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ELEM 473 Unit Plan: Lesson 4 Wind Activity: Learn about the wind using a listening activity and

Or instru!ents Objectives: "he students will: #$ %nter&ret !usic into !ove!ent with a ga!e '$ (ee& a steady beat with an Or instru!ent 3$ Learn a &ortion o a song by rote

Janine Means

Materials Needed: )ylo&hones* gloc+ens&iels* !etalo&hones* woodbloc+* !usic or ,-ree.e/* scarves Strategy/Procedure: • % will introduce our weather o the day* which is wind$ % will &ass out a scar to each student and e)&lain that they should !a+e their scar , ly in the wind/ with their !ove!ents ◦ "o begin* % will 0ust &lay !usic so that the +ids eel ree to e)&lore their !ove!ents a&&ro&riately with the !usic 1% will lead with !odeling2 ◦ Once % eel that they are acco!&lishing that tas+* % will introduce the ga!e ,-ree.e/ ▪ 3tudents are to continue their !ove!ents only when the music is playing$ When % &ause the !usic* they are to , ree.e/$ Last three children win ▪ LINK FOR MUSIC: !"#$wRM ◦ % will as+ the students or so!e ideas o what they were thin+ing about when !oving 1trees* grass* etc$2 • % will then transition into learning the ne)t seg!ent o ,"he Weather 3ong/* which is the wind &ortion ◦ % will sing one &revious &ortion* and as+ students i they re!e!ber what our unit is about ◦ We will s&ell out windy on the board* and % will sing the song or the! one ti!e ◦ We will go line by line and learn the song by rote* and then sing all our &ortions together 4 ter we learn our new Weather 3ong &ortion* % will introduce a new song: ,Wind* Wind/ ◦ "his song also ta+es a ter a a!iliar children5s song* 6ow 6ow 6ow 7our 8oat ◦ % will sing the tune and as+ children i they recogni.e it$ Once they do* % will as+ the! to &atsch on every big downbeat* which % will !odel the irst ti!e through ▪ "his sets u& the bordun or the or estration$ %n 9 &entatonic* % will have the children &lay a 9 on each &revious &atsch ▪ % will then create har!ony by having the !etalo&hones continue on the 9 while the gloc+ens&iel and )ylo&hones &lay the : above that at the sa!e ti!e$ ▪ % will have one student &lay the woodbloc+ on the words ,6ow* 6ow* 6ow/