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Standard Nine: Professionalism, Leadership and Advocacy The competent teacher is an ethical and reflective practitioner who exhibits

professionalism; provides leadership in the learning community; and advocates for students, parents or guardians, and the profession. I used this artifact to represent Standard Nine because it displays my ability to be a reflective teacher and my ability to be a leader in the learning community. My ability to be a professional educator is also a good representation of this standard. This artifact is an observation performed by my student teaching supervisor in which we later discussed together. e discussed each piece of her observation and I was able to reflect on my lesson and together we brainstorm ideas to alleviate any problems I had in the class. !eing able to reflect on my teaching practices and come up with new strategies to implement to ma"e the classroom environment more conducive to learning, enhance my ability to be an effective teacher. #eflecting on my teaching practices provides new insight and allows me to share my experiences and ideas with my peers. This allows me to be a leader in the learning community, as I am willing to share my shortcomings and challenges with others in order to come up with the most effective solutions to implement into my class. I am also advocating for my profession as I am continually trying to improve myself and initiate new ideas and strategies to ensure that my students have the best learning environment possible. This artifact allowed me to grow as a teacher because I am able to reflect on my teaching right after a lesson and I am able to discuss some challenges and successes with a veteran teacher. She challenges me to thin" deeply about my teaching practices and also challenges me to creatively solve problems that may be hindering learning in the classroom. $s a veteran teacher, she is able to provide valuable insight that I may not thin" of as a new teacher. She also offers good strategies that have been tested and proven to solve any issues. %er suggestions and our discussions are valuable to my growth and development as a teacher. These observations happen on a regular basis and she is able to see my development over time and we are able to discuss this growth together.