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Just cut the Terminator body above the hip in half and then cut vertically through the

Termi hip giving you two seperate legs. Then add a spacer made from plastic card and add the Nobz original shoes below the Termi shoes. Cut a Nob body through the hip,remove the arms/pegs and file off the rear of the body slightly. Use the Terminator rear armour file it a bit and glue it into place. emove all bea!ie insignia on the Termi armour and cut the arms as shown in the pic. "dd parts from the #ioto$in plant set for details and bul! out the suit. %lightly shave off the Nob chest and then glue the Terminator chest there into place. The side chest armour plates can be plastic card or from the &umie tan! trac! covers or what ' also used doors from a Tempest (andspeeder. )nce you are done with the body, add the arms and the weapons you li!e and voila done*