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Penguin Design Awards


The Brief: Re-design the book cover of the classic Penguin novel, What a Carve Up! written by Jonathan Coe to make it pop off the shelves. The book is loosly based on the 1961 movie, Oh! What a Carve Up!

Concept: The concept is based around the era of Thatcher, where social class and money ruled, as well as ties to the war. Both of which are strong underlying contextual elements running throughout the novel.

Audience: Tone of Voice: The main target audience will be his existing The tone of voice is illusive and leaves the reader fans of his work, engaging with the recognisable intrigued through visuals and language, whilst visuals from the novel, as well as the secondary being formal and reserved. There is also an audience being new clients through the re-design. underlying British tone throughout.

Visual Language: Elements of the novel and the context have been portrayed through collage in a modern taken on a vintage classic. Each individual element reflects a storyline or theme within the book itself.