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Ones to Watch Exhibition


The Exhibition: An annual competition for all LCA students to win a chance of being exhibited at the Ones to Watch exhbition at Sunny Bank Mills, Leeds.

The Brief: Audience: In response to the brief, whereby 3 pieces of work Judges and visitors of the exhibition. Most likely were to be submitted, I decided to chose my own exhibiting and supporting students, as well as personal work to submit. I feel each project professionals from various creative industries. submitted shows different and strong concepts.

Submission 1 - Splash Design Branding (Above): A ficticious branding and identity project for a design studio, Splash Design whereby they are driven through colour, and incorporate a Splash of Colour as they say into all of their works. The design shows both digital elements and hand worked collage which became the foundation of the design outcome and inspired further collage based works.


Submission 2 - Another Planet (Above Left): The second piece of work submitted was a piece of digital collage from a collection entitled Science 101 which I sold online over the Christmas period. The concept behind the piece of work was to engage with science and space through creative arts, as well as being unique, different with approach to design. The aesthetic is eclectic and contemporary, and uses digital collage throughout.

Submission 3 - Skull Botanica (Above Right) The third submission was another digital print from the Science 101 collection. This particular design has been taken with this print, as with design was inspired by botanical flowers and Another Planet. Both pieces aim to inspire and anatomy. The same approach to concept and provoke thought, whether theoretical or practial.