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Environmental Terms

biodegradable climate change A. a long period when there is little or no rain B. a layer of air high above the Earth, which prevents harmful ultraviolet light from the sun from reaching the Earth C. able to decay naturally and harmlessly D. a gradual increase in world temperatures E. the cutting down of trees in a large area F. damage caused to water, air etc. by harmful substances or waste G. to extract and reuse useful substances and waste !. the modification of general weather conditions found in a particular place #. unwanted material of any type, which is left after useful substances or parts have been removed $. an increase in the amount of polluting gases in the atmosphere that prevent heat from escaping into space %. the process of dying out, having no living representative

deforestation drought extinction global warming greenhouse effect ozone la er "ollution rec cle


Choose one of the following options for the statements below:

air.' -e will rec cle all our bags. &7' 1eo"le will destro the earth.will happen (in the next 50 years could happen (in the next 50 years won!t happen (in the next 50 years &' (ost cars will be electric. water. tidal&waves. geothermic • %o you thin$ nuclear energy is too ris$y# . individual people or the government# Explain. light • "ho do you thin$ is more responsible for pollution. • "hat renewable energy sources do you $now about# %oes your country rely on any of them# (wind. 2' The climate will get worse. . /' Almost all the rainforests will disa""ear. QUESTIONS: • "hat human activities have the biggest impact on the environment# • "hat types of pollution do you $now about#(land. cans and "a"er. 5Green #ssues6 will become more im"ortant than an other. +' Alternative energ will be more im"ortant than oil. 4' #n elections. solar. 0' 1eo"le will continue to sunbathe. noise. 3' The next generation will care more about the environment than the "resent. )' *uclear Energ will end.

• %o you thin$ we will be able to stop global warming# • %o you thin$ we will have to coloni'e other planets in the future# • %o you agree with cloning animals# (hould we clone endangered species to prevent them from becoming extinct# .