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Pamplona, March 19th

Dear Friend.

How are you ¿ I hope you are well My name is Angela Andrea Perez Roa. I’m seventeen years old. I’m from Malaga, Santander . I live two years ago in Pamplona, and I study in University of Pamplona; languages foreign. I speak Spanish and a Little English and French. I´m young catholic. My brithday i son August 7th, my pone number is 3123967573. My hobbies are taking potos, helping young people, reading books, writing stories and poems, studying, surfing on Internet and praying. My good points are responsable, intelligent, kind, friendly,realistic,tolerant, loving , collaborator, ambitious, respectfull and honest. My bad points are unpatient, prosaic ,egocentric,unsecure and very proud. My favorite music is romantic, ballads and pop; my favorite food is french fries and spaghetti. I´m single and very happy. I love dogs and I hate hamsters , the trees to represent my peace, the lions leardership, and giraffes liberty. I love God and I want to learn English to be nun and I will comply my main ambition is to help children and Young people of the world. ( I can have boyfriend during this time )

Bye friend. Have a nice day. Take cure!