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The Brief: The Cath Kidston brief is set via YCN, and asks to design a conversational print which is to be used across homeware and textiles, accessories and womenswear. It must be designed in both tile and standalone format.

Concept: The concept is based around the conversational topic of British Weather reflected through a recognisable festival scene.

Audience: Tone of Voice: The main target audience will Cath Kidsons The tone of voice is fun, bright, confident, yet can existing clients. These are usually late 20s, be stripped back to a more statement print with a Female, live in a modern vintage style home, white background and a darker colour scheme. work full time and have a British sense of The tone depends on the colour and use of the humour. print at hand, i.e. online media or womenswear.

Visual Language: The visual language is influenced by the Cath Kidston aesthetic which is recognisable to most, using a handrendered approach to illustration. The elements indivdually are inspired by recognisable festival and British weather scenes.


Colour Scheme: Three colourways have been chosen to reflect a wide variation of options for application and personal preference, as well as being seasonal relating the the concept of weather. Yellow is for Summer, Blue is for Sky and White is a neutral alternative.

Stand Alone Prints (Page 2): The stand alone prints would be used for stationary, business cards and the corporate identity which has also been proposed.

Tiled Prints (Above): The tiled print would be used for wallpaper (and digital variations), textiles, womenswear and accessories to name a few methods of application and media uses.


Applications: Stationery: Stationary mock-ups have been produced as a side-line of products which reflect the print through take-home stationary, mugs and books. Online: The print has been appied to online desktops and the website, to make customers aware of the new print which is available in stores or online. Clothing: Clothing is another proposal for the Cath Kidston range, showing the print across a wide range of texiles and materials. Drinks Can: Further proposals have been made such as drinks packaging showing the further possibities of the conversational print.