Social Venture Network 2014 Spring Conference What Matters Most… April 24-27, 2014, Paradise Point, San Diego

Thursday, April 24, 2014 1:30 – :00p! 3:30 – 4:4"p! 4:4" – #:00p! #:00 – 7:1"p! 7:1" – 7:30p! 7:30 – :30p! :30 – :4"p! :4" – 10:30p! 1:00 – 10:30p! Registration Open Welcome and Networking Session: How to Make the Most of an SVN Conference Outdoor Reception inner Welcome Remarks De$ %elson, So&ial 'enture %et(or) Opening !lenar": Leadership and the Road Ahead *ary +irsh$erg, Stony,ield and -alter .o$$, -hole /oods 0ar)et #rtist in Residence !erformance: Dana +an&hard $%ening Connections &ilm and discussion: Finding Hillywood /a&ilitated $y 2eah -arsha(s)i, Dire&tor and Produ&er

/riday, April 2", 2014 :00 – 1:00a! 7:4" – :30a! :30a! – 7:00p! 1:00 – 10:00a! 'reakfast (orning (editation Registration Open !lenar" )alks and !erformances: Cataly ing !ositi"e Change +osted $y Pa! 3haloult, 4A225 and De$ %elson, So&ial 'enture %et(or) #$ %he R&les of '&siness and the Laws of Nat&re A!y 2ar)in, Author o, Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy 26 Per,or!an&e $y *arett 4rennan 3$ %he F&ll (ffect %eil *ri!!er, Plu! 7rgani&s 10:00 – 10:30a! 10:30 – 11:30a! *ntermission !lenar" )alks and !erformances: Cataly ing !ositi"e Change contin&ed #$ Co))it)ent to Self* Co))it)ent to Ser"ice+ A Healing !ath for Veterans 2ee 8linger 2esser, +onoring the Path o, the -arrior and 0egan 2o(ry, +onoring the Path o, the -arrior and 9S 0arine 3orps 'eteran 26 Per,or!an&e $y Dana +an&hard ,$ !eak -ne.&ity 8onda 0ason, :!pa&t +94


4/9/141:18 A4/P4

/riday, April 2", 2014 11:30a! – 1:1"p! 11:30a! – 1:00p! +unc, Optional +unc, Works,op: How to Write and !ro)ote a /reat 'ook /a&ilitated $y 0al -ar(i&), 7ne -orld /ut$ol Pro;e&t and Ste<e Piersanti, 4errett-8oehler Pu$lishers *nteracti%e 'reakout Sessions #$ Leading the Way thro&gh Colla0oration /red 0iller and =udith 8at>, 8aleel =a!ison 3onsulting *roup and Susan S&hor, 5:255% /:S+5. 1$ Case St&dy+ How to (ffecti"ely Scale a Mission23ri"en Co)pany =ustin *uil$ert and Douglas .i$oud, +ar!less +ar<est6 /a&ilitated $y *ary +irsh$erg, Stony,ield6 'reak !lenar": Val&es and Action Aligned+ Seeing Class and Challenging Classis) /a&ilitated $y 4etsy 2eondar--right, 3lass A&tion *ntergenerational (en-s Circle 3o-/a&ilitated $y Ted %ing, 27+AS and ?u>en and 3hris 0athias, The *:S :nstitute *ntergenerational Women-s Circle /a&ilitated $y A)aya -ind(ood, .o&)(ood 2eadership :nstitute inner 0e!$er led Sa$$ath (ill $egin at #:4"p! on the de&)6 !lenar": 'eneficial 'anking and Conscio&s Co))erce 8at Taylor, 7ne Pa&i,i&3oast 4an) in &on<ersation (ith 0i&hael 8ies&hni&), 3.5D7 0o$ile #rtist in Residence !erformance: Spogga $%ening Connections

1:1" – 2:30p!

2:30 – 3:00p! 3:00 – 4:4"p! ":00 – #:30p! ":00 – #:30p! #:30 – 7:4"p! 7:4" – :4"p!

:4" – 1:00p! 1:00 – 10:30p!

:00 – 1:00a!

Saturday, April 2#, 2014 ),ri%e .our: 'ringing t,e /ift of Spirit0 (ind and 'od" to 'usiness 2ed $y 3hristopher +eslin, 0i&hael 0oreno, 0D and Tyler %orris, 8aiser Per!anente 'reakfast Call to #ction Round )a1le Classis) iscussions: Seeing Class* Challenging

:30 – 1:30a! :30 – 1:30a!

:30a! – 2:00p! 1:30 – 10:4"a! 10:4" – 11:1"a!

/a&ilitated $y 4etsy 2eondar--right, 3lass A&tion Registration Open !lenar": '&ilding a Legacy =oel Solo!on, .ene(al Partners 'reak


4/9/141:18 A4/P4

11:1"a! –12:4"p!

Saturday, April 2#, 2014 *nteracti%e 'reakout Sessions: #$ -nno"ation and -)pact+ (4ploring 5pport&nities and Challenges Soraya Dara$i, @ady and .ee! +assani, %u!i 7rgani& Tea6 /a&ilitated $y Adnan Durrani, A!eri&an +alalASa,,ron .oad6 1$ Rein"enting Fire+ %he '&siness2Led 6o&rney 'eyond Fossil F&els in the 7S…and China8 A!ory 2o<ins, .o&)y 0ountain :nstitute +unc, and Optional Round )a1le iscussions: 16 ),e /reat Work Cultures *nitiati%e led $y Anna 0&*rath, -onder-or)s 3onsulting 26 Stake,older "namics on Car1on )a2 led $y Danna P,ahl, /uture "00 36 !ropelling SVN *ndia led $y 0i)e .o(lands B Peter ter -ee!e, =unCion Strategy 46 !u1lic !olic" 3 4our Voice (atters5 led $y .i&hard 5idlin, A!eri&an Sustaina$le 4usiness 3oun&il DAS43E "6 ),e New &ounding &amil" led $y 2ora 7F3onnor B 4etsy 0&8inney, The /ounding /a!ily #6 i%est6*n%est *nitiati%e led $y To! 'an Dy&), .43 -ealth 0anage!ent !itc, Works,op: How to Appeal to -n"estors 4oga 2ed $y =o&elyn 2e<y, -ee ?ogis Play Soccer /ame +osted $y 7ne -orld /ut$ol Pro;e&t Outdoor Networking Reception &ire ancing 1" Spogga inner SVN #uction SVN Ser%ice #wards Cele1ration +onoring: 16 0al -ar(i&), 7ne -orld /ut$ol Pro;e&t 26 A!y +all, 5:255% /:S+5. 36 Adnan Durrani, A!eri&an +alalASa,,ron .oad #rtist in Residence !erformance: )os,i Reagon &ire ancing 1" Spogga

1:00 – 2:30p!

2:4" – 4:1"p! 3:00 – 3:4"p! 3:00 – 4:00p! 4:30 – #:00p! #:00 – #:1"p! #:1" – 7:1"p! 7:1" – 7:4"p! 7:4" – :4"p!

:4" – 1:1"p! 1:30 – 1:4"p!

:30 – 1:30a! 1:30 – 10:1"a!

Sunday, April 27, 2014 'reakfast !lenar": Co))&nity 0y 3esign+ M&ltiple Layers of /ood 4onny 0eyer, 0eyer /a!ily 5nterprises and Thri<ing 3o!!unities and 4o$ 0assaro, +ealthy 4uilding Te&hnology 3o!panies


4/9/141:18 A4/P4

Sunday, April 27, 2014 10:1" – 11:1"a! !lenar": %r&e Confessions+ Lessons a0o&t Leadership* 5wnership and Lo"e Dale .odrigues and 0ary -aldner, 0aryFs *one 3ra&)ers6 :nter<ie(ed $y 4ryan -el&h, 7gden Pu$li&ations6 'reak Closing Circle 3o-/a&ilitated $y 4roo)e Deterline, 3ourageous 2eadership 3onsulting and Darian .odrigue> +ey!an, 4etter-orld -ireless +unc,

11:1" –11:4"a! 11:4"a! –1:00p! 1:00 – 2:00p!


4/9/141:18 A4/P4

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