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Basic Creation Training Course Outline

Chapter 1: The Bible and Time - The 7C’s of history (Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross , Consummation) - Genesis and time (Creation) - Establishing a biblical worldview - The days of creation (days or long ages) - The issue of sin, death, and time (Corruption) - Handling counter arguments (day age theory, gap theory,…) - Answering the question: “Did God use evolution?” Chapter 2: The Flood and the Tower of Babel - The Genesis Flood (Catastrophe) . The Flood and hermeneutics (Hermeneutics are principles for interpreting Scripture) . The Flood and critical thinking . The Flood and the New Testament . The Flood and geology . The Flood and the fossil record - The Tower of Babel (Confusion) . The origin of languages . Why we look different: the issue of “race” Chapter 3: Biblical Apologetics (Answers to challenges) - Three critical thinking questions - Reasons for apologetics - Apologetics – applying 1 Peter 3:15 - Who did Cain marry? - How can the first three days be literal days without the sun? - Is the big bang compatible with the Bible? - Why does God allow death and suffering? - Why are Christians against a woman’s right to choose (abortion)? - The Gospel, apologetics, and evangelism (Christ and the Cross) Chapter 4: Four Pillars of Evolution - Cosmological evolution (the origin of the universe) - Chemical evolution (the origin of life) - Biological evolution (Darwinian evolution) . Mutations and information . Natural selection - Methods used to date rocks and fossils . Understanding assumptions . Conflicts in dating Chapter 5: Application – Answering Challenges - Answering 10 challenges - See more at: