 Founded in 1986

 Started production in 1989

 Located 40 km stones on Delhi - Jaipur

highway, Gurgaon.

 Manufactures engine components for two/four


 Provide product in


 Chairman & MD- Mr. V P Bajaj .

Group of bajaj motors:-

Vision and mission:Vision:

 ‘To Attain World Class Excellency by

demonstrating Value Added products to customers.’


 Focus on value based manufacturing  Fostering team work & enhancing the

capability of the team  Continual Improvement  Total Elimination of wastes  Pollution Free & Safe Environment

Core competence:The core ideology of Bajaj motor –  Minimum Response Time due to good Team


Focus on Customer Delight besides


Our Experience as Supplier to International


Machining, Powder Coating, Hard-Plating at

Hierarchical structure:-

Role of leader:To Motivate their


 Weekly team meeting  Discuss issues at meetings  Delegate jobs  Describe key business goals

Support to team staff

Decision making:-

R e su l t

A cti n o

C h o i o f a l rn a ti s ce te ve

Motivation:Incentive  Promotion  Bonus  Create challenge  Create opportunities

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