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Product 1 - Change The Future

PROBLEM Humans live in a completely unsustainable way. We're relying on individuals and elite minorities to solve huge systemic problems our species and planet face. Meanwhile, the world is full of billions of people with an incredible capacity for cooperation and problem solving genius, but we lack the tools for teasing out this untapped potential in us. This makes for an apathetic and disempowered society of people who forget to wonder how things could be different or how we can play a part in actually changing something. EXISTING ALTERNATIVES Elections, e petitions, consultation portals, social media, !i"My#treet, $ocalEyes, etc SOL TION %rowd source the design of a new web platform which is free to use, open source and decentralised. & tool designed to bring people together to better understand each other and the challenges we face. & tool that re engages our imagination and empathy, and inspires us into cooperative action through a beautifully designed process of proposalsbased change making via both lobbying decision makers 'eg. headteachers, %E(s, councillors, gvmt, etc) and selforganising. %E$ METRICS number of proposals made 'and comments, arguments, challenges and other contributions) number of proposals actioned by the decision makers being lobbied NI! E VAL E PROPOSITION Time to fi" the way we change things in our schools, companies and other organisations, our communities, cities, the country and our planet. (ne proposal at a time, crowdsourcing collective intelligence, this is the movement for a new era of open, internet enabled cooperation like we've never seen before. "IG"-LEVEL CONCEPT !ree, open source, decentrali*ed, proposals based cooperative change making platform. %o designed by its own users, %hange The !uture will re engage people in becoming an active participant of re imagining and redesigning their schools, companies and others orgs, their communities, cities and their planet, together. NFAIR A#VANTAGE Most people already recognise there are lots of systemic social, political and economic problems in the world. +ow we ,ust have to convince people that a) -t is possible that a tool couldbe created to help us in cooperatively tackling these issues b) -t's worth getting involved nowand e"ploring how we can contribute to the process of building this tool together C STOMER SEGMENTS The main problem this pro,ect addresses is elitist decision making. This is why %T! aims to appeal e.ually as possible to all of the ama*ingly diverse people in our communities. !or this reason it'd be unproductive to have a particular target audience for the initiative, though we can certainly be targeted with our roll out strategy.

EARL$ A#OPTERS C"ANNELS facebook and other social media ''your friend ,ust contributed to changing your school2company2city2country get involved1) 3olling out through /righton 0 Hove4 5rinted flyer posted out with council ta" letters 6arious news platforms Those already well up for trying something radical like this and who probably have e"perience in cooperative action and democratic decision making and people who we've met and enthused. (ptions for the roll out strategy include a school, crowdsourcing ideas for how to use a particular venue available in /righton, various orgs, and /righton 0 Hove 'all of it1)

COST STR CT RE $ittle to no mandatory costs. This is a better tool than has ever e"isted for helping humans to cooperate7 learning from each other and improving their shared environments together thus, all e"penses could theoretically be donated to the movement, in the name of mutual gain. However, the element2module of the web platform we'll design first will be the %rowdsourced Workforce 0 8onation #ystem feature. This will be the infrastructure for

REVEN E STREAMS 9ickstarter 'or similar) crowdfunding campaign to raise an initial start up budget to get the 8evelopment -nfrastructure of the pro,ect off the ground, which in turn will give us the foundations upon which the self supporting, self sufficient pro,ect can continue building itself, developing and continually evolving forever, while simultaneously becoming an ever better tool for crowdsourcing and actioning changes cooperatively in the real world. 'We may restrict voting on strategic %T! decisions to those who donate at least

helping pay the living costs of people investing lots of time in the movement. &nyone can work on the development of the pro,ect and2or donate money to it which is democratically distributed between those workers, and any e"penses that are democratically authorised by everyone.

:; via the kickstarter campaign, ,ust until the pro,ect reaches the Minimum 6iable 5roduct phase and is ready to start rolling out). 5ossibly un restricted grants from social interest organisations 5ossibly charge for profit companies for the use of %hange The !uture 'so they can have their own group inside which proposals for improving their products2services are crowdsourced from the public)