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Template 3.


Annual Professional Growth Plan Incorporating Reflection
Annual Professional Growth Plan for : 2012/2013 Assignment and/or Career Goal: P ! and "ontinuing Goal: #o feel "onfident using a $tea"her %oi"e& in a "lassroom setting' #ea"hing (uality tandard )eferen"e: 1* +* ,* 10* 1trategies 1. Pra"ti"e/ 0mirrors 01eers 0family 0inanimate o23e"ts* ie' tuffed animals 2. A""e1t ad%i"e from others* listen to feed2a"4' #imeline )esour"es Before 6 8irror* 1eers* family* %oi"e 7uring P ! re"order Name: Lyndsay Bender

Before and 9thers: 1eers* mentor 7uring P ! tea"hers* 1artner tea"hers* "olleagues* et"' Before P ! Com1uter with internet a""ess'

3. Google strategies on how to 2e"ome a 2etter 1u2li" s1ea4er* or tea"her as a s1ea4er' 5. elf0refle"tion* through 3ournaling* to "om1are my 1rogress o%er time' As4 2oth tea"hers and students for feed2a"4 a2out my $tea"hing %oi"e&'

7uring P ! :ournal* tea"hers and students in my "lassroom'

Reflection/Indicator of Success a. ;ow su""essful ha%e ! 2een in meeting my goal< ! feel that ! ha%e 2een su""essful in meeting my goal to 2e"ome more "onfident using a $tea"her %oi"e&' Although this is an ongoing goal* ! ha%e made great 1rogress so far' ! am a2le to deli%er lessons "onfidently and with the "orre"t tone of %oi"e' ! ha%e also dis"o%ered when to use different tones' =or e>am1le* when in the gym* a different tone is re?uired' @hen dis"i1lining students* yet another tone is re?uired' ! feel "onfident with all of these $tea"her %oi"es& and ha%e re"ei%ed good feed2a"4 from my tea"her ad%isor and uni%ersity "onsultant' #hrough refle"tions for my lessons* ! ha%e dis"o%ered that my "onfiden"e le%el has grown in this area' 2. ;ow has my 1rofessional 1ra"ti"e im1ro%ed< 8y 1rofessional 1ra"ti"e has im1ro%ed in that ! am a2le to deli%er lessons "onfidently' ! am also learning to ada1t my %oi"e to the situation* whi"h is a great s4ill that tea"hers must ha%e' Although ! ha%e a softer %oi"e* ! ha%e learned that there are other ways to get the attention of others' #his has also hel1ed my 1rofessional 1ra"ti"e in that ! feel more "onfident in myself as a tea"her* whi"h translates to others' By "ontinuing to monitor and self0refle"t on my goal* ! am
A 200B #he Al2erta #ea"hersC Asso"iation


Template 3.1 ensuring the im1ortan"e of "areer0long learning' ! am a2le to assess my "onfiden"e le%el after ea"h lesson* day* wee4 and e%entually year' #his allows me to 2e"ome aware of the areas in my "areer* that ! need to im1ro%e u1on* thus im1ro%ing student learning' ". ;ow has student learning im1ro%ed< tudent learning has im1ro%ed* as a result of my a""om1lishment* in that ! am a2le to deli%er lesson material* and manage the "lassroom* "onfidently' Be"ause ! "an "onfidently deli%er the lessons* ! am dis1laying to students that ! am "a1a2le of ta4ing a leadershi1 role as their tea"her' ! am also a2le to manage the "lassroom effe"ti%ely' #his means there are minimal disru1tions to learning'

A 200B #he Al2erta #ea"hersC Asso"iation