the use of shapes and imagery, creating a team of elements reflecting a diamond. Each different element reflects a different part of Lordes personality, heritage, influence and style - both fashion and music.

Audience: The main target audience is the existing fans of Lorde, as well as new fans which would be introduced through her new music/releases.

Tone of Voice: Fun, inclusive, welcoming, friendly, diverse, contemporary, modern, energetic and engaging with the audience.

Visual Language Imagery has been taken from Lordes personal Tumblr to create a real and truthful representation of her and her work.Contemporary digital collage has been used to create a unique, and unusual imagery whilst reflecting the concept, tone and audience.