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ELEM 473 Unit Plan: Lesson 3 Rain

Janine Means

Activity: Use a soundscape, percussion instruments, and a children's book to teach students about rain Objectives: he students !ill: "# $e able to create a soundscape !ith a %ariet& o' spontaneous bod& percussion (# Use percussion instruments to keep a stead& beat 3# E)plore ideas comin* 'rom the child's book, Raindrop, Plop! 4# Learn the rain portion o' + he ,eather -on*. Materials Needed: hand drums, sin*le /in*le bells, and shakers Strategy/Procedure: • o be*in, 0 !ill pla& a sound 'ile o' rain 'allin* and ask the children !hat !eather the& think !e are *oin* to talk about toda& • 0 !ill ask student to do a minute o' 1uiet listenin* to the rain sound 'ile and ask them 'or ideas o' ho! !e can make this !ith our bodies2 ◦ 3'ter listenin*, 0 !ill take su**estion, and ultimatel& la& out ho! the soundscape !ill !ork ◦ 0 !ill be the leader and be*in !ith so't !ind 4rubbin* hands to*ether5 ◦ hen, a'ter the kids are *raspin* and 'ollo!in* the mo%ement, 0 !ill mo%e to so't rain 4le* pats5 ◦ 3'ter so't rain, 0 !ill mo%e to harder rain 4li*ht 'eet stompin*5# 0 !ill then mo%e to pourin* 4harder 'eet stomps5 ◦ 0 !ill also ha%e a hand drum to do thunder, !hich 0 !ill initiate and then hand o'' drums to a 'e! students ◦ he students !ho do not per'orm on thunder !ill per'orm on li*htnin*, !hich !ill be a sudden clap o' the hands# ◦ he soundscape then !ill backtrack into li*ht rain# 4hard stomps, li*ht stomps, le* pats, rubbin* hands to*ether5 • 6nce the soundscape is o%er, 0 !ill put posters o' three !ords on the board 4splish splash, drip drop, pitter patter5 and hand out /in*le bells, shakers, and hand drums to each student ◦ -plish, splash !ill teach the students to pla& hal' notes ◦ 7rip, drop !ill teach the students to pla& 1uarter notes ◦ Pitter, patter !ill teach the student to pla& ei*hth notes 6nce !e ha%e per'ormed the son*, 0 !ill ask the students to sit in a circle and !e !ill read the book Raindrop, Plop! ◦ 0 !ould read the book to the students usin* the +la8sol8mi. sol'e**io ◦ 3sk 'or responses o' ho! the& like to pla& outside and inside !hen it is rainin*