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Problem Set 2

Handout October 16th 2013 Due October 23rd 2013

Problem 1
A ball was thrown vertically upwards from the ground. It just touched a cable 30 m above the ground. (i) What was the initial velocity of the ball? (ii) How long did the ball take to reach ground level again? (iii) What was the velocity of the ball when it hit the ground?

Problem 2
A boat starts from rest at the dock, accelerates in a straight line at 1 m s−2 for 10 seconds, moves at a constant velocity for a further 10 seconds, then puts its rotor in reverse and accelerates uniformly in the opposite direction, reaching rest after 20 seconds. It then continues to accelerate at the same rate for a 10 seconds more. (i) Draw an accurate velocity-time diagram for the motion of the boat. Make sure to include the values of the velocity for each stage of the motion. (ii) What was the furthest distance from the dock that the boat travelled? (iii) How far is the boat from dock at the end of the full 50 seconds?

Problem 3
A stone was thrown vertically upwards from the ground with an initial speed of 20 m s−1 . One second later, another stone was thrown vertically upwards from the same point with the same initial speed. (i) How long after the first stone was thrown did the stones meet? (ii) How high were the stones when they met?