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The World’s First UV-C LED Disinfection System
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Mercury free Unlimited cycling

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Instantaneous on/off Unaffected by water temperature

Low power consumption Can operate with no flow

The UV-Pearl™ is a revolutionary compact design

which utilizes highly efficient UV-C LEDs for the disinfection of water. It’s unique size and features allow it to be integrated into other water treatment systems, or as a stand-alone disinfection system, providing the highest level of disinfection of your water. Applications for the UV-Pearl™ include:
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Integrate into OEM Devices Laboratory Research Equip. Autoclaves and Washing / Rinsing Stand-along Point of Use Healthcare Equipment as Endoscope Repressors Clinical Pure Water Apps.

UV-Pearl™ – Beta
Light Source
Type: Wavelength: Lamp Life: UVinaire™ UV-C LED 275nm ±12nm

Physical Specifications
Dimensions: Dry Weight: Internal Finish: Environmental Protection: External Material: 40 mJ/cm 2.5 gpm 32 – 70°F 125 psi 36 – 86°F 15 – 80% rel. 110VAC

7.5"h x7.9"w x 6.3"d 6 lbs. ½" Sanitary Tri-clamp Ra <0.5µm IP34 ABS Remote Start/Stop Intensity 4 – 20mA Power on, Lamp on, High Temp Alarm, Low Intensity

60,000 gallons (270,000 litres) Inlet/Outlet Connection:

Disinfection Performance
3rd party validation of Reduction Equivalent Dose (RED) of 98% UVT 1gpm (3.7 lpm) RED ms2:

Inputs: (9.5 lpm) (0 – 21°C) (8.5 bar) (2 – 30°C) Visual indication: Outputs:

Operating Parameters
Max Hydraulic Flow: Water Temperature: Max Operating Pressure: Ambient Temperature: Humidity: Input Power:

NSF 61 (materials), All seals EPDM FDA approved 3rd party microbiological verification to USEPA guidelines

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