Course dates: July 14 - August 8, 2014

Meeting on campus: July 28 - August 8 (8:00 - 4:00 pm)
Michael Martin

LuLÞ 380: !"#$%&' )*+,,- ./#&01,/2#3%,&

"We perpeLuaLe conformlLy and sLandardlzaLlon. Schools reflecL hablLs of mlnd and pracLlce LhaL
we collude wlLh. nowhere does lL say LhaL Lhere need Lo be sub[ecLs LaughL ln 43 mlnuLe-classes
elghL Llmes a day. When lL comes Lo school LransformaLlon, we are llke Lhe caged blrd LhaL
doesn'L fly away even when you open Lhe door."

- ftom 5lt keo koblosoo's keyoote oJJtess ot tbe kowlooJ loooJotloo coofeteoce oo nlqb 5cbool
1toosfotmotloo, 1be uolvetslty of vetmoot, 5eptembet 22, 2011.

4,5/0" 6"0*/%73%,&
Soclal medla and Lechnology have changed Lhe way we communlcaLe, Lhe way we work, and Lhe way we
learn. Cf course, Lhls has enormous lmpllcaLlons for our schools ln Lhe comlng years.
Leadlng School 1ransformaLlon (LuLÞ 380) ls a graduaLe-level course LhaL brlngs LogeLher educaLors who
are leadlng LransformaLlon efforLs ln vermonL schools. 1he course wlll connecL research llLeraLure and
Lhe 8owland loundaLlon 1ransformaLlon Conference aL uvM wlLh currenL LransformaLlon efforLs
underway ln vermonL. 1hrough professlonal dlalogue, personal reflecLlon, and relaLed readlngs,
parLlclpanLs wlll reflne sLraLegles for LransformaLlon efforLs ln Lhelr own schools. AfLer Lhe course,
parLlclpanLs wlll be able Lo conLlnue Lhe weeklong semlnar's learnlng ln an onllne forum LhaL lncludes
Lhe growlng neLwork of 8owland loundaLlon educaLors.
4,5/0" !"#/&%&' 8,#-09
• Pow do CeneraLlon Z sLudenLs learn dlfferenLly?
• Pow wlll lncreaslng dlverslLy, markeL-based reforms, and Lechnology change school ln Lhe
comlng years?
• WhaL ls Lhe relaLlonshlp beLween learner ldenLlLy and sLudenL engagemenL?
• Pow can e-porLfollos help brldge Lhe achlevemenL gap and beLLer measure sLudenL learnlng?
• Pow can we avold common plLfalls ln leadlng school change efforLs?
• WhaL ls "Zen ÞresenLaLlon"?

4,5/0" 85%$"-%&"0

• uue Lo Lhe lnLense weeklong semlnar formaL, parLlclpanLs wlll aLLend each day of Lhe course.
• ÞarLlclpanLs wlll acLlvely conLrlbuLe Lo class dlscusslons and parLlclpaLe ln course learnlng
• ÞarLlclpanLs wlll model culLural compeLence and exhlblL respecL for each oLher.
• ÞarLlclpanLs wlll brlng an open mlnd Lo new ldeas and use Lunlng proLocols, as well as oLher
group sLrucLures, Lo be producLlve members of a professlonal learnlng communlLy.
• ÞarLlclpanLs wlll Lake an acLlve role ln Lhelr learnlng and seek Lo connecL Lhe research llLeraLure
Lo Lhelr professlonal pracLlce.
4,5/0" :,/;
!"##$%$&'() #+%($), ('# (,,+,,-+'% ./0.$1, %& 0+ 2.&3$#+# $' 1)(,,45
8efore Lhe course beglns, parLlclpanLs wlll read 1be 8lq llctote by uennls LlLLky, utlve by uanlel Þlnk,
and 5wltcb by PeaLh & PeaLh as an lnLroducLlon Lo school LransformaLlon Lhemes. Course parLlclpanLs
wlll also wrlLe a readlng response for each book.

llnal Croup ÞresenLaLlon
ln Lhls culmlnaLlng pro[ecL, parLlclpanLs wlll use research, change sLraLegles, and presenLaLlon skllls
sLudled ln Lhe course Lo presenL a speclflc LransformaLlon Lheme Lo a parLlcular sLakeholder audlence.
lor example, Lhe LargeL audlence could be a meeLlng of school board dlrecLors, faculLy members, or
deparLmenL colleagues. Þosslble LransformaLlon Lhemes lnclude Lechnology & soclal medla, lnLegraLed
learnlng, auLhenLlc assessmenL, communlLy connecLlons, or personallzed learnlng.

Class ÞarLlclpaLlon
ÞarLlclpanLs wlll self-assess Lhelr class parLlclpaLlon accordlng Lo Lhese Lhree crlLerla:
• collaboraLlon & Leamwork
• esLabllshlng connecLlons beLween research & professlonal pracLlce
• acLlve llsLenlng
• poslLlve conLrlbuLlons Lo Lhe professlonal learnlng communlLy
• applylng new learnlng

ArLlcle & 8esearch ÞresenLaLlons
Lach parLlclpanL ln Lhe course wlll be responslble for presenLlng a brlef analysls of an asslgned arLlcle as
well as a book chapLer of Lhelr cholce. 1he presenLer wlll be responslble for sharlng Lhe readlng Lo Lhe
class ln a brlef formaL LhaL wlll answer Lhe followlng quesLlons:
1. WhaL are Lhe maln ldeas and sallenL polnLs from Lhe readlng?
2. WhaL ls Lhe auLhor's perspecLlve or blas?
3. WhaL ls Lhe "[ulclesL" quoLe, sLaLlsLlc, or example from Lhe readlng?
4. WhaL are Lhe lmpllcaLlons for your professlonal pracLlce? WhaL are Lhe Lakeaways for your

llnal Course 8eflecLlon
1hls flnal plece of work ls an opporLunlLy for parLlclpanLs Lo brlng LogeLher aspecLs and consLrucL
meanlng from new learnlng ln Lhe course, noLably from:
• Course readlngs
• Course presenLaLlons (ln sLyle and subsLance)
• Course dlscusslons wlLh fellow educaLors
• new lnslghLs lnLo professlonal pracLlce


Þre-8eadlng 20°
ArLlcle ÞresenLaLlon 10°
8esearch ÞresenLaLlon 10°
llnal Zen ÞresenLaLlon 30°
Class ÞarLlclpaLlon 20°
llnal Course 8eflecLlon 10°

<"-%'%,50 =>0"/?#&*"
1he offlclal pollcy for excused absences for rellglous holldays: SLudenLs have Lhe rlghL Lo pracLlce Lhe
rellglon of Lhelr cholce. Lach semesLer sLudenLs should submlL ln wrlLlng Lo Lhelr lnsLrucLors by Lhe end
of Lhe second full week of classes Lhelr documenLed rellglous hollday schedule for Lhe semesLer. laculLy
musL permlL sLudenLs who mlss work for Lhe purpose of rellglous observance Lo make up Lhls work.
@*#$"2%* A,&"03B C D/,1"00%,&#-%02
All sLudenLs are requlred Lo be famlllar wlLh and adhere Lo Lhe ºAcademlc PonesLy Þollcy Þrocedures"
dellneaLed ln Lhe followlng webslLe. hLLp:// ).
AccommodaLlons wlll be provlded Lo ellglble sLudenLs wlLh dlsablllLles. Þlease obLaln an accommodaLlon leLLer
from Lhe ACCLSS offlce and see one of Lhe lnsLrucLors early ln Lhe course Lo dlscuss whaL accommodaLlons wlll
be necessary. lf you are unfamlllar wlLh ACCLSS, vlslL Lhelr webslLe aL hLLp:// Lo learn
more abouL Lhe servlces Lhey provlde. ACLSS: A-170 Llvlng Learnlng CenLer, unlverslLy of vermonL,
8urllngLon, v1 03403. ÞP: 802-636-7733, 11?: call 711 (relay), lax: 802-636-0739, Lmall: access[,
lnsLanL Messenger: uvMaccess. Ceneral offlce hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday Lhrough lrlday. Call Lo
make an appolnLmenL.
4,5/0" 4#-"&$#/
E5-B FG H IJ D/"HK""3%&' 4,5/0"L,/;
1be 8lq llctote (LlLLky), utlve (Þlnk) and 5wltcb (PeaLh & PeaLh)
8eadlng reflecLlon for each LexL


E5-B IM H @5'503 I =&H4#2750 4-#00 K""3%&' .%2"0 C @'"&$#

@5'503 N H O D,03HK""3%&' 4,5/0"L,/;
lorum ÞosL: learnlng communlLy
Course 8eflecLlon

<"P5%/"$ 4,5/0" ."Q30
!%& 2/.16(,+ ('# .+(# 2.$&. %& 1)(,,5

"#$$%&' () *+,,-. !"# %&' (&)*+,#- ./+)0*&12 &3 .4#,512#63 %+3&2#33) /0123456#3' 7/8
;#4%' () *+,<<. 7,&4#- !"# 8+,9,&3&2' !,+*" 0:1+* ;"0* <1*&40*#3 =3) =1> ?@6%' =?8 A#B16C135

F13$C' :)' G F13$C' () *+,<,. 8>&*)"- ?1> *1 @"02'# !"&2'3 ;"#2 @"02'# &3 ?0,/A =1> ?@6%' =?8
D6@35>3& D@@%E

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