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Dr. E.

Arauner (1929) says that the "Kombucha culture has been used for hundreds of years by the Asiatic people of his homeland because of its surprising success as the most effective natural folk remedy for fatigue, lassitude, nervous tension, incipient signs of old age, hardening of the arteries, sluggishness of the bo els, gout, rheumatoids and diabetes! "ade by fermenting green, hite or black tea and hite sugar ith a kombucha scoby! #coby stands for #ymbiotic $ulture of %acteria and &easts! A kombucha scoby looks like a cream colored rubbery pancake! 'he kombucha or scoby ferments in the sugared tea, converting the ingredients into beneficial en(ymes, acids (lactic acid) and vitamins! 'he K)'ea hich is the resulting fermented tea provides us ith deto*ification, re+uvenation and energy! ,t is often dubed a -olk .emedy "$ure All"! /roperly /repared K)'ea is reported to0 -lush the liver and kidneys Aide digestion 1elp ith insomnia 2ase menopause symptoms ,nhibit tumour gro th 2ase arthritis and neck pain $ure infectious diarrhea in humans and animals Aid ith heavy metal deto*ification .egulate blood pressure and soften arteries #tops migraines ,mprove immuntiy

egulates the bo el and eliminates constipation 4ives energy and a sense of ell bein .3issolve kidney stones .