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Ivan Biamont
A. Supply the simple present perfect tense of the verbs in brackets.
1. Up t now He (visit) _____________________ twenty countries.
2. We (type) _______________________ six letters so far.
3. (you eat) _______________________ couscous?
4. She (like spider) ______________________ before.
5. I (know) _____________________ Marco since 1989.
6. He (drive) _____________________ the same car for fifteen years.
7. We (buy) _____________________ a new car.
8. He (travel) _____________________ all over the world.

B. Change the following sentences into a) negative and b) interrogative forms.
1. The soccer game has already finished. _______________________________________________
2. Peter has had dinner already. ___________________________________________________
3. They have studied the report. ___________________________________________________
4. The plane has already left.


5. John has sent them a fax.


6. They´ve given her Tom´s new address. _______________________________________________

You (miss) _____________________ two classes just last week. He (draw) ___________________ many beautiful pictures in this lifetime. Javier (be) _______________________ to Disney world. Ann (go) _______________________ to a party at Sally’s apartment last Saturday night. 7.C. Last week he (draw) ______________________ a beautiful mountain scene. Jack really needs to get in touch with you. Last January. B: Oh? A: I (start) _________________________ trying to reach him three days ago. Until now this week. Also he (respond. Janet (wear) _____________________ her new blue dress only once since she bought it. Present Perfect vs. The night has ended. Alex is an artist. And I (send) _____________________ at least six e-mails. 1. 10. he (call) _____________________ here four times trying to reach you. Try not to be absent from class again for the rest of the term. Simple Past Tense: Use the simple past or the present perfect where necessary. I (have) _______________________ two test and a quiz. Since this morning. Lee. Bill (arrive) _______________________ here three days ago. 6. I (phone) _________________________ him four times. 12. I (fax) ______________________ him twice. when I (live) _____________________ in Canada. . A: I (be. 3. 13. I (attend. not) _____________________ any parties since I came here. She (wear) _____________________ it ti her brother’s wedding last month. I (meet) ________________________ Gregory House in the last international congress. 4. You (miss) ___________________ too many classes. not) _______________________ able to reach Mr. not) ______________________ to any of my attempts to reach him. B: I guess modern communications don’t mean much if there’s no one at the other end. I (see) _________________ snow for the first time in my life. 11. It (rise) _____________________ at 6:08 am. and it’s daylight now. Since then. 2. The sun (rise) _________________________. 5. 9. 8.