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7g Dry Yeast 1 TEAS Sugar 5 TBS Whole Milk 500g Flour Salt 25g Sugar 30g Butter 1 Egg

1 TEAS Le o! "eel 1#$ L Whole Milk 30g Butter 25g Sugar

Ste% &!e' Mi( )ry yeast *ith 1 teas%oo! o+ sugar a!) 5 ta,les%oo!s o+ luke*ar ilk- Wait +or 10 Ste% T*o' .! a large 30g o+ *ar i(i!g ,o*l/ a)) together 500g o+ +lour/ a %i!0h o+ salt/ 25g o+ sugar/ ,utter/ o!e egg/ a!) a teas%oo! o+ grate) le o! %eel- "our i! the *hole ilk u!til the )ough is i!utes*hole

yeast solutio!/ a!) k!ea) to a )ough- A)) *ar s ooth a!) !o!1sti0kySte% Three' 2o3er )ough *ith a tea to*el a!) store i! *ar u!til 3isi,ly i!0rease) i! si4eSte% Four'

%la0e +or roughly hal+ a! hour

5oll out the )ough o! a +lat sur+a0e/ 0ut i!to si( e6ual %ie0es/ a!) +or )ough ,alls- "ut o! ,aki!g tray/ the! 0o3er i! elte) ,utter a!) sugar-


Ste% Fi3e' Bake i! %re1heate) o3e! at 200 )egrees +or 20 to 30