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P Packet T Tracer - Skills In ntegratio on Chall lenge

T Topology

A Addressing g Table
IP Pv4 Address s Device Interface IPv6 Ad ddress/Prefix x G0/0 B Branch-A G0/1 G0/2 G0/0 B Branch-B G0/1 G0/2 P PC-A1 P PC-A2 P PC-B1 P PC-B2 NIC NIC NIC NIC 2 2001:DB8:FFF FF:FFFF::2/64 4 255.255.2 255.252 N/A A N/A A N/A A N/A A N/A A N/A A Subnet Mask Default Gat teway

S Scenario
As a netw work technicia an familiar with h IPv4 and IP Pv6 addressin ng implementa ations, you ar re now ready to take an existing network infrastructure an nd apply your r knowledge and a skills to finalize the con nfiguration. In n this activity, th he network ad dministrator has already co onfigured som me commands s on the route ers. Do not er rase or

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Your task is to complete the IPv4 and IPv6 addressing scheme. Use cisco as the user EXEC password and class as the privileged EXEC password. Requirements • Configure the initial settings on Branch-A and Branch-B. Verify the IPv4 PCs can access the web page at central. assign the 16th IPv6 address to the PCs. Verify connectivity between the IPv4 PCs and between the IPv6 PCs. LAN A2.pka. Assign the next available subnet to LAN A2 for a maximum of 250 hosts. For the IPv6 networks. banner. LAN A1 is using the subnet 172. and passwords. For the IPv4 networks. and verify connectivity. LAN B1. Verify the IPv6 PCs can access the web page at centralv6. This document is Cisco Public.Skills Integration Challenge modify those configurations. Branch-B uses FE80::B as the link-local address. implement IPv4 and IPv6 addressing. Assign the next available subnet to LAN B2.20.Packet Tracer . Configure PCs with addressing according to your documentation. • • • Configure the routers addressing according to your documentation. The DNS Server addresses for IPv4 and IPv6 are shown in the topology. LAN B1 is using the subnet 2001:DB8:FADE:00FF::/64.pka. lines. All rights reserved. Page 2 of 2 . Encrypt all passwords. Include an appropriate description for each router interface. including the hostname. Finish documenting the addressing scheme in the Addressing Table using the following guidelines: • • • • • Assign the first IP address for LAN A1. assign the last IPv4 address to the PCs. and LAN B2 to the router interface. Suggested Scoring Rubric Activity Section Addressing Table Documentation Packet Tracer Score Total Score Possible Points 25 75 100 Earned Points © 2013 Cisco and/or its affiliates.16.0/23.